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  1. Congrats! If coco or coffee char are available, grab as much as you can. Get a cover Get a baking stone Basket divider Rotisserie basket or spit rod. I like the latter. Others prefer the former cold smoker is nice to have, but optional Side tables
  2. That’s the right color. Well done.
  3. If you haven’t already, check with Dennis. He often has more stock than is showing on the website. If not, he can advise you as to when it will become available again.
  4. Same deal here. I keep my Japanese knives separate from regular knives. Everyone knows not to touch MY knives.
  5. Now THAT's an egg cooker. It's called @MacKenzie
  6. ...and here I was expecting a discourse on BGE vs. Kamado Joe — two egg cookers.
  7. Pot smoking didn’t mellow him. At. All. ‘Course, around here that means something else entirely...RIGHT??
  8. YOU'RE Seven Shuffles??? I've been shuffling EIGHT times for years because I never believed you!
  9. I admit I have not resorted to ascorbic acid in any of my loaves, but rarely go above 50% fresh milled flour. I do have it on hand “just in case,” but haven’t yet found the need for it. YMMV.
  10. Love it! https://australianmuseum.net.au/learn/animals/mammals/drop-bear/
  11. Looks like a lightly used basket splitter and no other accessories. Newer model with the cold smoker port. Based on the pic, looks like this is the one being sold here:
  12. Price really depends on condition and accessories. If it’s well kept, don’t expect much of a discount. Keep in mind that the original purchaser paid sticker AND several hundred in shipping. Getting one in good shape marked down from sticker price is probably a bargain.
  13. What is your dough recipe? When shooting for higher temps (higher heat transfer rates), add-ins that promote browning need to be removed from your dough: oil, sugar, malt. Note that most flours produced in the US have added malt. A basic dough needs only flour, water, salt, yeast. A superior dough replaces commercial yeast with sourdough (IMO).
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