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  1. 16 would definitely be a great add to the 32/23 combo. Loads of flexibility there. The BEST flexibility. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Never been done before! 🤔
  2. That would be a GREAT setup.
  3. Concur with @tekobo (hey, it happens now and then!). You can also purchase the basket splitter to give yourself two zones and reduce the amount of lump in the half basket. But, yes, you’ll find yourself using less charcoal overall due to the superb, but low airflow.
  4. Who let you in here? 😜 Gave you my answer at the pit. Will let others chime in.
  5. Welcome aboard. You made the right call on KK over KJ. Pics are showing now! Great looking KK. You chose the right color.
  6. Sourdough with fresh milled Kamut harvested from a nearby Egyptian tomb.
  7. Welcome. We have a few UK member/owners here. @tekobo and @Braai-Q
  8. Finally getting around to looking at the aluminum disk thingy, but that link has aged out. Anyone have a current link to a source?
  9. I’m a huge fan of the 32. That and anything else are a potent combo. 32/23 is hard to beat.
  10. I have one and rarely use it. Haven’t found the need. Others use theirs all the time.
  11. Do you have help with moving it? If not, any universities with ROTC programs nearby? I’ve found that a small bribe to ROTC cadets can help with moves like this. Seems like those 3 steps directly to the screened patio would be your best bet, provided you have help.
  12. Dude, chill. It’s just a grill. Just kidding. Welcome aboard! 😷
  13. Tony G. is the real deal. His book, "The Pizza Bible" is pretty much the only pizza book I've come across that is worth the price. He's even respected at pizzamaking.com, which is saying a LOT, because they pretty much hate everybody.
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