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  1. Some beef ribs for the Labour Day long weekend
  2. Awesome, glad it worked out well!
  3. Agree with CaptMorg82 - in my experience the key is more with charcoal size and distribution than it is about how much charcoal. I always cook with a full basket but its important to ensure there are some good sized chunks at the bottom that allow smooth airflow. This also means taking care to dig down and redistribute the unburned charcoal between cooks to ensure the small bits clogging the basket grate are out of the way (at least in the centre). The only times I've had issues with my fire are times i've been lazy on that step.
  4. for 10 people why does everyone need to have their own individual steak? I would do 3x bone-in tomahawk rib eyes approx 2" thick using a reverse sear. presentation of the sliced steak alongside the bones will be more impressive than individual plates and its much easier to execute than 10 individual steaks
  5. Sunday Pizza Night! and first time using my stone and doing 'za on the kk the pizza looks a bit comically small but it was around 10" - it just shows the awesome size of the 32BB, and its a 14" peel. 600F in the dome, and ~3 hrs heat-up/soak
  6. Easter Prime Rib! coated in Dijon and rosemary After 3 hours at 250F until 119F internal Rested for 45 mins and seared at 500F Potato for scale
  7. Thanks all for the warm welcome!
  8. Hi All, Nice to join after a long time lurking. I got my new cobalt blue pebble 32 a couple weeks ago and still learning but having a blast so far. Here is my 4th cook and favorite so far - slow smoked beef ribs. S&P rub ad 9 hrs at 250 with some Hickory smoke. They turned out incredibly tender and juicy with a nice barque on the ends. So far so good!
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