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  1. Tyrus

    Brisket Roulade

    Nice looking brisket. Color and smoke ring look fine. Prime on brisket...got my vote
  2. Tyrus

    Spatchcock Chicken on my SBB

    Pretty big rig there. Nice setting and all seems to be in control...what else can you ask for. Watch the burn in
  3. Tyrus

    I found this interesting

    That's true. Seriously though, at a restaurant this is your occasion to place a beet root in place of cheese or tomato? No fight, I will give a go
  4. Tyrus

    New Tablet

    Nice tablet but can you play games on it or link it to your PS4 remote. Opportunity strikes once and then in aflash it's gone, a gamer yah, look see.
  5. Tyrus

    Pork Roast - Killer Crackle

    Nice cook churchi and the result is what counts. I may have done it alittle differently but it's all about getting to finish line a winner.
  6. Tyrus

    I found this interesting

    Pickled beets are a favorite, as a side. Cheese on a hamburger is the norm, however, if you live in the southern hemisphere I believe it maybe a constitutional amendment, or a decree of some sort to put beets on the hamburger but, when England deposited those incorrigibles so many years ago there was no cheese, and alas the " custom has stood to this day. "
  7. Tyrus

    Fresh Milled Fun

    Sorry Pequod, Syzgies hit a nerve and I was remiss about giving do where credit is deserved. yes and I wish had a slice with my dinner right now.
  8. Tyrus

    Fresh Milled Fun

    My parents some time ago, possibly 30 years Syzygies, bought me a coffee grinder nothing expensive but it always did the trick. I found other uses for it with spice blends, and milling flax for coffee blends and multiple things and then one day my wife sold it in the yard sale. Didn't know and couldn't find it anywhere and I missed it so. Now I coulda gone down to the local store and bought another but I, just wasted my time thinkin that tool was the best. Maybe the drug was what it did and all the other intangibles, but today I see others carrying on and that pleases me. I like your posts
  9. Tyrus

    50th birthday party pig

    The first 50 are the easy ones, now the test begins. No worry's, enjoy the ride. The little porka looks great.
  10. Tyrus

    Pumpkin Soup

    I can go for that as long as the cone has some pumpkin in it
  11. Tyrus

    Pumpkin Soup

    Can you make popsicles with them. Just askin. Would love to eat your punkin soup. You have a great camera or an incredible talent.
  12. Tyrus

    Fresh Milled Fun

    You must have a lot of time on your hands Pequod to mill your own flour or the challenge in front of you simply cannot be denied. Yes, you turn out some remarkable things with thought gently placed in. But I'm with Tony, King Arthur or his brother is fine for me.
  13. Tyrus

    New Serious BB on the high Seas

    You look good behind the KK. What a setting, stone on stone, I guess you had a plan. Hey, nice move to the apportioned deck, a little common sense and some good friends always help. Bon Voyage on your cooking road.
  14. Tyrus


    That is decadent, oh it is rude, and but, so remarkably an eyecatcher. It's also a heart attack and a good appetizer. I'm surprised there's no bacon or sausage. If I were to come upon this at an opening of sort I would certainly partake. Crazy.
  15. Tyrus

    New Serious BB on the high Seas

    Don't get stuck in that gravel, you'll need that crane again. It looks like it was made for that setting