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  1. Hmmm good tip. I balked at buying the 20m pack today, just seemed overkill. Although then regretted it when I got home. The pieces I saw were stamped with a large number which put me off a bit. I’m pretty sure they’re the same ones Chris uses though. Has anyone tried to use different timber for the plank. I have a large pile of old Jarrah untreated floorboards that I have used as firewood to cook with and I don’t mind it by the time it down to coals. Not sure how it would go in the plank application though ....
  2. Thanks, that’s what I was looking for, i’ve done the urban griller course and I remember Chris telling us but I couldn’t remember if it was Bunnings .... my small Bunnings didn’t have any... off to an uber Bunnings tomorrow !
  3. Unrelated question... where do people get planks for cooking whole salmon fillets on in Perth....
  4. High praise indeed. I find I’m that hungry most days the KK is running !
  5. Hey @BonFire was the grim brisket the duck’s nuts ?
  6. I mean on brisket specifically by the way. Ps has anyone done one of the cape grim orders with the Urban Griller, was it worth it ?
  7. Hey Tangles I see you got your brisket from Troy’s. i’ve had a couple both have been great. I keep meaning to ask him where he gets his beef from. I’m keen to try a grass fed brisket weekend after next. Was thinking of a Cape Grim or go more local and less pricey with Blackwood Valley. Has anyone tried grass fed, any difference ?
  8. I’ve held off on ordering a pit viper because I’d like a variable speed fan. There is a link https://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=14_40&products_id=346 on the FireBoard website which suggests some adaptors, not sure if these would work with either the FireBoard blower or the Flameboss. Bonfire I’m guessing you’ve figured all this out already and the answer is no .... unless you can forge/machine your own adaptor.
  9. Good news, bbqguru can send 2 units with USPS for $53 (plus $44 for each fan). The $53 is the flat fee for shipping 1 or 2 units - so I’ve asked whether I can get a 3rd for that price in case anyone else Westside would like IN on the order. Tangles let me know if you’d still like one at that more morally acceptable price !! Bonfire want a spare ?
  10. That’s the one. Interesting on the larger lump, that’s meant to get better air flow which might have something to do with the slightly unstable cook I had the other week. Will give it a crack
  11. They look like olive/gold ? Same as on my 23” .... get the feeling we’ll be seeing how they perform in inclement weather this weekend !
  12. Ohhhh ! Got it. Phew. I’m in Wembley, not as hilarious. I’ve been getting my mallee charcoal from a bbq place in Ossie Park. Fella there reckons the Mallee stuff is the best, low dust, local, sustainable etc however also mentioned the guy who cooks it is moving property and there may be a break in availability if his stores run down before he kicks off again - might have to go into Nuclear Bunker buying. Or try the suggestions here.
  13. Wow, had no idea that heat beads were an option. For some reason I thought it wasn’t considered legit for Kamado cooking. Don’t know where I got that from. How does it compare flavour wise to food ? What’s the main advantage ?
  14. I’ve written to the guru folks and asked them about whether they realise he cost delta between UPS and DHL .... hint hint. Will keep you posted.
  15. Holy Moses. Ordered the fireboard tonight and went to get the fan and got the shock of my life (well almost). Over $100 for shipping a $44 fan !!! Might have to wait until someone goes to the US for work. Ouch, I’m not paying that on moral grounds ... well... sort of
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