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  1. Way to go Alimac, you and the Mrs Alimac make pretty babies.
  2. That's too bad Tekebo...you certainly don't want them screaming down at you from up on high. What's a fire without smoke, it's like having a Porsche and the speed limits 20mph. Glad you worked your way around the this little road block.
  3. Well, I got one for ya jonj. Chicken thighs on a spin It was worth mentioning I thought and seeing wood on that huge island is a scarcity however, if you do get a bundle on occasion use them with the coals to have the flame lick the piece your cooking. Raising and lowering that grate with a dancing flame is a happy game to play. Wood is a resource I have plenty of and generally give away much of it to my daughter and her husband for fire wood.
  4. It does mention "no sparking" also Toney. Thought maybe Tekebo would find this as an alternative on the Argentine and maybe Ckreef in his Pizza oven. Don't know about a solo stove. The item was priced well here in the states, a 35lb package in Great Britain may be another story.
  5. Has anyone tried this in one of their cookers? It's new to me and thought for those with Pizza ovens, Argentine or Santa Maria style grills might find this useful. They also can be used in other applications or simply burning in a fire place. Quite heavy, shipped from Amazon at approx 35lbs with 12 logs in the package. No fillers or binders and stated safe for cooking. Said they burn around 1500 degrees. You might want look them up yourself on Amazon....I couldn't find the correct angle to stop the reflection coming off the flash so picture quality isn't quite there. I did try.
  6. Looks very tasty Ckreef, the cooler weather is on the horizon and the soup is in the pot. I just did a similar one except substituted hot Italian sausage in place of the schrimp. Cool pot.
  7. International trade routes, check points with dogs, x-ray scans and over seas flights.........better keep it in the barn Paul.
  8. Some people say it's the ride, some say it's the journey then there are times I just say.."Beam me up Scotty, I've been here long enough."
  9. Two schools, two studies and one result. So yah, as long as your knowledgeable of both units and are well read a consistent product will be the result. The Lang is by far and as I think most would agree, a Smoker with a longer learning curve. There are far more variables too consider, it requires more attention and a level of consistent management. Maybe you could equate it to riding a bike...at first it's a rough start but eventually the ride improves. Personally I prefer the Lang for brisket, having the ability to burn solely wood and the different woods available contribute to a better pro
  10. There are things we look for in every BBQ we purchase, be it convenience, aesthetics, ease of handling, color, size and ooh soo much more. We often buy a number of them to meet our needs & over time when we tire of them they pass. I haven't reached that point yet, the Lang I own along with the other tools (cookers) I have are essential for specific uses. I have enjoyed them all and work with them because I refuse to paint myself into a corner. Having a choice is simply a freedom I don't wish to loose.
  11. One of my favorites also Stewart. I do believe without a doubt his favorite piece of meat to cook is brisket. I like my ribs in the KK but you can't beat a stick burner for brisket
  12. Too bad BARDSLJR that your fire went out but, the end result was picture worthy, nice bark. Leaving the brisket in the cooler 5 hours allows the juices to come together in a positive way, and you still served at 155 so it was all worthwhile. Have you tried a Cyber or DiGi Q for those long cooks that go overnight. I like you prefer to run with just the vent settings so the work put in at the beginning to steady a 250 temp maybe all you need. An unfortunate series of events, no worries...you'll knock it out of the park next time. Looked fine to me
  13. What brand of charcoal are you using? It makes a difference, and use med size with large pieces also for greater airflow.
  14. I had to grind the square portion of the piece for mine to fit properly Scott. In the motor receptacle for this small shaft you should have a spring to accept some play for distance for a comfortable fit between the KK and motor once it's secured to it's housing. If you have a grinding wheel it would make quick work of it. Just go slowly with the removal of metal and fit it to the motor and align all your parts. It should come together for you eventually once you remove enough stock.
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