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  1. Tyrus

    Aji de Gallina

    Great Troble, nice description. I do appreciate a bit of heat nowadays in my food although it took many years of adjustment and tolerance to break the pepper barrier. Coming from northern european ancestry the diet was simpler and tamer, luckily we've turned the corner. That pepper looks like a familiar foe of mine, the Habanero....I'll wear gloves, eye protection and a mask..........unfortunately it's all genetics with this hot stuff. I can eat horseradish by the tablespoon and woudn't blink an eye, we'll exercise the caution and follow your warning
  2. You musta read my mind Mac, when I did this you always come to mind as making some great bacon. I believe you have a slicer because your cuts always look perfect. Definitely try out a sweet mix on these for guests, it's a winner.
  3. Happy Birthday. Funny, most are in the position of asking the wife if it's affordable or too big from the 23. Glad to see you bought a cover, that you'll never regret. The extra cookers are always a wonder, if you have kids on their own, gift it to them otherwise it's craiglist ,or local area listing on the internet. For me though, I like my toys, whomever has the most when they die is the winner (BBQ wise), just a bit confused if I win, where to send the trophy.
  4. I went to my butcher looking for a Pork belly and he came out with the meatiest porka I ever saw, a 12 and 1/2 lb'er. Gorgeous and skinned perfectly wrapped in airtight vacuum seal. I'll skip the naked pics and show you the finished. Dry brined with maple syrup and some Makers Mark with the pink curing salt, brown or turinado sugar, salt, cayenne, pepper and some dry thyme. Sliced in two because the piece was quite big to cure as a whole then after a week set on the Lang Smoker over apple, cherry, at 180-210 for 3hrs to 150 degrees. These pieces were sliced up approx 1/4 in. or a shave l
  5. Mr Bill, Congrats to you my friend, you know it's gonna be, "Wicked Pissa." Well, if your a Pat's fan and have a KK to cook up bbq for game day, all I can say is, nothing could be better. Fair warning, watch out for Tekebo, she likes to bet....don't worry though she's an Eagles fan and they don't win much. So tiles it is I presume, if your from Boston it's gotta be tiles.
  6. Asking Dennis to accommodate an issue focused on convenience for those whom maybe unable to work their KK as they once did is a reasonable request. The product presented now is quite functional and easy to clean for most with a good reservoir for ash to easily to clean out using a long hose from the shop vac. I clean out the KK every few months, having a helping hand maybe your best approach. I would find the trap door a useful temporary tool in the short run, but for a good clean the shop vac is the tool to use
  7. The king always had a taster for such occasions.
  8. Can't walk buy a bargain. I visited my favorite shop and saw this amongst the other knives, a brand new wusthof 8 inch bread knife at a price too low to pass on. Single edge serration only, although I hear they come serrated on both sides at a higher price. Attractive and very sharp, I believe Sygies was looking for a good bread knife, I'm no expert, but this looks like it'll do the job and then some.
  9. Be very careful Basher not to get the sauce on your clothes, the handle on the frig, the door handle and door going outside or any mail hanging around the table,,,don't ask me how I know...I won't tell you.
  10. Ok Troble, your not going to like me. I began and finished the cook, but my photography fell a bit short. I followed the video for a back up and covered my bases well, I certainly did everything he did, and better. Thing is I got a few picks, but with all the prep and cutting I forgot about the camera. When the pictures were processed they didn't look presentable, anyhow here they are. We did incorporate the pineapple, cilantro, red onion and even some some salsa for the dressing. It was all super good and my daughter and her husband were over to partake. Now you would think, take a picture, n
  11. A nice lean, meaty medium cut with a bit a pink. I'd search high and low for that combo and be hard pressed to find it. A beautiful backyard that slopes down slowly and keeps on going, happy belated Easter
  12. Congrats Dono, a choice well made. Unfortunate you loosing patience with the offset, it is time consuming and a game that involves one's all. You'll appreciate the break, and the unique pleasure a KK can offer from the constant care of the offset, but I doubt you'll forever depart, yet maybe entwine the two for a useful marriage. They'll be no disappointment in performance with the 32, it covers the bases...I just hope you chose tiles, don't be dissuaded, stick with the original and your path is certain
  13. All those extras will keep you busy for a while and you may even use them when you recover over the initial shock of it's beauty and presence. See you have a boxer, great companion, mine was named Tyrus. (a good dogs name) Like the color
  14. Cageguy, I believe the Lone Star Santa Maria is 10 gauge approx 3/16 carbon steel. They offered a reason for staying away from the insulated brick which I believe was airflow/ventalation. If you purchase one with the fire brick make sure you get the grill cover or expect to store it in a pavilion set up or pull it in and out from the garage. My drawback on these is if not covered water could easily seep between the cracks and sit there on the metal for some time. My Santa Maria has a raised fire grate above a pitched floor to a grease catching bucket and I also keep mine covered and under a pa
  15. Is that a tree configuration for sheltering the meat Tekebo. I see a cast iron bottom a SS bowl and the center post. So I'm guessing it's best to insulate the meat a bit higher or is that for convenience when done. Haven't tried the skewer yet, looking to have a successful go first time around. Let me add a nice job, so sorry the pic misdirected me.
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