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  1. They were having fun, wished I was there! Garvin
  2. Jeff, doing mine in the Jr at 550 degrees what temp are you cooking at? Garvin
  3. Will do, thank you! Garvin
  4. Have been feeding with a 100% hydration 1 cup flour to 1/2 cup water, should I cut that or leave it for the recipe I listed? Garvin
  5. Good looking pies and most people here use their upper rack along with the stone to get overall better pizza! Garvin
  6. I will try this recipe this weekend starting Saturday and cooking on Sunday. Sourdough Pizza Crust: 400 Grams KA all purpose flour 50 Grams Sourdough Starter- Whole Wheat 7 Grams of Salt 280 Grams of Warm Water Hoping for a 70% Hydration with this formula, mix everything together until well incorporated cover and let sit for 18hrs. Make dough balls after the 18hr fermentation cycle and either let rise a second time and use or place in fidge for additional 48hrs. Any suggestion's is welcome. Garvin
  7. Good looking meal! Garvin
  8. Can't wait to see the final results, Good Luck! Garvin
  9. Nice! LMAO Garvin
  10. I would eat all three but only pay for the first two! Garvin
  11. Nice haul and let us know about the post oak, been thinking about some but can't get off the red oak! Garvin
  12. I'll take all three! Garvin
  13. Good looking butt and nice to see the black pebble against the teak table! Garvin
  14. Not as funny as his younger brother but he was good, best thing of his is on the Dave Chappelle Show playing pick up basketball with Prince-RIP! Garvin
  15. Ok so off today and I wanted to try these pancakes and do they live up to expectations so good and easy recipe. Used milk, made own self-rising flour but other wise followed his example you ladies and germ's need to make for family or yourselves and the recipe gave me 7 nice size pancakes. Garvin