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  1. I like this idea. A "National & Regional Cuisine" section would be awesome!
  2. Peruvian’ish Dizzy Chook underway. Made a marinade of lime juice, garlic, soy sauce, and olive oil. Let that sit under the skin for an hour, then a heavy coat of Dizzy Pig Peruvianish. Spinning with a bit of apple wood. To be served with a homemade spicy mayo.
  3. Those chips might get me to cave and finally get an air fryer. They look excellent!
  4. Also, some of us like to use steam to bake sourdough in the KK. Do a search here and you’ll see how it is done. Try that in a Glazed pot kamado and watch the felt gasket melt off. In short, the KK as is outclasses any of the glazed pot add ons for baking.
  5. Pequod


    Hmmm...still not tracking. I see everyone’s name as white.
  6. Pequod


    Not sure what you mean. What names?
  7. Text on safari on my iPad is cut off to the right. Just fysa.
  8. Not venison, but I’ve done tri tip the first way with great results. Best way to do tri tip in my opinion. sous vide, then chill, then smoke at low and slow temps (under 275F), pull it 15 degrees below desired internal temp, sear.
  9. Thinking I need to do that Reuben...
  10. No reason ghee wouldn't work as well. However, bread is generally considered cooked at around 190-200 degrees internal temp, and I'm guessing deep dish crust isn't far off that (similar to a butter pie crust). Smoke point of butter is 350, so shouldn't be approaching anywhere near that. Probably wouldn't grease my pan with butter, but as an ingredient shouldn't be an issue.
  11. I never wrap. Always run naked at around 275 until they are done the way I like them. A 3lb rack of Costco St. Louis spares takes 4 hours (+/- 30 minutes).
  12. Someone at Amazing Ribs recently asked about replacing the corn oil in this recipe with butter or another healthier oil. Tonight I made this recipe with 64g of softened, unsalted butter in place of corn oil and omitted the olive oil entirely. All other ingredients were the same. The result? Outstanding! The crust was a bit lighter and flakier, with more flavor (but no distinctly buttery notes, which could be distracting in a pizza), tending more toward a savory, yeasted pie crust if you can imagine such a thing. This may become my new go to deep dish recipe.
  13. Amazing Ribs reviewed the Arteflame. They weren’t impressed.
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