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  1. Wow, sounds fabulous. Looking at this makes my mouth water!! I smoked salmon on a cedar plank a couple days ago, on 19” KK. I have found that the salmon often has a very different taste, depending on where the fish came from and how fresh it is. Also the type of cedar plank and thickness really matters.
  2. Looks really good. I like that your cedar plank looks a bit charred, not too much and not too little is the trick. What are the red veggie items on the ends?
  3. Grilled scallops 🤗 Cooked with a touch of hickory smoke. these are called “colossal scallops”...picture may not do justice to their size!
  4. MacKenzie, thanks! I am glad I got it figured out 😀 YES! There is so much room in the dome...it is great for bigger pieces of meat, bread, etc. So fun!!
  5. P.S. just figured out my temperature problem! the Tel-Tru thermometer that came with KK was only 3” or 4” stem. It was too short to be fastened and for accurate temperature reading, per the instructions. I just got 5” Tel-Tru thermometer in the mail and installed. It is instantly reading much higher temperatures. Problem solved! I just hope that I didn’t accidentally damage the KK during burn in 🤭🤯
  6. Thanks for the tips and warm welcome! i have only used Royal Oak lump and BGE lump so far. Both have had a lot of small pieces. Will look for a better lump. And try the coconut KK charcoal! Here are a few pics of the new KK
  7. Just got a 19” lil’ isla...have had a lot of fun cooking on it! looking forward to meeting you all and hearing more about the KK universe. I will post some photos soon. Cooked my first brisket ever. Also had success with baking beer bread. It takes a while, maybe 2-3 hours +, to get to higher temperatures. Not sure if this is normal or if I’m doing something wrong. Cheers! - Kyle
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