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  1. Purdy as picture, Mac......as usual. Have u ever have a cook gone awry? I see something unusual, those grates are way too clean.
  2. Now that looks fine. Cheeeezy and Juiceyyy, yep...the stars were aligned for you. Good show
  3. Good vid. I believe I saw this video a few years back of the same woman, same story line but with a few changes. If memory serves me...her husband would always start the fires for her before he went to work early in the morning just before the sun would rise. She carried on with smokey tears and waited on customers in both but in the older vid the customers were not the same. Funny, it's a new take on an older vid, maybe the older one is still around to find.
  4. You should have some relaxing cooks in that gorgeous setting once it's complete. I believe at 6800 feet you may run your top air and bottom air a bit more open than say sea level, curious to know. Anyhow, Good luck and congrats
  5. Good fences DJ make good neighbors and that is a fence for the ages. Bad neighbors make good fertilizer. I've been vacationing in and around the Vail Co area this week and met a woman walking her Corgi dog. She told me the poor little guy was experiencing some pain in his advanced years and she decided to take a trip down to the local hemp store to purchase some dog chews. Looked like a real mellow dog now with a great pace. Good to see your recovery is on the mend.
  6. I like the grown in vegetation around the KK, gives it a grasp of comfort. I do like your plate, chicken and spinach are well positioned but the bread nestled up against the corn and what a piece of nice looking corn that is, I bet it was good. Probably local by the looks of it, if I'm not mistaken, as corn goes it's a winner. To tell the truth and not to take away from your chicken cook which by the way rooks marvelous, I just haven't met this years piece of corn for taste and sight and yours captures that picture, heck it even has a bend in the grain kernel.
  7. Nice presentation. Looks awesome on the counter
  8. Looks like the master plan is coming together. Are you by the water ? Seeing the posts sometime makes it necessary by the water or was it just the lay of the land. 3 brothers huh, bet ya back then they didn't have to pull a permit. What color KK
  9. It felt heavier and on appearance looked denser, just by opening the box. Proof was in the burn. Have been burning one American hardwood lump for years so the comparison for me was easy after opening the lid. After burning this lump for so long gota say I've grown comfortable with it, like an old friend. KJ XL lump is better but, for my range of use mine has yet to let me down
  10. Ckreef, wanted to see the difference so I bought a box of KJ xl lump. While cooking up 4 racks of pork ribs approx 6 hours at 250 I welcomed a noticeable difference in the amount remaining to the good. Argentine hardwood. 24.99 / 20lbs
  11. By laying a few brick on their side on the bottom from side to side you create a wall. Fill it with started lump from a good size chimney especially if you have junk lump on the back part of the grill. You may want to heat soak a while or otherwise put your chicken on the roto and immediately begin your cook, you can add lump as go. This is a way to contain the fire to either front or back, your choice. There are two post supports on each side the basket, you could even use chicken wire fence doubled over and tied on these to create a wall to hold lump back. More than one way to split the basket
  12. Traditional or not, if it tastes like bacon....must be bacon. Both look good and certainly would be nice for breakfast. Like the individual wrap, the freezer will keep the dreaded botulism at bay, nice touch.
  13. Tyrus


    Wings, I can have em for breakfast and generally do when leftovers are around. Save some sauce and roll em when done, you probably already know that, so good
  14. Apparently you have the room, the only thing I would be concerned with is an even temp all the way across the plain for an even cook. On the grill you can move things around and have control of your cook. Now if you have a large chimney and start a batch of lump and then spread the hot coals over an established bed of lump it may help towards a more consistent burn. That should get you started or expand any idea that has already crossed your mind. I don't worry about this with the 23 unfortunately the 32 is wider and prep time is a concern.......maybe
  15. Sad circumstance but, funny when you put it that way
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