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  1. Time for a bit of a ‘mixed grill’ tonight. Corn, yellow squash, small red capsicums, large mushrooms, country suasage links, smash burgers, chicken satay skewers, lamb kofta skewers and a couple of scotch fillet steaks. Nice mix for us and the kids- ended up using most the the 32BB lower grate real estate. Great success as always…
  2. It’s been a busy month or so with visitors- and we have my father in law staying for a few days this time. For tonight, it was a tandoori marinated lamb leg, cooked indirect at 400F until medium rare. Served with lemon wedges, coriander, habenaro mango hot sauce, fragrant raita, salad, rice and roti. Everyone happy as per usual with a KK dinner!
  3. Yep- Movida and the sister restaurants are all great.. the dining scene in Melbourne is outstandingly good. I am very very lucky!
  4. Very true- whereas in Australia, being an immigration nation, most people cook all sorts of cuisine in their weekly routine... and no one gets too precious about anything food related, which is great.
  5. I usually cook paella inside, but when I’ve got some time it is so much nicer on the KK. It was a beautiful autumn evening here, and kids were sorted- so it was the perfect time to cook tonight’s paella on the KK with some post oak for smoke. Originally paella was cooked on a pan over fire, so it feels right. Simple one tonight with chorizo, chicken, Roma tomatoes and green beans/ flavoured with saffron, paprika, stock and rosemary from our garden. Spicy pimenton in the adult one. I also love cooking the whole thing outside as you set up your ‘mise en place’ and then just relax. I’m smokey as all hell though, so need a shower. Nevertheless it was so so good- worth the extra effort.
  6. Looks lovely- but can I ask a question? I've never understood how a griddle is any different to a large flat frying pan?
  7. My wife’s overseas this week, so to make the last few days a bit easier meals wise I thought I should bbq on the weekend. The kids requested pulled pork… done.
  8. Had some family over for dinner tonight. Cranked out a Bistecca Fiorentina for the adults (each steak around 900gram)… sausages and burgers for the kids. Made some home made chips, salad, some no-knead bread… amazing. Everyone happy.
  9. I feel like there are issues here which are perhaps not being completely understood by those commenting? The charcoal in Dennis' short rib cook did not extinguish- his only concern is that the burn was uneven. As Dennis L has said, in a low and slow/ indirect cook there is no reason to be concerned about how even a burn is... the end result is exactly the same. The heat distribution is even in an indirect cook- the whole KK is heat soaked, and which bits of charcoal are lit doesn't much matter. I've certainly never sat there 'reading the charcoal' after a long low and slow cook! As Dennis L has said- different issue if you are cooking with direct heat when you are grilling over the charcoal. In that case you've usually lit lots of spots, and things progress hot and fast, and you can see the fire (as you are grilling), so you won't have a problem! I've only ever had a single episode of my charcoal actually going out on a low and slow cook (a different issue from Dennis' problem above). In that case it was a low and slow cook, and I had lit a fist full of charcoal roughly 1/3rds from the left edge of the basket- and quite bizarrely it burnt gradually towards the left of the basket, and having burnt all of the charcoal in that spot, then there was no way back to get to the other 2/3rds of the basket.... So now I'm more likely to light towards one edge when cooking low and slow (especially if overnight when I never get up to check!)
  10. My parents are visiting us and the kids from interstate. Whipped up @Troble’s Polla a la Brasa on the Roti, with pickles, coleslaw, roasted smashed potatoes, salad and green sauce. A big hit as always! IMG_8326.MOV
  11. After more than 3 years out in the weather, I finally got around to sanding and refinishing my side tables with Tung oil. Good as new!
  12. Yep- if I'm wanting a reverse sear, I utilise the half moon grate and leave the splitter in for a 50:50 split (I have a 32BB). If I'm having a very long low and slow I use a full basket just in case, and use a drip tray under to make things indirect. If I'm using the Roti I'm taking the splitter out and arranging the coals in a line across the basket, leaving the front half of the basket empty. So in effect I'm rarely using foil as I'm either having a 50:50 split with a cool side, or cooking indirect with a drip tray under!
  13. Hi Dennis- didn't mean your post, was referring to the original post from a new user with one message and suspicious language!
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