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  1. Thanks for all the tips- that rotisserie motor looks like a good option (unless I decide to add Dennis' heavy duty version to the order). Frans, I may well give you a call closer to delivery to get your tips about any good products /ingredients you've sourced. available locally. Almost out of beer- so it is time to plan the next recipe for sure!
  2. Yes- not that long ago- more like 2007!
  3. Sounds dangerous indeed- and a hole that the likes of me will easily fall down.
  4. Small world- many years ago I worked at the Austin for 6 months as well! Thanks for the tip about the Roti motor- perhaps worth reaching out to Dennis... a plug change is no big deal as you say.
  5. Thanks for the welcome and the helpful tips thus far. Regarding the brewery questions- I set things up initially in 2008 with these brewing vessels/ stainless bench etc etc, and didn't spend a single dollar on brewing equipment for 13years; so it owes me nothing as of about 5 years ago (based on very conservative estimates, and not counting my time of course!) The upgrade consisted of changing the kettle to electric, adding a RIMS tube, electric control panel for better control of mash temps and repeatability (sourced from Grounded brewing in Tennessee), adding a whirlpool fitting to my k
  6. Hi All, Thought it was time to introduce myself. I've been reading the forum over recent weeks having come to the decision to order a KK over recent months. The COVID lockdown last year led to the upgrade and reinvigoration of numerous hobbies, and I had set myself the goal of upping the cooking game in 2021. Our 17yr old gas grill is on its last legs, and I had already decided to go for a proper charcoal BBQ to replace it- a mate at work uses a KJ which he raves about, and then further research led me to the KK website and the new obsession. My habit is usually to do things properly
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