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  1. Beautiful out there Troble. I haven't been to Hawaii since 2006 but we sure loved it. As usual MacKenzie, your food looks delicious!
  2. Tiles are punched out 4000 at a time. Each pebble is lovingly handcrafted one at a time by ancient artisans who learned the craft from their forefathers.
  3. You're NOT kidding. Pebble tiles are best. Even the people that have tiles agree that pebbles are the best. There, we settled that!
  4. Very impressive! Looks like you've mastered the KK already too. You're hooked!
  5. Poochie


    The name of the channel is TASTEMADE. It's on a service called Philo here in the states.
  6. Poochie


    I'm going to bet that you watch Street Food Asia with Luke Nguyen. I love that show. Not sure if they show it where you are. By the way, the fish looks yummy.
  7. Buy one that has a high resale value.
  8. If you look at the KK from a top view, the blower port is around 4 or 5 o'clock. Rotisserie motor would fit right at 3 o'clock. You didn't say if you ordered shelves or not. If you did, the shelf clearance will take care of the rotisserie motor needs. Probe port is around 4-5 o'clock too.
  9. Our Costco only has St. Louis cut ribs in a 3 pack. They don't sell baby backs at all. Of course, they have their world famous rotisserie chickens.
  10. True, time to get that thing dirty with sauce, smoke and some kind of animal.
  11. Something about a product called "milk bread" that makes you want to eat it right now. Amazing food you're turning out David...as usual.
  12. Another winner, David. I keep telling you to quit the day job and open a restaurant, food truck, street stand. So what if it's the number one business that fails.
  13. Poochie


    I'd like an order to go too. That's looks mighty tasty!
  14. That's better than them making you think it's going to arrive tomorrow and it shows up in 2 weeks. Been there.
  15. Poochie

    Beef Ribs

    Great looking beef ribs. I can't wait for Costco to get the Angus beef ribs back so they can get rid of the choice beef ribs. As an added bonus, they're selling the choice ribs for the same price. the Angus used to be.
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