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  1. 33 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

    What a lovely cook, it all looks perfectly delicious. How cool is it that the KK colour matches the dog. :smt060 :thumbup::thumbup:

    Is that the serving tray that Dennis puts in with the KK? I know he doesn't call it that but I've always thought of  it as that. :-D

    Yes we have 3 English Bulldogs the same color and a cream Frenchie... Yes that’s the drip pan Dennis sends with the KK’s I use them for a serving tray. Works great. Lol

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  2. Hi guys well after selling my 23” KK last summer and then having to use a Primo XL 400 for the past 6 months I was totally heartbroken to the point I couldn’t stand smoking on it any longer and just had to upgrade to a new 32” and am now back to being a happy guy AGAIN! I want to give a big shout out to Dennis once again for his superb customer service that’s second to NONE!  truly amazing in all aspects. Looking forward to posting my cooks once again with my KK family and it’s great to be back talk to really soon. Now if I could just snap my fingers and have the new 32” magically appear in the back yard. Lol




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  3. Very nice. Hope you had a group to feed; that's a lotta food. 

    Unfortunately it’s just us and out 8 year old. We moved from Michigan 10 years ago where all our family is and I just can’t seem adjust my cooking habits

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  4. Did a packer brisket 16 pounds before trimming. Stuck the probe in the point wrapped in butcher paper at 160 degrees took off at 200 degrees point was great flat was good but a touch dry towards the end.5ff664299e26169509428c9b896372c6.jpg2f60dceb562ae7ee149f210e4c56861f.jpg5219f6e9e2626d1179efeec6a3dfe1ae.jpg2adce6969c8df925a7ad51ce5f52b0d5.jpg
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  5. Can you reveal your recipe? It looks amazing!

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    Season with your favorite rub add your veggies and 2 cans of progressive French onion soup and cook at 275 - 300 for about 4 hours until tender. Tastes great best I have ever had.

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