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  1. The KK has been quiet for a couple of months as we were travelling for 6 weeks, and prior to that clearing the freezer of leftovers to leave some space for the house sitter… Finally had a chance to fire it up today for Mother’s Day- my partner loves a scotch fillet steak, so I made her surf and turf with prawns done in a cast iron pan with chilli, garlic, parsley and shed loads of butter. A great success!
  2. Will be in Singapore in 4 weeks from today- can't wait for a few goods serves of Hainanese Chicken Rice!
  3. Pretty sure Basher was just impressed with the gargantuan amount of pork relative to slaw, and wasn't asking for exact proportions!
  4. Powder...and they call it 'stock and seasoning'. Curiously the ingredients list looks the same as from the link you posted.
  5. Looking at the ingredient list, and the fact that mine is labelled stock/ seasoning, and the fact that the sodium per gram is identical, I think it may be one and the same.
  6. How funny- that’s the stuff I’ve been buying for at least 20 years, and is what we use for every dish that calls for ‘stock’, unless we happen to have fresh stock on hand of course. It is very yellow…
  7. With the wife and kids out of town, decided on a boys bbq/ beers/ movies night. Knocked out a 15lb brisket, given that I was at work during the day, with no one else home, I had to do it hot and fast from the morning. Cooked at 350F with post oak chunks for a bit over 6 hours, had powered through to 204F by the time I got home, so I wrapped in butcher paper and foil, and rested in the cooler for 4hrs. Bark ended up quite thick, but the brisket was still plenty juicy, and appreciated by the boys. By far the fastest brisket I’ve done, and you know what- it was still very good.
  8. Ha- figured as much, which is why the 3 times I've made this, I've used 2 chickens!
  9. Spun chickens al la Troble, green sauce, smashed potatoes, green papaya salad… forgot the plated pic. Happy guests!
  10. At our house, we celebrate Christmas Eve as the main event. And being in Australia, that makes us a fair way before most of your timetables! To make it spectacular, I decided on my first prime rib roast. 3 points. Salt and pepper only. Just under 3hrs at 250F, pulled at rare. Rested 40min. Reverse sear 2min x 5 sides of the roast. Served with horseradish sauce, roast potatoes, salad with candied walnuts and cranberries for the festive spirit. The other main dish was baked salmon with tahini and pomegranate. Aussie oysters and prawns to start. Heaven. Merry Christmas !! Remi
  11. Had our old neighbours round to our new house for pool and pizzas tonight on the KK. - classic Margherita - potato, olive, basil and truffle oil - potato, thyme and gruyere - spicy pork sausage with broccili - ham and cheese for the kids Forgot to take photos of most of them in the craziness- but here’s a couple. Remi
  12. Sunday lunch also a major success- pork butt rubbed with 5 Monkeys rub, cooked at 250F for 11.5hrs, pork ribs for 5 hours (including 1hr in foil). Vinegar based and also espresso BBQ sauces, pickles, coleslaw, white buns and habanero hot sauce. My brothers were feeling a little ‘dusty’ this morning after last night’s fun; suffice to say lunch made them feel a whole lot better.
  13. Both of my brothers and their wives are staying with us this weekend- given restrictions in Australia over the last 2 years this is the first time any of them have had a KK experience. A large bag of meat was picked up today… Bistecca Fiorentina was on the menu tonight, with a spicy green apple (papaya) style salad. Ribs and pork butt coming up for Sunday lunch, I may never need to eat again.
  14. In honour of our brisket discussions, I cooked a brisket. Angus, 6kg, trimmed 500gram or so. Meat church holy cow. Overnight at 250F with Post Oak wood chunks. First time ever I woke at 7am to find the fire had gone out; it all burnt into one corner and extinguished- bizarre! Temp log showed a slow and steady increase to 42 degrees Celsius internal over 8hrs with no further temp increase- so figured no harm done. Cranked it back up and a bit hotter - 300/325F to finish in time. Wrapped at 75C, pulled off at 95C after a total cook time of 12.5hrs. Rested 5 hours in a cooler. Don’t know what it was (post oak; bizarro temp management; longer rest than usual)- but hands down the best of the briskets I’ve done (and the others were all very good). Plated up with horseradish cream, spicy salsa, coleslaw and smashed roast potatoes. Heaven. My mate who came over for dinner said it was the best brisket he has ever had anywhere hands down.
  15. remi

    Perfect Brisket

    I'm curious- isn't rendered fat reaching the fire and burning the same profile as rendered fat hitting the drip tray and burning? And if not- why not? My next brisket is tomorrow- planning on 250 overnight (touch higher than last time), using post oak chunks (first time using those). So will see what we get- safe in the knowledge that it will be very good. But as to what differences I perceive- until I've done 100+ briskets, I doubt I'd be able to tease out the effect of any or all of these variables (ambient temp, ambient humidity, wind conditions on my deck, dryness or otherwise of my wood chunks, particular characteristics of the cow etc etc etc etc)... to say nothing of the extra steps in your method above.
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