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  1. Lazy by marinade and any special prep except for roto on the grill was the exception. I'm no expert at cooking duck and to tell the truth it has to be ten or so years since the last so, I looked up the recommended temp for allowable cooking and found it anywhere between 135-170 degrees F. This was for good reason, the general rule or belief is that duck doesn't carry the bacteria a chicken would so it's regarded safer at lower temps and it's placed in the beef and lamb catergory. Anyhow, a few pics of what I used, how it progressed and plated. The duck at market was frozen on sale for $1.99, 6-7lb range.. I bought 3. 20 hour soak, not overpowering but extremely tender and juicy. Good and cooked to 160-5 thereabouts. That was cole slaw on the plate, temp outside for us indomitable KK users through sleet and snow and I know...to many pics. And 310 degrees to temp for the ducky
  2. Do protect your investment with a cover unless other accommodations are in line for it's well being. You'll find maintenance work not a common occurrence for repair but, for general cleaning and such that would be by choice. Additional items you'll gather as you go along such as for large parties possibly a rib rack to stand your meats on end. The list is long so buy what you need and when you need it, they all will be used.
  3. Have to agree with you Einstien. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
  4. Wooden handles just don't stand up to the washers abuse. Knifes are sacred, a rite of passage...I can remember my first buck knife, now where did I leave that?
  5. Mac,.... come on, we all know your affection for fish. That is made of wood and with a couple of hooks you have a lure. Maybe if your lucky you could hook an octopus with that, have you tried Octopus,,,yum
  6. Bacon and egg? I prefer 3 or 4 but if they all look like that one You can cook em up for me anytime. I'll pass on the sardines and take on some capers instead. Good job Mac. Strange habits them Brits have, must be something in the soil.
  7. Chicken on the KK, can't do better n that. Nice looking patina going on in that 32
  8. I'm not sure how your egg peels when coming out of those particular cookers. A good friend was often bothered by this condition of the shell or skin sticking to the albumen (the white part) and ruining any presentation and for that matter, half the egg. So he looked up the perfect egg online and low and behold a recipe/method was provided. A little longer and a bit involved but, if your lookin for perfection another avenue awaits. You know Jon B, cooking an egg ain't as straight forward as it looks.
  9. My meater...one over from my thumb, works every time, I've had it for years.
  10. Yes, that is a smart looking sandwich and all home made. Well done
  11. Like Cracker Jacks the surprise is on the inside. Scrumpdiddlyumptious
  12. That's alot of work for a sandwich, what kind of condiments work with this. Like the stone crock, looks to nice to be ancient
  13. I like that, a great traveling companion for a RV home or even in the backyard. Kinda like, have campfire will travel. Cozy feeling and appears safe, was it her birthday or just because.
  14. Like all have said, there is a learning curve because of the refractory lining absorbing all that good heat and it may puzzle you as to why at first. Patience and time are your ally, when you become comfortable it becomes quite enjoyable. Low and slow, holding temp, cooking area by width and height all covered especially with your choice. Definitely an adventure if your looking for one.
  15. Good job, tasty looking. Although I don't own a meater as of yet I always found fish was a piece hard to ruin in the KK. That knife ? Dalstrong boning/fillet possibly
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