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  1. I also do an indirect @ 350. Slices up real nice with a smoke ring around the edges.
  2. I usually heat soak the pizza stone for atleast an hour. I have the stone on the upper grill. I haven't tried the main grill as I've heard the upper is better. It sounds like I have more playing around to do...
  3. I've just started to use the KK for cooking pizza. I am using a placesetter (green egg) on top of the charcoal basket, and a pizza stone on the upper rack. My first couple cooks were at 450 degrees. The pizzas came out great. They cooked at 12-13 minutes or so. I've gotten better at getting up to 550 - 650 (sometimes 700) degrees. I seem to be getting a hot spot at the rear of the KK. My pizzas are burning in the rear unless I turn them during mid-cook. Any idea how to achieve a balanced cook area?
  4. I'm going for the great crisp sorta chewy crust that the pizza has when cooked on the KK. Since my sister doesn't own one, and she's heard about my pizzas, we were thinking of trying to recreate it at her place with an oven and a pizza stone.
  5. I've just started making pizza in the KK. WOW! We are having a family gathering at my sister's house (away from the KK). We wanted to do pizza at her place. Has anyone done a pre-baked pizza crust on the KK and then had a successful "warm up" in an oven? Any tips or tricks are appreciated.
  6. I've just discovered that the KK makes an awesome pizza! I've also discovered that the cosmetic coating on the inside of the KK is now peeling due to the high temps. How do I clean it off? In the dome area, the coating is cracking a bit and dropping when I close the lid (annoying picking out pieces off your food!). Any suggestions?
  7. I had the same question. viewtopic.php?t=3101 I've been using them and think they work out fine. I feel there's more ash than with regular lump though. If I shut it down, they all keep burning to ash unlike the lump where there's usuable leftovers for the next session.
  8. Since this post, I tried a bag. It's not bad... I think I will try it for my 4th of July cookout. I did find that I don't stink as much of smoke as I do with regular lump. Weird...
  9. We probably have 40 plus people coming over. I'm probably going to make freezer bags and freeze what ever is left. I know the ribs will go quick. I like doing the ribs after the chuck rolls. The KK stays at 225 - 250, and I can use the residual heat. BTW - I purchased the rib rack from Southern Steamers. It works great. viewtopic.php?t=1970
  10. Re: Whats cooking for the 4th?? Having a 4th of July party... Going to cook up two chuck rolls, 9 racks of st louis cut ribs, miscellaneous salads, and of course alcohol!
  11. I was at the local Trader Joes and noticed that they do not carry the Cowboy Lump charcoal, but instead, they carry Hardwood Lump Charcoal briquettes. It contained no chemicals, just char and inert binder. Has anyone used these on a KK? Is it safe?
  12. What type of lump are people using in the SF Bay Area? I've purchased some of the Mesquite Lump from Smart and Final. It has lots of ash and a rather short burn time. I've also used the Lazzari mesquite. I'm trying to find non-mesquite lump. Secondly, how do you manage not to stink of smoke when you use the KK? I always have to shower after cooking because I stink like smoke. Thanks
  13. Re: it's time for it to loose it's virginity! Does bratwurst count? Yes, I know, it's time that the heat deflector is set free... I am still trying to find the time to download pics of the new KK.
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