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  1. No jest, tis a true recipe of Polish origin. You know Tekebo, they probably don't get a lot of calls for blood and just misplaced your order.
  2. Tyrus

    Waygu Beef?

    I've cooked Choice brisket and then I cooked a Prime and immediately noticed the difference between the two, the nod going to prime. Sorry I haven't had Wagu, sure it tastes awesome, but my cholesterol has been riding just below the Dr's tolerance and that's fine for me. Prime steak is a caviar, you can eat it slowly and enjoy the pleasure, wagu since I haven't had it could be more coined to sex, the pleasure of this experience maybe more defined, but the cost of that lady or "man" ( being gender friendly and all ) will haunt your wallet in the morning. So if it were up to me, it's prime, all
  3. Bacon wrapped meat loaf. Ground veal, pork and hamburg with diced ham and salami de genoa. Diced carrot, fresh thyme, bread crumbs, eggs, garlic, worcestershire sauce, s&p, sauteed onion, buttermilk and a splash of hot sauce. Glaze with Ketchup, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, white balsmic and a splash of hot sauce. Smoked in KK to an internal 145-50 over apple chunk. Pictures, but nothing sliced, sorry the kids were waiting. With stuffed potatoe bombs.
  4. The $18 dolla plus tx special. I spent a bit a time on it, an hour. Changed out the edge profile because there wasn't much of one there, it was sort of a filed down and resembled a roll. 1/8" stock, so the belt sander went into the vise and it was cleaned up for an edge. Worked it on the stone for a 1/2 hour or so and gave it a slice to test, it'll carve a roast nicely now. It is an odd long knife from a different era, but I think it'll work, definitely took an edge.
  5. Lovely duck Tekebo. Have you tried duck soup, Czarnina. Go for four, I know it's up your alley because it calls for 4 cups of duck blood. Well maybe not that recipe, there are others though more conventional, but I do remember the "whole beast book" and thought it might be a match.
  6. BUT, "it will kill." As promised Troble I ventured back to the store where all those ancient knives were last I saw them,... the pile was gone. I did however manage a few pieces I thought were going to work around the grills, so for around $30 these pieces came home with me. The knife is 13 1/2" inches, 1/16" Carbon steel from point to tang, the condition showed no chips, and it remarkably was still holding an edge. It has a mahogany handle increasing the overall length to 18 1/4 inches. I'll clean the edge up on the belt sander and finish with a stone,,$18. This knife is a carver so brisket
  7. I think may, I think I might, visit that place before Tuesday nite. The journey is long, it's path torn with strife. I'm just hoping I come back with a knife. No promises pal, although I might send a picture
  8. RokDok, I like the bottles you chose the color and shape....the labels you printed by hand and the proof to read for those to ascertain, and then you corked them perfectly for prosperity. Where did you find those containers, they are a treasure and I believe you continually pass them along. Tell me, is it traditional to return the bottles back because they do look a bit ancient, and are your customers under any curse if they don't. Inquiring minds, you know, not me ..Mackenzie asked me to propose this
  9. Troble, As I remember some time back about ago, maybe 3-4 months or so, yah it's a story I happened to come upon a pile of knives, cleavers, chefs knifes, and a bundle of assorted related kitchen knives. The cleaver interested me at $56, yes I remember the price. Oh, made in the USA (stamped) and I'm thinking around 1950's by the oak handle/no rust. Always wanted to go back and score that knife/cleaver, this was a good one, now you got me biting my ass. You interested in a cleaver??
  10. Tyrus

    Ribs and chiken

    Your not hiccupping as you say that.........................................are you?
  11. Tyrus

    Ribs and chiken

    Mac., I sent a carrier pigeon with a message and never got a response, that was my champion, he made the trip I'm sure, you didn't eat him because he was fat, did you?
  12. Have one, and the only reason I haven't employed it is, because you have to stop when your food comes off to clean the grates with a warm or hot water tub and that seems break a common transition of moving food to the table. It's ok, break the habit. Or do what I do. I'll brush off the grates later upon reheating them for the next cook, with a brush it all falls away and then I use a paper towel to clean, yah simple. The other is still a possibility. Choices
  13. Tyrus

    Ribs and chiken

    Your going to be surprised.
  14. That does look juicy with great bark. Sounds like everything is tight, once in the zone it's on cruise control. Hope you weren't pressed to run out and check on it, if you did out of curiousity that'll soon pass. I seldom check, and if I do and notice a climb it's not problem, the meat internal is what I'm looking for as long you didn't get any high spikes. Just watch the top hat when you open the lid and make a mental note of where it's at, it will move on occasion and then a spike or fall in temp could occur. A 1/4 turn for on mine sets me at 225, a slight bump jumps it up, once your comfort
  15. Tyrus

    Ribs and chiken

    and some prime rib. The potatoes were first soaked in a salty brine then layered layered on top of each other with chopped onion, mozzaella, parmesan and a can of Campbells cream of chicken soup layered into each.
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