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  1. Look forward to seeing it!!! (my kids are going to hate me when they see all the "accessories" they will need to get rid of - revenge for all the sleepless nights - Ha!!!!)
  2. Guess I better put some more Care Packages together soon............................
  3. @Bruce Pearson You haven't tasted my cooking yet....so don't be so hard on yourself!!!! We might have to share that "trophy"
  4. I would buy one................got to have every accessory/toy known to mankind..............so I can win when I die!!!!!!
  5. @ckreef Was in Michigan last weekend and was able to take a few pictures of the fire grate on the bigger Yukon fire pit. The outer circumference/edge of the fire grate is 12" below the upper rim of the fire pit. The center of the fire grate is 7 1/2" below the upper rim of the fire pit. The fire grate has a 4 1/2" bow from edge to center. The directions for all the fire pits say to keep the fire wood below the rim of the pit for proper secondary burning (the cool feature of this fire pit). With dome shape, the bigger pieces of wood stick above the rim and disrupt the secondary burn. It really limits the amount of wood that you can stack into the fire pit.........taking away a lot of the benefits of the larger unit. In my opinion..................for the price difference.................is not worth buying the larger Yukon fire pit. Hope this helps!!
  6. @Basher I would put it in the same quality level at the Blackstone (have both brands).
  7. You think your giddy now............wait until you see the cooker in person!!!! Answer is....YES!!!!
  8. Have a Nexgrill, stand model from Home Depot. Decent cooker.
  9. @tony b Your Mollier Diagram gave me a headache!!!!!!!!
  10. @Basher That article was interesting....thanks for posting. I always wondered why spritzing meat/ribs with liquid would make a huge difference. Might just be some science to it.
  11. @Tucker Tried Tucker's steam method last night. Cooked 10 eggs for the test. They were not super fresh........"best if used by" date of Jan 31st. Found my veggie steamer, added water to the bottom of the steamer, brought the pan to full boil (was also cooking in the new pressure cooker @MacKenzie made me buy 😁) 10 eggs in and covered. I cooked/steamed these for 12 minutes. Into the ice water for 5 minutes. They turned out very nice. Very easy to peel, soft yoke, firm but tender whites. Only one egg gave me some trouble coming out of the shell. With a taller pan, could very easily cook 18 eggs at one time. Might have to retire the electric egg cookers!! Thanks for posting Tucker!!!!! PS - I cleaned the stove after looking at these pictures
  12. Going to try your method (just need to find my veggie steamer) to see how it works with fresh eggs compared to my egg cookers........... that are basically steamers also. Fresh eggs in my electric egg cookers are a disaster to peel. Looking forward to trying it!!!
  13. Solo Stove sent me a survey, so I took the opportunity to ask about the fire grate in the bigger Yukon fire pit. Appreciate their honest answer but it doesn't appear they are planning to make any changes to the fire grate. I would not have purchased it...............................if I knew about the different shape of the fire grate in the Yukon compared to the Bonfire. When I get back to Michigan in a few weeks, I'll take a picture. Jon Besemer Jan 17, 1:32 PM CST My question is…..have you changed the fire grate in the Yukon also? The grate in my Yukon has a major β€œbow” in it and that is my only complaint with that product. The β€œbow” takes up way too much firewood space. I have advised friends and forum members not to purchase the Yukon until the fire grate is changed to eliminate the space robbing β€œbow”. I own two of your products and want to be accurate and fair to your Yukon product line with my advice. If no changes have been made, are there any future plans to make a change?? Thanks. Jon Besemer Sarah (Solo Stove) Jan 17, 1:37 PM CST Hi Jon - Thank you for contacting Solo Stove. The Yukon bottom grate has not been redesigned since it was released. Because of the extreme heat the Yukon emits, the base pan gets so hot that, when flat, it caves in and distorts the airflow, eliminating the near smokeless effect. We domed out the pan to strengthen it but then added the ribs to give the wood something to grab onto so it was still possible to organize the logs in the center. At this time, our team does not have plans to redesign, but I'll definitely forward this feedback over to them for their consideration. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you, Sarah N
  14. I could never afford that model egg cooker. Too fancy! 😎
  15. Thanks! I take it from above......no lid on the sauce pan???? I have a steamer basket and will try this πŸ˜€
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