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  1. I have had a 23 for several years, this is just an upgrade in size. I'm in Johns Creek where are you?
  2. I did the burn in today, no bubbling and only 1 small white spot. It burned @ 550 to 575 for 8 hours and half the basket of charcoal wasn't even lit! Here is the first cook
  3. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. My daughter said you are more than welcome to join
  5. once it got up the driveway getting it out of the crate and rolling into place was easy. it rolls very smoothly
  6. The cable is rated for 7500 pounds. It actually pulled the jeep down the driveway a little bit
  7. Here is how we got it up my driveway IMG_8982-2.mov
  8. It's a little overwhelming compared to my 23, I'm doing the burn in Thursday
  9. Jeff S

    Bone in Prime Rib

    It was my first reverse sear and I think the best cook I have had. The KK really has been transformational for how I cook
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