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  1. Having had a better look- I now see that the little surrounds around the feet can be separated from the flat square that they sit on; I had thought it was all one piece, hence my question. Thanks Tony- yes, I'd gathered that the box underneath can be easily destroyed, but was confused about the feet pieces..
  2. Progress... One thing I would be happy to have some clarification about (not clear from the manual or videos posted)- how do you remove the wooden supports that the 4 feet sit on? Manual says to crowbar them off, but as the KK's weight seems to be on them, I'm not sure how that is meant to work?
  3. Yep- seen that one; condition report pretty dire though- reckon you would be deeply underwater with that example in no time at all!
  4. Thanks- I'll see if the wife is able to assist with a lift off (plenty of ceiling clearance in the garage), and otherwise will take to it with the crowbar tonight!
  5. Yep- kids had a lot of fun ripping off all of the plastic and cardboard! Removed the ramp from the top- may try and take the crate off tonight; but the wife is quite small so not sure how much strength will be required to lift it up and over... If it seems to tricky, I may just crowbar one side off and tilt off instead. Lovely to get a good view of those sleek black tiles!
  6. Hopefully find an hour or two in the evenings once kids are in bed to start taking off packaging and dismantling top of crate etc. over the next few nights. Builder going to pop by Friday afternoon/ Saturday morning to sure up/ check deck and help ramp it into place...
  7. It's here! Although, as always- life is never simple; despite telling them I wouldn't be home between 11am-12pm- they of course came at 11:30am! So I was juggling being at the vet; pouring rain; home-schooling two kids during our current Melbourne lock-down; all while a delivery driver idled outside my driveway with a 600kg crate. Nevertheless- part 1 is a success. A big box in my garage...
  8. Yep- tomorrow's the day. Then just need to confirm with my builder when he's free to come around (he's going to have a quick look at the deck area, and come armed with a couple of apprentices, some plywood and a pallet jack to get it up the 2 steps onto the deck). Hopefully it won't spend too many days blocking the garage in the interim! Meanwhile- I've ordered everything I need to be up and running by this weekend- lump charcoal, smoking wood chunks, smoking pellets for the hot/cold smoker, heat proof gloves, gas torch for lighting charcoal, pizza peel, some Lodge cast iron, pink butcher
  9. Yep- I understand that well enough as well- but I would have thought that the factory burn in takes care of the solvents (irrespective of ongoing smell for a few cooks), and the main thing you do when you burn in at home is remove moisture from the refractory cement; hence Dennis' newer practice of plastic wrapping. But this potential of moisture to enter the material doesn't stop after the first few cooks (as we see on the forum in numerous examples of cracks and heavy lids etc). Hence my question- if you live in a humid area, and only do high temp cooks every so often- then presumably you ar
  10. I have a general question. The burn-in process is well understood given all the explanations and informative posts. What I don't really understand is why you need to do it at all- given the likelihood that small cracks may develop over the years for various reasons (as we can see from multiple posts about repair tips/ lids getting heavy etc), isn't 'burn-in' then a constantly evolving process? In other words, over the years small amounts of venting may occur from time to time if the cement absorbs some humidity etc... so what is the point of doing an initial burn-in? I understand that the deve
  11. This is exactly what I've been wondering, with the KK only days away. I guess the only painful/ messy bit is deciding which way to set up the splitter, as grates pop in and out with minimal fuss... So, right hand coals with more natural fit of the half grate for indirect ( vsmore arm over coals as I'm right handed), vs left hand coals and Tekobo's reversed half grate....hmmmm.
  12. Meanwhile- I've got a 20min APA on, 100% homegrown cascade....
  13. With 40L on tap at home, adult beverages are never a problem!
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