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  1. Thought'd I'm chime in here real quick. I have a new 32" KK and a cold smoker on the way, but I have used a smoking tube for various cooks and have a Traeger as well. In my research I came across a few places that said if you look at Traeger pellets they are Hickory, with oils of other woods. ie. Mesquite only had mesquite oil on hickory wood. Yes still 100% wood but not necessarily the wood you were hoping for. BBQr's Delight Wood Pellets are 2/3 oak and 1/3 flavor wood. The green mountain are supposed to be good as well but so far I have only used BBQr's Delight and they have worked well with great flavor. Just thought I would share.
  2. Hey @tekobo thanks, I did see a couple posts about that. I have a variable speed Ryobi that should do the trick. @Bruce Pearson seems the rule of thumb is that if there isn’t a picture, it doesn’t exist thanks!
  3. Thanks. Yeah I did kick that around but for me, this is a weekend only toy. I work too many hours during the week to do a lot of cooking at home. Ultimately figured it wouldn’t be that hard to adjust as needed. We will see, once I have some time with it,I may change my mind.
  4. Thank you. Yeah I had the rotisserie for my KJ as well. Some great tasting chicken!
  5. Thanks, SS shelves cold smoker basket splitter cover rotisserie pizza stone Double bottom drip 15 cases of coco char think that’s it!
  6. Thanks it went on the water last Tuesday so hopefully within a month or so. Will be counting the days!
  7. Since I officially placed my order for a 32" Cobolt Blue KK, I figured I should introduce myself. Canadian living in Delaware, backyard hack who enjoys cooking, cars, and golf. Started with a Brinkmann electric drum style smoker that I used for 10 years (had 2 over that time). Graduated to a Weber Smoky Mountain, and a Weber Summit gas grill for 4 years. Then replaced Smoky Mountain with a Kamado Joe Big Joe for 2.5 years Now replaced Summit with a Lynx 54" Pro grill on NG Just (today) sold KJ and bought a Traeger Ironwood, so I have something to at least smoke on with while I wait for the 32" KK. Had a Traeger 7 years ago (for 3 weeks) but only had a small deck and wife said we didn't have room for 2 bbqs so it had to go. Great for a few things but terrible for sear and hi temp cooking. End result will be a 32"KK, my Lynx, Traeger, and adding a Lynx 30" griddle. Yes most will say, I may not use anything but my KK after I have one, but the Traeger makes some amazing chicken that I dont have to babysit, and the 1000F sear burner on the Lynx is nice to have when doing a reverse sear on another unit. There are only 2 of us but I do enjoy mixing different processes and eating a fine steak or smoked food. Looking forward to experimenting with the KK (yes I bought 15 cases of cocochar at the same time).
  8. Hey Dennis, appreciate the insight. We spoke yesterday afternoon and I'm getting the 32" Cobalt
  9. Thanks for the input!
  10. Hi There, I've been toying with the idea of replacing my Big Joe with one of these units. Leaning towards the 32", mainly so I can do 2 pizzas at a time. I've had my Big Joe for 2 years and I don't often run out of space. I also have a 54" Lynx gas grill so if I run out of room there are too many people at the house I recently came across a post about putting a cast iron inside with wood chips to get more smoke. There is also talk about using the cold smoke tool to add more smoke. I have no problem getting lots of smoke on the KJ between 225 and 250 with a couple of chunks of wood on top of the lump. Needless to say the thought of messing with a cast iron pot or spending $220 to add smoke doesn't sound that appealing to me. I've watched some videos and everyone has really positive things to say about the product but I'm curious to learn more about the low temp smoke performance. Thanks much!
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