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  1. My thanks to Tucker for showing me his collection of Komodo Kamado grills, they are even more beautiful in person that I could image
  2. TomRaz

    Hello from FL. Future owner

    Thanks for everyone's comments, I like the ribbing between the pebble and tile folks !
  3. TomRaz

    In US - 40th High School Reunion

    I just had my 40th also, so we are two young guys ! I cannot believe you are going to travel with that rib broken like you told me about, ouch Have a great time and welcome back to the mainland for a few days
  4. Hello all, my name is Tom and I live in central Florida i have owned or own a large big green egg, commercial electric smoker, several higher end pellet grills, a Weber performer and a large vertical smoker so I have lots of smoking experience i talked to Dennis and he was assume, I am thinking 32 or 42, either way my wife will probably knock me off Some of the best bbq I have ever prepared was on my big green egg, so I can only imagine how much better it would be on a KK now I just need to find the money and decide on the size and color i usually smoke for 12-15 people cooking briskets and pulled pork I am sure questions have been asked dozens of times, but I am too excited about this product to read all the posts so if you don’t mind what are your thoughts about the two sizes color choices and pebble vs tiles thanks so much in advance
  5. TomRaz

    Big Bad 32 arrived at shipping terminal!

    Did you rent the machine to lift the pallet with ? if so what was it called and where did you rent it from ?
  6. TomRaz

    Hello from CT! New 42" and new community member

    Where are the pics ?
  7. Are you still in Fruit Cove ?
  8. TomRaz

    Komodo Kamado 23" Ultimate for sale

    Did you ever sell this ?
  9. Did you sell your 32 ?

    or is it still available ?