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  1. For tonight- lamb ribs, sausages for the kids and a couple of scotch fillet steaks with a smashed cucumber/ coriander/ chill and tahini salad. First time cooking lamb ribs- I marinated them in olive oil/ garlic/ lemon juice/ yoghurt/ cumin and paprika. They were so so good...
  2. Roadside chicken here tonight (great recipe- thanks!). 350F 45min, direct. Some roasted potatoes and broccoli, simple coleslaw and homemade sourdough.... good times!
  3. First crack at a Tomahawk steak here last night... around 1.3kg, quite a lot of fat in it so pushed it through to medium-rare prior to a reverse sear. Delicious!
  4. Yes- I saw that. I'm just trying to get my head around why the shaft I had was supplied with the bracket I have; the motor end of the shaft protrudes so far beyond the bracket margin that it is inconceivable that any motor could fit- even a motor with the ability to receive that end of the shaft very deeply would be unable to as there is that rounded metal flange on the shaft only 10mm from the end. But clearly from the responses I've not screwed anything together the wrong way around, and will have to have at it with a hacksaw!
  5. Here is mine- 3.5 inch, with a very short end stop on the motor end. Can't imagine how this would ever fit with the bracket as supplied. Bizarre.
  6. Thanks- dark here outside now; appreciate the measurements. Will measure mine up tomorrow which should give a good idea of how much to lop off!
  7. Ha- no, it turned well enough; but as you can see from the photo everything is literally hanging by a single end thread at weird angles. Checked it obsessively for the first while to ensure it didn't collapse- but very clearly it is not sitting together as intended...
  8. Thanks- what has me confused though is that I can't for the life of me imagine how any motor would fit- without the motor, the shaft sticks well past the limits of the motor mount bracket if it is screwed down properly. I can't imagine any motor fitting unless there was a giant gap between the mount slots on the motor and the shaft inlet, when in practice the mount slots will always be pretty flush with the body of the motor.
  9. Despite some trouble with fitting the roti motor shaft (see my other post), I managed to knock out my first roti cook and my first porchetta. A bit smaller at 3.5lb (1.6kg)- cooked at 380-400F, direct first 25 min, 40min with drip tray, final 20min without. Superb crackling, and so juicy inside. Simple potatoes on the KK with thyme, rosemary truffle oil. Green salad. Happy days!!! Now to figure out the issue with my roti motor shaft.... IMG_2832.mov
  10. Thanks for this great video- setting up for the first Roti cook today- but am a bit stuck with the fitment.... my supplied motor shaft seems too long; and I can only just get things to barely hang together (photo attached). Can't see what I've done that's any different than your video, but my motor shaft protrudes much to far to easily slot the motor on?
  11. Looking great- out of interest why would you ever use a drip pan underneath a solid stone? To reduce the direct heat on the underside of the stone?
  12. Thanks- those are great tips. I was figuring on a 70-80 minute cooking time, a bit like a Roti chook at this size.
  13. That looks amazing- I've decided to give porchetta a try this weekend, but have purchased a considerably smaller one (1.5kg; 3-3.5lb). Was hoping to try my first Roti cook with it; should I aim for similar temp, but a bit less time? Trying to get my head around planning the cook....
  14. remi

    Wagyu Beef?

  15. For Sunday dinner, first attempt at a spatchcocked chicken. Decided on the buccaneer chicken from Steve R's project smoke; couldn't track down sugarcane so smoked over peach chunks instead. 1hr 45min at 300F, no flipping, basted every 15min - super crisp skin. Superb.
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