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  1. Tyrus

    Heat Deflector

    Having the holes allows some of the heat to pass through while the remainder is directed to the edges. The balance between the two is the goal. The dish is positioned to catch the heat as pictured in the KK. Easier than foil, no muss, no fuss.
  2. Tyrus

    Heat Deflector

    Yah, dirtier the better, just don't tell Dennis I had in mind an idea to keep the dish mostly solid and the 60 holes of that size was comfortable enough for a balance to let an amount of energy through while deflecting the rest. The dish should also stay flat without much warping due the heat because of the layout of the holes. See what works I guess, has anyone else used the dish, haven't seen anyone talk too much about it
  3. Looking good. Just wanted to mention that for drum sticks there's a rack that allows you stand them up. Might find it on Amazon. Is that green grass?
  4. Tyrus

    Heat Deflector

    When I received my KK a package of extras were included with it. One of those things included was a Stainless Steel dish 16 and 1/4in in diameter. Until yesterday the dish never found a purpose and just hung around my cooking station on a shelf. My recent purchase of a new Gateway Barrel cooker needed a diffuser over the fire, a purchase I was reluctant to order because of it's design. I found the holes extremely large and numerous on their version so I decided to make my own prototype and find a use for this piece. I drilled out approx 60 holes 1/2 in and 3/8 in following a simple pattern which would encompass the whole dish and distribute the heat slowly and evenly. Dennis included a heat deflector with our KK's that most people have set aside because of it's mass and now prefer to use foil. I'm hoping to use it in the KK as well.
  5. I know it's crazy. My wife started in the spare bedroom and filled bags of clothes she didn't want, then to the porch where alot of plates and kitchen equipment was to be shipped out. Next she's in my closet thinning out things I've only had for 10-20 years...you know treasure, you can't find those clothes anymore, irreplaceable items. This virus is worse than a curse. Why don't she throw out the rake? Toney, make more beer!
  6. Looks like bugs. What are u going to do with them?
  7. Yum! It's all eye candy to me.
  8. Some fantastic meals and cooks lighting up the screen here, I couldn't pick a winner. The only conclusion I could come to was, "Y'all got way too much time on your hands." You could be raking leaves...........better yet, you could be raking my leaves.
  9. Aw, c'mon give him just slice.
  10. Nice looking and a bark to like. What a great looking sandwich
  11. Brisket cooks are the best, go big for big results..nice. Looks a little tight on a 21, as long as it fits. No pic of the bark, oh what happened
  12. Tasty looking steaks, great job. Did the puppy get a taste?
  13. I second what Basher said. The wood I have treated in my backyard exposed to the elements has stood the test of time for now 5 years. Oil will darken the wood if that's a draw back but, longevity is the goal. Tacky when first applied and in a few days it dissipates.
  14. Basher, that's an usual fire pit, how thick is that metal? You certainly don't find one like that at the local hardware! I was thinkin, right along the rim you could attach some nice cup holders or clean it out and make a giant volcano drink with huge straws you know, one of those sharing drinks. When this all passes of course. That is an awesome look with all the rust
  15. They look great, a kind way to remember your neighbors. Any houses for sale on your street
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