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  1. I have some 3x5 pics of the 2nd floor main and third floor bedroom loft unfortunately digital cameras were not around. Most house reno's at first turn out to be a monster hiding under the stairs however, you're in the traveling lane now and nothing ahead but, blue skies. Good luck
  2. Four story's high Tekebo, all the possibilities of working with 1930's architecture to make it your own musta been fun. So show me more, you limit the imagination with just one pic. Thirty five years ago I bought an 1880's post and beam barn, that took me two and half years to make it my own..........a home that large had to be a long, but welcoming project. Always interested to see what your cookin up...waiting patiently.
  3. That's one purdy chicken you got there Mister. I would only that in my best John Wayne voice.
  4. Super clean grates Pequod the Mac is gonna be jealous. Did I say your asparagus was without any butter or your chicken was alone..........no, you split the fire and made good on both. Hope you and the Misses enjoyed this country meal.
  5. Looks like a scallop Pequod. May not be but, a great looking partner anyhow, a nice crunchy mix.
  6. And you sat there for 3 hours, and had a glass or two anticipating the result well, that's what most would do. Nice balance of just right spice.
  7. Tyrus

    Smoked meatballs.

    They look delish annd dessert to boot.....someone was smiling at the table
  8. Tyrus

    Hinge Lubrication

    Made me think that I've never added any oil to my hinge however the hinge adjustment was done only once when I first received my KK and still performs outstanding. Don't have the T-9 but I do have some clock oil, reminds me of Tin Man...hoping my KK doesn't start talking and roll away on me.
  9. Antonio, there are a number of factors to consider before you cook the brisket. For me it's fat content, how you trim that fat, the selection of meat, is it select, choice, prime or wagu and even how the meat appears or bends when choosing. That's only the beginning, and as Toney mentioned a cold piece will accept more smoke in time placed on the grill at a governed temp. You may even choose to wrap and add some beef broth or whatever flavor enhancers into your mix at 165 for a moister piece. It's all trial and error, I have found briskets with less fat coming out on the dry side and wished I may have chosen the other. An easy answer Antonio is find a way most comfortable to you and follow that branch, it will change and branch off into better results but, unfortunately that's the path we all follow. Good luck, one small step for man one giant leap for mankind.
  10. 2 or 3. Water isn't necessary. The meat takes smoke to 140 degrees, you may add along the way to that point, nice brisket.
  11. Alot of history and memories in the things we have that are silently replaced, keep the the things you need and treasure the ones you let go. I remember that kamado from the beginning, seems to me he's in the backyard living the life in retirement. The yards a comfort Basher, you did good.
  12. Glad you followed the path less traveled and chose the 23, your decision will pay you back handsomely. Don't fret about the moving as long as your not traversing 14 stairs for a destination, 2 friends are quite enough to settle your prize in. My brother and I moved the KK a long distance without a problem but, carefully we followed a well thought out plan. SO good luck and Hakuna-matata to you.
  13. When I received my KK my daughter said that's a Colossus, and so it stuck. I never think of the name so much when introducing it to an admirer but, it remains forever with it's christen name. I believe my KK may be related to yours after hearing your chosen names. Yah, I think I'll have Colossus send out out a signal next time he's smoked up to Cronos and Hestia your New Greek companions. And don't forget to wash em down down with a squirt of Windex like the they did in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that'll cure everything. Enjoy
  14. I also had a recent problem part and was experiencing some difficulties. I explained the situation to Dennis and he simply stated, "let me take a look around, I'm sure we can send one out." I had another Kamado in the 90's from Grill dome and the ceramic top developed a crack and eventually failed. When I tried to explain the situation to the company and recover a new top with my lifetime warranty it was explained to me that I must have over fired the unit. Yes, Dennis is much easier to deal with along with his staff
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