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  1. Flemming

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    @MacKenzie Looking great ...... I have some eggs.... and some Wagyu burger paddy’s
  2. Flemming

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    As you may all know, I’m impaitiantly waiting for my KK 32” to arrive, but we are getting there, on the 25th I’ll pick it up, Crane is ordered for same day so hopefully there’ll be some great photos, until then I’ll have to settle for my FM, being honest it’s did a great job job on this Dry Aged Hereford Rib Roast
  3. Flemming

    New Owner

    @DennisLinkletter Dennis, your absolutely right, there’s a lot of storage room here, but then again, it’s not only about storage, it’s also having the option firing this beast up to 750 degrees withn 20 - 30 min. for a fast cook, Problem is, I’m still short on time, i don’t even have the time to cook my self. But I just took my wife out to dinner in Germany’s best restaurant, Vendome, 3 michelin * here some images 1. dish: Veal Heart 2. dish. . Squids: 3.dish, Langostinos 4. dish, : walley 5. dish: pork. 6. dish: Guinea fowl 7. dish rhubarb sushi 8. dish. Coffee and chocolate amazing dinner!
  4. Flemming

    New Owner

    Stupid me...... sojag.ca
  5. Flemming

    New Owner

    Yes, the Pavilion comes build in rain gutters also mosquito blinds are included and as accessories you can buy blinds (is that what it’s called?) and with the double rail it’s not this or that, you can use both at the same time. here is a link to the manufacturer
  6. Flemming

    New Owner

    More progress FM Island arrived....that was the good news Now to the bad news.....the ship is delayed.......so I’ll probably have to wait until mid March before my 32“ arrives.....so unfair!
  7. Flemming

    New Owner

    Just kidding.......I like having my wife around me when I'm cooking.......but its more a question if she likes being around me..... when I'm cooking @Tyrus why not, Bridgewater - Cologne thats only 5,765 km = 3603 mls.
  8. Flemming

    New Owner

    @ckreef the size is 10 x 14 ..... I'm still considering if it should be a men only area @tony b normally the construction should have been done by know, but at this time of year the weather isn’t always playing along, first we had way to much rain, then snow and finally freezing temps so that caused a delay of 3 weeks, and like I said, next week the Fire Magic Island with the Echelon i790 will arrive so I had no choice......but everything’s gone well so far. Have a great weekend y’all....
  9. Flemming

    New Owner

    Gazebo completed... Hmmmmm.......now what....my 32“ is still underway somewhere on the Atlantic .....paitience is a vertue I’ve been told......I’ll be back....
  10. Flemming

    New Owner

    Gazebo ist here...... Lets see if I can get this one build........alone! OK .... That’s it for today.....let’s see how far I can get tomorrow........
  11. Flemming

    New Owner

    Looks a bit caotic... Lets get that staircase underway... Ohhhhh no...We are 1 step short.....Dang...2 weeks delivery time... Getting ready for the Burn-In...just need the 32" BB to get here To be continued......
  12. Flemming

    I just ate a Sh#t burger

    Wives! Like my buddy, Lary, from Texas always says “you can’t live with’m, you can’t live with’m” and from the look of them burgers he might just be right......what can I say....Enjoy....the beer.
  13. Flemming

    New Owner

    I would say, that at the moment I’m still only cooking but eventually I’ll start Komodoing.....
  14. Flemming

    New Owner

    Making great progress...... Weekend.....lets take a break....
  15. Flemming

    New Owner

    After a delay because of this..... We are ready to proceed...let there be water.... In the meantime in a container somewhere on the Atlantic....bottom right, doesn't it say Komodo Kamado? Here comes the Tiles... Making Progress... At the moment we are progressing as planned....keeping my fingers crossed...more to come