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  1. I have one of the 24" Double Flame units with the out post grill and stainless lid. I love the lid so I can go to bed and know that what's left of the coals will go out safety. I also love the added grill. I order in mesquite logs and have done some cooking and some high temp sears on it. We mostly use it as a fire pit, but some wood fire cooking/searing is always a nice change. It's very well built and you can feel it in the weight at 57 pounds. Had mine 2 years and very pleased with it.
  2. Exact same start up process, except if I'm not in a hurry I will use one starter cube. In most cases I still use two so I can get it up to temp quicker. You will find that when you shut back down the vents it will slow the temp rise quickly. You also have to remember that there will be some heat soak into the cooker, and then when you add food, it will drop again. Get it up to 200-225, then dial vents back. You should be able to get 225-250 with an inch or two on the bottom vent and 1/4 - 1/2 turn on top vent. Remember this varies on size, I have a 32" but should be close
  3. This is all part of the learning process and while I don't spend a ton of time on the forums and have only had mine less than a year, I can tell you this is a common issue when you are learning. I had a KamadoJoe for a couple years before I upgraded and did all my learning on it. Once you get used to it, you can dial it in how you want fairly quickly. I'm not familiar with that charcoal, I would try some KamadoJoe Big Block or Fogo Charcoal. Fogo is better, but the Big Block is pretty good in my book. You can also stock up a Costco when the KJ roadshow is in your area. As fa
  4. Just wanted to follow up with a picture so you could see what I mean. You can see the wire and the probe near the back in the middle. This is 500 with a 1/4 basket, both bottom vents open (not pulled out), and top vent 2 or 3 turns. I'm really wondering about the charcoal or if you a 100% full basket like someone else mentioned. I also cook my pizza at 550. I haven't made a napoleon style high temp pizza though.
  5. What kind of Lump Charcoal? One thing to be aware of is that not all Lump in created equal. There is some terrible stuff on the market that doesn't burn very hot or long. Not sure which model you have, but you can also put out the bottom damper to gain even more air flow as well. The hole in the side is typically for a cable to go in for a wired thermometer. I usually have one in a mount on my grate to get grate level temps. Something like a Thermapen Smoke or Smoke X.
  6. lol late to the party but that's funny
  7. This is a classic case of you don’t know what you don’t know. 10 years ago I bought a Weber Summit grill for $2k. My buddy swore up and down it was a waste of money. I explained that I had spent more than than that in 15 years on grills that didn’t last. I should have just spent the money once. He said his $400 grill was just as good. 3 years later his grill was rotted out and he bought a Weber. My Weber lasted 8 years and was in great shape when I sold it for $600 and bought a Lynx. He then argued with me about Tvs as well after saving money and buying a Visio. That tv l
  8. Sorry Paul, missed this. Unfortunately I have not been able to use it for a few weeks. Hoping to get back at it soon!
  9. Wow pizza is like fighting words around these parts LOL. Just kidding, nothing wrong with a little passion. I appreciate the links and insight and will check some of them out.
  10. I haven’t tried the pan recipe in this book but the 72 hour dough is great. Good book if you want to be overloaded on pizza details. Tons of info. The Elements of Pizza: Unlocking the Secrets to World-Class Pies at Home https://www.amazon.com/dp/160774838X/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apip_IZcxJLaugsEXB
  11. Second cook down. Cleaned up some grout. I have one tile that moves when I push it. I did put more around it but it’s going to need a thicker coating that will end up higher than the titles. Thoughts? Hickory smoked pork loin was delicious.
  12. Thanks it was tasty 😋. One of the neighbors that helped me move it got a taste and said he’d be back for more haha
  13. Fire in the hole! Day two and couldn’t wait to try out the cold smoker. Had a pork loin marinating for 4 hours today. Using some mesquite pellets.
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