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  1. I saw that too. My husband and I were wondering the same thing. The surge over here in California has been crazy! All those poor people. 😞
  2. I feel bad. I should also say that he told me in the email that the current ETA was January 21. He said to expect it being pushed a few times. He also told me that the containers he sent in September and October are now just arriving. He was very upfront about the predictable unpredictability. I didn't mean to insinuate that he told me that it would for sure arrive on that date even even that it was probable that it would arrive on that date. Sorry. 😥
  3. No false hopes at all. I knew when he told me the date it was more of a cross your fingers but seriously expect that to get pushed. I totally understand the crazy shipping situation these days. My husband is dealing with orders for his company that were made last summer and normal shipping a week. He is still being told that the arrival date is hopefully in a couple of months. Hahaha
  4. I wrote an email to Dennis to ask what the status of my 32 is, about a week ago. He sent me an email letting me know that the ETA is January 21. Of course it can and will change sure. Shipping is a nightmare. 😕
  5. October 9th. It was planned for the November container. 😊
  6. So, if I haven't received any emails with details about mine being shipped I can assume it probably is still waiting for a vessel? 😊
  7. Sadly it is not surprising. But it's still on its way and that's the most important thing. 😁
  8. Sorry. I realized that after I posted. Hahaha. Too late for me last night I guess.we got the pizza stone, the folding side tables, the grate pulls, duck hanger and some mini splits.
  9. We ordered the 32" BB , terra blue pebble I can't wait to see how it turned out. 😁
  10. Thanks for all the info everyone!!! I totally get this shipping insanity. But I know this is all worth the wait. 😁
  11. Thanks! My husband keeps pestering me to check in to see when it will be shipped. I'm content to wait awhile longer. Haha. I did get an email from Dennis about letting him know what accessories we would like shipped with it. We are super excited but I know how crazy shipping can be.
  12. When did Dennis let you know what ship it would be on? I haven't heard anything yet. When we ordered it he said it was for the November ship.
  13. I think ours was supposed to be November. Do far no notification of it headed out way yet. I know with the shipping challenges and the holidays it could be awhile. 😊
  14. Does anyone know the rod in tube side table dimensions for a 32"? Trying to finalize our accessory selections. 🥰
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