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  1. Tyrus

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Spicy pork chops, good idea..have to keep that one in the rolodex under hot
  2. Tyrus

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Let the good times roll
  3. Tyrus

    Bacon turned out great

    That size would be great on a BLT. Pretty as the picture, nice color. Would I be amiss if I were to say add a shot of your favorite bourbon to some real maple syrup to come close to the manufactured?
  4. Tyrus

    Year of the pig: first covert low and slow: RIBs

    That sure looks like a tasty meal. Great combo
  5. Tyrus

    Pork Loin & Pak Choi

    Nice looking cook, well presented.
  6. Tyrus

    New Owner

    Nice choice in colors, deep and rich, mysterious and cunning. Seems you did your homework, remarkable work to date. Can we all come over when it's done?
  7. Tyrus

    A Diamond in the rough

    The weather broke and rose to 50 degrees so I thought I'd clean out the inside and give it a second assessment. Well one thing turned into another and I ended taking the tub out because I wanted to see what was behind it as far as insulation was concerned. Didn't think anything was there when I tapped on the wall but a hollow sound. The reveal showed otherwise with styrafoam as a liner. The wooden top structure was screwed down but came up way too easy showing alot of dry and weak wood. Biscuit joinery was employed holding the sides and legs together so that being said,,,it's just easier to replace anything in question, it's all apart anyhow.
  8. Tyrus

    A Diamond in the rough

    While rummaging through a few old boxes I found these. The cooler had a old Samuel Adams opener on the left. Yours with the white backdrop is unique, I have one new still in the box with original screws and an old used one. Thought I'd show you and may I mention a nice clock also.
  9. Tyrus

    A Diamond in the rough

    If not that a half lap with glue and a few screws or a set of shoes to sit in may suffice.
  10. Tyrus


    Use to have a Ford 6.0 Turbo diesel powerstroke, put a ton of pellets in the bed and it would be hard to notice. Even pulled stumps with it on occasion but those rigs are in a class all their own.
  11. Tyrus

    A Diamond in the rough

    Thanks. Seems there are quite a few that appreciate a good piece of treasure and find reason to repurpose them. I think a good wash is 1st with the power washer to get a better look especially within the cavity and then the legs would have to be cut, pegged and glued because of the extensive rot. I would like to replace the legs altogether but, I am unsure how they are fastened and if those secure points are behind the galvanized inner box as they appear to be. A seam showing the extension is not a first choice no matter how fine. Anyhow it looks to be a tricky endeavor, will post in the spring.
  12. Tyrus

    A Diamond in the rough

    Sometime when it rains, it pours. $35 a familiar number. That's a nice thermometer
  13. Tyrus

    A Diamond in the rough

    I'm thinking it will clean up without a problem Tekebo and for any possible leaking that can be handled easily with some bathroom caulk. Sorry Bonfire, I also thought the sign was a significant find but, I believe it is just a good rusty newer addition.The piece does have good bones and for the ones that have to be replaced below are within repair. Overall it's something complete, wish it could talk.
  14. I came across this artifact while scouring this second hand store looking for gems that may fit into the look I'm trying to capture for my new smoker pavilion. I see everyone going plush and modern with their outside areas however, I like and prefer the woodsy backyard look with a little rust. So here it is, an old fashion hand made cooler made from pine wood and galvanized sheet metal. It even came with a nice rusty coke sign. I almost died and went to heaven. The idea came from Aussie's venture out into the bush at a cookout in a remote area of snakes, lizards and old buildings about. Of course this project will require some restoration, the previous owner must have left it in a damp and wet cellar and the legs have rotted at the bottom and that paint color is two fingers in the throat. Just needs a little life breathed into it, to bring it to it's former glory. It now sits in the garage but it's at the top of the to do list and dripping with potential. $35