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  1. I will post pictures for sure. 😁
  2. Yesterday we made pizzas on the KK for Easter. They came out perfect! Looked around the forum for some insights and tips and found a basic dough recipe. This was our second time using the new gal. 😁 Can't wait to try out the duck hanger and try out smoking some meats. 🥰 Hope you all had a lovely holiday.
  3. That is really cool. Where did you rent them from?
  4. Yes, we will be using some wooden plywood or such on top of the pavers. The crate will never make it past our gas meter let only the AC unit so it will get unpacked in the garage before we go out and through the gate to the backyard. I appreciate all the tips! It really has helped us so much already. 😊 Do you know how many inches between the casters in both directions?
  5. Oh! Also, the pallet jack will not fit to take it over the dirt. We are going to have to roll it on it's casters. The pavers are going to be a must because it will be rolled off the concrete walkway, into the dirt to go around the AC unit and then back up into the concrete walkway again. From there it's an easy walk to the patio
  6. Poochie, did the guy bring the crate to where to planned to keep the 32? Or did you move the 32 to it's permanent location after opening it up somewhere else?
  7. I think my husband said he was going to get a few pavers to place along the way to help to provide a stable path. They will get moved once we get the bbq in place. This 32 is so heavy there is no way I would think about trying to move it on bare dirt. Hahaha! I told him that we should see if our neighbors behind us would let us go down their driveway and then remove a fence section and come into our yard that way. He doesn't want to. Haha. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the dimensions and such. 😊
  8. I think it's supposed to arrive on the 23rd. I have to check again to make sure. I am pretty good but my husband is the one who wants all the details. Probably because he is the one who will have to move it into place. Hahaha. We have a narrow side pathway it needs to come down and then past the large AC until and over the dirt where the lawn still needs to be installed. Our oldest son is 25 and can help with this but it's gonna be tight. Hahaha!
  9. We are in California so I am guessing it won't take that long but you never know and of course we haven't done anything like this before. 😊
  10. Poochie, I meant to ask you before, how long did it take for your 32 to arrive once your ship reached port? It looks like ours is going to arrive next week. 😊 I know that we don't live anywhere near each other so the timing will be different but I just want to get an idea. Thanks!!!
  11. Thanks for the advice. My husband and I are thinking about $100 for help beyond the driveway. Helping you put the lid on was just amazing! I can't imagine trying to even figure out how to do that on your own.
  12. Congrats!!! She's beautiful! My husband wants to know what a customary tip should be. We are getting so excited. 😁
  13. Does anyone know the rod in tube side table dimensions for a 32"? Trying to finalize our accessory selections. 🥰
  14. Is it possible to get one for the 32? My husband really wants one. 😁
  15. I just hate pestering him. He's great and I feel so particular and wanting to know all the things....hahaha. I was just hoping there was a link or picture I could see. 😊
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