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  1. Cookie

    23 or 21

    I have a 23" and the 22" Hi Cap, which I believe is now the 21" Hi Cap. If I could only have one of them, it'd be the 23". I find more surface area on the grates is more valuable than the extra capacity in the lid. You can cook a whole lot of food in either one.
  2. Cookie

    Straight To The Blue

    When I do low and slow, I generally use cocochar and add in 1-2 large chunks of smoking wood for flavor. Let's just say 'oak' for the sake of this discussion... I usually heat soak the KK, then add the oak chunks about 45 minutes before I want to put the meat on...to give it time for the smoke to mellow out. Do you too hate waiting for the oak to get through that initial acrid / big white billowy smoke phase? Well, I've recently started 'pre-charring' the chunks with a MAAP torch, very quickly, just blackening all sides... Guess what...smoke is clean and blue from that point forward... I can't believe I didn't think to try this before. I've done it 3 times now with great results. And no, if it fully ignites, it won't instantly burn up, just take the torch off of it and flip it with a pair of tongs...when you close the lid it will settle. There are always remnants of these large chunks in the basket the next day if I've remembered to shut everything down -- so this doesn't accelerate the burn rate of the chunks enough to matter to your cook.
  3. Cookie

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! Was just thinking about you / KK. My wife gave me a copy of Raichlen's new 'Project Smoke' book for Christmas. Picture of a KK table top on page 4.
  4. Cookie

    Name that pork...

    Thanks, that is a good diagram. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Cookie

    Name that pork...

    Yeah, so it was a bit of a loaded question, this is very close to what we Americans refer to as a Boston Butt, but it is being marketed here in Singapore as Pork Collar and I'm trying to figure out if they are one in the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Cookie

    Name that pork...

    Can someone that is an authority on pork cuts tell me what I have here? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Cookie

    where to buy smoking woods

    Another vote for Fruita...awesome stuff.
  8. 'I said use the Komodo Kamado as a bathtub, not the bathtub as a Komodo Kamado!!!' http://www.nbc11news.com/content/news?article=386530081
  9. Cookie

    Parmesan & Herb Crust - Boxed

    Nothin' wrong with store bought. I grew up on shake n bake and kraft Mac n cheese. They still taste good. My wife makes a killer Mac n cheese, but I do enjoy sharing a box of Kraft with my kids from time to time....takes me to a different time and place.
  10. Cookie

    Sunday pork roast

    Awesome looking cook.
  11. Cookie

    2 Day Aged Steak

    I think Cook's Illustrated did a test a few years back and a steak placed on a shallow wire rack in a pan and left uncovered in the fridge for 4 days yielded just as good a result as proper 45-60 day dry aged steaks. I could be off on the exact numbers here, but something along those lines. I've done a couple of days with good results, but living in a condo with a small fridge and kids to feed leaves fridge space at a premium. We are about to move to a house and will have a much larger fridge, and a second fridge, so I plan to run the 4 day thing to ground before the end of summer.
  12. Cookie

    A Little Debate

    My Dad has a Weber gasser with CI grates, he never scrubs them other than lightly on top to knock off any crud from the last cook, they are so seasoned now that I'm starting to question the airflow in the grill; however, he has no hot spots and zero rust. If I remember, I will take a pic when I'm home in a few weeks and post it.
  13. Cookie

    Congratulations to Charles & Susan

    Congrats to the Thermo Duo!
  14. Cookie

    A Little Debate

    A scroll through a few threads with pics in the forums will yield enough visual evidence to convince you don't need CI. If you get a dome temp of 500-600F, the pit temp is going to be well over 1000F (I think Dennis has this data if you want it). You can get the KK set up for searing just above the firebox / basket. I don't care if you had super thin SS, at that temp, everything is going to sear in a hurry. It doesn't hurt that the SS used in the KK is heavy-duty. You do not need CI. All of that said, @ckreefuses a cast iron skillet pretty often and turns out some killer cooks. The CI skillet has its place, but CI grates not required.
  15. Cookie

    KA No Knead Artisan Pies

    I thought you had perfect pizzas the last go around...you outdid yourself.