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  1. One of the locals were telling me that the government is planning to put wires underground in some of the central parts of Bangkok, but that people have complained as it is an iconic feature of Bangkok, as seen in @David Chang and my photos...
  2. Unsurprisingly, I ate very well and had a great time in general. Remi IMG_8065.MOV
  3. Don’t get too upset @Troble, but in the quest to utilise the leftovers, we had Al Pastor pizza tonight. All the trimmings on my side, but just the meat and cheese for the kids. They loved it. I’m a firm believer that almost everything can be made into a pizza, and even more so into a toasted sandwich (I had an Al Pastor Toastie for lunch!).
  4. Well, we finally had the time to have the neighbours over for dinner: given the success last time, I thought I’d knock out another Al Pastor. Picked up 4.5kg (10lb) of pork butt on my bike, marinated up and we were good to go. They loved it- and with 10lb of pork we’ve got plenty of leftovers for the week’s meals. @Troble, I’m going to find an excuse to go to San Diego for a conference, and buy you a beer! Remi
  5. Thanks- appreciate it!
  6. Thanks- any specific food tips welcome, I was just planning to wander!
  7. Looks great- I am there at the end of the month for 3-4 days. Can't wait - not been since 2009 or so!
  8. Looking good... I picked up my Roti motor for my black tiled 32BB (great choice) here.... They also have one for 20kg if you need more grunt. https://www.bbqspitrotisseries.com.au/bbq-spit-rotisserie-motor-stainless-steel-10kg
  9. My first go at this one with a ‘boys night’ at my place. So so good- perhaps the best KK cook ever. Thanks @Troble for posting the amazing recipe and tips. A real winner. IMG_7767.MOV
  10. A special night calls for a special cut of meat. 1.125kg 42 day dry aged bistecca fiorentina, low and slow until just under rare then seared in the 7th circle of hell. Also some lamb lollipops, chicken skewers and snags for the kids. We started out with yummy negronis. Served with a ‘green papaya salad’ made with green apples. The contrast of spicy, funky and sweet with the rich steak is our favourite. Happy new year!
  11. Yep- I used exactly method @C6Bill describes when I did a prime rib roast for Christmas here last year. Cooked exactly the way I also do thick cut steaks like Bistecca Fiorentina. Not sure whether the rest imparts major benefits, but it seems to make sense to do it this way as you can cook low and slow until rare, then crank the KK for searing while it rests, which also then gives you some wriggle room to time the finished product down to when you want to serve. Can't imagine you could get edge-to-edge pink like this with a rotisserie?
  12. Beautiful spread, and lovely bread as always. Congratulations on your milestone, and I'm very sorry to hear about your dog. Remi
  13. Big mixed grill tonight… Cevapcicci, pork sausages, a burger patty, Malaysian chicken satay skewers, lamb skewers, scotch fillet steak. With grilled asparagus, potato, corn, mushrooms. A nice varied dinner!
  14. If she is eating it after only an hour, I sincerely hope so!
  15. Pork butt here last night - 8.5hrs at 300F, hickory pellets in the KK smoker attachment, homemade rub. Served in fluffy white buns, with coleslaw, and salads, pickles and sauces on the side… rack of ribs for a pre dinner snack.
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