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  1. You can certainly let t ramp up to 600F. However, it may get a bit high and not come back down to your desired temp in time. This is why I switched my method. A nice even layer of hot coals across the entire basket seems to work well. https://tmgpits.com/products/tmg-torch-charcoal-chimney
  2. @Dennis I had similar problems for a while when I first got my KK. It was super frustrating for me. However, I found a very simple solution. I know fill a charcoal chimney with lump. Once the lump is red hot, and going strong, I pour those hot coals over the entire charcoal basket. I can now burn a complete basket of lump and avoid these dead spots. For small cooks it isn't too big of an issue. I had the most issues on longer cooks where I needed the whole basket to burn and it wouldn't. I also now only use the Fogo Premium; not XL. Sometimes those XL chunks just wouldn't burn.
  3. Yes, Fireboard 2 Drive or Pro and a Pit Viper would be the best. I have the FB Pro and Pit Viper. Love it.
  4. I ended up just brining the ham for two days instead of curing it. Sliced it up for soup and sandwiches. I requested the butcher leave the ham whole which was a mistake. Next time I'll have him quarter it to make the process a bit more manageable. Trying to work with a 20lb ham isn't all that easy.
  5. I have a whole uncured ham from a pig we had butchered this past fall. I sawed it in half today so it is a bit more managable. Now, it's time to cure it. Do any of you have a good recipe and instructions for curing a ham? Should I be injecting the brine/cure into the meat? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Could you please post some pics of the grill itself and with some food on it? It would be nice to get a size perspective.
  7. I have a 32" and don't regret the size at all. Even when cooking for larger groups it works so much better to have a separate grill versus trying to do everything on one. Go for the 32". Be sure to get the stainless side tables. The only MUST have accessory in my opinion.
  8. If possible, just buy a BBQ Guru fan. Works perfectly with the Fireboard Drive / Pro. @C6Bill is right
  9. Welcome to the club! I have had my 32 for two years now. Have done well over 150 cooks on it so far. Of all my grills/smokers, it's my most versatile. If I could only have one it would be my KK Best of luck to you my friend.
  10. I have the best results by using a charcoal chimney to start my lump. I fill the basket 2/3 and top it off with the hot coals from the chimney. Note, I also struggled with finding the right lump. I tried the XL size and I think that was my trouble. I switched to Fogo in the black bag and have never looked back.
  11. Anyone have a 22" they can show a few pics of? If I were to buy a new KK it would be a 22" TT. I'd love to have one on a cart so it would be a bit more mobile than my 32".
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