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  1. Very nice! Be sure to post some pics of the KK in action
  2. I get it. I like forums as well. Been a long time forum browsers for all of my hobbies. I’ve just noticed many communities switching to FB. Just want to ensure we capture KK owners from all angles.
  3. Looks awesome! Should've taken some pictures of the grill in action!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I told my family that all of the major holiday's are at our house next year so I can use my KK
  5. Is there a Facebook page for Komodo Kamado Owners? If not, why? I would assume it's a small minority of KK owners who visit this forum. We could probably amass a larger community on FB. I know, FB is a POS company and unethical. I totally get it. However, as far as connecting folks who have similar interests it does a fairly good job. I'm not suggesting it as a replacement but rather a compliment to the forum. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. I wish I would've known the pebble was better for pizza before I placed my order for square tiles.
  7. Fan is about 650 CFM. I get it. Grilling outside in bitter cold weather is borderline moronic. However, if I could shelter in my garage a bit it would be tolerable. I may just have to concede and wait until spring to place the grill outside. I think the 32 is too big to move in and out of the garage.
  8. To start, I'm aware of the dangers of fire inside a closed garage. That's not my intention so calm down. It's cold as shit in Wisconsin and I enjoy grilling all year long. I will be taking delivery of a 32 in February / March timeframe. I was planning to use it right away and do so in my garage until I can move it outside in spring. Even then, I may want to keep it in the garage due to our patio construction project. However, during the spring, summer, and fall I can grill in the garage and have both doors wide open. My plan is to mount an old inline duct fan to the ceiling and attach about a 10' flexible ducting to it. I'll then open the garage door about 12 inches and run the ducting over the top of the garage door to the outside. The grill will be placed near the exhaust fan. I figured more than enough fresh air can enter the garage with the door open 12 inches. My family enjoys cooking and grilling all year long so I don't want to wait until spring or later to use my new KK. For those of you who have grilled in your garage, let me know how you did it and what your experiences were. Thanks!
  9. I was in your same spot. I went with the 32. Bought most of the accessories too. Figured I'd go all-in. I hope I like it I've never cooked on a kamado style cooker before.
  10. @DennisLinkletter Any update on the charcoal?
  11. I wouldn't say I have regrets about going with square tiles. I just grew to like the pebble a bit more than I did initially. It's not a big deal. I'll enjoy my KK 32 regardless of tile shape. I'm stoked to get it and begin my journey. I considered buying 2 23's versus one 32 but I was advised to get the 32. I wanted the ability to cook more than just one thing and have a few different temps zones so I can cook an entire meal on the 32. I hope my expectations are in line with reality. Lol.
  12. Share a pic Is yours square or pebble? How long have you had it? Favorite accessory?
  13. Not sure on ship date. Dennis simply said early December. I ordered the square Blue Cobalt tiles. Wish I would've choose the pebble. Oh, well.
  14. After college and starting my business, I'm finally at a point in life to invest in a grill. I've used a gas grill for the past year. Not any gas grill but a Holland Grill. It has served me well but I need something with a bit more versatility for my family. I've considered a pellet grill but quickly dismissed it. I wanted something without electronics, augers, motors, etc. I need stuff that reduce stress in my life not add to it. Considered the Komodo Joe and others but weaned something large enough to accommodate our family but also for holidays and parties. I wanted a grill large enough to cook meats and sides simultaneously. After endless amounts of research, reading forums, and watching YouTube videos I've decided on the 32" Big Bad. I ordered it in the Cobalt Blue square tiles but wish I would've went with the pebble. Oh, well. I'll like it no matter the tile shape I'm excited to begin my journey of cooking with a KK. I have a lot to learn and hopefully plenty of time left on this planet to do so 😎 Grill is expected to ship in the next few weeks and hopefully make it to WI by early February.
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