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  1. Same as above. I do indirect heat with my 32BB when I do bacon. I add the wood chunks in with the lump when I fill the basket. I use the basket divider with the end and one extra plate; roughly 50%. I fill that portion up completely. I aim for a dome temp of 225F as well.
  2. I tried a bag of this over the past weekend. I noticed the smell was a bit off. Didn't seem "natural" as claimed on the bag. The smell was just a bit off. I did like the steady temps but I can't get past the smell. There was also a ton of ash. @Poochie What is your go-to lump now?
  3. I appreciate the feedback. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. I will be placing my order with Thermoworks.
  4. I have had my Fireboard 2 Pro for about six months now. I feel as if my use is moderate. Two days ago the ambient probe died as I fired up the KK for an overnight cook. Perfect timing. Then, yesterday I did two chickens and used both food probes. My wife went to remove the probes from the chickens and the wire broke. It broke about an inch from the probe and came apart. I understand that probes don't last forever but only six months of moderate use seems a bit short. My question is do I buy probes from Fireboard or do I upgrade to Thermoworks K-Type probes? Does anyone have experience with both manufactures K-Type probes? Anyone else with Fireboard probes experience the same issues I have?
  5. I have a brand new unopened set of these knives. Looking to get $220 which includes US shipping.
  6. Very nice. Much needed accessory. Looking forward to more info on pricing and availability.
  7. I cooked a brisket over the weekend for a friend of mine home from Guam. He is serving with the USAF there. When he comes home I always try to make something special. It was 0F for the entire cook. Turned out fantastic!
  8. So, I'm struggling to pull myself out of the "meat slicer" rabbit hole. I need help!! We have two children (5 & 2), so we go through a lot of meat and will only go through more in the future. I recently bought a vac sealer and sous vide. Both have been a great addition. With our 5 year-old in school we are going through a lot of lunch meat. I've been thinking a meat slicer would be a nice addition to the kitchen. I've thought about making our own lunch meat along with a variety of other uses. My main concern is cleaning. I was thinking of either a 10" or 12" unit. I'm open to paying up a bit to get a unit that's easy to clean. I've looked at the Beswood, Avantco, Hobart, etc. Based on the info above, meat slicers don't get much love. @TyrusHow are you liking your Beswood? Do you have any regrets?
  9. I'd like to try to make some jerky in my 32KK this winter too. I'm following to see how to do so. I'm considering using my controller & fan to keep it at 170ish.
  10. @MacKenzie Looks delicious! We just received our hog from the butcher. I look forward to cooking the rib roasts. This is our first time buying a whole pig. So, this will be out first time cooking alternative cuts of pork. I know the KK can do its part. The question is, can I......?
  11. I will be doing a leg of lamb next week for Thanksgiving. I only have FOGO lump at the moment. Which do you prefer to use when cooking lamb on the KK?
  12. Very nice! Welcome to the community. Good luck with finding a perfect resting spot. Once you do, you will enjoy using it. I have had my BB32 for about 8 months now. Absolutely love it. We cook on it numerous times a week. Regardless of weather.
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