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  1. I'm west mountain lol. Send me a pm with your cell and we will set up a time to swing by
  2. Yeah to each is own and I love my 23/32 combo but I think if I was considering 1 grill I would always opt for 2. That's all that I was getting at. Also with 2 zone... if you have two grills you don't need to worry about that lol Having 2 grills instead of one big one is the best option for any cook in my opinion. But you know what they say about opinions
  3. I have a 23 and 32 combo and really enjoy it, however, I really wish that I went 19 and 23 most days like @5698k. I have been cooking on kamado grills for the past 6 years and have owned 8 different kamado's before going to the KK. With that said, I agree with CC on the need for multiple kamado grills. I have preached this for years to people. When I first started out, I went with the XL version of a competitor brand and loved it. It was all that I had and I didn't know different. I cooked everyday and crushed through bags of charcoal. I still had my gasser and would c
  4. WOWZA!!! sounds good to me my friend!
  5. I forgot how nice it is not to require deflector stones. I was helping a buddy install his new big joe the other day and remembered just how much I hated them. I hated the smell and taste dirty stones would impart into my cook so I always foiled them. Removing them to add wood and always worry about them cracking or dropping. So nice to add a small piece of foil and an instant deflector. Someone asked me how this is possible. I really don't know but assume it has to do with the fire to grate distance being greater on a KK then other ceramics.
  6. well that doesn't look terrible!! looking forward to seeing this cook finished.
  7. bosco

    32 KK ?

    looks great! congrats
  8. I have left over of everything so I plan on making another batch for the weekend
  9. that looks crazy Mac. I hope you stay warm!
  10. be safe Mac, you have some crazy storms out your way
  11. I have not but I will gladly give it to you. I use a 2:1 ratio of hoisin sauce to natural peanut butter. Don't use sugar based peanut butter as it tastes off So basically 1/4 cup of natural peanut butter and 1/2 cup of hoisin sauce mix in 1 tbsp of seasoned rice vinegar and add water to get your desired thickness then crumble some unsalted peanuts. I don't like the salted peanuts as the hoisin sauce has enough salt
  12. These were awesome and I finally perfected my peanut sauce for dipping. I made 12 but should have made more.
  13. the colour looks great buddy! I hope you and the fam enjoyed it!
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