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  1. Come on down here. It's almost crawfish season again.
  2. Time to move to Cajun country, Tony. Don't worry, even though everyone North of I10 is considered a Yankee around here, we'll let you in. 😀
  3. That sounds horrible MacKenzie. We'll hit 29 on Thursday but it won't last very long.
  4. That's good news, David! You'll be smelling that sweet tasty BBQ shortly!
  5. swoff1: Hey, what does Jokes, Ribbin', & misc banter! mean? Partner: Sounds like a place to post jokes, shoot the breeze, and maybe some off-topic stuff. swoff1: Wrong! Yesterday Dennis suspended the account of this asshole named Poochie. It was so awesome!! I mean who has time for that garbage?? Partner: What? swoff1: That knucklehead can't post anything for 30 days. Hahahaha. Serves him right. Hey, what's a 6 letter word for dumb?
  6. Are you using pellets? After reading the review it appears that pellets will make the more of a mess than wood chips. It's easy to clean either way but I'm just curious as to what fuel you used.
  7. You can't go wrong with pizza. Especially pepperoni. I like 'em thin and crispy
  8. I don't really need to since I'm married 😀
  9. That's a bummer with the plumbing. You'd think the goo would be safe for the pipes. At least you ended up with a great snack!
  10. But then you'd have to carry your brisket in the deli.
  11. I visited Colorado and decided to have some supper at a local restaurant. I looked over the menu and see mountain oysters. Now being from Louisiana I’m thinking they’re just like salt water oysters I’m used to eating, but they come from fresh water in the area. Waitress: What can I get for you today? Poochie: I think I’ll have an order of these mountain oysters. Waitress: Good choice! They’re fresh and delicious. Poochie: How many do you get? Waitress: You get two and one vegetable. Poochie: Two?? Give me a dozen! That’s what I’m used to eating. Waitress: Oh my, you sure like your mountain oysters, don’t you? Poochie: Lady, where I come from we eat them right out of the sack.
  12. Hey Tekobo, why did you slice the peppers before you put them on the smoker? More smoke flavor?
  13. Just do like Tekobo and buy one of each smoker Dennis sells.
  14. I didn't mean to put the stink face on the slicer. I'm sure there are 50 people happy with them to my one unhappiness. I loved what it did, just not the cleaning and fear factor. Slice away Tyrus and just ignore my bitching. And stop giving away blood for free.
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