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  1. Hey KK owners and futur owner, I'm selling my 23"KK (2017), ideally for a local sale (I don't want to have to manage the shipping of that beast) https://www.kijiji.ca/v-bbq-barbecue/levis/komodo-kamado-23-ultimate-cobalt-blue/1518009650 VIsible on Lespac and market place(FB) too. It cost me more than 9000$ Cad (accessories, tax, import fee) selling it for 6500$CAD If you want more information, you can contact me at this email : chris at garadi.ca (In English or in French)
  2. I'm afraid that I'll be in the same situation
  3. Dennis, I'm Interested by this and the heat shield...Maybe some other accessories if possible. I can't use the website because of Quebec Canada shipping destination
  4. I would buy one too, I had several cook I wasn't able to control temp before I realized the gas door had popped out. Now I have the paranoia of the "gas door open" Envoyé de mon SM-G935W8 en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. You will not use your kk the winter? Sorry not a cleaning tips..
  6. Works pretty well, not as efficient as hot gun, but when I don't want to plug something it does the job
  7. Others pictures can be found here : http://www.komodokamadoforum.com/index.php?/topic/6991-Rotisserie-question but definitely only one position on both side of the rotisserie. Maybe I should [email protected] about this. The mystery of the rotisserie.... There should be a place where we can find how the rotisserie and motor bracket should be set up, the different parts and that it may be possible to have to cut a shaft because if not, it won't fit.
  8. I don't think, is there something bigger than the 8" Rotisserie Cradle w/ 6" reducer ? The reducer is in place on the picture
  9. Yep the 23 here are all the parts of my rotisserie puzzle
  10. I don't have this adjustable bracket for the motor and yes I have the basket with reducer but not the 2 positions on it
  11. [email protected] I thought you were talking of an adjustable bracket for the motor. Because the ones I can see in some YouTube videos are not the same as mine. My rotisserie doesn't have the 2 positions for the shaft, maybe it's no more needed.
  12. What the adjustable bracket looks like ?
  13. I try everything and I think next step is the cut. I was afraid to be the only one with such trouble. Thanks all
  14. Yesterday I used my 2 hands to compress without success, I will give it a new try later
  15. I don't know if I missed something but the rotisserie kit is 2 or 3 millimeters too long to be able to put it in the kk's right hole Any help would be really appreciated because I start to think that I'll have to cut the screw thread of the second part of left one
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