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  1. An Old Farmer writes to his Son who is in Prison: "Dear Son, this year I won't be able to plant potatoes because I can't dig the field by myself, I know if you are here, you would have helped me". The Son writes back, "Dad don't even think of digging the field because that's where I buried all the money I stole." The Police read the letter and the next Day the whole field was dugged up looking for the money but nothing was found. The following Day the Son wrote again, 'Now plant your potatoes dad, it's the best I can do from here. '
  2. I like everything you're saying about it except the "only runs on 220v part"
  3. Isn't your Alfa a wood fired cooker? Do you taste any difference in the pizza between cookers?
  4. They have Angus choice at Costco now. Best I can get locally. But I'd use that method on any I'd cook.
  5. The last 4 briskets I've done were at 240. I put it on with a drip pan under it, closed the lid, and didn't open it until it was done. No spritz, no basting, no butcher paper. I put 'em on around 7pm and take them off when they reach 203. I've had a great success using this method. I use a temperature controller for overnighters like this.
  6. Check out a Kudu. Adjustable grate and several addons. Open Fire Grills & Barbecues | KUDU Grills | Home Page
  7. Welcome and feel free to ask all the questions you desire. We've all been newbies at one time or another.
  8. I'm not sure of the date it changed, but....The probe ports now have a stainless steel screw in piece instead of rubber and the top half of the 32" has a steel "band" around it where the bottom meets it. I think it's had a separate cold smoker port for a while. The rotisserie end pieces have been redesigned too. They used to consist of several pieces and now they're solid pieces. Not sure what else changed but I'm sure Dennis can enlighten us. Edited to say the top half (lid) has the metal band...not the bottom half.
  9. Nice looking pizza. How hot did you get the pizza stone before you launched it?
  10. You possess some amazing talent
  11. Thank you everyone for the tips and advice. This group is great!
  12. I don't have any problem assembling the table. It's lifting 250 pounds to put the cooker on the table that troubles me. How do you like your 5 minuti? Ever bake bread or desserts in it?
  13. I had no idea they'd ship in on the stand...or that particular stand. That saves a tremendous amount of gut busting and lifting. I wonder if their other ovens come on the stand when you order them. I would guess not. I can't wait to see your oven unboxed and ready to fire up your first pizza. Best of luck to you.
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