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  1. GTFO - $130 for a basic SS pan with a spike in the middle? Should be half that price.
  2. Hopefully Ken will answer Dennis' voicemail and drop by to say "hello." @wilburpan - still MIA?? Would love to see some of your cooking posts again!
  3. Yer killin' me, MacKenzie! Now I'm starving and dinner's another 2 hours away!
  4. I only saw 3 steaks on that platter - hope the dog got some trimmings!
  5. Very nicely done! Making me hungry.
  6. My "care package" arrived safe and sound.
  7. Yeah, we haven't heard from him or Wilburpan in some time now!
  8. To be clear - there are 4 levels in the KK: Upper, Main, Lower and Sear (upper grate upside down on the charcoal basket handles). Upper: pizza and spatchcocked chickens. Main: Almost everything Lower: Normally where I sear meats. Main use is it's covered with foil as the heat deflector for indirect cooks on the Main and Upper grates. Sear: I rarely use this setup anymore. I can get a good sear without worrying about over charring the meat on the lower grate. YMMV
  9. Just shut the vents and wait for the temperature to drop 50F or more, signaling the fire is out. Then crack open the top vent off the seat, open the latch to the 1st position, then put the cover on it - wet or dry. No worries.
  10. Welcome to the Obsession! Can't wait to see pics of the new grill upon uncrating!
  11. Indeed! Lots of folks in that area are wishing that they had nice charcoal grills right now to help use up all the thawing foods in their freezers after days without power!
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