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  1. As experience goes the flat is the first to cross the finish line. Depending on the the R/H outside it's one thing to consider, cooking in a desert and cooking in a tropical rain forest will give you different results. Coal having very little H2O content vs wood offers little contribution in the pit for added moisture while cooking. The KK is a unique tool for holding and recirculating the moisture. I remember you mentioned a few hot days with low humidity and a long cook, a spray or a added can of water in the pit on these days could help. If the flat is done and the point has some distance to go...I'd remove the piece and separate the two, cook the point further and wrap the flat and put her to bed. You could inject the flat also beforehand to balance the two in hopes of a common outcome or if you live close by John Elway's house you could stop by, cause he likes brisket too. You could try a prime, they have more fat content and retain in the flat moisture better. The brisket is a finicky beast, some continue to chase it while others catch the beast on there first cast. Wish u the best
  2. You the boss, sometime I stray only to shake the box, you know like a Xmas present but, always with good intention. Your choice is your own and I do believe it will be a comforting surprise.
  3. Tekebo, a quick story. My wife and I were at a yard sale and we came across this bird bath designed with broken plate fragments. The original artist would've placed the plate hidden in a towel and smashed it with a hammer and then the choice pieces would be used. Just thinking...you could order the KK naked and do it yourself, the pattern is random giving you the mosaic look you endear to ( a one of a kind.) However I see you choosing the road more widely traveled and yes Basher, the Pebble is the common denominator here. My guess as the answer to color lays within the fish fresco. For a more accurate prediction I'll have to consult with my qoija board and 8 ball, it's what's best for football bets and picking the next President. Stay tuned.
  4. I ditto 5698 sentiments, the cooler is king. You can ball park a brisket for time unfortunately at times they pop out sooner or take a little longer. Obviously that is why you leave the buffer time for the cooler, a little extra ...."don't worry about it". Nice brisket Bardsljr
  5. That bloke likes to use the F-word alot. Can't say that I haven't used it myself but, it generally comes out after I hit my finger with a hammer or see my x. He's makes a good point just gotta work on that delivery a bit.👀
  6. Hey Bruce, bought a couple of Bikes myself. Great exercise and helps to get you out there. The hills disappear and they open many doors to adventure. The bike I have is called Lectric. They can be unlocked into class 3 which means 28 mph, best to do a few mods to compliment that. It has disc brakes not hydraulic though and can be folded in half for easy transportation. Great on bike trails laid out around scenic areas, enjoy and my condolences on your loss. Stay movin
  7. At my local Packy, Makers Mark is offering the same but with a larger yet still small Green Egg. The bourbon is a special edition and numbered on the bottle. I see it and walk by it, no temptation there....except for the Makers Mark, that entices a little curiousity. However, a 10 year Michter's rye caught my attention more...I took it to a better place.
  8. Interested to see what Italian dishes and influence come out of your KK, looking for you to blaze the trail and pass some secrets along.
  9. OK you got me there on the carambola....what does impart to your steak? I have red and white oak, peach, apple, cherry, maple and a few more but I'm fresh outa Carambola.
  10. If you must know Tekebo the wife has squatters rights and I can't get in but I'm happy where I'm at. Yes I do like cooking on it Mac, it's very magnetic and people gather around it. Place a chimney of coals down and a few splits and it provides the atmosphere.
  11. Sexy, yes..dark and mysterious and it cooks well too. That's what Yoda would have said.
  12. You still up Basher? Don't the sun ever set in Au. No, no, no that's not soup but a delish Chilli I happen to be eating right now. Take care
  13. Oh yah! This particular bad boy of the Santa Maria persuasion is quality, high tech and a pleasure to cook on. Like the KK it was made with features that standout against other competitors and separate the distance between them. For instance, an effortless geared cranking mechanism attached to a SS wheel that moves the surface grates up and down with ease and stops where you leave it without moving....no brake, one hand, the other can hold your beer. Three 3/8 in removable 304 SS grates sitting on a secure rack that doesn't move side to side...sound familiar. An insulated fire box. An immense SS rotisserie with a capacity of 80 lbs. A designed system to pull out the fire box plate for cleaning using the rack lifting unit capable of lifting 800 lbs. Folding side tables on three sides and heavy duty support wheels. Like the KK the quality goes in before the name goes on. Did I say it was a pleasure to cook on? It is. I saw this grill which was just offered this spring to the market at an up scale BBQ store........instantly it drew me in like a moth to the light. It's Called the Hooray Grill and it's manufactured in Kansas. Some may be familiar with the Hooray ranch which offers duck and pheasant hunting' You tube has a few video's, one on the tech and the other tailgating at a KC Chiefs game and another with the owner and Brett Farve cooking. For me it's all about the cooking, showing our guests a good time and providing a comforting distraction........ain't that what it's all about. Pull up a high chair and see what's cookin. Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers, consider it another tool in the box, I for one always appreciate a good tool.
  14. In this family we aim for the game, we wear camo, we respect our rifles, we pray before meals, we lock and load and never miss. Nice plate....I meant Buck
  15. Congrats, some say while doing a burn-in pizza is the way to go but that doesn't restrict you from doing a low and slow anytime. I recently purchased a grill outta Dallas and it was conveyed to me that at his particular store there was a back order of 5 months on all KKJoes. Must have been a Covid related issue or export,,,,,,,,,,whatever the case, you have something much better.
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