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  1. Pretty Viking don't you think...........................................................Kirk Douglas
  2. Noticed that not much exchange was in flavor so I decided to do the unfathomable and burn my KK shipping crate. Well, over the past few years since I recieved my KK I stored the remanants of my KK shipment in the lower 40 of my backyard. That's the lower 40 sq feet, and as time progressed opposition arose to having a piece of junk hanging around. I tried as long as possible { 2+ yrs} to save this important artifact unfortunately, time and acid rain became my enemy. Recently, while out in the yard I approached one piece and wanted to change it's location,...it crumbled in my grasp. Geez, I was devastated, as you could imagine.....life goes on
  3. And so some slapped on wings.
  4. Clever Aussie. Summer is coming to Australia soon enough and once it arrives I heard it's SO hot downunder that you can cook your pizza on the hood of your car. Oh, great looking pizza
  5. Say it ain't so Joe not here in good ol'America. You know just about everything should have a disclaimer and a buyer beware notice on it. Have you ever looked at all natural fruit drinks. The packaging leads you to believe it was squeezed an hour ago. It'll say 100% juice in bold letters and down a little on the package it'll say a flavored blend of these juices from concentrate with other natural flavors and ingredients. We are all conditioned enough now to believe that it's not true and what the package states doesn't necessarily mean that is what's inside. I have suspicion the plaintiff may be a lawyer looking for a quick settlement. Heck, you know and I know the Easter Bunny ain't real but, Santa, he's a definite. It's kind of like the vegan whopper, if it taste like a burger..must be a burger. I got a stick burner, my condolences to all you pellet burners
  6. How true. There was a time in college as I remember late at night you just couldn't get enough of it. Musta turned the corner cause I can't find that restaurant anywhere
  7. Don't linger to long down in that hole, someone may say, "Off with their head". Not to shoot myself in the foot but the Chinese call it sweet and sour sauce. However I like the neighborhood your in, it's sweeter and refined. Possibly a side with lamb, just thinking.
  8. Like Ma and Pa Kettle said above but y'all know the truth. Yep, it was Ckreef.....he disappeared late at nite and rain danced all over the back yard lawn continually hooping and hoolering some Southern mumbo jumbo and.... then it rained. Or at least he thought so until he turned round and saw Mrs Ckreef by the spicket working the backyard sprinkler.
  9. If George had children my guess would be they didn't have the same interest or drive to continue on or maybe he had none and that would be self-explanatory. History leads you to believe that when a larger company absorbs a smaller the quality and service begin to suffer. For the sake of those employees remaining,. I wish them well, it is a scary feeling. As you, I have a Primo also, I have kept it and use it sparingly and begrudgingly for obvious reason. Tomorrow's another day....maybe I'll slap some wings on tonite in honor of George
  10. So I inquired at the local supermarket and found that they have the piece generally running in the 18-20 lb size for $3.99/lb. For something on this scale you really have to have a few hungry appetites around to consume it. A holiday cook for sure
  11. Good job. Must have put some smoke on it by way of the nice ring circling the meat. Will have my eyes open for a piece like. Thanks for the vid, the only thing I may have done differently was to put the meat into a tin with a liquid like broth and worcestershire and cover for some gravy fixins. But that's just fine the way it is
  12. My wife came home and gave me a tube of something. Hey, Sweety what's this? You needed some underwear right? It comes in tubes??
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