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  1. awesome! Any chance you have a picture of the two next to each other? Trying to mentally picture the size.
  2. What size pie is that? How large is the stone?
  3. I talked with Dennis last year about one of these. He said one could still order them but keeping stock around didn't make sense. I don't think they were every fully stopped. That said, more pictures please! It's on my hmm, do I need one list? Right now I have a KJ big Joe, L Green Egg, Joe Jr. and I think my next grills need to be matching. If it's foot was closer to the size of a Joe Junior but with closer to the green egg in cooking surface that sounds like a winner to me! I would assume charcoal burn would be closer to a Joe Junior given the insulation.
  4. An old post but nepolitan pizza requires 430-480c which is 800-900f. This is 60-90 second pizza cooks. This is really the only technique that requires the temps. Yes, pizza can be cooked at lower temps but it does come out different. For cleaning though I imagine around 750f for an extended period of a few hours would remove most of the carbon. It does on my green egg or KJ. I don’t have a KK yet to confirm but will at some point.
  5. I don’t yet own a KK (it’s on the “maybe” column as we haven’t decided if we will build an outdoor kitchen in). Still, I love seeing these cooks. Passion for the food is where it’s at! Pequod, what is the cookie sheet doing on the lower rack?
  6. Old thread but I'll add to it. It will largely depend on the materials you use to build your decking AND the construction of the decking. Largely how the beams and joists attach to the posts. Often construction is sub-par and beams are attached to posts using nails or non structural lag bolts to the side. This isn't structural vs putting the beam on top of the post. Same goes for joists and joist hangers. Ideally joists are placed on top of beams vs. utilizing joist hangers. People also use screws instead of nails and screws do not behave correctly.
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