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  1. Longest SV cook (water bath) that I've ever done was 72 hours. It was a corned beef brisket for St. Pat's day. This was a few years ago. I've not done any "long" SV cooks in a while.
  2. Very nice video. It's the way true artisans approach everything they do.
  3. @tekobo - if you can find some German Black Swabian pork - it's seriously one of the best piggies out there - and I live in the place where the pigs outnumber the people by 700%! Red Wattle and Mulefoot are some other rare heritage breeds found around here. I think your "Middle White" is what we call Yorkshire here. If so, it's the #1 breed of pig here, followed by Duroc and Berkshire (aka, Kurobuta.)
  4. That, Folks, is why you need to have the Cold Smoker Unit for your KK!
  5. Excellent jobs, Everyone! Mouthwatering stuff, all 'round!
  6. Yes, I built a ramp for moving my 23" KK up the 8 steps in my house to get the KK from the garage to the deck where it lives now. I used 3/4" plywood. I made support brackets out of 2x2's for the top step, so the ramp was flush with the floor. The ramp itself lay on the steps for support. Because of the steepness/angle, it took 5 of us to push/pull it up the ramp (3 pulling with moving straps and 2 on the bottom pushing). And we took off the lid first to lighten the load. Your KK will be heavier than mine, but you don't have as difficult a ramp to navigate. Good luck and send pics!
  7. Just different packaging, depending on the market.
  8. Is yours a powder or a paste? I ask because of the labelling difference (yours says "stock" and mine doesn't) and it's in a tub; mines in a pouch. No substantive difference really, just a curiosity on my part.
  9. @remi - cool. I've just been buying the seasoning. Didn't know they made a bouillon? It did make the "crack" list, after all!
  10. Hence, my naming Peruvian Green Sauce to my Famous (Infamous?) "Crack" list! Starting to get a full rainbow of Cracks now! Latest addition, Yellow Crack Salt. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FS39VKE
  11. Haven't done duck in far too long. Not sure that I'm up for the whole Peking Duck routine (days of prep), but they are tasty. Maybe just follow your lead with simple breast cook.
  12. Never heard of a "moist rest" before. Interesting. I just wrap in tallow coated pink butcher paper after the stall, then in foil once it's done, wrap everything in a beach towel and into a dry cooler for several hours before serving. Lots of juices when unwrapped, so I'm not sure what this "moist rest" buys you for the extra effort?
  13. I suspect that we'll be seeing a lot of veal cooks from you in the near future @tekobo ! 😄
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