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  1. Thanks Tucker, but the new coco is already broken up into pre-cut pieces. I will try to vertical method.
  2. Can you guys help me? I can't seem to get a hot fire going above 350. I tried out my new shipment of cocochar, I lit a full chimney of unburnt lump charcoal from my last cook and poured it on top of the cocochar. I even used a blow dryer to stoke the fire, but it never got above 400 before going down to 350. I even shopvacced ever before lighting. Please help. I really want to get a blazing fire to try to make pizza.
  3. I think that your friend should start a side business and create these adapters for the KK community. I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  4. Dennis, When will this be available for us to purchase? From thermoworks website. Will billows work with a Komodo Kamado grill? Enrico D on Jul 7, 2019 BEST ANSWER: Yes, it will. We will have an adapter to make it easier to attach to your Komodo Kamado. It is on the way from the manufacturer and will be available soon.
  5. I don't have a huge overhang. I'm just worried about the space on the side to do my roti.
  6. I think that there is no reasonable solution. My KK sticks out from the ledge about 5 inches. The problem is that my width might be too tight where I can't fit the Roti attachments. My top doesn't open up completely, but big enough. I would go back to the drawing board to make sure that everything would fit perfectly, which mine did not.
  7. It will be cutting it close for me.
  8. Can someone tell me how much space I need for the rotisserie mount and the motor? I don't have much space to deal with for my 22' Hi Cap.
  9. I took delivery of my Kamado in January, but was finally able to place the BBQ this weekend. Now I just need the pool to be finished. I can't wait to fire it up.
  10. I need your help too. I just got a Bronze 22' Hi cap and I'm place it in the picture attached. Unfortunately, they poured my BBQ area with a depth of 31'. The autocad dimensions mentions that it's 35' when open. How important is it that it can open all the way? Or should I just have it hang off the edge a little?
  11. Hi, I'm new to this group and just took delivery of my new Bronze 22 inch Hi-Cap. I'm located in Orange, CA and I'm waiting for the rain to stop so my contractor can finish my new bbq area. Attached are the plans. I can't wait to share more once it's done and get some cooking tips from you guys. Steve
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