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  1. Just what I need, a new rabbit hole to climb into!
  2. tony b

    Waygu Beef?

    Where's the foie? 😄
  3. Load up the pallet with as much coconut charcoal, coffee wood charcoal and coffee wood chunks as will fit. Only way to get this stuff in the US right now and it's the cheapest shipping cost you will ever pay!
  4. Took advantage of our "heat wave" here, too! Low 40s and sunny. Half rack of baby backs, Lane's BBQ Signature rub, main grate, indirect (foil on the lower grate), smoker pot with hickory & peach, Guru running at 225F. Sorry, I totally spaced and forgot to take the full setup picture. I disassembled everything and slathered on the sauce, put the rack on the lower grate, direct to set the sauce (blend of my house spicy BBQ and TJ's roasted garlic BBQ sauce.) Made homemade cole slaw and potato salad to go with it. Nice Rose from TJs.
  5. @Troble another home run! Two thumbs up for the green crack sauce!
  6. No worries! No offense taken.
  7. tony b

    Waygu Beef?

    Gorgeous hunks of meat!!
  8. Liking you knife roll. Mine's a standard nylon, does the job, but nothing to write home about.
  9. @Troble spotted that Pliny right away - tease! Spuds & green crack sauce - doesn't get much better than that! In celebration of the snow finally starting to melt here (we might even reach the 50s by end of the week!), marinated a nice Denver steak from Porter Rd in the liquid koji w/roasted garlic powder and black pepper for a couple of hours. Then rubbed with Gunpowder before going on the lower grate with post oak and mesquite chunks. Plated with some shrooms, chimichurri, sautéed kale and a nice Zin. The 1st course didn't make the photo shoot - short rib ravioli with a m
  10. Despite all the anxiety, it's really a very easy process. Almost impossible to mess up, if you're just patient. Don't rush it. It takes several hours to heat up. You have to heat up the exterior of the grill, not just the interior for a normal cook. That takes time and an overflowing basket of charcoal. As noted, don't waste this heat. Cook a whole chicken, or a pizza. The venting is totally outside the KK, so it doesn't impact the food inside.
  11. As an owner of an Dark Autumn Nebula, you can't go wrong with that color! Don't think of it as a "compromise." Grab the KK that's close to your color choice that it's in stock. You won't have any "buyer's remorse." No one ever does!
  12. tony b

    Waygu Beef?

    Roasted potatoes with truffle salt. Cesare salad with real anchovy dressing. For the wine, the best Cab you have in your rack that's at least 10 years old!
  13. African night at tony b's. Wonder where that idea came from? Peri-peri chicken thighs, main grate, direct, 350F, coffee wood chunks. Served up with jollof rice, side salad and pita bread. Lovely Vouvray to balance the spicy foods.
  14. If you're like here, it should be almost gone by your return. Melting fast here with temps in the 40s and sunshine for the last few days.
  15. I use lots of dried chilies when making my chili con carne recipe. I have multiple varieties in my pantry. My challenge in this box (besides the shear quantity) is uses for the 2 bricks of annatto paste? Never worked with it before, just the seeds/powdered versions. Suggestions?
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