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  1. Beautimous. Now I must ask where you found the Shawarma pan/skewer/death needle?
  2. Wife is visiting her parents in Chicago, so fired up the Tandoor Oven (32) for a plate full o’ Tandoori chicken legs.
  3. I credit (and Dennis should too) @CeramicChef with selling me on KK. I had just bought a Kamado Joe when CC started a Kamado 101 series over at Amazing Ribs. Very helpful, and of course he highlighted the advantages of the KK over ordinary ceramics very well, without “selling”. Three months later I bought my 23 and ditched the KJ.
  4. 2/3 fresh milled red fife and 1/3 fresh milled hard white wheat. 30 hours later...
  5. As you’re about to become sleep deprived, I thought it expedient to remind you to pay attention to which needs a diaper change and which needs ash cleaned out on occasion. They aren’t the same. At. All.
  6. Baking and spatchcocked chicken on the upper. Most other things on the main. Drip pans and foil deflectors on the middle. Searing and fast grill things - like skirt steak - on the lower.
  7. @Bruce Pearson - where are you? Hoping all is well. Your fan club misses you!
  8. Fresh pasta. Naturally. We’d expect nothing less from you!!
  9. I was more worried about the boy or girl part...
  10. Eighteen years ago I was in my office at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC, getting ready to drive to a meeting in Crystal City near the Pentagon, when the news started coming in about the twin towers in New York. First one -- a weird accident -- and then the other -- no accident. A bunch of us were standing around a TV when my friend Ted called and told me to run upstairs to the big back window of our building facing the Pentagon. I did. We stood there watching it burn, with a huge cloud of smoke starting to drift our direction across the river. A short while after that the lab director closed the facility and dismissed everyone. Simultaneously, the security folks closed the gates and put us on lockdown (government operation, or what??), preventing us from leaving. All of the folks in my division went outside to the parking lot -- we figured it was safer there than to be in a building at a military research lab in what was clearly a target area. We stood there in the cloud of smoke. Rumors started spreading of the State Department being hit. And maybe another blast near the Capitol. Then we heard booms in the distance. Lots of anguish and even more confusion. Are we at risk? Are we at war? Later we learned that the booms were from USAF jets being scrambled from Langley AFB to intercept Flight 93 had it made it that far. Finally, after hours of standing in smoke and confusion, they opened the gates and we drove home, watching the rest of the events on TV, holding our families close. Eerily silent skies, except for the one aircraft we heard later that evening...the return of Air Force One heading to Andrews AFB. The next day the stories started coming in. Of friends who were in the Pentagon being knocked to the floor and evac'ing on foot. Others who were dangerously close to the point of impact and barely made it out. Another...a colleague...I never heard from again because he was on Flight 77. As divided as we are today, it's often hard to remember that on that day -- 9/12 -- for a brief moment we became one.
  11. Looking good. Handmade tortillas are a must here — nice call. Need to look into that gallon sized yeti. Lasting an arvo (hmmm...autocorrect doesn’t like arvos or chooks it seems...odd) would be good.
  12. Now you're talkin'. Challenge thrown down!
  13. I suspect you could easily do a brisket or two racks of ribs (and probably both at once) with either of those grills. If the ribs don’t fit lying flat on the 21, all you need is a rib rack or use the rolled up with a skewer method. You’ll do well either way.
  14. I was expecting this to be about Ratko Mladić based on the headline. Fake news! Nice knife!
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