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  1. My guess would be that you can get three that size on your new 32BB! Garvin
  2. So funny I was talking with my mom about a package my sister was bringing to me and I ask her for a sourdough waffle recipe and she gave me this: 1 cup of sourdough sponge - Her word not mine, then I read the KA recipe and what did they call the starter (sponge) 1 1/2 tsp sugar 1/4 tsp salt 2 TBS of melted butter 1 egg slightly beaten 1/4 cup of buttermilk 1/4 tsp baking soda Enough for two regular size waffles, but I like the KA recipe for making a huge batch maybe to freeze for later use Thanks' Halfsmoke Garvin
  3. Would you share your recipe, how much starter to eggs, baking soda etc. Thanks' Garvin
  4. That's how I am doing mine, saw this recipe with milk and yogurt and thought I would post! HalfSmoke do you make sourdough pancakes saw a video where the person feeding her starter took the portion of starter that she normally would have discarded feed it to get the amount of starter needed and made pancakes? Garvin
  5. Ingredients 1 cup nonfat or low-fat milk 3 tablespoons plain yogurt 1 cup all-purpose flour Preparation 1. Warm milk to 90º to 100º. Stir in yogurt. 2. Pour into a warm 3- to 6-cup container (glass, ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel) with an airtight lid. 3. Cover and let mixture stand in a warm (80º to 90º) place until it has the consistency of yogurt, 18 to 24 hours; the mixture should be so thick it doesn't flow readily when container is tilted. A single clot may form or smaller curds may be suspended in clear liquid. Stir to mix in any clear liquid. If liquid turns bright pink, discard the batch and start again. 4. Once a clot forms, add flour and stir untl smooth. Cover airtight and let starter stand in a warm (80º to 90º) place until it is full of bubbles and has a pleasing sour smell, 2 to 5 days. Again, if clear liquid forms, stir to blend mixture, If liquid is pink, discard and start over. To store, cover airtight and refrigerate. Using and maintaining the starter: Notes: For most active starter, feed at least once a month. To increase starter supply, in a large container, add as much as 10 cups each of milk and flour to 1 cup of starter. The mixture may need to stand up to 2 days before the clear liquid forms on top. 1. Use starter at room temperature. To hasten, set container in warm water. 2. Use and/or feed starter. To feed, replenish each 1 cup starter used with 1 cup warm (90° to 100°) nonfat or low-fat milk and 1 cup all-purpose flour. Stir to mix well. 3. Cover starter airtight and let stand in a warm (80° to 90°) place until bubbly and sour-smelling, and clear liquid has formed on top, 12 to 24 hours. 4. Stir before using. Store airtight in the refrigerator. Garvin
  6. Ok got firebricks to 515 and place pizza in pan on top 8 minutes later had this, getting there!! Garvin
  7. Started the heat soak for the pizza, hopefully I will be posting a picture of the pizza within the hour!! Garvin
  8. A 22 would be nice!! Garvin
  9. LOL
  10. Take a closer look at the pic, looks like a terrier biting something!! Garvin
  11. When I have a cookout I tell everyone this is a old fashion cookout with lots of pork, beef, chicken and a few veggies, so if you don't eat pork or are a vegetarian BYOF and I will use a separate grill to do your food! Garvin
  12. Never new anyone growing up with a food allergie, now it's so common! When we were kids there was only whole milk now there are so many different types of milk when I go to the dairy section of the market I just SMH! Garvin
  13. Not much different than my family growing up, I learn early don't make the same mistake twice everything got worse!! Garvin