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  1. Just a LITTLE plastic surgery.......still sounds good though!
  2. @Aussie Ora They have great videos on YouTube. Check them out. A couple of their best............................. (Kenny Rogers found out about them from his kids teacher, listened to them and then asked them to sing with him).a
  3. @tony b Same here Tony.....have seen them 3 times in concert. Was very sad to see that Avi Kaplan left Pentatonix. He had a cameo in the video above and was featured in Home Free's Ring of Fire video.
  4. @Aussie Ora Home Free .................a country A Capella group I follow.....fun song. Reminds me of my girls mother
  5. Jon B.


    Love the facial expressions on the clarinet/oboe players face. She is into it!!!!!
  6. Jon B.

    Go the Danes. Awesome

    Clint Eastwood would be proud!!!!
  7. Jon B.

    Coco-Char Vent Question

    FYI - I did use some lump in the middle of the coco-char to get the fire started. Blasted it hard with the mapp torch and then closed the lid. The more I think about it....the round pizza tray I was using as a drip pan, filled the inside of the cooker almost edge to edge. Not a lot of air flow around it. Plus the cooking grate was packed tight with ribs. Guessing that contributed to the need to open the vents more. Still interested if anyone else changes the vent setting for coco-char?????
  8. Jon B.

    Coco-Char Vent Question

    Not have used the coco-char before............so I recently started mixing in pieces of coco-char with my normal lump, just to get a feel for how it burns and handles for re-lighting. Last night I did a rib cook with mostly coco-char. I found that I needed to open my vents a little more than normal (compared to using all lump) to reach the temp I wanted to cook at. Was it just this one cook or has anyone else experienced this to be true??? Thanks!!!!!
  9. Jon B.

    Last one lol

    Enjoyed those....................plus the bluegrass video!!!!
  10. Jon B.

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Didn't he invent the internet also????
  11. Jon B.

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Everyone logging onto the forum to find out what the mystery shapes are
  12. Jon B.

    A proper home for the kk

    To me,..............It looks like Steve had one too many brewski's and made that inlay!!!!!
  13. Just saw this post Aussie......you made my day!!!!!!!!!
  14. Jon B.

    Just Landed at LAX - Family Reunion

    Duffy, @Ebman Checked out your line of boats. Very impressive and nice craft. You need to mount a KK on the back deck instead of the gasser . Jon B. (37' Silverton MY & 16' Boston Whaler & 35' Chris-Craft Roamer -1960)
  15. That is a nice collection Bruce.!!!!!!!!