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  1. Sorry to hear that Pooch. I've often said that when I give something away, rest assured the following day I find a need for it and then I'm wondering, "why did I do that". Let's see, I've cut myself countless times over the years, often needing stiches in some instances using a knife, and so far not so with the slicer. (got the cut resistant gloves) You could say I've given more blood this way than to the Red Cross. It's daunting, cumbersome and a challenge to move, but it does what, at least for me, a safe and comfortable process for cutting up large bundles. I got a spot for it, I'm still brawny enough to handle it, and a bit safer for this guy that's got all day, everyday to clean up the mess. (retired, but not dead) I do appreciate the other side of the street point of view, it gives those a chance to look at the negative possibilities, it's not for everyone but it'll be slicing for someone long after this po' boy cuts his last slice. Thanks Poochie
  2. Good job, and thoughtful thinking for that idea. Bacon is a bit tricky. Let me ask, I know you use your 32 often, so why isn't it as dark as mine, on your top cover the terra cotta color is still visible.
  3. Alexa, play "Money" by Pink Floyd.
  4. Is that a Purple crack rub going on? Crispy, tasty.
  5. Especially if your still plucking that guitar Mr Bonamassa! AHH, if I can do it you can do it, simple as learning your ABC's. I want one too. I also wanted to fly in space recently, but William Shatner took my spot. It's a beauty and for north of 14K it should sing a whole opera while slicing your meat. If it's any consolation, the Beswood has it's 10 inch blade manufactured in Italy so that might put me in the ball park, hopefully near the concession stand where they sell the beer. Thanks Syzygies
  6. Like a true Viking, why didn't I think of that. Can't forget the mead too.
  7. Marinated duck with some Japanese spice, those specks are sea weed, tasty spice. No plate
  8. You probably had to give the craftsman your basket for the fit if I'm correct. For some reason I thought the 32 always had this like the 23. A split zone as that opens so many doors!
  9. It's there when you need it Tekebo, that's what counts, and although it's large weighing in at 31 lbs as yours might be, I've seen pics of your ginormous home....and have to believe you found a spot just for it amongst one of those many rooms. Mine has been relegated to a shelf in the garage to sit patiently waiting for duty to call. I hope and pray that on that crucial day I pull it from it's resting place for a bonanza cook of multiple items expecting it to perform it's magic magnificently. As a cost effective appreciation I gave some thought to comparing a new Japanese knife against the slicer, another knife on the wall amongst many didn't scratch my itch. So enjoy, and go Pat's as they stumble into the playoffs. Geeesh!
  10. I'm not sure if anyone's presented a meat slicer for review or the reasoning behind the purchase. What brought me around to making this purchase started first with an idea of a tall thinly sliced roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo on rye. From there this Beswood Model 250 ended up on my doorstep lookin for a home. Now this kitchen appliance isn't a daily user nor does it fit on the counter to stay, but it will slice all your meats efficiently, quietly and nicely whenever you have a mind to do something with intention. I have it in mind for marinated roasts of pork, beef and lamb and possibly some turkey and chicken breasts with the purpose in mind to shrink wrap for storage. Also, bacon and even cuts for beef jerky came to mind as another thought. Along with this I ordered some meats from Porter Road, I think they're in Tennessee, two bottom round roasts and a top round. I've always noticed here others purchasing on occasion their meats on line, something I was always was reluctant to do, reason being is seeing and touching what's in front of me has been my choice vs a picture on the computer screen. Well, I finally pulled the trigger and considering a little wait around Xmas, the package arrived and I found myself pleasantly surprised with the quality. Whomever packed the box inadvertently tossed in another 6lb top round....Merry Xmas. So thanks, with reluctance and the constant exposure hereI finally came around and broke the mold. So it does what a slicer does, evenly cuts cheese, meats, veggies or breads with precision. It works quietly with a belt drive and effortlessly along a gliding track, what more could you ask for. So the deed was done and I gave it a try, the sandwich was yummy. It has the Tyrus stamp of approval, whatever that's worth...I like it, watch them pinky's though if you are ever of a mind to buy one or similar.
  11. Toney might of been using a black light, you know how they work...very suspicious, but mesmerizing nevertheless. Nice touch.
  12. Funny you mention that, a few years back I wrote a piece here somewhere lost to the archives explaining the difference and history related to this choice. Yah see a few years ago and unbeknownst to Dennis I hooked a ride on Bali Airlines, 3rd class with the luggage, it was kind of a clandestine mission. I arrived on the island and observed the plant from a distance. What I discovered regarding the tile/pebble dilemma would amaze you, a factory secret which should only should be shared between you and me. Yes, the tiles as C6Bill has stated were broken tiles refurbished on a grinding wheel and incorporated into a new line. Now don't mention any of this to a pebble owner, they'll just say "that's just horseradish," and try and change the subject. Don't be dissuaded, follow your own path...I have the blue denim, only because I have always liked faded jeans. Get the Roto, Dennis will make you an "offer" you can't refuse.
  13. I have the 23 Ultimate, the 32 does quite a bit more begrudgingly, the added space gives you that advantage. Once you receive your grill, & open the package you'll realize the quality of your purchase. A rotisserie on a grill is hypnotic/relaxing/an advantage since you don't have to turn the meat. It makes life easier, and although you may not use it every day it's there when you need it/want it. Good decision Mark, one you won't regret.
  14. Ya know Poochie, I just like to mix it up, cook on one and then go to another, it keeps the world interesting, yet they're all rewarding in one way or another. That kamado is ready to go in 10 minutes and sometime, that's a must, anyhow I'm thinking a 32 with a true split zone and cruise control just sitting off shore must be ache'n on your back side. Don't you fret now, the ship is coming in and soon we'll be expecting some pictures to go along with all those expectations. Keep the faith
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