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  1. wow love the video and the grill is a great color ! I am amazed the challenges people overcome to get their KK's in the right place I will let you know when I am in the area, but if you are ever in Central Florida come on over, I only have a 23 KK, I am having grill envy
  2. Congrats I have a gold 23 and love it
  3. Well I live in FL so rain would be my concern i would not want to subject the fan to direct rain, I would think it could handle a little moisture but any fan has to pull in outside air
  4. It would not let me upload .jpg files from my computer so I sent them in their native format from my Iphone, just download the image and it should open up
  5. The fan is a variable speed speed fan and they sent me an adapter that connects directly to the KK guru port, I will take a picture and upload it to this post You may have to ask them to send a KK guru port adapter, but it works great IMG_1335 2.HEIC IMG_1334 2.HEIC
  6. Hello Just wanted to show you all the new Flame Boss 500 Wifi controller for my 23 KK The probes have a straight jack that slides through the hole in the side great it can controller the pit and monitor up to 3 meats it’s Wifi and even works with Alexa i am in no way connected to this company nor do I get products free or at a discount I think this is the best temperature control option for the KK grills because if the straight jacks It even detects the lid open and pauses the fan i am cooking a holiday ham by putting a glaze on it Thanks Tom
  7. Thanks do I need to pre cook the dough in the oven for a few minutes before making the pizzas and putting them on the KK
  8. I have a 23 KK and the KK pizza stone, I am going attempt to cook some pizza today and thought I would ask for a few pointers I know to remove the heat deflector and only have the pizza stone near the top of the KK I am planning on heating the 23 KK for at least one hour at 500-600 degrees checking it with an IR therm I have the store bought dough rising at the moment, do I need to heat the store bought dough in the oven for a few minutes in the oven to just cook the dough a small amount before making the pizzas and putting them on the KK ? What temp and how long do you suggest for cooking a 14 in inch thin to medium crust pizza directly on the pizza stone ? Thanks,
  9. Well I only have one picture, I had to peel off the outer skin because of having olive oil and rub on it But it tasted very good But I think it won’t win any beauty awards !
  10. Hi Tucker Thanks you took great care of it it’s working great this morning
  11. As many of you know I purchased a used 23 KK from Tucker, well tomorrow I am going to go big or go home and use it for the first time and cook the Thanksgiving Turkey I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures of this beauty in the sun light with its tables installed It was made in 2013 and its color is Dark Autumn Nebula and its a 23 inch model
  12. I have normally cooked a 20-22 lb turkey on my pellets grills so that will be my goal this year in the 23KK i hope it can handle that size turkey
  13. Are you a half upper rack or some type of split rack ?
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