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  1. Avid Armor has a Chamber sealer for $599 and I believe there are a few more manufacturers within that price range + or - $100. They do require a bit more room, but for liquids they are superior however they do lack the ability to do large items depending on size. If you wanted to do smaller moisture laden portions you could partially freeze the contents prior to sealing and that would work with a channel sealer and possibly yours, but that does require time to freeze. A chamber sealer has the advantage also of using the cheaper clear sided bags that don't require a channel bag because they eva
  2. Looks tasty Mac, that swiss chard seems to knock on the memory library. As a kid we we had that on the table quite a bit, your right, it is tender and good. Good with bacon bits too
  3. If your lucky enough to find a used KK in your area it would definitely be worth the trip to travel down and take a look. On location your could easily assess the condition and possibly strike a better deal vs over the phone or on line, but then you'd be taxed with bringing it home safely. On the other hand, if you bought new and ever had an issue you'll find the owner Dennis Linkletter standing beside it's well known reputation. Think of the the purchase as a one time expense meant to last a lifetime giving you many years of reliable performance. Like the tools you purchase don't settle for s
  4. Never cared much for the beer, but they sure made a handsome bottle. The recipe is easily cut in half, so if you do stir up a batch let me know, spread the love.
  5. Here's a sauce from many, many years ago that I remember as a very tasty condiment too pork and chicken or use it as to how you see fit once you've tasted it. The recipe yields approx 1 1/2 gallons and could easily be adjusted, but why would you when you could gift a few bottles to friends. This is a vinegary, sweet and salty, peppery sauce that's definitely a winner. Add this to your pulled pork or marinate some chicken overnight, it's flavor is tasty, bold, and pleasing just out of the bottle. Back in the early 90's I made a large batch and bottled the contents up giving a number of bottles
  6. Nice to see another KK in the neighborhood Bill. They left out several key ingredients, I will give them a pass and will keep their identity anonymous and refer to it as an isolated incident, I thank you for the Italian referral it's just up the street so to speak, I didn't know. Basher, In my area a large presence of Portuguese settled here and many restaurants sprung up serving their ethnic version of this dish/appetizer with phenomenal success. I believe if another restaurant wishing to bring their version forward should always be aware of it's reputation. On this occasion I certai
  7. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wait in anticipation of a great tasting meal to have it fall flat and miss the finish line. Well, that happened yesterday for the first time in a life time, as I was about to protest my dismay at our server my wife interjected ordering me another brewski. We spoke, I let it pass and handled the matter the following day with a bit more diplomacy. I couldn't let that taste linger long though, tonite I made the meal, a Shrimp Mozambique and did give it at least tastefully, but maybe not photographically the attention and justice it deserved with onion, garli
  8. BigO, the color change is a gradual so as not to shock you. The BBq world is now your Oyster, so many ways to go, it will keep you busy and you will become a magnet for delicious cooks for your friends and family. Best wishes to you as you explore
  9. One last thing, I know you have many a snake wandering the country and probably more than you care to see. I'm guessing that's a textile print of a python, it looks sharp. Don't tell me it's the real thing
  10. Basher , your definitely going to need a load of wood with that cooker something that will share the flavor of the smoke with your food. If wood is plentiful there as it is for me here you'll find it helps with keeping down the amount of coal you are using. Although you can burn briquettes and lump the addition of wood with the flame licking the bottom side is a must because of it's aromatic nature and as a tool for a more diverse cook. Don't forget to buy yourself a chimney to start up your coals preferably a large one for laying out and spreading coals in a isolated area if your not using
  11. Looking good, Congrats also. If that's a tile sitting low on the leg just use some gorilla glue to stick it on and some grout to seal around it after it sets. See if you can use a clamp to hold it on. I think that glue will do, no heat to worry about, just a dab spread thin, that stuff expands.
  12. Hey there Mr Destination Unknown, that's a beautiful ride and the coach must have been like 600 mice with magic. Sorry Bruce, I'd give it a go, it's actually borderline, every plug I've put in always stayed till the tire died...just sayin it would be a shame to let go of a tire like that, but it's not my choice though. So what can you say except, let the good times roll. Have fun
  13. Imaginative minds, they all look good. Scotty, beam me to Bashers house for pizza, then to Toney's before he pulls that steak, and then back to Enterprise, once home beam Trobles plate to my quarters and then have Seven of Nine join me for Dinner in my quarters. Oh, Geezz
  14. Let me be the first if I am to say congrats to you Forrest, a beautiful child. Blessings and best wishes to you and your family.
  15. Tyrus

    This Little Pig...

    It was a handsome pig Tekebo, way to go on breaking "in" the 32. Well, I guess nobody got my reference to Arnold Ziffel the pig from Hooterville on Green Acres. Maybe I went to far back, in the future, I'll try to keep it in this century. Tekebo on the skin bursting, you could have tried butchers twine, it's a bit thicker...the fine thread with the turning may have contributed to it cutting the skin and opening, just sayin. Good job, you got your friends out for the day if only for a short time and danced around the Covid restrictions. I hope they could take their drink to go.
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