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  1. I think u like pork, the tell may be all the profiles of piggies. Anyhow, great job and by the way, how many lbs? Enjoy!
  2. Latrodectus, the Black Widow. Was she nesting in the KK?
  3. Tyrus

    New Owner

    That was some video and quite the move over the house. Enjoyed seeing the 32 with the basket splitter and all the accoutrements that came with your BB32. Looking forward to your first cook, whatever it may be. Auf wiedersehen
  4. Tyrus

    Korean Ribs and Jerky

    Thanks, it was where I place my pictures under some tab, that's about as far as my technological wonders will go.
  5. Think I remember a pig as our project. Betya that Gooney Bird has roots in Bali, to think where the mystery all began and how it brought you forward
  6. Great looking cooks one and all. Open up a restaurant and I'll be first in line all day' The oyster appetizers with chicken wing suya to start, and a choice of pulled pork, steak or hamburg...yum. They all look so well. Hammo 1981 if you keep cooking like that you'll never get them to leave. Bon apetit'
  7. I had pizza last nite but,,it didn't look that good. 3hrs? a shame you couldn't have made another and froze it to justify all the effort
  8. Tyrus

    Korean Ribs and Jerky

    I recently received a delivery of Cherry wood so it was time to pay up with 2 Racks of Korean ribs. They are my favorite with the fresh ginger, pineapple, soy, garlic, sesame oil, chive and more all combined into a marinade and a sauce later to boot. I also created some Sweet Bourbon Jerky that cooked up on the offset with a steel basket full of cherry and charcoal and coconut charcoal to finish. So far it's been the warmest day around here this year and well the gloves were off. But back on when it got hot. Some pics to see, _Large (2).mp4 _Large.mp4 _Large (3).mp4
  9. Tyrus

    First Cook

    I wish also. Doing Korean ribs as we speak but always looking to bring it up a notch.
  10. Something you should do CKreef, really. Split size is obviously a must regarding temp and is judgemental for the cool down. My splits were thin and I expect to use them for a cook tomorrow on the Lang for Sweet Bourbon Jerky. I have to defer to my Lang because real estate is the issue with approx 6lbs of meat 1/4" x 2" slices makes the coverage a wide area. So if you remember the white looking cherry on the KK in the beginning and the over nite result are quite amazing in color change. Moisture content is questionable but, as the green wood was presented, I think it's much better and approx half the weight. The road is clear do as you must and good luck,
  11. Tyrus

    First Cook

    Just a matter of getting comfortable with the settings, there is a learning curve of sorts, no problem. But, those ribs look nice and meaty...3 racks, you musta been hungry
  12. Tyrus

    First Cook

    Ribs? I like ribs
  13. Geeeeeezz, I wish you guys wouldn't do that...got me thinking and looking at videos. Those tools are nice but come at a high price tag for the quality equipment. Nice looking sign Bruce. Was the wood an indigenous pine?
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