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  1. True. Seems to be stumping the folks at Amazing Ribs. SAD!
  2. Note the "No Shmucks" clause in my Craigslist posting. I'm thinking I might need a qualifying quiz for prospective buyers before I let them take it. 1. What is a reverse sear? 2. What is a chook? 3. What is "the stall"? 4. Lump or briquettes? 5. What is two-zone cooking? Must score 100% or you are, in fact, a shmuck.
  3. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/for/d/fairfax-station-forbes-best-grill/6938564380.html
  4. Not quite tracking what the slow roller does. From their website, the idea is to reduce hot spots and produce more even heat and smoke? Same page also says something about low and slow up to 500 degrees.
  5. I’m guessing it is both the butt and the picnic. But it could just be one huge oinkin’ butt.
  6. At 275-300, you'll likely shave off 3-4 hours. Biggest difference is that you'll push through the stall much more quickly. At 225, expect a protracted stall.
  7. Pork butt is extremely forgiving. I prefer a bit higher and faster -- 275-300 works great for a butt. I don't foil butts.
  8. I'm thinking bitcoin. These people print money.
  9. Might not have a choice. And Olive & Gold Pebble really is superior. Just sayin'!
  10. Only a few days left for this bargain KK package with[out] GINSU KNIVES! This weekend it will be released for sale to the masses of Northern Virginia. Think about that for a moment... Beltway bandits. Politicians. Bureaucrats. LOBBYISTS, for cryin' out loud! The people who SPEND your tax $$. Don't let it happen!!
  11. You mean you don’t see it?? Good. Very good...
  12. Six days remaining for this exclusive opportunity! Price on Craigslist will be higher...and NOT include Ginsu knives.
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