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  1. Hey Firemonkey, Do you use the SS stone liner. I have used the new baking stone once, placed it on the top rack with the linner. I preheated for an hour at 650 degrees and cooked four pizzas. The first one was good cooked in about 6 mins. but the top did overcook a bit. The last one the top was done way before the bottom and I had to leave it on the stone with the lid open to finish it. Next time I will try the stone without the liner. Also I make a medium thickness crust and I may be better off cooking at a lower temperature.
  2. Thanks Dennis! The UPS man delivered my rib rack and baking stone today. I'm planning to give the new stone a try this weekend with more pizza!
  3. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I have decided to try an ash rake made for a wood burning stove. I ordered this one http://www.woodmanspartsplus.com/21560/225146/Wood-Coal-Stove-Tools/Stove-Ash-Rake-Wrought-Iron.html I'll let you know how it works out.
  4. Tom Lehmann's New York Style Pizza Crust From pizzamaking.com, go there and use Lehmann's dough calculator to get the volumes for the size and number of pies you will be making. I made 13" pizzas at 58% hydration. Start low on the hydration so you can easily handle the dough and as you gain experience up the hydration. This formula produces a somewhat thin crust with a tough, chewy texture. How to Prepare: Standard Dough Making Procedure: Put water into the mixing bowl, add the salt and sugar, then add the flour and the yeast. Mix at low speed for about 2 minutes, then mix at medium speed until all of the flour has been picked up into the dough. Now add the oil and mix in for 2 minutes at low speed, then mix the dough at medium speed until it develops a smooth, satiny appearance (generally about 8 to 10 minutes using a planetary mixer). The dough temperature should be between 80 and 85F. Immediately divide the dough into desired weight pieces and round into balls. Wipe the dough balls with salad oil, and place into plastic dough boxes. Make sure that the dough balls are spaced about 2 inches apart. Cross stack the uncovered dough boxes in the cooler for 2 hours as this will allow the dough balls to cool down thoroughly, and uniformly. The dough boxes can then be nested, with the top box being covered. This will prevent excessive drying of the dough balls. The dough balls will be ready to use after about 12 hours of refrigeration. They can be used after up to 72 hours of refrigeration with good results. To use the dough balls, remove a quantity from the cooler and allow them to warm at room temperature for approximately 2-3 hours. The dough can then be shaped into skins, or shaped into pans for proofing. Unused dough can remain at room temperature (covered to prevent drying) for up to 6 hours after removal from the cooler. Note: If using ACTIVE DRY YEAST (ADY) only half the amo0unt as compressed yeast. Then suspend the ADY in a small quantity of warm water (105 – 110F) and allow it to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Add this to the water in the mixing bowl, but do not add the salt and sugar to the water, instead, add the salt and sugar to the flour, then begin mixing as directed. If using INSTANT DRY YEAST (IDY) us only 1/3 the amount as compressed yeast. Add the IDY to the flour along with the salt and sugar, and begin mixing as directed.
  5. I used the heat deflector set in the SS linner on the upper rack to cook 4 pies. The cooker was preaheated for at least an hour and the temp was 650 when the first pizza went on. A wood peel was used to load and a metal peel to remove so I could cycle the pizzas one after the other. First pizza a simple pepperoni was cooked to perfection in 6 mins. It was my best result in many years of pizza making! Sausage and Black Olive BBQ Chicken Sausage and Mushroom As each successive pizza went on, the stone temperature droped and by the last pizza the top was cooked well before the bottom. Hopefully the new KK baking stone will preform better, I'll find out next weekend.
  6. For my second cook I did dry rubbed loin back ribs and a fatty stuffed with garlic, onion and chedar cheese. I cooked the ribs for 4 hours at 250, they were good but compared to foiled ribs it took a little more effort to separate the meat from the bone. So please chime in, when cooking ribs, loin or spares on the KK do you use a foil step? What are your cooking times and temps. Here's some pics of the cook
  7. Well my rectangular oven stone doesn't fit on the upper rack so it gets a reprieve. I think I'll make smaller pizza's and cook on the heat deflector stone.
  8. My new KK arrived Yesterday and I cooked a chicken and twice baked potatoes. I used the heat deflector on the charcoal basket and the drip pan on top of that. The chicken was cooked on the main grate to 180 degrees in the thigh. I started the cook at 375 dome temperature and checked the chicken after 30 minutes, it seemed to be cooking slow so I raised the temperature to 450. After an hour the chicken still looked pale so I raised the temp to 500+. Total time was 1 hour and 15 minutes which was longer than I expected. The chicken was very good but I am used to more char . When using the large drip pan should it be placed directly on the heat deflector or on the lower grate? Should I have cooked direct without the deflector? I was amazed at how fast the cooker responded and the temperature came up when I increased the lower draft opening, a Weber Kettle won't do that! Salt and Pepper Split Chicken with Twice Baked Potatoes My Komodo Kamado with My youngest of 4 kids.
  9. Thanks C12. I unpacked the KK it looks awesome. It arrived in perfect condition. Shortly I will be firing it up for the first time. I didn't recieve the rib rack and pizza stone I ordered with the KK hopefully my oven stone will fit as I plan to cook pizza on Saturday.
  10. My dinner schedule is full for the next few days! My KK is scheduled to be delivered this afternoon! I plan to do a simple salt and pepper spatchcocked ckicken tonight. Tomarrow, low and slow loin back ribs and a fatty. Saturday night is pizza, I made up my dough last night using Tom Lehman's new york recipe and it is currently in the fridge doing a slow rise.
  11. Thanks Dennis, that's awesome news It's time to plan my first cook!
  12. Hi Dennis, Did the shipment due in So. Cal on October 12th arrive on schedule? Rick, KK #606
  13. Does anyone use an ash tool like the ones made for the BGE or Primo cookers to clean out the ash through the lower vent opening? While waiting for my new KK I have kept myself busy collecting the accesories I think I may need/want and this is one item I am unsure about.
  14. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of KK #606 which was due to land in America on Columbus Day. Dennis said to expect 6 days to get through customs so if it arrived on time I should receive it next week. I have cooked many years on a high end built-in gas grill (48†DCS, which I thought was great at the time) but was forced to change when we moved. I bought a Weber kettle while we lived in a rental house and rediscovered the pleasure of cooking with charcoal. I added a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker and have gotten excellent results with the two BBQ’s. In my never ending quest for great BBQ I stumbled upon the Naked Whiz Kids site and read his review of the KK, I knew then it was the cooker for me! Last year my family moved into our new home and I was ready to order a KK but the wife was not convinced it was a wise purchase. It has taken more than a year of cajoling and I had to let her pick the color but the object of my desire is within reach!
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