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  1. Fake news! Where’s Dr. Fauci??
  2. That’s just gorgeous. Love those blisters! 😷
  3. Welcome aboard. Will answer your questions, but first explain that first statement: "at my wife's request." No comprendo. Most of us beg, manipulate, and end up in decades of servitude to get our first KK. What means: "at my wife's request?" 1) Any lump will do, but some brands are better than others. Some use Rockwood (I don't like it, but others do). Many use Fogo -- great stuff. Stay away from super-cheap lumps like "Cowboy". Royal Oak is passable. 2) No. I have one and use it only for overnight cooks just as insurance 3) Did you get a basket splitter? If not, add that to your order ASAP. One of the great strengths of the 32 is how perfect it is for 2 zone grilling. The splitter is a must have for this.
  4. Can’t recall if I’ve done naan, but definitely do pitas all the time. I use a baking steel for these.
  5. Emmer isn’t hard to find, but haven’t baked with it. As for the rest...we’ll let @Syzygies go first...
  6. Pequod

    New in NC

    Welcome aboard! Have never used a pellet grill, but if you can light a fire and you can cook, you can cook on a KK. The learning curve is shallow.
  7. Sign of the times: I actually read the first sentence as "Thanks for the TP!" and wondered how I'd missed out on this!
  8. Oh yeah...that’s how you do that!
  9. Six feet and NO closer: Alright...I’ll let you a tad closer as long as you don’t drool and wash your freakin’ hands! Sourdough with DOP San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala. Mangia!
  10. Not hijacking as it’s an older thread. Think of it as repurposing. 🤔 Idea of the splitter is two zone. But I haven’t seen the basket on a 21, so have no idea how large the two zones would be. Do you happen to have pics of the basket with and without the splitter?
  11. Looks good from the cheap seats!
  12. That's one way to enforce social distancing. A lot cheaper and easier to just stop bathing...not 'fessing up to anything...
  13. I use bees wrap for storage. https://www.beeswrap.com/products/bees-bread-wrap
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