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  1. I hate to tell you how much I just dropped on filters...4 tiny pieces of glass... From bottom to top: Cone Nebula, Christmas Tree Cluster, Fox Fur Nebula (looking particular foxy today). To the upper right with a bison head is the B39 dark nebula. An unnamed formation spotted by a friend is...SHREK. Is or is that not Shrek in the upper left???
  2. Come to the Dark Side. The *real* dark side! As in, you've got the bug and are about to spend sleepless nights under the stars. My advice: If you don't want to spend much, look into an 8-10" Dobsonian. They're inexpensive and provide exceptional views. Only problem is lack of "GoTo" and tracking. You'll have to learn to star hop. The great thing about the Nexstar 6 (or more) is that it has both of those. You don't need to know much to get going. Push a button and you're looking at something spectacular. That said...if you can afford it, an 8" (or more) is the way to go. Basic math -- 8"
  3. Seriously. KK’s are cheap by comparison.
  4. I'm also a Franklin, wrap your brisket after the stall kinda guy. Primary reason is that the stall is due to evaporative cooling, meaning there is liquid on the surface, meaning that the bark is probably not set yet. After the stall is roughly equivalent to "the bark is set" so wrapping won't damage the bark.
  5. Lots of Aussie astrophotographers. But this makes a great scope for casual users: Celestron NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope (optcorp.com)
  6. Lousy weather means reprocessing old pics. First, a starless Rosette Nebula. Going artsy here, bringing out a 3D effect. And the Heart Nebula revisited. Again, bringing out more depth and 3D effect. Signature is that of my Instagram account for astrophotgraphy, which has been adding 100 followers a week. I’m like Science Elvis. Or at least Science Bosco. 🤔
  7. Fixed it. Be ready to pony up. 💰
  8. Perhaps you need a 42...it comes with a goat
  9. Two 14” pizzas. One stone.
  10. The smoke pot is only used at temps from 225-275, so you’d typically be indirect regardless. At other temps your choices are the traditional wood chunks on charcoal or the cold smoker which can be used at any temp.
  11. Yes on 3 holes. I've not seen anyone use an MSR pot, but can't think of any reason it wouldn't work. Lid or bottom...main thing is holes are down into the flame. Just make sure the hotter temps of the flame won't warp the clasping mechanism if you choose that side down. As for size -- 1-2 quarts works. It's just how much smoke wood you can get into it. A filled 2-quart pot will generate smoke for about 4 hours. A smaller one won't smoke as long. A 2 quart pot works well in my 23. At low and slow temps, I'd expect you'd have plenty of room for all of the charcoal you need + 2 quart pot. KK's ar
  12. Lots of us here are smoke-potters. Be sure to get the order of those words correct. Many folks at Amazing Ribs have tried it and like it. There's another kamado forum -- Kamado Guru, I think it's called (haven't been there in years). The site's owner -- can't remember his name -- was encouraged to try it, but Meathead he's not. He did everything precisely wrong -- drilled the holes in the wrong place, etc., and then proceeded to pronounce it useless. It's like those people who review recipes on All Recipes: "I substituted 17 of the ingredients and decided to boil the meat and grill the pasta
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