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  1. It's nice to be back. I'm looking forward to getting the new smoker and visiting here on a regular basis, Speaking of missing people, where is Ceramic Chef? Did he fly the coop?
  2. That's true about notifications. But other readers that would like more info about the author's post and comments from others will have to keep reading to find out more. I guess they probably would anyway since they're in that section in the first place. Not world problems but thank you for the input.
  3. A farmer bought a new rooster and right away the rooster wanted every chicken in the farmhouse for his bride. Farmer: “Boy, you better slow down. You’re going to kill yourself” But the rooster didn’t listen and had his way with the ducks, cows, and goats. When the farmer saw him with a pig, he couldn’t believe it. Farmer: “Son, you going to kill yourself. Stop. Now” So one day the farmer saw the rooster spread eagle on the ground, wings stretched out and tongue hanging out. His eye were closed and he wasn’t breathing. Farmer: “I told you. I told you. Now look at you. All dead and not worth nothing!” The rooster barely raised a wing skyward. “Shhhhhhhh. Buzzards!”
  4. Thanks for the tips. I knew about the quote button, but if you quote someone's cook and photos, my reply goes to the bottom of the thread. Nowhere near the original post. I guess that's life. I will try Mackenzie's suggestion but I think it'll still go to the bottom of the thread. On the every day cooks, lots of different people post on there. They'd have to keep reading to the very end to possibly see all the comments people had for them. OK, now I know. Thanks again.
  5. If I'm looking at the topic "Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details" and I want to reply to a specific post, it'll put my reply as the last reply for the whole group. There may be 4 different cook photos I want to comment on, but they'll all be at the end of the all the posts and not under the specific food post that I was commenting on. Is the only way to get my reply where I want it by catching the post right after it's made? I see only one "reply to this thread" button on the top of the page and I think what I'm looking for is a reply button for each post...not the whole group of posts.
  6. Looks perfect, Tony. Must be nice to eat outdoors now. The sun has decided to cook our area in the upper 80s and low 90s right now. Forgot beer???
  7. Another great looking meal. I'll bug you for bread tips when I get mine delivered.
  8. I agree C6Bill. MacKenzie loves her pebbles but she'd push it off the porch for a blue tile 32". It would sink into the snow never to be seen again.
  9. That's an outstanding meal. Just the bread alone makes me hungry.
  10. The wings look great, Tony. You were even nice enough to set out a plate for your pet rabbit.
  11. The new 32" is already on the way and should arrive by the end of October. I was lucky enough to have someone cancel their order and I got to grab it. I asked Dennis for a 25% discount and he said that my jokes were so awful on this forum that he's charging me an extra 25%. Anyway, I'm happy to be back among the crew here and will post the obligatory unpacking photos as soon as I get it. Thanks again Dennis for the good service and being easy to work with! Oh yeah, I replace my previous puppy with the new one I have now in the profile.
  12. Thank you, I appreciate it. I hope you are doing well these days.
  13. Thanks for the kind words, Tyrus. My son getting the Komodo was a deal to encourage him to get healthier. I lost my other son to enlarged heart and complications and I wanted to motivate my other son to do something to get in shape. I know a food cooker doesn't sound like a good idea, but in this case it was. So that's how I was left without one.
  14. Retirement is everything I wanted it to be. If anyone out there is thinking about working longer than they have to...don't. I was with AT&T for 37 years and although the job I had was pretty darn good, retirement beats it by a mile. Anyway, my new focus with a KK will be doing some pizza and bread baking. Butts and briskets are on the menu of course, but I'd like to try to perfect pizzas right now. I know that youngster MacKenzie is the local expert on bread so maybe she could throw some tips my way. I'll get out of the joke section now until I have another terrible one to tell. Take care, Tony
  15. A lot of things have happened but lucky for all of you guys and gals, I won't bore you with it. The good news is that I'm in the process of ordering a 32 from Dennis as we speak. My other KK is at my son's house and I missed it so much I have to get another. Anyway, what's happening at your end? Retire yet or are you too young?
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