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  1. I'm west mountain lol. Send me a pm with your cell and we will set up a time to swing by
  2. Yeah to each is own and I love my 23/32 combo but I think if I was considering 1 grill I would always opt for 2. That's all that I was getting at. Also with 2 zone... if you have two grills you don't need to worry about that lol Having 2 grills instead of one big one is the best option for any cook in my opinion. But you know what they say about opinions
  3. I have a 23 and 32 combo and really enjoy it, however, I really wish that I went 19 and 23 most days like @5698k. I have been cooking on kamado grills for the past 6 years and have owned 8 different kamado's before going to the KK. With that said, I agree with CC on the need for multiple kamado grills. I have preached this for years to people. When I first started out, I went with the XL version of a competitor brand and loved it. It was all that I had and I didn't know different. I cooked everyday and crushed through bags of charcoal. I still had my gasser and would cook the odd meal on it, however, I found more often then not, the need for another kamado. Finishing cooks on time using different temps, space etc. Then I added a second kamado at 18" and found week night cooks easier due to quicker heat up, and less fuel for the day to day cooking was used. I loved having different grills for different tasks. Fast forward to the KKs. The 32 is awesome, it has tons of room and super fuel efficient, however, its still very big and will use more lump then the smaller units. The 23" Ultimate is the sexiest model in the fleet. There is something about its lines that get me every time. I use the 23" 95% of the time and reserve the 32" for larger cooks, overflow cooks, and majority low and slow grills. My 23" is now my week night cooker.... With that said, I do find sometimes myself wishing for a quicker heat up then the two. That is where I think @5698k has the best setup in the fleet. If I were you, and I am not so its easy for me to tell you what to do because it is not my money. I would order a 19 and 23 at the same time so you can ensure they are the same colour if you like matching and have OCD. Also bleed once, cry once in my opinion. And to be honest, it won't be that much more than just buying one 32" grill. I would also, consider having Dennis build you a custom table for the setup as his wood working skills are next level on the craftsmanship scale. buy yourself a baking stone for the 23" and rotisserie and keep the 19 with stock parts for now. This setup will be by far and above better than owning one grill any day of the week. You will cover the ability to rotisserie and cook other items at the same time, 2 different temp cooks (most common for us is ribs and chicken), cover off family events with room for casserole dishes in one and a large chunk of meat on the other, and most importantly cover off those days where you want to be up to temp quickly when you just don't have time. Im not steering you away from a 32" and by all means if that is where your mind is headed, then you do it, but honestly, 2 is always better than one. I just took a pause to do some research on current pricing...... 32" $5,900-$6,100 19" TT $2,840-$2,940 23" $4,260-$4,440 I would recommend the table top model for the 19" personally it looks dope and will look even better on a custom Teak table beside the 23" So sounds like you like the pebble finish so 32" will cost 6,100 opposed to a 19" and 23" combo will cost 7,380. Lets be serious for a moment.... both options are a lot of money no doubt. But if you are already in 6,100.00 going up another 1,280 is really not going to make or break a sale. Does that make sense? My dad always says, in for a penny.... in for a pound! I agree in this situation that the extra 1280.00 (993.82 GBP) will be a worth upgrade. If the table is too much all at once, get the beautiful stand that Dennis produces for the 19" until you can make or have hubby make a table for you to house the units. I vote for versatility like @ckreef said above and spend a bit more to cover absolutely everything Sorry to throw a curve here, its a huge purchase so best to be informed of all options Good luck Ryan
  4. WOWZA!!! sounds good to me my friend!
  5. I forgot how nice it is not to require deflector stones. I was helping a buddy install his new big joe the other day and remembered just how much I hated them. I hated the smell and taste dirty stones would impart into my cook so I always foiled them. Removing them to add wood and always worry about them cracking or dropping. So nice to add a small piece of foil and an instant deflector. Someone asked me how this is possible. I really don't know but assume it has to do with the fire to grate distance being greater on a KK then other ceramics.
  6. well that doesn't look terrible!! looking forward to seeing this cook finished.
  7. bosco

    32 KK ?

    looks great! congrats
  8. I have left over of everything so I plan on making another batch for the weekend
  9. that looks crazy Mac. I hope you stay warm!
  10. be safe Mac, you have some crazy storms out your way
  11. I have not but I will gladly give it to you. I use a 2:1 ratio of hoisin sauce to natural peanut butter. Don't use sugar based peanut butter as it tastes off So basically 1/4 cup of natural peanut butter and 1/2 cup of hoisin sauce mix in 1 tbsp of seasoned rice vinegar and add water to get your desired thickness then crumble some unsalted peanuts. I don't like the salted peanuts as the hoisin sauce has enough salt
  12. These were awesome and I finally perfected my peanut sauce for dipping. I made 12 but should have made more.
  13. the colour looks great buddy! I hope you and the fam enjoyed it!
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