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  1. Pequod

    CoConut Shell Charcoal - Light in the tunnel...

    I still have quite a bit from my original 23 purchase, but I know there are others in VA if you extend your reach a bit. @Steve M is down around Norfolk. @John A and @Keith B are both around Richmond (I think).
  2. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    Wow! $89 grinder to Niche Zero. Go big or go home! Mine says shipping in April.
  3. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    Truth is, you CAN make good espresso at home for under $1K for both grinder and machine. You'll just be limited to medium and darker roasts and to what you can achieve. I had a Gaggia Classic (~$300) paired with an Orphan Espresso Pharos (~$250) for 3 years and it was GREAT...as long as I didn't want anything more than Redbird Espresso (which is an awesome comfort blend far better than any chain coffee shop). The Classic simply needs three teensy weensy upgrades to make it suitable: 1) Replace the steam wand with the wand from a Rancilio Silvia (easily purchased and installed after market). 2) Recalibrate the OPV to 9 bars (the stock setting is 13 bars for some mysterious reason). This requires a portafilter fitting pressure gauge, but I happen to have one and would be willing to send to you if you went down this path. 3) Install a PID to replace the stock bimetal thermostat. This will allow you to precisely control your water temp (bimetal thermos swing wildly, making them unsuitable for espresso). This is available as a kit from Auber. With that...you'll be off and running. Just accept you'll be dropping another $5k in a few years...
  4. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    ...and yet the coffee continues to be excellent. No doubt the DE1 is one of the most polarizing machines out there. Just a cursory glance at HB and you’ll find haters (LOTS)...and over the top fanboy enthusiasts...and not much in between. The traditionalists prefer the “art” and wizardry, and the DE1 takes a lot of that away. Now we have data! For every review like the above, there are multiple others that are polar opposite. I actually agree with the first two bullet points above. But I wanted a high end machine with small footprint. Tain’t pretty, but it works. The sounds it makes? Yeah...they’re weird. So what? That grinder next to it is practically shouting high decibel obscenities every time I hit the switch. The next two aren’t quite accurate. Since things are constantly upgraded with firmware and app upgrades, if it isn’t good now, it soon will be. Users simply need request, and it happens. Have seen this multiple times on the DE forum already (including a steam tweak), and I’ve only owned one for two weeks. There’s also a pro steam wand option that user tests show reduces the steam moisture by quite a bit...entirely in the users control to purchase and install. I have one but haven't installed it yet, mostly because the stock wand seems to be more than adequate to me...I enjoy the texture I'm getting and, maybe I'm too ignorant to tell, but don't notice excessively moist steam (especially compared with my previous machine). John Buckman is a lot like Dennis...actively a part of his community of users, and incredibly responsive. Thus putting the lie to the last point. Early adopters have been sent free upgrade kits to keep their machines up to date. Not to mention the continuous stream of firmware and app updates, AND a lively community of users sharing 3rd party upgrades, profiles, etc. Again...think Dennis like service and user community. BUT... I agree with the reviewer that it isn’t for everyone. If you prefer to preserve the mystery and art of espresso, no shame in staying analog. If you’re an engineer (guilty!) or just want to learn more than you thought you ever would about what makes a good cup...the DE1 is a contender. Sometimes more data isn’t better, and it does add to the workflow, because each shot also comes with the desire to analyze the data. Definitely not for everyone, just like a KK isn’t for everyone. Nothing wrong with that. But also nothing wrong with enjoying it if that's your cup o' joe.
  5. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    Only if you wanna run with the cool crowd!
  6. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    I single dose, weighing the beans in. Used to weigh the beans out, but am using a low retention grinder, and will get even better (I hope) with the Niche Zero. Definitely weigh the shot yield in real time.
  7. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    3D model of the drip tray assembly, but not mine. There's a DE1 user in Australia who is remarkably prolific with mods and add-ons for the machine. 3D printed drip tray assembly (with integrated scale), 3D printed tablet stand, has composed more custom profiles than Mozart did Piano Concertos, even a custom skin for the tablet. Pretty sure he doesn't have a job. Anyway...I'm using his design and having 3dhubs print it out for me. This will integrate the scale BELOW the drip tray, both protecting it from excess drips and preserving headspace for larger cups.
  8. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    Forgot to mention the 3D printed parts I have on order to build a drip tray that integrates my Bluetooth scale.
  9. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    Some new VST baskets arrived today. Also ordered a Niche Zero grinder out of the UK which has 63mm conical titan burrs, is getting excellent reviews, and also much more affordable than the Monoliths. I’m out of control.
  10. Pequod

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Look for @Syzygies steam oven technique using a cast iron skillet and stainless steel chain.
  11. Pequod

    Pork Chop Dinner

    Sous vide?
  12. Pequod

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Very nicely done!
  13. Pequod

    32 Big Bad Setup

    I also have the MEATER and just upgraded my charger to MEATER+. Yes, the range is short, so I’ve simply used two devices - 1 near the grill to act as relay and the other connected to that by MEATER link. Hoping MEATER+ adds to the range a bit.
  14. Pequod

    Whole hog

    Specifically: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/pork-recipes/going-whole-hog-what-you-need-know
  15. Pequod

    Software Defined Espresso

    I'm still pretty inexperienced in the espresso game. The ritual part doesn't go away, but changes a bit with all the tech. Now I have even more knobs to turn that help me find all the ways to make bad espresso, but also have diagnostics that help explain WHY. And when everything comes together into one exquisite shot, the odds of repeating that shot go WAY up. Now I'm wondering if there's such a thing as software defined brisket which would guarantee my success each and every time.