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  1. Living in SFL I use the black and yellow and keep that under a old table outdoors next to my smoker …seems to work great
  2. Just a bump, still interested in seeing one in person.Anyone south of say Orlando?
  3. Seen a few of the older owners( they haven’t been active in a while) so anybody currently around down in the Palm beach, Broward, or Dade counties preferred but not limited to….. thanks, -Doug
  4. John, not sure which area to put this in… however if you add a little info / pics here I’m sure the moderators can let you know where to put it. I’d be interested depending on a few factors…Where are you located?
  5. dugtrue


    Thanks Dennis! That definitely gives me food for thought. I liked the Gray tones IR-01222-Z Just curious, do they do the pebble style also? thanks again.
  6. dugtrue


    As we get back to the “new normal” will there be any of the tiles coming out in different color pallets? Like maybe a gray tones? Thanks, -Doug
  7. Thanks Jonj. I haven’t been smoking near as long , but have had very good results in the wsm. I have enjoyed all of my Weber gassers (my current one is a 2005 platinum summit rebuilt it to new last year) but now as I used the wsm more and more I really got to notice the difference between gas and charcoal flavors so I had started researching the Kamado styles…. We were moving towards the primo, then saw the KK… well as they say “game over man” so now I work to see how to budget for this new obsession and getting the boss on board 😉.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I guess that makes sense on the temps now that I think about it. I am using a non insulated cooker now so there would be more differences.
  9. First of all, new here so be kind, I am a Weber guy from way back. I am currently using a modified WSM for my smoking needs and old platinum gassers I rebuilt for the grilling. Looking for the single solution. As I have been researching these Komodo kamados I had a question. I monitor the temps at my grate levels in the WSM and they are about a 30 degree diff from my modified top grate to my very bottom grate in there. In the KK I noticed the probe point is at the top grate level but would it be needed or possible to add ports at the other grate levels and just leave the plugs in if not required for the cook? all opinions welcomed…. on a side note- I’m working my wife over now to get approval….. started showing her the two big boys and their price tags, let it sink in I really want one, then said well we could probably “save” some money if we just got the 23” she didn’t say no like the first two, -so that’s a start😉
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