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  1. Thank you! I think @Tucker has this handled, but I appreciate the offer. Don’t want to volunteer you, but wouldn’t be a bad idea to save this for anyone else having a need in the future. I’ll do the same with the ones Tucker is making. And welcome to KK ownership! Any pics? Other details?
  2. Yowza! Looks like several inches too!
  3. Only time I can recall using was in the 32 when I had a full basket of charcoal and didn’t want to remove any to insert the basket splitter. I put the deflector over half the basket and lit the other half.
  4. So how does a pro (i.e. Aussie) prepare lamb shoulder?
  5. Porter Road lamb chops definitely pass muster!
  6. Two-zoning some Porter Road Lamb Chops Scottadito. Soooo gooooood!
  7. WFO == wood fired oven Money Shot == that one picture of a cook that is worthy of winning an award, should one be given
  8. Ordered some lamb chops and ground lamb for gyros. Also some of those short ribs which I’ll serve with a polenta made from fresh milled corn. And more chicken.
  9. I’ve used these as well as Rutland starter squares. They work very well.
  10. Once I’m done with them, I’ll keep them handy and ship to anyone else needing them for a move in the future. I’m sure I’m neither the first nor last needing these.
  11. That would be fantastic! Don’t need until late January, so a bit of time. Let me know what I owe ya. Much, MUCH appreciated.
  12. I have this pic from Dennis regarding the plywood boxes I need to raise the boys off their legs for transport. Two questions: Does anyone have these left over from a move that they’d be willing to share or sell? I need one for a 23 and another for a 32. Has anyone used anything else for the stand? My move will be only 100 miles. Not a big deal to make the boxes, but have about 694 other things on the list, so a time saver would be welcome.
  13. I’m feeling the need to try their lamb. I bet it’s not baaaaaaaaad.
  14. Just another loaf with fresh milled Turkey Red and rye.
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