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  1. Tyrus

    Baby Back Ribs

    Look nice but, next time place along side his brother, just for company and leftovers. Great color going on.
  2. Tyrus

    Peaches en Regalia

    That looks good Toney. A great combo. Are you sure somewhat of that old song ain't talking to you,,,still. Enjoy
  3. Tyrus

    Happy anniversary!

    Beautiful. Happenstance just had our anniversary. Great meal, great occasion.
  4. Tyrus

    First Brisket

    Good advice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  5. Twins. Some good looking loafs my good man. You must Irish, prefer beer a be a Quiet Man, I presume.
  6. Tyrus

    wrap my butt?

    Gotta say Tucker likes it low and slow and that is, as I have posted once before, a patience thing, no rush. Le naturel. For moi, I believe temp to 160 at a slow rate and then cranking the heat up to 300 and wrapping in foil to at least 200 or 205. Wrap in a towel and sit for an hour or more, choice. Works for me but, there is nothing wrong with Tucker's approach, except I don't have the time. Best of luck
  7. Tyrus

    ck sk Homemade BBQ Dinner - challenge

    your welcome, not for the faint at heart, but right up the alley for a lot with warm lips
  8. Tyrus

    ck sk Homemade BBQ Dinner - challenge

    Check out one by Steve Raichlen. camembert cheese was his base and the rest well, you'll have to watch.
  9. Tyrus

    Dry Aged Tomahawk

    Delicious lookin. Nice to see just salt and pepper for that piece.
  10. Tyrus

    Beef ribs

    Thats definitely a favorite of yours. Is it smoke or some help with the purple crack giving the whole circumference ring ?
  11. Tyrus

    Bbq roof

    Thanks for the idea and motivation, have to get started on mine. Looks like a great job, in particular the steel plated joinery. I've seen it used in brick builds outside the structures wall for strength and rigidity. Did you do the beams yourself...because they seem to have a flair on the bottom side, a pleasant exposure for the eye. Well done, a nice cover for the expected KK..., whatever choice it is.
  12. Cooked at home, can't do better than that.
  13. Tyrus

    $500 a kilo A 5 waygu

    Stick to Choice and wrap it in bacon
  14. Tyrus

    Big moe cason

    I'm sure after it's all done you'll walk away with something you didn't know and it's probably a good day. For me cooking is a game too enjoy, it's a challenge and like a race your always a winner. Maybe you think of him as an artist and enjoy his work.
  15. Tyrus

    Watermelon steak you say

    A'int nothing like the real thing. Musta been a slow day in the kitchen for the chef at that restaurant. I'll pass, but a gold star on the forehead for tryin.