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  1. I have a Yoder, it can get to 700-800 degrees and can sear like a monster. I highly recommend you check them out.
  2. No longer looking, just ordered this beauty.
  3. Unfortunately his was sold I’m still on the hunt if anyone wants to sell!
  4. I did! I fear he’s already gone on the road and no longer in a position to sell. We’ll see
  5. Man! I missed the notification. This would have already been on my patio!
  6. I’m still on the search! I had tried to buy a new one but I haven’t heard back from Dennis in a few weeks so I’m not sure where we stand? They might have all sold before I could grab one.
  7. Luckily I’m not picky as I just want one! I hear what you’re saying though as far as availability. I’m going to reach out and start the process of ordering
  8. It will likely come to me ordering one. by chance do you know the estimated wait time currently?
  9. I was looking to see if anyone wanted to sell theirs vs ordering.
  10. Greetings! I have been obsessed with owning a KK since first seeing them a few years back and before I consider ordering new I wanted to see if any are available in the Midwest, I can also drive for the right piece. I appreciate the your time and can’t wait to own one of these masterpieces! thanks- Brad
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