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  1. that grill is bad ass!!!!
  2. I am a new forum member and am not real good using computers. Is there a way to set it up so when I login I can have the threads that I have replied to be marked as such?
  3. thanks for the info. ftr I have been using mostly Rockport in the past. There is a very nice grill and saw store in Holt, MI where I can get it. I do have, I think 4 bags of coconut, coming with the grill from Dennis. I bought ten bags of coconut extruded back in 2005 from RJ, ie Kamado. Most of it was moldy and I couldn't use it. That is when they went out of business. I did a cookout for 12 people over the 4th. We had chicken, ribs burgers and dogs. Everybody raved about the food. It's almost like the old K7 knows it is being replaced and he is doing the best he can to prove his worth. Hoping to stick around a little longer! We just had to put one of our dogs, Kirby, down. He was 19, blind and deaf and going down very quickly overall. We scheduled three different dates to have the vet come and put him down and had to put them all off. Its almost like he knew or suspected something and each time made a stark improvement. I kind of feel like that with my old K7 and K3. Despite all their shortcomings, I am going to miss them. I will keep the 7 around for the holidays when I can use two cookers. The K3 is toast. thanks everybody for sharing all the good info.
  4. CKREEF! Don't leave us hanging like that. I too have been using RO mainly because it is available locally here. Also cowboy brand is here. I do have a bunch of lump coming with the grill from Dennis. Where do you buy from and what kinds do you like the best?
  5. I am getting ready for delivery of the 23" grill. I know that it is quite heavy so I am preparing for my deck to support the added weight. Things are looking pretty good!
  6. Those old Thorens turntables were some of the best ever. You can spend thousands more today for a turntable and not get that much more sound. Put a good stylus on an old Thorens and it will compete with tables today that cost 5 times more money. I still have several components from the late 70's that can compete with stuff made today. Such as and old Accuphase amp, P300, that competes with amps costing $10,000 plus today. Take your Thorens and hook it up with an old Macintosh amp and some Bose 901's. Good stuff!
  7. I have never used a guru even for low and slows. About 5 years ago I stopped doing pork butts for the long haul. Now I do them 3 hours at 275 and 3 more covered in foil and their done. Much juicer! I did get the baking stone. I mostly do lots of steaks, chicken, tenderloins a few briskets mostly all with vegies and potatoes. Usually when I am grilling I am out on the deck laying back, relaxing and keeping the temp right!! I see some of the stuff that guys use today and think wow. I am a flip phone kind of guy!!!! The speakers are Quintessence Acoustics Stealth vi's. I went through a long period of time, maybe 5, years where I had nothing but Wilsons. They do look like the Alexandrias's. They are very good as well. I had mostly Watt Puppies and Sophia's. Loved'em all! As far as Electronics they change all the time. I just sold Some Krell 900 monoblocks and before that had some old Cat labs tubes. Now ATI amp with Meridian processor and Esoteric DVD and an OPPO blue ray. I bought a turntable for 3k about 3 years ago and used it for maybe 3 or 4 albums and now it just sits there. I cant even remember what it is. Want to buy it!!!! Too far to walk to turn it on and flip it over! Getting too old for that stuff. I used to buy and sell and change every three or for months but now the speakers are too hard to pack up and move. The new ones weight 400 pounds a piece and the center channel is 275 pounds. I have two big strong friends who mover everything for me. They will be handling the new 23".. I am like a kid in a candy store. Can;;t wait! thanks to everybody for the input.
  8. The color is a multi colored Terra Cotta. It was a lone straggler they had found in the back. Is it necessary to break these KK's in before you bring the temperature up like they recommended on the old Johnson Kamados? That may determine my first cook. I broke my other two in with pork butts. I think I sat out there for hours drinking beers and just watching it, they looked so cool. And the more I drank the cooler they got! About 30 days ago I was riding around with the top down in Mason, where I live, and saw an old Kamado sitting in the back yard of a nice home. I knocked on the door and a very pretty lady answered. I introduced myself and told her I had a Cobalt blue 7 just like hers and asked if she wanted to sell it. She said, no way it was a gift for her husband. She then said a friend of mine is who turned her onto them back in the late 90's. Small world!!!!
  9. For the record I am 63 and have been in sales all my life. I have slowed down over the past few years and work just enough to enjoy my current lifestyle. I like fast cars, old motor cycles, stereo equipment and grilling out with a nice grill. Here are some of my toys.
  10. I just ordered a new 23" KK. and am looking forward to getting it real soon. I live in Michigan and have been cooking on Kamados made by Richard Johnson for over 20 years. I started with a K7 back in 1997 and purchased a K3 in around 2004, just before they shut their doors for good. Back in 2005 I first spoke with Dennis and he helped me with some replacement parts for my K7. Over the 20 years I have replaced many tiles but the cookers never let me down as far as cooking. About 30 days ago I was moving the K3 so I could re stain my deck. The bottom completely fell off. So I decided to get a new KK. I must admit there was a certain amount of sadness when I had to throw it out. I had been cooking on it for 16 years. I have a pool in the back yard and we like to have friends over to party and cook and just have a good time. I know the K7 is on its last leg as well so in the near future I will be looking for a new smaller grill when I am just cooking for my girl friend and me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Looking for something in maybe a 18" size. I am certainly looking forward to using the new KK.. Hopefully 15 years form now I will have many fond memories of cooking with it just like the K3 and K7.
  11. that is one sweet looking grill!
  12. merrill


    I usually sear mine in a cast iron pan on the oventop. Searing all sides with a coffee ground, sugar,salt rub and Jim Beam. Then 250 for about 11 minutes per pound. I take it off at 120 and tent for 20 minutes.
  13. Why did it take 2 hours to get to 240? Or did I misread that?
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