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Yay, it's finally coming!!!

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I was originally going to go with the 22TT but changed my mind and went for the 23 ultimate, cobalt blue pebble, with all the trimmings.  I followed it's journey across the pacific.  It came off the ship last month, was apparently fondled by customs agents for a week or so, then traveled from LA to Miami and will be delivered to me in Ft Myers, FL on Tuesday!   I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas.  

My challenge will be getting it to the lanai.  It'll need to go up 4 steps that are each 5 ½ inches.  I can then roll it over the ceramic tile floor (concrete underneath) and over the threshold to my paver lanai.  The steps will be the biggest challenge.  It's a straight shot through the house to the lanai and the threshold shouldn't be too bad.  

I was thinking of renting a refrigerator dolly but I'm concerned that the rest on the bottom will be too short for the grill.   I can't leave it crated as my door is 33 and the crate is 35x38.

I'm also a little nervous about the burn-in.

Any coaching prior to the burn is welcome, as well as advice for the stairs.  


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Woohoo! Congrats on the decision to go with the 23, you’re going to love it!

I remember the wait fondly, the mix of excitement, nervousness as you track it across the water, and then finally the anticipation of delivery day, such a good time!

Definitely give yourself plenty of time for the burn in, and to have a play with the vents etc. I’m not sure that the newer units need a burn in, I believe Dennis and team changed the method that all but eliminated the burn in stage, it’s still fun to do it though, just for the learning experience.

Take lots and lots of pics for us, we all absolutely love reliving the delivery, unboxing and first lighting experience, through others pics!

Congrats again, you’ve got a great week ahead coming up.

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Go with the ramp idea. 3/4" MDF or sturdy plywood. Make it long enough so that the slope is manageable by just rolling the KK up on its casters. Support the ramp midway, so it doesn't flex or crack. Don't pull the KK by the handle - push it from behind. The threshold shouldn't be a problem. Just have 2 of you to help steady it (one in front/one in back) - the KK is top heavy.

Stating the obvious, but unload everything inside the KK to lighten the load before moving - except the firebox. While it's OK to remove it BEFORE it's been fired up, it's still a tricky maneuver to replace it correctly. When it's heated it will expand and seat itself in the firebox and should NOT be removed after that point. You're not saving that much weight by removing it and it's just not worth it (IMHO). 

Break-in isn't necessary right away - only if you plan to cook above 350F. Get to know your KK and how to set the vents first, then worry about the break-in later. Everyone frets the break-in, but it's just a "right of passage" and you'll be just fine when it's time to do it. The biggest thing is to plan enough time to do it - it takes many hours; so, start early in the day, have plenty of adult beverages on hand (it's like watching paint dry!), have rags handy to wipe it down if you see any white residue (be careful, as the KK exterior will be quite warm!), a small sharp implement to poke a hole in the grout if you see tiles lifting up, and don't waste all that heat (you'll need a very full basket of charcoal for the break-in - use regular lump; don't waste cocochar on this one) - it's perfectly safe to cook during the break-in. Once the KK has cooled back down under 350F, then press down any tiles that might have lifted up during the break-in. Once fully cooled, then repair any grout tears or holes that you might have poked in it. YOU'RE DONE!

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Sounds good.
I’ve cooked on a Primo XL for the last 20 years so there will be an adjust period for me.
After measuring my entryway, I have room to make an 8 ft ramp. With the 5 foot rise that (according to charts I found online) will give me a 12 degree gradient. I think that should be manageable.

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