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  1. Very nice! Enjoy and be sure to share some pics of your cooks
  2. Looks beautiful! What temp did you cook it at and for how long? Where did you place the chicken in relation to the fire? (Direct or indirect) My first schwarma didn't go so well. I had it the indirect side on a stand like you have. The top cooked well but the bottom didn't. By the time the bottom rinsed the top was way over cooked. Next time, I'll place it directly over the heat. Just curious how you did it. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, that's what I was looking for. I was told by numerous KK owners that they leave the lid in the 1st position and unscrew the top vent a bit while the grill isn't being used.
  4. How long after a KK is closed up tight can it be reopened without the coals restarting? I understand coal bed size and or whatever other variables. Just curious of an “average” time you let the grill rest before opening it up to “ease” the gaskets.
  5. Congrats! I took delivery of my 32 two weeks ago. Love it so far!
  6. So I just spoke with Dennis about shipping. The website is quoting $800 for delivery. However, Dennis can do different shipping which brought the cost down to $340. The website is set for shipping grills which have a higher value than charcoal. Either way, if you’re interested in charcoal call Dennis for shipping charges. The website is an accurate.
  7. Lol. Too funny. I did get the shaft. I was mainly debating between the standard and heavy duty motor. Aside from that, I was just seeing if there are any better options thay others have used or liked.
  8. I need a motor for the rotisserie. Any recommendations? Should I just buy the same one Dennis has on his site? I see Amazon has them. Probably a bit faster than the Las Vegas warehouse. Lol.
  9. After reviewing the numbers a bit more last night I think I’m going to pass.
  10. Use a shop vac and a bag over the filter? I would prefer not to invest in more equipment like a canister. Trying to keep it simple. I have a shop vac but need to know what to get to make it work. Something simple.
  11. I’m neat Green Bay. No problem for me to drive a bit. I know another in SW WI that may also be interested. We could deliver to his house and meet there.
  12. Anyone near WI interested in doing a bulk purchase?
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