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  1. @Syzygies I just purchased the JVR Vac100 as my first vac sealer. I did a ton of research which led me to the Vac100. The power, size, and ease of use is what I liked most about the Vac100. After a month of use, we are very happy with it. I hope it last a long time. I think you will like it too
  2. 1. As Dennis has stated, don't use the heat deflectors. Use something to catch the drippings from the brisket as your heat deflector. (I.e. pan, foil, etc.) 2. Always use a thermometer..... 3. Put a few chunks of wood when you build your fire. No need to add chips or wood through the side.
  3. @BasherThanks for the tips. We have always struggled with venison due to the low fat. However, when it is cooked right it turns out well. @C6Bill Grinding it up with pork is typically what we do. After that, we patty a majority of it. I was just hoping for some way to use the KK mores than just grilling burgers
  4. We are quickly approaching hunting season here in North America. For those of you who hunt whitetail deer, how do you cook venison on the KK? Any recipes, tips, tricks, etc. would be much appreciated.
  5. Congrats Dennis! Now, if I could just find someone to do a bulk purchase with me.......
  6. Why didn't you go with a chamber vac?
  7. Looks very nice! Enjoy it my fellow KK owner
  8. I second the Google Nest security cameras. I have two and have had a good experience with them. Mine are not the newest version and the quality is still decent. If you are looking for the best quality I'd recommend Lorex.
  9. Do you have the basket divider? If so, I only use the moon shaped plate and fill the basket up to the top. Place some large pieces in the bottom and then cover the top with smaller pieces. Don't be shy with the lump. It's a total PITA to refill the charcoal halfway or near the end of the cook. Trust me. As a new KK owner, I've made the mistake of not using enough lump.
  10. It didn't have a weight on it. It was from a cow we bought a month or so ago.
  11. The cook went really well. I put the brisket on the KK at 10:00 PM Friday evening. The KK stayed steady and cook well overnight. It finished about 4:00 PM Saturday. We let it rest for about two hours and then ate it. My wife and kids enjoyed it. I reheated some yesterday (Sunday) for a block party. It was devoured almost instantly and the feedback was very positive. For the block party, we also made some smoked Mac & Cheese.
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