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  1. If I lived at MacKenzie's house....I would weigh 400 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!
  2. It was just a cheap fan on low speed also.
  3. @Steve M The fan was about 10 feet away and pointed directly at the top vent. It was quite a strong, direct breeze going by the vent. FYI
  4. We keep the KK's in the garage on rolling carts. Wheel them outside to cook. Last night it was raining, so I pulled the 16 TT to the opening of the garage but still under the overhang. Sort of half in and half out. Was setting up to smoke a chuck roast and the way the wind was blowing , all the smoke was coming back into the garage. I grabbed a small pedestal fan and pointed it at the vent cap to blow the smoke out of the garage. Before turning on the fan, the 16 was dialed in at 250*F and holding steady. After I turned on the fan, the dome temp rose to 350-360* within a few minutes. Thought it was interesting that the constant breeze from the fan across the vent cap increase the air flow thru the cooker and raised the dome temp over 100*. Ended up doing a hot & fast cook instead of a low & slow
  5. And all this time I thought it was for Pequod's Pizza in Chicago....silly me!
  6. @CeramicChef Ran across an old post from Ceramic Chef. Wondering if anyone has heard from him lately?? He always took extended breaks from the different forums but has not returned to this group.
  7. Good News @ckreef.............don't have to buy any of your pans for pizza...............my gas station now serves Detroit style pizza PS - I was born and raised in Detroit and never have had this style pizza....In fact never heard of it until it was discussed on this forum
  8. Justin, If you ever want to see the 16" and 19" KK Table Top models in person let me know. Also have a 23" in the garage that I'm fixing up for Dennis. You will love the flexibility of the 32". Really easy to do 2 zone cooking without a ton of accessories that are needed in the round kamado's .............which is a great feature for any cooker. I work in Baldwinsville, stop by and hello if you are in this area........we can tell some tall BBQ tales.
  9. @Buschjs Justin, A big Welcome to the KK world from Syracuse, NY. You are really going to enjoy your 32. I came from a Primo & KJ background. The quality of the KK is amazing compared to those. This is a very fun and friendly forum. Everyone is happy to help if you have questions. Enjoy!!!!!
  10. I would never get any work done waiting for that chicken to come off the spit.........then I would need a nap after lunch!!!!!!!!
  11. Dang.........now I have big time "Pot Envy" ...................next thing you know Charles @ckreef will be posting a picture of all his new pizza pans....and then I will have "Pan Envy" also!!!!!!!!!! Geez.........it never ends ! (Mac....I'm not even going to look at those toasters!)
  12. Now he tells us........................
  13. @tekobo I can't remember what cooking forum and who on it...........first posted the video of the rice cooker but I need to thank them!!!! At first, I was like you and said.........big $$$ for a rice cooker but I was so bad at cooking rice I had to try something. We usually use chicken stock and try all different kinds of rice. We season the stock with different seasonings before soaking the rice in the cooker. Stir in mixed veggies, seafood and/or meat after cooking the rice. Makes a wonderful meal and great leftovers. Enjoy!!!!!!!!
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