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  1. Maybe with the mushroom and bacon you can use prosciutto since its thinner than normal bacon! Garvin
  2. Good to see you use the steak and asparagus skewers. those steaks you trimmed out wow! Garvin
  3. I will pay the shipping charges
  4. Ok that's just Owner's abuse and he or she should be stripped of ownership and it sent to me Even my cheapest grills never looked that way!! Garvin
  5. Have you tried making corn tortillas IMHO are so much better than flour? Garvin
  6. Bosco did you buy the two KK together and if yes why?
  7. The breed of chicken is over the egg produced, the easter egger is the one that normally will lay a green egg. Garvin
  8. It might be this breed they lay blue and green eggs and remember the color of the egg is just that the color will not affect the actual taste. The breed is called Ameraucana but ask the vendor because there is another breed that lays them too!
  9. Congrats! Welcome to the forum great bunch of people here to learn from. Garvin
  10. I was told I was crazy but I think goat is better than lamb and anyway you can make lamb, goat can be substituted! Lucky for me here in upstate NY there are a few goat producers and few online too. Garvin
  11. Outside of my grandpa's curry goat and my goat chops haven't done much goat although I plan to change that this year. A young kid goat would be idea for my first big cook on the KK this summer. Garvin
  12. What breed are you raising? Cali's, New Zealand's, Rex etc. Have thought about raising a couple of does, with one buck and should give me enough protein supplement for the year! Garvin
  13. I was watching The Golden Child last night and I thought what a good name for HalfSmoke's KK, or since you are eating better Golden Harvest sounds good also! Garvin
  14. Especially since what happen to it!!
  15. I have a small container garden that I started three years ago, and am getting better with the produce I get now. I also compost most everything that can be compost, all junk mail is put in the compost bin the ink we use nowadays is veggie oil with food coloring so not harmful, egg shells ,coffee, tea bags, etc. My actual trash is so small it goes to the curb every two weeks instead of every week. Our city has an great recycling program and they sell for cheap compost soil to help promote healthy lawns that don't require a lot of rain to survive the summer. My goal this year is to grow 60% of my produce and get about 7 backyard chickens for eggs and to add their waste to my compost bid. Goal make my foot print smaller!!!!!!! Garvin