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  1. Is it normal to cook at such a high temperature? I know offsets cook that high (275-300) - part of the reason why is: when cooking with real stick wood, there is still a fair amount of moisture in the wood itself - even seasoned. From what I've gathered, this is why the high air flow doesn't dry the meat out (and of course, regular spritzing doesn't hurt). For pellets and charcoal based smokers, a lower temperature (225-250) is more typical. Granted, my current pellet rig has temp swings that are pretty maddening... For my next brisket cook, I plan on merely staying up late rath
  2. My go-to is: 1/3 fresh squeezed lime juice 1/3 simple syrup ~1/3 Tequila with a top it off of Grand Mariner Imperial pint glass (20oz if memory serves) I like to use a sliced lime to rim an imperial-pint glass for the salt, then fill the glass up with ice and put the it in the freezer. If you do this right when you start squeezing the limes, the glasses will be nicely frosted by the time it's ready to mix....And it helps keep the salt adhere to the glass. Then add the lime juice and simple syrup (to about 2/3's full). The rest can be tailored depending on how strong
  3. Interestingly enough, Ipe is the decking we're going with. I built a deck at our previous house with it and it's beautiful when well maintained. I really like the contrast of the dark reddish brown wood with the stainless steel fasteners. It's interesting...the pricing on the stuff...when I did my research over 10 years ago, cedar was the cheapest, with Trex (or similar composite) being the most expensive...Ipe fell in-between. The difference between now and then is the composite stuff has dropped a bit in price...though the scratch resistant composite is still expensive. We haven't o
  4. Hello everyone, I figured since I'm going to have a ton of questions....makes sense to introduce myself. I've been lurking for a couple of years and have finally worn down the Mrs.'s spending-force-field on a 32 BB. Research is a big part of what I do and I've recently completed my KK research-walk-about; where I look at all the various options other than the KK (at a similar price-point or less): all-SS pellet smokers, offset stick burners (including reverse and standard flow), kettles...you name it. I currently have a 15 year-old Traeger that is slowly rusting and returning bac
  5. Hi Dennis! It looks like your link there redirects to the KK homepage...
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