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  1. Here is a pic of a rotisserie turkey that I did yesterday. 350 for a few hours until 165 degrees. I used cocochar and it turned out a tad smokey and super juicy.
  2. Wishing your wife a speedy recover. Make sure she takes her clopidogrel daily.
  3. Thanks fellas. I got it up to 750. I took the advice of leaving the vents wide open, used a MAPP torch, stoked it with a blow dryer. What I never have done is add more charcoal on top.
  4. I haven't done that yet, but my KK is only 6 months old. It could be the culprit though. I have a thermoworks oven thermometer that I can use to check.
  5. After every cook, I shop vac all of the ashes and clear out the charcoal. I have pulled out the bottom vents, opened up the left and right vents. For the top vents, I have opened it one whole turn, half turns, three turns. I have tried almost all combinations. I have filled up the whole basket, filled up a split basket. Please let me know what your theory is?
  6. I am also new to this KK thing and I can't get it blazing hot. I've used a MAPP torch, blow dryer, and also Weber paraffin cubes. As for fuel, I've used Fogo, Rockwood, and Dennis' coco char. I've been dying to make pizza, but I can't really get it about 450. Yes, I have cleared out the smalls, aligned the coco char to maximize airflow. Help!
  7. Thanks Tucker, but the new coco is already broken up into pre-cut pieces. I will try to vertical method.
  8. Can you guys help me? I can't seem to get a hot fire going above 350. I tried out my new shipment of cocochar, I lit a full chimney of unburnt lump charcoal from my last cook and poured it on top of the cocochar. I even used a blow dryer to stoke the fire, but it never got above 400 before going down to 350. I even shopvacced ever before lighting. Please help. I really want to get a blazing fire to try to make pizza.
  9. I think that your friend should start a side business and create these adapters for the KK community. I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  10. Dennis, When will this be available for us to purchase? From thermoworks website. Will billows work with a Komodo Kamado grill? Enrico D on Jul 7, 2019 BEST ANSWER: Yes, it will. We will have an adapter to make it easier to attach to your Komodo Kamado. It is on the way from the manufacturer and will be available soon.
  11. I don't have a huge overhang. I'm just worried about the space on the side to do my roti.
  12. I think that there is no reasonable solution. My KK sticks out from the ledge about 5 inches. The problem is that my width might be too tight where I can't fit the Roti attachments. My top doesn't open up completely, but big enough. I would go back to the drawing board to make sure that everything would fit perfectly, which mine did not.
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