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  1. Went to a local custom countertop company and they cut it off a piece of scrap. Cut to size edge and top ground smooth and polished two pieces for $50.
  2. Since August of last year , have loved it ever since. Use it on average 2 or 3 time a week. You'll have no problem with temps , since you used BGE and KJ . You'll notice how temperature locks in place once the KK is stabilized. Look forward to meeting you when all the Covid stuff is over. Love to do the charcoal at some point.
  3. Wingman where in New Mexico do you live ? I'm in Corrales and own a KK23" Ultimate as well as a KJ Junior. Sold my Classic II . You will not believe the difference in both build quality and cooking ability with you Big Bad . Congrats .
  4. Basher , I also have a one that is a pizza stone ( 16" diameter ) . They do take a very long time to heat up . That is why I've been using a Baking Steel for pizza . With excellent results .
  5. I like it a lot . I don't know if it makes my life easier , but certainly a lot of fun. Dome temp was 500* and the stone was close to 600* . Was still very warm next morning.
  6. I have been given grief , and rightly so , for not posting pictures of cooks done on a custom soapstone made for my KK 23" Ultimate . To my personal shame I was reminded " No pictures , it didn't happen " . Finally here is evidence of the existence of the said stone and my some what limited cooking ability. I humbly request everyone's forgiveness . The Maillard reaction was fantastic.
  7. Agree 100% , will post pics next cook.
  8. Used a few times now , picanha , tri-tip , and smash burgers. Has worked great. Unbelievable sear on everything. Cleans spotless with a wet towel . Will post pics on next cook . Forgot also through on some onions with the burgers cooked those up perfect.
  9. Looks great may have to try that one.
  10. Still have 5 boxes each of CoCo and Coffee Char I'm stashing . Normal cooking I use Fogo , KJ Big Block , and Jealous Devil.
  11. Tonights dinner , twice smoked spiral ham with a pineapple bourbon glaze and baked potatoes .
  12. Looking through some old pics and found some of the 23" Ultimate strapped in for the trip from Aspen,Co to Corrales,NM. You can see the block suggested for transport under it in the first two pictures.
  13. Thanks everyone . Alohapiggy nice tip on the KJ Big Block will be ordering some today.
  14. Cooked some baby backs , chicken , and hatch green chili pork sausage last night. Setup the KK 23" with KJ Big Block and sassafras wood ( great with pork and chicken ). Cooked the ribs and chicken for 5 hours naked no wrap and threw the sausage on the last 2 hours. Coated everything with a combo of BBQ sauce , butter , and honey the final 30 minutes. Everything came out great especially the chicken moist and falling off the bone.
  15. Butcher Box at best is average . I really like Porter Road and of course Snake River Farms.
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