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  1. I like it- but would never have thought to do it... would've thought that putting the meat directly on the coals would have it covered with dust and ash? Or do you brush it off after- or does that not actually happen? And if not- how/why?
  2. Looking fantastic- well done on the variety of first meals; I did similar- try something different each time!
  3. Another family weekend- with the father in law visiting for the first time in almost a year. Bistecca fiorentina for the adults- reverse seared over some peach wood chunks, regular basting with butter with a brush of bouquet garni from the garden. Some yoghurt and cumin marinated lamb ribs for snacks, roast potatoes and salad. Burgers and pork sausage for the kids. Local Italian butcher knew what to do- pulled the giant primal from the cool room and sawed the pieces to my preference... nice to have a butcher like that a 5min walk from your front door! Possibly the most remarkable steak I have ever eaten- certainly the best I have cooked. Tender, moist, smoky and so full of flavour. Never considered a condiment as it would have been superfluous. Really finding my groove here! Another win for the KK!
  4. Agree 100%. A 32" will give you plenty of versatility for any type of cooking you are thinking of, for almost any number of people- without using appreciably so much more charcoal than a 23".
  5. As you may have heard, we have recently emerged from the world's longest COVID lockdown here in Melbourne... so finally had a chance to invite family over for some BBQ; first opportunity despite having the KK for almost 6 months. Put on a brisket (meat church holy cow, 300F, 7hrs, 2hr rest) and a couple of racks of pork ribs (home made rub)- served up with some buns, tortillas, coleslaw, smoked salsa, espresso BBQ sauce and horseradish cream. Great success!
  6. Aaron Franklin certainly thinks so- and suggests avoiding them as they burn hot, fast, and without much smoke flavour.
  7. Thanks- was about to start looking about for a recipe. and this looks like a very good start.
  8. Reckon that's my next cab off the rank- a hoppy lager for summer. Although living in Melbourne summer is an unpredictable beast which may show it's head intermittently from now up until late April!
  9. Just my own- a Timothy Taylor Landlord-ish clone...
  10. Grass fed rib-eye for us, sausages for the kids. Lower grate, pear wood chunks. Another spectacular Sunday...
  11. Looking good- and love to hear the ambitious initial weekend cooking plan. Use it or lose it I say!
  12. Friday night pizza- one corner of putanesca with white anchovies; the other salmon, potato, rocket and lemon. Healthy glass of Tempranillo … all is good with the world.
  13. Love the crane shot... heart stopping stuff.
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