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  1. Anyone in the Tampa area ordering ?
  2. Has anyone tried Pok Pok Thaan charcoal?
  3. Maybe a multigrain wheat or sourdough. I really don't know. So something easy for a beginner.
  4. I have all purpose flour and active dry yeast.
  5. Does anyone have any good bread recipes and tips or tricks ?
  6. Thank you everyone. It was a fun cook and a great learning experience. I’ll definitely do it again. @shuley to my knowledge the butcher didn’t do anything special to the hog. I just called and asked if they had one and they said they did. When I placed it on the grill it naturally sat in that position. I would imagine if you broke some ribs and maybe the spine you could fold it more @tyrus it was a 33# hog the pooch got an ear and a snout and he loved it !!
  7. I did my first whole hog cook. I used jealous devil charcoal with oak,hickory, and cherry wood chunks. I cooked at 250° for 6 hours. It came out perfect !!
  8. Jlipp79

    Whole hog

    Has anyone done a whole hog ? What’s the best way, time and temp, and what do you season with ?
  9. Who’s the girl? She was inside the box the grill was sitting on in the shipping crate.
  10. Jlipp79


    How does the rotisserie rod attach on a 32? And what brand is everyone using?
  11. Jlipp79


    Ohh. Thank you.
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