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  1. @MacKenziethanksgiving dinner would be my “death row meal”. I love it more than any other plate. I forgot to do green beans this year but the turkey was the finest I’ve cooked in my life to date so that was nice. Wet brined for 24 hours in hot water, apple juice, kosher salt, garlic powder, black peppercorns, fresh cut lemon thyme from the garden, Montreal steak seasoning, fresh cut honeycrisp apple chunks and a pinch of brown sugar. Then rubbed with Irish butter, thyme, rosemary mix and place two slices of Irish butter under the skin on top of the breast meat smoked on the KK at 225 with apple wood for 5 hours until thighs were 165 and rested for 3 hours before carving. Absolutely tasty. My new bar for Thanksgiving turkeys
  2. This is a relatively simple dish took cook. I tried to recreate this from a dish my wife ordered in Aguas Calirnte, which is the town at the base of Manchu Pichu i took a chicken breast and rubbed salt, garlic powder and cumin on it. Then sliced the side and inserted goat cheese. I let the rub settle in for about an hour then put in fridge for another couple hours before cooking made some tricolor quinoa, let it cool down or even get cold. Then took eggs and mixed them in a bowl and prepared a bowl of flour.next to it took the quinoa and spread it on a plate took out chicken and dipped in flour first, then soaked in egg, then pressed on the quinoa, when I flip the chicken over to press the other side in the quinoa I use my hands to make sure I cover the entire breast with quinoa. Put into baking dish. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes and finish under the broiler for another 10 minutes at 376 so the quinoa gets crusty on top serve with mashed potatoes and a little homemade gravy and you’ve got Peruvian quinoa crusted chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese
  3. Troble

    Burnt Ends Recipe?

    Thanks @C6Bill I ended up watching his YouTube videos and went that route. Think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. Everyone loved it
  4. Troble

    Burnt Ends Recipe?

    I have never made burnt ends. I would like to change that. Thinking of trying it out in two weeks. Saw a video online about separating the point from the flat and smoking each piece separately and turning the point into burnt ends. Thought that might be a good idea to try anyone got a killer brisket burnt end recipe I should try? thanks in advance
  5. Troble

    Wagyu Beef?

    @braindoc I know that shop. I prefer going to Swagyu locally here though but good stuff. I got American Wagyu brisket this week from Costco Business $6.49/lb can’t beat it
  6. American wagyu brisket from Costco $6.49/lb. Rubbed with soy sauce, kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder, brown sugar, aji Amarillo, aji panca & cumin homemade cornbread yukon gold mashed potatoes with sour cream & rosemary
  7. Went to Costco business Thursday to pick up a brisket for the weekend which means I also picked up the pork tenderloin two pack. Cooked two of those bad boys tonight. Rubbed with mustard, brown sugar and Lawrys salt. Reverse seared on the cast iron pan. Did and carrots in the mini cast iron pans with butter, brown sugar & salt. Those were a big hit. Potatoes with olive oil, truffle salt, fresh rosemary, oregano, garlic, black pepper and a dash of ancho chili powder
  8. Sorry to hear that Dennis. My father and mother in law both had the same thing and I tore mine but didn’t need surgery. Acupuncture helped all of us recover faster once the wound healed to get blood flowing to that area.
  9. @PVPAUL nicely done. I bet making those tortillas put it over the top @tekoboi like to let mine sit and crisp up as you mentioned
  10. @Tyrus it was tasty but a little over cooked. My wife and kids like medium well/slightly pink and I gif in trouble gif undercooking the last lamb so I over compensated a bit this time also found out my pita bread was moldy (after I ate mine) you can see it in the pic. Oh well I lived kids didn’t eat theirs, wife caught hers before eating all good
  11. Boneless leg of lamb I picked up at Costco. Marinated two days in balsamic, fresh mint, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, onion powder, all spice, cinnamon and Correia der air fryer some baby potatoes Mediterranean salad with home grown cherry tomatoes, cucumber and mint fresh homemade tadziki
  12. Bone in leg of lamb roasted olive oil & garlic cous cous (pearled) Mediterranean salad naan homeade Tadziki
  13. Had my neighbor and his family over today, asked him what he wanted me to cook he said brisket. So I made brisket again. This time I took a page out of @C6Billbook and used Holy Cow. Turned out great Caesar salad, rosemary/garlic/sour cream/Parmesan mashed potatoes & cornbread
  14. Been awhile since I’ve made pizza and my two little sous chefs each wanted to make their own pie. KK ran a little hotter than normal and we were a bit out of sync on our timing of pies so I got the first one a bit crunchy on one side but it all worked out and my 7 year old sliced all the bell peppers herself and did all the toppings so she was pretty proud two pepperoni & a bell pepper w/black olives
  15. I usually open my vents depending on how much time I have then once it gets to 200 I put in the drip pan and close the vent to the appropriate setting I want it to cook at generally it takes about an hour before the meat goes on your KK isn’t producing white smoke on its own. Even when you do a burn in that’s at higher temps and it doesn’t produce white smoke. White smoke is fat. Get a drip pan or get a foil food/turkey tray at the grocery store and put it under your meat. Agree with bill that fat drippings are burning on foil you should never use kingsford blue in your KK
  16. Ditch the kings ford blue briquettes. Get a drip pan or put foil down to prevent fat dripping as mentioned
  17. I will say @tekobo that you are right about the quantity of the marinade it’s a lot. I bought a small 7lb pork butt not really paying attention to the size at the store. After I froze it (per recipe) and trimmed the fat cap and sliced it for cuts that could be used on the stand it felt a little bit small for my gathering. There was probably 1/2-3/4 lb of meat still on the home that I couldn’t chop and I probably chopped 1/2 lb of fat from fat cap so I maybe had 4-5 lbs of meat and all that marinade. I went to the store the next day and picked up another pork but that was around 8 lbs, repeated the process and threw all of it in a larger bag with the original marinade. It was still plenty of marinade and I reckon I had about 9-10 lbs of meat in there I was able to pack the trompo king down and really stuff it full of meat and still had probably 1-2 lbs of meat in the bag. so takeaway is that you could likely halve the marinade recipe or you could store extra marinade like @tekobosaid or double the meat quantity like I did
  18. First time had ground brisket & short ribs. They were extremely juicy
  19. I think this is my favorite dish to cook. Haven’t made it since January 2022. I did t have any issues mixing up the Achioete paste but i broke it up into smaller pieces first then I let it sit in the olive oil and apple cider vinegar a big while I made the adobo sauce. Then I threw it all in the food processor to finish. Easy peasy, no mess easy cleanup
  20. Ground brisket & short rib burgers. Tilamook cheese. Toasted brioche buns. Sweet corn on the cob. No plated pics
  21. @Tyrus - thunder thighs
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