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  1. Two/three cinder block walls with a fixed shelf between the two using L-shaped angle iron. You can always dress up the block with tile/ stone later. On either side of that open or closed sides of wood material as counters with shelves. Just keep in mind if your doing it yourself, tiles will stick to cinder block using tile cement and grout not so with wood if exposed to any weather. You can make it your basic functional or more elaborate, but once it's done it's yours. The roti clearence would be kind of easy, it's where you position the shelf and distance of the walls from each other to fit for size. I've built large tables to accommodate other Kamado's before simply because making it yourself.....well, you know what you have. If you choose to hire a contractor, I'm sure all your considerations will be met.
  2. Well, if you know me Jonj then you would know I don't like doing things the same way twice, variety is the spice of life. I like quality and that's why I own a KK, but I also like to mix it up and try new things which offer comparable quality. For example, if you saw how many screw guns I own knowing that they all do the same job you'd say why. Because they're all great tools and each one performs just a bit differently according to the task. The new cooker is American made and I like that, enough said. I also gave two cookers away within the past year to each of my kids so my fleet is shrinking and needs a boost. It's most definitely an heirloom, to a degree expandable, versatile and mobile. It checked all the boxes, and hell, it been two years and I need a new cooker. So when it arrives I will take it on it's maiden voyage and share some pics, until then the dogs are on high alert for any trucks passing by, it's costing me a fortune in cookie biscuits.
  3. Looks good C6Bill and so easy too, Nice plate. I was Prevites just the other day and picked up a couple of packages of Boneless short ribs for a cook I'm going to do on the new cooker, whenever it arrives. The quality and selection is better than my old place, first name basis with the butcher what more could you want
  4. This must be a case of, the lights on but nobodys home. You know I still think there are some bugs still flying around from the computer clean up. When I clicked on to answer you back here, my entry from Thursday popped up. Update. That's what it was, the bulb burned out or my box was full of mail anyhow it's all sorted out, I think.
  5. The tiles look intact but the close up reveals a lot of grout loss, you could order some grout and apply it by hand in those areas, I'm sure the grout Dennis has will work. You'll definitely need something to prevent water from getting underneath, but overall as it appears with it's age in mind it looks to have a significant amount of life remaining. Keep your temps below 350 and you should be ok anything higher and your pushing the limits. Hey, it's ony my opinion and you know what people say about them, everybodys got one. Great pic Toney, I had to take a back seat on this and let you blaze the trail, it wouldn't be fair to cut the line.
  6. You took the words right of my mouth, absolutely, it pairs well with everything and it taste good too. Hope they fix this computer glitch, it's like being at a magic show but all the tricks are played on you. Speak of the devil, the last trick was amazing.
  7. Lemon dill pork loin chunks with Rosemary potatoe home fries. If you can find this sauce, try it.
  8. Lemon dill pork loin chunks with Rosemary potatoe home fries. If you can find this sauce, try it. Don't ask me, it did it on it's own
  9. Go for it Toney, best ideas come out on rainy days. I have the Burton cookbook lol. David, the only thing missing on that chunky lump charcoal was a couple of good lookin cherry chunks.
  10. Nice looking piece of meat and plenty of it. Coincidentally back in the late 80's I had a cooker very similar to the one you have preparing your meats on that restaurant table.. It's called the Burton Stove Top Grill, and to make it even more coincidental I just saw a brand new one at a 2nd hand store for sale. I imagine there featuring a can of Sterno under that or was it gas you were cooking on. That place must have caught your eye instantly, the last time I remember doing my own cooking was at some place out in Colorado preparing my own hamburger, I like your selection better . Enjoy your stay
  11. No bark on my cherry chunks, you know bitter taste and all. Well, it was a first for me, I had a rack of beer, some free time and an open road for this little experiment. Just remember now, you go to far you got charcoal and don't worry about rushing to take them off the grill long after the fire dies, there fine, they won't spoil.
  12. A handsome looking plate Troble, like that cast iron, what brand is it. Sorry to say my dinner was a bit hard tonight, thought I'd smoke up some cherry chunks on the off set. 5 and 1/2 hrs at 275 they still wouldn't probe tender. Actually they were a bit high in water content, so I kiln dried them for smoking chunks. My next cook will feature smoked cherry wood, you might say it'll be double smoked. These pieces will provide some nice smoke in the smoke pot.
  13. There appears to be something wrong with the site C6Bill, I attempted to quote you, but was denied. I think the site may be going through some cha, cha, cha changes. HOWEVER, In accordance with grabbing two, I have too agree...two breasts are better than one. Although the one I had was quite sufficient.
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