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  1. I think Dennis tricked me.......................but I'm glad he did!!!! When I discovered that Dennis was thinking about discontinuing the 16" KK Table Top model.....I quick ordered one. Even though I had the 19" KK TT, I found myself using my little KJ Jr. for most of my 2 person cooks. The size worked really well for me. I received the 16" KK one year ago today and I love cooking on that little grill/smoker!!!!!! Cannot imagine being without it in my cooking arsenal. Like @ckreef the combo of the 16" and 19" works great for my cooking requirements at the house in Syracuse. Don't get me wrong......I'm still saving for the 42" KK at the family cottage in Michigan but there will be another 16" KK sitting right next to it!!! I'm happy to see that Dennis is still offering the 16" as part of the KK line up. It is one, sweet little smoker
  2. My absolute favorite Jim Breuer skit...............................
  3. I joined the Primo forum when I bought my first kamado. Heck...that is where I met @MacKenzie and learned about KK's. Recently I have not been very active on the Primo forum but would check in every once in a while to see what was happening...................... Just tried to log in and it looks like it was taken down. Guessing because of the buyout??????? How things change and quickly. The forum moved to a less friendly platform a few years ago and was going down hill quickly in terms of participation. One talented member really kept it going single handed. Sad for Sean!!!! Mac..........see if you have any luck. Long live the KK Forum!!!!!
  4. Hooping: cough? square dance? knitting term? new pizza pan ring? wishing for the best? Need to brush up on my southern speak!!!!!!!
  5. This how I pictured the story described above: ( @ckreef ) Garsh darn........Mrs. skreef...........I'm sure glad it rained......by golly!!!
  6. Saw this on Facebook. Interesting to see what happens. The Primo product was my first introduction into the kamado world and I still own two. George Samaras And the legacy goes on… Effective November 1st 2019, Primo Ceramic Grills will be part of the Empire Comfort Systems, manufacture of Broilmaster Premium Grills After 23 years of manufacturing the best ceramic grill in the market with many innovations and a state of the art manufacturing plan, I decide to step a side and let the new generation take it to the next level. Empire is a 3rdgeneration company that believes in manufacturing in the USA and delivers many quality products in the market. I will remain involved in the business to ensure a smooth transition and helping developing new products and innovations I would like to thank all of you been our customers, and for your support all these years. I wish you a Primo day Sincerely George Samaras
  7. Love the "support log" under the plywood. Where there is a will.....there is a way!!!!!!!
  8. @Tucker I read somewhere that Argentine grill grates are v-shaped so that the meat fat does not drip on the coals. Guess that is a no-no in this type of cooking. Curious as to where the v- shaped grates drain the fat. They appear to project over the grill in the front and the back. Thanks!
  9. Is it sliced out of a full packer cut of tenderloin???? Calling all butchers...................................................
  10. Was in my local Wegman's grocery store yesterday picking up some chuck roast for dinner and saw a "Special Today" sticker on a different hunk of meat. Didn't remember ever seeing that sticker before........so of course I had to check it out. Turns out it was labeled as a "Tenderloin Roast". I had never seen that cut of meat in Wegman's before (or any where else). Checked out the price and saw that the original price per pound was about the same as individual tenderloin steaks and then saw the price was reduced quite a bit. I'm guessing that this is just a huge piece of tenderloin beef and should be the same as the individual ones that they sell as smaller portions????? Also wonder why they marked them down so much? It is not really a quick sale before the date runs out item. Couldn't find a butcher to ask. Anyone have experience with this cut of meat? Thanks!
  11. @Kevin H Question.....you wrapped in "plastic" and foil. Never heard of using plastic wrap?? Would have thought it might melt. Any issue with the plastic wrap?
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