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  1. Happiness is- a simple dinner on the KK. Scotch fillet steak, some charred pumpkin, brioche buns and salad. Lower grate, hot.
  2. I note in the listing that they wrote 'Komodo Kamada'- hope that doesn't give them an out....
  3. Easter with the family here- so for the adults I prepared Bistecca Fiorentina; each of the steaks weighed 1kg. Indirect and then reverse sear, few pear wood chunks. Served with smashed roast potatoes and a classic caramelised pear/rocket/Parmesan salad. Happy days…
  4. Ha- the fence is already covered with enough children’s fingerprints that it will be only too visible! And don’t worry- the brewery is all intact, just need to re-configure the new garage a bit and get it into place. Had the foresight to brew just before the move so am fine for beer for awhile…
  5. After 6 weeks KK free, I've finally managed to get the 32BB into position at our new house... Our movers were great, but the KK caused some serious dramas when the weight of it put their truck off-camber in the narrow laneway access to our garage; resulting in them being stuck fast half way down and having to push it the rest of the way while the guys in the front of the cab had to get out through a window and walk around the block! Wish I'd taken photos. Couldn't get into final position as a section of pool fence had to come out... so this morning had my builder and a few of his crew around to get the pool fence off (and later back on), and then some grunt to get it over a step and some grass. He'd clearly forgotten the mass of the thing and bought some thin plywood sheet which gave way- the morning was saved by a section of steel from the basket splitter which did the job the plywood couldn't. Now in final position, so i can rest easy. Thinking of a porchetta for Easter! Been great checking out all the amazing meals here in the interim, looking forward to getting back in the game... Remi
  6. remi

    New owner

    But of interest, other than NY and LA- no other US cities have a population as big as Melbourne's!
  7. remi

    New owner

    Hi Caroline- it's been almost a year. Was in Brunswick when we purchased it, but then bought a new place just before Christmas... in Westgarth (the tiny south pocket of Northcote). The KK survived the move, but is stuck outside the garage until I can get my builder to come over with some ply, and a few extra bodies to move it into place (which will also require temporary dismantling of the pool fence). Hope you are enjoying the setup.
  8. remi

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    Melbourne is actually quite big- around 5 million people, and similar overall area to Greater London.
  9. remi

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    Welcome to the obsession Caroline; I'm also in Melbourne. There are a few of us on the forum from this part of the world.
  10. Beautiful- black tile 32 BB; the best combo😀
  11. Yep agree- and apologies. I keep forgetting how much of a political issue all this health stuff is in the US- unlike here. Back to the grilling!
  12. I think being skeptical about the endorsement of an individual who has wilfully spread health misinformation during a global pandemic is wise.
  13. We've been flat out since mid-December when we bought a new house. Since then we've been preparing our current house for sale- which is epic amounts of work as I'm sure you all know. Little time for KK cooking- and then we also decided at the last minute to move out temporarily for the sales campaign (a very wise idea when you have young kids and pets!) So it's been awhile between posts for me. Our house sold at auction on Friday night- a sensational result; and so we've moved back in. The auctioneer even made a few KK references to ensure that the bidder knew that it wasn't included with the sale (just like the home brewery). What better way to celebrate than with a simple KK family grill- sausages of varied sorts, scotch fillet and eye fillet steaks, kofta, grilled asparagus and sweet potato with tomatoes from the garden. In three weeks we do the big move to our new place- where one of my big decisions is where to put the KK. We have secured excellent movers that are not easily intimidated by the KK, which is a big relief.
  14. Great looking meals everyone. Like @alimac23 I’ve also been a busy busy recently so not posting as often… we bought a new house a couple of weeks before Christmas so have been flat out since then getting our current house ready for sale in February- it has been an epic marathon of cleaning/ de-cluttering and beautifying. I hope it all pays off. Did manage to knock out a small brisket today while cleaning windows (250F, peach wood chunks, some salsa, salad, roasted spuds). 9hrs plus a one hour rest. It was sensationally good. Perhaps the last proper KK cook before the move (some holidays coming up, and we plan to move out for the 3-4 week sales campaign).
  15. Last minute decision to do a pork butt after I realised I had a cabbage in the fridge…so lit the KK and cycled to the butcher. Cranked it hot and fast 385-400; wrapped at 170; off at 203 for a 1hr rest. 6.5hrs all up, peach wood chunks, home made rub. Served with coleslaw, home made pickles and a vinegary sauce… heaven.
  16. I like it- but would never have thought to do it... would've thought that putting the meat directly on the coals would have it covered with dust and ash? Or do you brush it off after- or does that not actually happen? And if not- how/why?
  17. Looking fantastic- well done on the variety of first meals; I did similar- try something different each time!
  18. Another family weekend- with the father in law visiting for the first time in almost a year. Bistecca fiorentina for the adults- reverse seared over some peach wood chunks, regular basting with butter with a brush of bouquet garni from the garden. Some yoghurt and cumin marinated lamb ribs for snacks, roast potatoes and salad. Burgers and pork sausage for the kids. Local Italian butcher knew what to do- pulled the giant primal from the cool room and sawed the pieces to my preference... nice to have a butcher like that a 5min walk from your front door! Possibly the most remarkable steak I have ever eaten- certainly the best I have cooked. Tender, moist, smoky and so full of flavour. Never considered a condiment as it would have been superfluous. Really finding my groove here! Another win for the KK!
  19. Agree 100%. A 32" will give you plenty of versatility for any type of cooking you are thinking of, for almost any number of people- without using appreciably so much more charcoal than a 23".
  20. As you may have heard, we have recently emerged from the world's longest COVID lockdown here in Melbourne... so finally had a chance to invite family over for some BBQ; first opportunity despite having the KK for almost 6 months. Put on a brisket (meat church holy cow, 300F, 7hrs, 2hr rest) and a couple of racks of pork ribs (home made rub)- served up with some buns, tortillas, coleslaw, smoked salsa, espresso BBQ sauce and horseradish cream. Great success!
  21. Aaron Franklin certainly thinks so- and suggests avoiding them as they burn hot, fast, and without much smoke flavour.
  22. Thanks- was about to start looking about for a recipe. and this looks like a very good start.
  23. Reckon that's my next cab off the rank- a hoppy lager for summer. Although living in Melbourne summer is an unpredictable beast which may show it's head intermittently from now up until late April!
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