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  1. Nice cook, can you describe your multi stone setup?
  2. I’m used to cooking pizza cooks on my BGE or KJ Big Joe. I used the indirect elevated method. Any different on the KK? The pics I’ve seen I can’t tell.
  3. No pictures on the grill but have the results. Beef Dino ribs. S&P, 285 indirect, post oak and Fogo Super. 3 Racks came out great! Only two in the pic (the other one had been eaten for dinner).
  4. Note, most use foil, I know. I wanted to use them for a specific reason (I didn't want to boil the drip tray above so used this instead of foil.
  5. I have 4 indirect stones for the bottom of my 32BB. They are different sizes. Is that ccorrect? Seems very very odd.
  6. Put some ribs on today for my first cook. The ones in the middle Texas style, the ones on the left and right Georgia style.
  7. It came in this week and I got it up on my deck and the wings on. Next thing is burn in. 32BB matte black. I built the deck and I’m highly confidence it can support the weight (I overbuilt it to start with). For the deck topping it’s 5/4 IPE with 16” OC and 2x10 joists. One of the guys that helped me move it is a forensics structural engineer and he commented that the deck didn’t even creek when we moved it up there on the pallet.
  8. Got it up there with the help of a ramp, pallet jack, plywood, and 3 friends.
  9. It looks like the fence is going to have to come down for me to get this to my backyard. If I'm doing this I'm probably going to just get a fork lift to do all of the work.
  10. I have a ground level raised deck (2 steps up) in the backyard I’ll be putting my BB on. It is engineered to support the weight so no concerns there (I did the engineering and build). How did you transport yours to it’s destination once you got it? Do you roll it on wheels? Did you use a pallet jack? Dolly? I’m assuming I’m going to need to make ramps up to the destination.
  11. As the owner of the competitor product with a KK on order I don't really need this. I've had my KK for about 2 years and the ash drawer already rusted/unwelded and needed replacing. I have the spare sitting in my house with the box but I really prefer the ash tools instead. I grab the lid of my galvanized bucket, scrape into the bucket about 2 or 3 scrapes, done and done. The ash tray doesn't save much effort.
  12. I live in Texas as well (Round Rock) and am a month or two away from my BB 32 in black with square tile. I'm stoked!
  13. Are you having trouble on low and slows or hot an fasts? Low and slow you can just bury the wood into the charcoal and you will mainly get the wood smoke as long as you mix it throughout. Hot and fast that’s a different game but throw a few chunks on top of the coals and the edges where it’s barely lit. They will likely flame vs. smoke much but that’s the nature of hot and fast.
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