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  1. Big MoMo is officially SOLD and gone. Believe it or not to a gentleman off of Craigslist. Hopefully he will get many years of awesome meals off of it. I want to thank all of the KK Community for your support and advise trying to get it sold. Farewell to all and God bless. Car Doc is out.
  2. I have taken suggestions and posted the Big Bad 32 on various other sites. Fingers crossed it will help with sale. Thanks all!
  3. Pequod, I really do appreciate your advise. I will work on those postings tonight. You are correct about Craigslist postings. I have had my fair share of the scammers and other related issues there. Thank you, Car Doc
  4. I am open to reasonable offers on my Big Bad 32 for sale. I am also open to any advise on what it takes to get this cooker sold. It has been posted on Craigslist and I have not received any replies from that listing. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Car Doc
  5. Thank you for your interest in my cooker. These are awesome cookers and have the ability to cook anything from small meals or feeding large crowds with ease. I will be available just about any time for you to look at it depending on your schedule. Pics show two previous cooks on it Thanks once again. Car Doc.
  6. Big Bad 32 Dark Autumn Gold Flake for sale due to life throwing in a monkey wrench in at a very inconvenient time. I purchased this cooker November 2018 and have maybe 20 cooks on it or less. It does provide some awesome meals. All new prices were: Big Bad 32 Dark Autumn Gold Flake $5,900 32 BB Basket splitter $ 180 32 BB Baking/Pizza stone $ 112 Stainless & Teak grate grabbers $ 40 Sunbrella Walnut Brown cover $ 230 Shipping $ 345 My total investment $6,807 This cooker has always been on a covered patio with the Sunbrella cover on it plus covered by yet another cover. Yes, that is overkill but both the outside of the cooker and cover are clean. My location is just outside of Waxahachie Texas, 75167. About 40 miles south of Dallas. Asking $5,500. Buyer is to arrange for any shipping if needed. Thank you for looking. ( Hopefully the pics posted ok )
  7. That plate of delicious looking food makes me hungry and I just finished eating a big meal an hour ago.
  8. That is a beautiful cooker. The side tables look really nice on it. I have only done three cooks on my new KK, and it is true; even if your food may not be picture perfect, the taste and the quality of the food will make up for it.
  9. Hello everyone. It is amazing that the Komodo Kamado cooker can provide excellent meals every time. This was only my third cook on Big Momo, but by the compliments from everyone at the table, it would seem that I have done many cooks on it. I brined a non-basted bird and then injected a regular store basted bird with a creole butter mix. Then let both air dry in the fridge for awhile, then rubbed with a mix of butter and herbs on both birds. Also put apples, oranges, and some onion in the cavity. I first set them up to smoke at 230 for an hour, then I raised the heat to 325 for the duration of the cook. They both finished within 2 degrees of each other. The brined bird was the better of the two with a little more smoke flavor, but the other was a little more moist maybe due to the injection. Those were two terrific birds and even the gravy from the drippings had a nice touch of the smokey flavor in it. Everyone at the table left fat and happy and all said multiple times that that may have been their best thanksgiving meal to date. My hat is off to you Dennis for creating an excellent cooking vessel that helps an average guy like me turn out excellent meals for my family and friends. Thank you, Car Doc
  10. Hello to the KK community. I am looking for some cook time advise for a cook I have coming up this weekend on my new BB32. I will be smoking 2 - 14 to 16 lbs packer briskets and 2 - 8 to 10 lbs pork butts for a lot of people I have never met before and everything has to be timed correctly. I usually smoke at 225 degrees for the duration of the cook and usually leave the meat unwrapped the entire time. I have smoked a lot of briskets and pork butts on a XL Big Green Egg that I used to have and my Yoder YS640 pellet smoker. I have only used the BB32 ( Big Momo ) one time doing a prime rib and it turned out great. Any advise on the average amount of time for this cook would be very much appreciated and would help me to keep everyone at the party fat and happy with great food off of the KK. Thank you, Car Doc
  11. Hello everyone. New guy here. I have been wanting a Komodo Kamado for a VERY long time and had planned on getting the 23. After a lot of research and reading lots of these forums , I decided to go with the Dark Autumn Gold Flake Big Bad 32. The week of waiting was not fun at all but “Big Momo” has finally made her way home. It does take a fair amount of time just getting everything unwrapped and out of the crate. It was well worth the wait though. Wow, what a beauty. I just finished the first cook of a prime rib and some German sausages on it. Next weekend I plan on doing briskets and pork butts. Overall I am very happy with the first cook. It only gets better from here.
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