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  1. merrill

    2nd KK

    I bought my original Kamado 7 in 1998 from Richard. In 2004 I bought a Kamado 3 for my girlfriend apartment. They sent it directly to my girlfriends apartment just like I had requested; however, They sent the bill to my house. That did not make my wife very happy.
  2. Working out is a good thing and hopefully it will help with a speedy recovery. good Luck to your whole family.
  3. very nice grill and very nice back yard. How much for the dog!!!
  4. Another issue I am having is using the grate handles. It is very awkward for me when using them.
  5. Wow, some of you guys have it down to a science. The first thing I do is open a beer and set it on the side table. Then I hit the one iron to get into the proper frame of mind! Last night was probably the 5th or 6th time I used the 23" KK. It was the first time I did real thick steaks, the tommyhawks. I did the reverse sear method and was extremely pleased on how quickly it got to 600+ degrees. Much faster than the old original K7.
  6. lol my fiends and neighbors already think I am nuts. I did two large tomahawk steaks last night. I used the coconut extruded lump which I am just starting to use. The steaks were a little on the bland side, with not much smoky taste. Is that a reflection of the coconut lump? Is it necessary to use other woods for flavoring when using this lump? It does burn very nice and gets hot very quickly but I do want more of a smoky taste.
  7. The problem is the thermometer points up and unless your standing very close you can't see the dial. I've always had mine with 400 straight up.
  8. I finally broke the seal! I used the new grill this weekend. My daughter is moving to Spain on Thursday and wanted some of my signature ribs. I did 4 slabs, with 2 on the grill for the whole time, maybe 4 hours at 235, and the other two the last hour and a half in Aluminum foil. for fall off the bone style. It was very enjoyable. I like the top the way it goes up and down so easily compared to the old K7. I also think the temp is much easier to control. I do wish the thermometer was more flat so I could see it from inside the house or out back by the pool. Also the old K7 had more places to hang utensils. Overall the new grill is fantastic. L
  9. Bingo, Way too go Basher. NIce close! I now am a man with a plan. I will start using the new K in order to put the old K to pasture with some life left in her! Its just a matter of time before the top breaks and the bottom is showing more cracks. 4 or 5 tiles fall off after every cook. It's time to put her out to pasture with some dignity. I am even going to dress her up a little by putting the missing tiles back on one more time! I will start the embalming process tomorrow.
  10. Great tips, thanks Tony. When you guys are cooking on the higher level do you remove the lower level to help keep it clean or just leave it there. I also have read where some people put theTomahawk steaks directly on the coals. Has anybody ever tried that? I have never had enough nerve and don't want to risk ruining a good steak. FTR I still have not fired up the new one. I almost feel like I am dissing an old friend, the old K7. I also spent the last 3 days tracking our missing 8 pound, 9 year old, Shitz Sue.. After 4 days of searching he was found 4 miles from home in a farmers field half a mile from the road. I felt like we had hit the lotto.
  11. For a standard inch and a half ribeye how high do you guys want the temp? 500 600 or do you go even higher?
  12. On my K7 I have it so the 400 is at 12 o'clock. That way I can see what the temp is without having to go outside. If the gauge moves it messes up my system.
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed my old Kamados and when they went out of business I got some grill parts from Dennis back in 2005. At that point in time I knew I'd buy a KK down the road. I just didn't think it would be PINK! My family won't order steaks anymore at restaurants. They are spoiled by mine. I have been doing Tommy Hawks as of late. Reverse sear with the first 20 minutes at 275. Hard to beat! What kind of temps are you guys doing normal steaks at? Like Ribeye's and tenderloins?
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