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  1. @C6Bill I used to LOVE Weekend Warrior from Wicked Good. But, when they had their fire and lost a lot of production capacity, it became too expensive to ship here; so the local BBQ store (same one where I get JD now), quit carrying it. While the ACE website would let me order it, it would cancel the order a couple of days later, saying it wasn't available. Curious to see what you think of Rockwood. I've tried it, but moved on to FOGO and JD. KJ Big Block is good stuff, but I can only get it via Amazon, so it tends to be pricey for me. Don't think that I've ever tried any B&B, so no comments on that one. @Firemonkey - nice score on the JD. I pay $30 for a bag here.
  2. Not a bad testing setup and reviews. Can't complain about their results - Jealous Devil is my current "go to!" My only issues with their results are that they seemed to be OK with Cowboy, which most of us think is total crap charcoal, and they apparently don't know that BGE charcoal is actually Royal Oak (but to cut them some slack, Naked Whiz did a re-review of BGE a couple of years ago and said that they no longer say it's made by RO on the bags, but it most likely still is.) The Best Lump Charcoal, According to Our Extensive, Very Smoky Tests (msn.com)
  3. Welcome back @Firemonkey!! You've been away far too long! Like @Poochie said, throw a dead animal on that thing and get it dirty inside!! You know that you can cook while doing the burn-in. Royal Oak is about as cheap as charcoal gets.
  4. I always cook veal more done than I would a beef steak. I like that just blush in the center.
  5. So, it's the pictures that are wrong, not the written description. OK, so they REALLY are smaller now - more like a briquette?
  6. @DennisLinkletter - just posted my review. Hope it helps combat the couple of negative ones folks posted. You might want to add some helpful tips on how to light it, as that seems to be the biggest complaint in the negative comments. Also, you need to fix the last bullet in the description that says the logs are 1 7/8" long. One negative reviewer noted that, so I confirmed it. It's repeated down in the "product description" section, too, so make sure to fix it both places.
  7. Ain't nuthin but a KK thang, baby!
  8. But, Inquiring Minds Like Our Would Like To Know - where were the roasting potatoes underneath the chicken thighs in that wood oven? That pan arrangement just screams out for roasting veggies underneath dripping meats!
  9. OK, so what's cooking??
  10. Very nice, classic design.
  11. Sorry to hear that your plans didn't include a special home for the KK and you're having to sell it. 😪 Good luck.
  12. @Poochie's advice is spot on (for once! LOL!) The KK is very efficient once heat-soaked at the target temperature. It doesn't take a big fire on most cooks (under 400F) - just light one spot. If you're going for high temps, like for a pizza cook - you'll need to light a couple of spots to help speed up the process. I've never really had an issue with fire propagation, as long as you have a decent amount of charcoal in the basket. Can't help with vent settings on the BB32, as I have a 23. But I can tell you the bottom vent is not very crucial for setting the temperature - just open enough for the airflow corresponding to the top vent. If the 32 behaves anything like my 23, the top vent for a 225F cook is just barely off the seat. Most of us here use lump vs briquettes. Definitely stay away from the cheaper brands (see Cowboy!) A lot of folks here are fans of FOGO and Jealous Devil lump, myself included. Royal Oak is decent and widely available at most Big Box hardware stores. The "guru" on charcoal is this guy: The Lump Charcoal Database -- Naked Whiz Charcoal Ceramic Cooking
  13. Always listen to your Elders, @Poochie!! 😆
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