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  1. It's a Question of balance. Your KK with it's refractory liner contains the heat from the fuel within it's core and minimises the heat loss to it's outer core. This extra layer adds a little time to your start so, if your planning to start at the same time as a single layer kamado with your KK remember the added layer. Give yourself a little more time and find the balance between airflow, chunk size and patience
  2. Yah, that's good and you'll be playing ball in Fenway or whatever your favorite park maybe. A good sauce for one butt I may recommend is Head country---Apple Habanero, a thin sauce in the BBQ designation but, I think it compliments pork. Hey, good luck my friend, were all here to lend a hand.....a helpful group here
  3. As I was peekin through the cracks I thought I'd pass along this thought. A lower temp will obviously add time on the grill, moving the temp higher will close that window considerably. If your cook goes for an extended period as Tucker mentioned the meat has rendered it's fat and 195-200 is ok. If I were cooking, a temp from 250 or even to 275 is in range for pork butt. Internal temp if you overshoot to 205 is not a worrying occasion. Just remember they still continue to cook in the cooler when wrapped, having 3 project that accordingly. It's all good in the neighborhood
  4. Don't get stuck behind the 8 ball, give yourself enough time for the cook. If you run short of time heat it up or wrap. Nothing worse than hungry guests, lynch mob scenario
  5. Looks good dr2be, cooks and bbq layout were nicely done. I think down the road the wires keeping your cooks alive will be replaced with a simple thermometer. Tools are fantastic to monitor and ease your cooks but in the end it's time and temp and a good eye. I'll take one ribs, please.
  6. I know the feeling. Opening the freezer door and looking in can be quite the adventure. Most times it turns into CSI story and decisions gotta be made. Lucky you have those glaciers flowing in the backyard up north, a quick jaunt out the back door with a pic-ax and there it is, ( voila ) a meal as fresh as the day you placed it in, although 20 feet from where you left it. Give the Doc my best
  7. You know Mac there's a story in there somewhere. A little girl having a bad experience with a fish years ago...maybe. Well we got the cure, a Dr I know works well with these cases. His name is Dr. Vinny Boombah and you can reach him at 8675309 any time is a good time. It was a nice presentation Mac, looked great. Did you say the fish was two years old? Looked purdy fresh to me, heck I'd ,put on a bib and pull up a chair and enjoy that meal too, providing you take the first bite...you know 2 year fish and all
  8. You know those Lite beer cans of aluminum are so fragile they dent on impact. Now the cans I remember were made of steel, yep, them cans could take a beating and probably put a dent in the wall when empty. Not that we'd do that but, evolution in containers has come full circle. Actually I'm doing the same cook as you right now coincidently, and have to run off to wrap, because time is running short and the guests are coming. Best of luck with yours
  9. I remember when. Hold on and enjoy her as long as you can, one day you'll be standing there giving her away. Well,... by that time you'll be ready. Congrats
  10. DON'T leave home without it. Like the credit card
  11. Now that sounds interesting,,is there an occasion it suits you to present or would you say it's an all around meal. White wine although it has the Madeira. Sounds like it has some Portuguese influence
  12. Oh, what a lucky man he was,,,,,and will continue to be. Well, that looks like the perfect place to start the fire. 4 kids? Jeech, you deserve all you get, congrats
  13. That chicken and rice look tasty smothered with the red peppers. Did you kick it up a notch? Or was it a safe, maybe a less imposing spice added besides the chilli. Nice combo but I can't taste it no matter how many times I lick the screen
  14. Tyrus

    Fire died

    At least it has a nice geometric pattern.
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