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  1. This summer it's been pretty dark in the yard with all the trees blocking out the sun, so much so moss replaced the lawn. The trees were quite large, 80 ft tall and had such a wide canopy it was hard to find the sun. They were so large they became dangerous to the cooking and dining areas so something had to be done. The experts were called in and it was decided that 20 trees had to go to open the yard to make things sunnier and make things safer. Some trees begin growing side by side very young and look fantastic, however after a good amount of years they grow into each other and develop a V-shape, they begin to push on each other at their base causing them to angle away from each other. This becomes dangerous because they are no longer straight but angled and it has to addressed. An 80 ton crane a large chipper and a experienced crew made easy work of it. The climber was lowered into each tree where he would tie off approx 1/3 of the top of the tree and slice it off for the crane to bring it to the chipper. It was an all day process, the work was constant and intense except for the break at lunch when brisket subs were served. It was amazing to watch, it's a job where you have to be knowledgeable, trusting of those around you and quick on your feet and develop a 6th sense
  2. Purdy, and that ATV looks like a lot of fun.
  3. Tyrus

    Burnt Ends Recipe?

    Separating the two Troble is pretty easy, the pathway is quite clear. Hot or warm it separates well as long as you have a good long narrow knife and don't forget to cube them about 3/4 inch sqare or 1 inch. I like Head BBQ sauce Habernero, don't drown it and then add some of your favorite comprable rub, now that's an open book. For me it's the sweeter side, you don't want to overpower the taste of the meat, lightly enhance and set the sauce to a sticky consistency. Trim the fat though, trust me unless your prepping with just a rub.
  4. Now that reminds me of a Quiche, sure enough looks like it or a Cherry pie but it sure looks good. That tooth though reminds me of a JGieils song, somethin about teeth and gums, well I hope your on the quick road to recovery...you and Cooper will soon be chewin on sticks in the back yard real soon
  5. Good job on that crust Troble, it had that dark bark we like, nice complexion. You didn't use any make up did ya?
  6. Quite the collection, all shapes and sizes and great looking handles.
  7. It looks like a reverse flow, I think I see the channel flow in the middle. Nice looking brisket
  8. What's not to like, a litte caramelized sugary sauce at the end will give it a pop and cutting it up into burnt ends is also worth a try. Haven't done a butt in a while and I believe one is hiding in the freezer
  9. Like chocolate is to dessert, tallow is to potatoes....truly decadent, what no ketchup?? I also remember when I was in a restaurant we used lard in the fryolator. It came in large cardboard square boxes wrapped in a plastic bag. The owner insisted on using lard because of taste and higher burn/smoke point, if it taste better, the customers will notice and return. My grandmother preferred lard to butter on her bread, that's old school, old country.
  10. Yesterday it was Tuscan style ribs spun on the rotisserie and basted with a balamic herb infused sauce. It was more of a curiousity than a cook and having not used the Santa Maria in a while I wanted to approach it differently, hence the spinning technique. Something also can be said for the entertainment you get from the flames and the primal feeling one gets from cooking over a flame. It's kind of like taking a long trip and finally, but happily reaching your destination and realizing the ride itself was all the fun. Anyhow they came out well, one thing I would do as an alternative is to let them marinate over night and see the contrast. They did flop around some in the beginning, but as some time passed they stiffened up and all was a pleasant sail from there.
  11. Definitely not your instant soup, it requires a little TLC and time but then again the payoff is in the reward.
  12. You know what you need Jeef, it's a good wood box. Where'd you find that cool lookin bell, that's awesome? the chicken too
  13. It's all I got. That camera just isn't around when I'm cooking but at least we saved this before it disappeared. Broccollini and asparargus with a baked potatoe and salmon. I wrapped the asparagus in Al with olive oil coating just on the Al then added a few pieces of pepper and onion with fresh herbs like dill, oregano, chive and a dab of salt &butter. They steamed well in the package and the extras all added to a different asparagus experience. Definitely do that again.
  14. Rodents? I'm not storing anything edible in there and the worst I have is a groundhog living under one of my sheds. Nah, no worries..if Mac says I'm fine it's good for me. I also have an attack dog as deterrent, a Irish Jack always on the prowl.
  15. Some Huli huli chicken thighs stuffed with Ritz cracker schrimp and other things and then wrapped in bacon. Homemade pickles and pickled beets as sides, kind of a diet meal except for the bacon.
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