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  1. Pequod

    New Owner

    Welcome and congrats! The BB 32 is a GREAT choice. A question -- just curiosity: Is it really shipping from Texas? Wasn't aware that Dennis had a warehouse there.
  2. Pequod

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Crikey! Can’t wait to see what’s for dinner.
  3. Pequod

    Rotisserie inspiration

    I agree. Split basket roti with a pineapple is awesome.
  4. But how do *I* win? Now I'm hungry and all I've got is a picture...
  5. Pequod

    Gia Smacks Virginia

    A venison family decided to hunker down in our back yard this AM after the big snow yesterday.
  6. Pequod

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Nice! What do you mean by “custom formulated sourdough”? Aren’t all dough formulas custom formulated by someone? Or do you mean something I haven’t grokked?
  7. Pequod


    Well, it was University of Illinois. “Going to school with” is roughly equivalent to just so happened to be in the same town for a few years, but saw him in one of his earliest acting gigs. I did go to high school with Jim O’Heir...I probably actually talked to him once or twice.
  8. Pequod


    Peripherally related trivia: Nick Offerman was a student at University of Illinois when I was there. I'm pretty darn sure my wife (then girlfriend) and I saw him starring in a play called "A Little Hotel on the Side" back around 1990. When I first saw him on Parks and Rec I immediately recalled him in that play. Jim O'Heir, who played Gary, Jerry, etc. on Parks and Rec was in the class ahead of mine in High School. Didn't recognize him and make the connection until a bunch of my High School friends on Fakebook were conversing with him. Looked him up in the old yearbook...oh yeah...THAT guy! Back to your regularly scheduled, Aussie sponsored programming!
  9. Pequod

    Stuffed shrimp and scallops in a Quahog shell

    I could totally see this. If I wanted anyone on this forum to have a superpower, it would definitely be Bruce.
  10. Pequod

    Gia Smacks Virginia

    I think it’s required!
  11. Pequod

    Gia Smacks Virginia

    That's 'cause you're in Iowa, where you scoff at snow. Here in DC it's snowmageddon! We panic easily, shut down schools, and hoard toilet paper if snow is forecast anywhere within 500 miles of here. To actually get snow...that's end of the world type of stuff!
  12. Pequod

    Konro SS Grate

    Interesting. Will look into that.
  13. Pequod

    Gia Smacks Virginia

    Gia is doing her thing to stoke the chaos here in the DC region, because we definitely don't have enough chaos here. The boys are hunkering down, waiting for their moment to shine. That's the driveway we just finished shoveling. Already covered with a bit more. Realize this is nothing compared with what many of you endure, but it doesn’t take much to paralyze the DC region.
  14. Pequod

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    I've done that Raichlen recipe and agree it is simple, but very, very good. Most of his recipes are top notch.
  15. Pequod

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Will have to see what I can do. Early sunsets have impacted my ability to get outdoor cooking pics with decent light.