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  1. Simple also.....even I could make this..........canned blueberry filling of course
  2. That looks REALLY good!!!!!!!
  3. Jon B.

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    MacKenzie.....................................Curious, How did you cook it???
  4. Jon B.

    Hello from Hillsboro Oregun

    I own 4 different brands of kamado's including a KJ. Each has a different purpose and I enjoy cooking on all of them. That being said.......I did not enjoy being a member of the KJ Forum and the administration of it. Left them over a year ago and never looked back. I do know some of our KK forum members enjoy the site and the cooking challenges. Like ToastedMorsel....it was not for me.
  5. Jon B.

    Hello from NY ( and KG)

    Forgot to say...........Welcome from Upstate New York!!!!!!
  6. Jon B.

    Hello from NY ( and KG)

    Welcome.........Love my KK but I also have the KJ Jr and the Akorn Jr. Both are nice little cookers. Hang around here and before long you will get the KK fever Everyone welcome here!!
  7. Jon B.

    Chicago winter how to help

    A decent cover will do the trick. We get an average of 12 feet of snow per year and my cover has kept the cooker nice and dry. I do try to cover the cooker while it is still a little warm.
  8. Thanks.................Check out the story below: There is a back story on the name "Old Dog"...........................a good friend of mine, Robin and I co-owned a little 8 lb. Yorkie pup. Jasper. He was a great boater and loved to drink beer. If you put your can down, he would finish it for you. One day, after an afternoon on the water with one of my buddies, his co-owner Robin came to pick him up. When she picked him up in her arms and smelled beer on his breath (I guess we didn't watch him that close),........she started giving my buddy and I the business. At the same time, both my buddy and I said "Bad Dog!!!!!". Robin was not amused but we thought it was hilarious. The next summer I bought a new boat and the re-naming process began. Below is the name and logo the family voted on. Sadly, this June at 15 years old Jasper is no longer with us. Robin, family & friends all agreed that the new name and logo (artists rendering of Jasper) was perfect for the new/old boat. Hopefully in a few weeks, they will be docked next to each other
  9. The Marina Master basically gave it away so he could start charging slip & storage fees.........smart guy!!!
  10. There is a maritime set of "rules" for changing the name on a boat............I "loosely" followed them and drank the bottle of champagne instead of breaking over the front of the boat
  11. I have been a boater ever since I can remember. My dad found me a row boat when I was 3 or 4 years old and I had my first outboard when I was 5 or 6. Grew up across from the Chris-Craft and Gar Wood factories in Algonac, Michigan. I have owned 2 or 3 boats for most of my adult life........operating them on 3 of the Great Lakes & Lake St. Clair, the upper Mississippi River, small lakes in Ohio and now on a nice lake in Upstate New York that is part of the Erie Canal system. When I was in high school, a girlfriends dad had this sweet 35 foot Chris Craft cruiser. I always admired that boat and how it looked on the water. Thought it would be nice to own one some day. Forward 40 years later........................................ Last fall I was exploring an out-barn at our marina and found the exact same boat that I had admired for so long, tucked back in a rear corner covered with dust and bird & raccoon poop. I asked the marina master about it and he told me it was tied up in an estate fight. Didn't give it another thought until this spring when the marina owner told me the family ended up giving him the title for the storage fees they owed. He said I had first dibs to buy it. I told him no.....didn't need another boat!!! Went home, could not sleep, went back the next day and said "OK, How much?" Let's put it this way.........it was less than what I paid for my KK. It is a mess. Needs a ton of work. Was running when it was winterized 10 years ago, before going into the barn. 1960 - 35 foot steel hull - Chris-Craft Roamer cabin cruiser. Twin 283 CI gas engines - small generator. Bottom needs sand blasting & some patches welded. There is some rot in the wood cabin that needs repair. The goal this year is to clean it up, grind bottom rust & prime, paint the bottom, seal the cabin wood, put it in the water, get the engines running and see what major repairs it is going to need going forward. Did paint the transom and put the new name on the boat. Here are some before and after photos.
  12. Jon B.

    KK Regrets

    It never ends.......my first kamado was a Primo JR. Then I bought a Primo XL. Then I bought a 19" KK. Not making that same mistake again......Now I'm saving for a 42" KK
  13. Jon B.

    So funny

    That was funny!!!!
  14. It was great meeting you and I have enjoyed your posts. Best of luck in the future!