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  1. As pointed out by Mackenzie that the time and temp of this cook was not listed in description. Bake at 400* for 20 to 25 minutes. Thanks again Mac for catching that!! Garvin
  2. Sorry didn't notice the time or temp of cook not listed-Good catch! Garvin
  3. So I am going to add his video for the Cubano Sandwich to this thread because they go hand in hand. The only thing about how he made his sandwich is the spread used he does an mayo and yellow mustard combo, but the cubano sandwich I had when I was in Miami was yellow mustard only. I have to say I like the idea of his spread! Enjoy, Garvin
  4. I checked the description and it's says 2" deep, but I'm looking at the site for an steel pan instead! Thanks' Again Garvin
  5. Thank you all for the info, I'm starting to get into baking both indoors and out! Baking indoors I can get a wealth of knowledge from my mom but she is old school baker and has pans and techniques that are still great but doesn't translate to outdoor baking and she was never a pizza person likes it doesn't love it and she's from Brooklyn go figure. Dan so you can really cook pizza on the steel at all temps depending on the dough used? Thanks' again Garvin
  6. I was thinking about getting on of these for deep dish pizza: Pizza-Craft-10-Inch-Hard-Anodized-Aluminum-Deep-Dish-Pan- Good buy or get a darker colored pan? Garvin
  7. Ok so what I'm getting is stone for bread and higher temp pizza and the steel for pizza cooked in the 450 to 550 range? Garvin
  8. A meal right up my alley, and tell your friend great looking cheese cake bet that cured your sweet tooth! Garvin
  9. The bread look awesome and the sandwich was nicely built. Garvin P.S. Lucky neighbors!
  10. The pork belly-WOW!!!!!!!!!
  11. Great looking steak with all the marbling!! Garvin
  12. Charles it all looked great, love that little bit of char on the salmon! Garvin
  13. Everything look good, for the ribs cut them down to St Louis ribs and use the trimming for rib tips you will always get full spare ribs cheaper. Buy them when ever you can and just trim them to St Louis ribs and have that extra meat which is also good for making sausage. Garvin
  14. The dark soy sauce is key to this recipe adds a mushroom flavor to the dish, and soon as I mixed the ingredients it smelled like I was in the Chinese restaurant.
  15. which one would prefer to use stone or steel? Pizza, baking bread etc.