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    Thank you all, really appreciate the very warm welcome. Yes, I’m really excited, the 32“ is going to be the crown jewel of my outdoorkitchen project. Actually it was supposed to start tomorrow and what happens, we get freezing temperatures soooooo.....no Chance, well patience is a vertue ive been told and all god things (like a KK 32 BB) comes to he who waits So when the weather plays along, we’ll have som tiles laid, then comes the gazebo, then the Fire Magic Echelon Island with a build-in E790I Gas Grill with a couple of sideburners and then...drumroll please.......tataaaaa....here comes the .....well you know.....end of February is so far away! I‘ll post pics as i progress, here is the mess we start out with...It can only get better. I’m still considering what my first cook should be, I’m open for suggestions... Yes, it’s shipping out of TX. It was trucked from Dennis warehouse in CA to Humble, TX, reason is that I’m using a German company who once a month ships containers with mainly cars, autoparts etc. to Germany and they handle all the work with customs and so on, which saves me a lot of work. Until next time.....c ya
  2. Flemming

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    Hello All, Greetings from Sankt Augustin near Cologne, Germany, I’ve ordered the KK 32 BB Bronze Metallic. My first Kamado, Dang I’m so excited, it’ll ship out of Texas end of January and arrive here in Germany mid February. I first looked at the usual suspects, BGE, Monolith, Kamado Joe, Primo etc. etc. and I was sooooo close to order a Primo XL but thanks to the Internet and Google I saw the light and fell in love, immediately I knew, KK, that’s the one......but which one????....here the threads in the Forums really helped me out, soon it was clear that the 32“ BB would be the right choice. After Placing my order I was immediately contacted by Dennis, even though he was on Vacation, now that’s what I call service, Dennis gave some great advise regarding accessories, shipping etc. everything hassle free. I‘ll keep y’all posted and hopefully post some great shots from the delivery, the Crane Company comes by this week to look at the surroundings, my new Baby needs to be lifted over my garage into the garden, so stay tuned.....