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  1. Professor Salt

    First Peek @ the new KK 19.5" OTB

    Re: I would go for a camping size one too Where do you find all these emoticons?
  2. Professor Salt

    First Peek @ the new KK 19.5" OTB

    Silly rabbit! I meant sections that stack on top of another. Those angled flanges on the Gen II lids might create a good enough seal if used on each ring section of a multi piece cooker. Just throwing it out there.
  3. Professor Salt

    First Peek @ the new KK 19.5" OTB

    Here, here. A portable one (or one that comes apart in horizontal ring sections) would be great.
  4. Professor Salt

    I'm in the States for a while. - Father

    My condolences to everyone in your family. Your father had an inspiring outlook on life and mortality, and I'm glad that you shared that with us.
  5. Professor Salt

    Temperature using gas only

    Re: Bumping I should have mentioned that I'm asking this because I'm curious about operating a KK strictly on gas near 800 F for baking pizzas in a continuous-use scenario (a restaurant). The operative phrase in my question was "safely operate." On Jasen's burner conversion thread, he says that 525F is very reasonable and safe with a low pressure regulator. Doesn't say if 800F is possible with J's conversion, but only because he didn't see the need to test that high. http://www.komodokamado.com/forum/viewt ... 3878#13878 There's a separate thread where Dennis shows a dangerous, will-void-your-life-insurance-Darwin-Award-nominee scenario that can "easily bury the needle at 800." http://www.komodokamado.com/forum/viewt ... 1160#11160 So the question is, what will it take to safely operate the KK at 800F?
  6. Professor Salt

    Temperature using gas only

    Bumping Gang, I would like to resurrect this topic. I know there's been some new developments on the burner since this question was originally posted. How hot can KK safely run with the new burner as the only heat source? Is there a difference in temp between using a natural gas vs propane? Are there potential problems firing gas-only in a high usage situation like outdoor catering or inside a restaurant kitchen?
  7. Professor Salt

    Pork Chop is back

    Nice lookin' blog, there PC. I've been using Wordpress for about four years now and love it. If there's anything I can help w/ on the blogware front, drop me a PM. http://professorsalt.com
  8. Professor Salt

    New stuff..

    Re: New stuff.. Is this a new upgrade for the hinge on the cooking grate? Can't imagine where else it would go. Improvements to the nth degree! That's what we love about KK!
  9. Professor Salt

    Tiled KK in colder climates

    Geez, y'all should do the sensible thing and just move someplace warm Sanny honey, you know when we see minus 20 temperatures here in So Cal? When we look at that photo you posted.
  10. Professor Salt

    My first Komodo post---Unique Margarita recipe!

    Jeff, hey you made it to this forum. Good to see you here!
  11. Professor Salt

    First burger try a bit weird

    I do use mustard as glue. Still lose a lot of the rub in the first 90 minutes. In any event, this mop & re-rub technique wins me contests, so I'm gonna stick with what works.
  12. Professor Salt

    First burger try a bit weird

  13. Professor Salt

    A Great KK Delivery Experience

    Congratulations on your new cooker, Lew! I'm glad I can help in the small way I contributed to your new experience. Did you choose the trucking company, or did Dennis arrange that? In the freight business, it's common practice to drop something at the loading dock / or curb (in the case of a residential drop), and you're responsible to take it from there. To get a driver as helpful as Ramon is not surprising since Komodo Kamado is who they're working for. Did others have a similar delivery experience? I picked mine up at the warehouse myself, so I wouldn't know.
  14. Professor Salt

    Meat Temp Guide!

    "Delicated" meats? Is delicate a verb in Canadia? Or maybe they mean deli cased meats?
  15. Professor Salt

    Hi from Switzerland

    Hello Dave, You'll cook great food either way you choose. Factor in the number of people you'll cook for. Me personally, if I'm going to the trouble of firing up a smoker for 14 hours or more, I'm going to pack as much meat in there as I can and freeze the result. The largest BGE still has less capacity than a KK. Even if you buy a second rack for the BGE, you still won't have as much room.