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  1. Fair warning......... it's only just beginning! "These" people are expensive 😁!!!
  2. @Pequod That would have been the photo (if we took one)............after drinking the 11% beers 😁
  3. Got back late last night from Iowa. Didn't have time to take a photo of Tony's care package for me but it was full of homemade beer and BBQ goodies. We met at the Lion Bridge Brewing Company for the introduction of a new beer. A bunch of Tony's brewing and BBQ buddies were there and stopped by to say hello. Great conversations and great tasting beers!!! Brought Tony's care package into the bar in a Bud Light box, It was fun to hear all his brewer buddies and the server giving him the business, thinking there was Bud Light in the box. Only spent a couple hours together.
  4. My Sister and Mom live in the same town as Tony B. We have been trying to meet up for years. My Sister and her son's fiancΓ©e have met Tony before but not me. Two ships passing in the night!!! I would come into town and he would be off at a beer conference somewhere. Tomorrow I finally get to meet the famous Tony B.!!!!! I came into town Sunday to visit Mom, gave Tony a ring and we are meeting tomorrow at his local tavern (all proper Covid rules being followed) for the introduction of a new beer. I can assure you a few KK Forum tall tales and BBQ lies will be told!!!! A quick
  5. Nice looking shop also!!!!
  6. I did check it out before I bought the PKGo. Looks like a nice grill but they advertise it mostly as a high temp steak cooker for that BBQ circuit. I'm waiting for @ckreef to get one and post his review πŸ˜€
  7. "Freelance work for the government" and she "makes stuff happen" .........license to grill!!!!!!!
  8. @Troble Sounds like she is a female 007 secret agent ?????? Might not be safe to ask any more questions..........................
  9. No....she only has 2 grills 🀣
  10. We switched from summer fun to winter fun yesterday. I have three daughters, two are normal, the middle child has a screw loose! She is a total free spirit. We went snow skiing yesterday. Not the best conditions but still a lot of fun.
  11. I agree! I have a flattop griddle on shore at the marina and will use cast iron griddles on the cookers when out on the water. Hey........one needs to be prepared for any dish the crew may request or they might throw the captain overboard!!!!
  12. Just this past weekend I got my Primo Oval Jr. back from one son-in-law, that never used it, and gave it to another daughter's long time boyfriend. Got to keep it in the family........just in case a need arises 🀣
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