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  1. Where many of us live, it's either that, or go without grilled/smoked foods for months at a time! 😢
  2. Used the trick of cooking older eggs so that they peeled easily.
  3. Y'all got me going on the egg thing, so I did these in the InstaPot for 8 minutes, quick release and into an ice bath.
  4. Picture perfect, MacKenzie. Not a speck of green anywhere in sight on that yolk.
  5. Welcome to the Obsession! You've definitely gotten off to a great start. And those of us in the Dark Autumn Nebula square tile camp would beg to differ with our esteemed pebble KK owners over which model cooks the best! 😁
  6. Dennis is a god when it comes to outstanding customer service! Don't be afraid to chat him up. No sales pressure at all, just great advice to make sure that you get exactly what you want/need in the grill & accessories.
  7. The detergent is also bad for the steel and will cause micropits. Plus, there's the problem of the knives banging into other stuff and badly dulling the blade. I have a friend who struggled with his wife putting his good knives in the dishwasher, despite being asked multiple times not too. He even went so far as to put red colored tape on the handles to distinguish the ones that DIDN'T go in the dishwasher - it didn't work. He hides them now, too!
  8. MacKenzie and I experimented with poaching eggs in the Sous Vide circulator (multiple posts in the Sous Vide section of the Forum). The "classic method" gives perfect results, but just takes too long (50 minutes) and everything that we tried to shorten up the time, either gave us results we weren't happy with (overdone yolks or watery whites) or became cumbersome/complicated (multiple hot & ice water baths). I tried doing them in the InstaPot, but it's almost impossible to not overcook them, even if you release the steam immediately after it comes up to pressure. Consequently, I rarely make a poached egg anymore, opting for fried eggs instead, Spanish style (sunny side up, cooked in lots of olive oil and basted.)
  9. Cooking an egg properly is one of the hardest tasks in a kitchen. That's why many restaurants ask applicants to cook an egg as part of the interview.
  10. From the good ole internet: Some people use a pin to make a small hole in the shell at the large end of the egg before they put the egg in the water. At the large end of each egg is a small air space. When you hard cook an egg, this air heats up, expands, and escapes through pores in the shell—but not before the egg white sets. This leaves the egg with a flattened end. The best explanation that I could find for the decreasing amount of water being added when cooking more eggs was that the higher number of eggs increases the cold surface area inside the cooker, condensing the steam back to water, which drains back to the heating element to repeat the cycle until all the water/steam eventually escapes out the top as the eggs warm up/cook. So, with fewer eggs, more steam escapes early in the cooking process, so you need more water to start with to compensate for the added losses.
  11. Welcome to the Obsession! A brisket, right out of the shoot - damn! that's confidence!!! In all my years on this forum, I've never heard of anyone having buyer's remorse after pulling the trigger. Now, some folks ultimately sell theirs for various reasons, but never because they regretted doing it in the first place.
  12. tony b

    Chicken Tajine

    For folks that are interested - that would be you, ckreef! (LOL). Here's my source for tajines - both kinds - cooking and serving. https://treasuresofmorocco.com/moroccan-kitchenware.html?p=2 You can get them from the same source on Amazon, too. https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=tajine&i=kitchen&rh=n%3A284507%2Cn%3A3737331%2Cp_6%3AAZ24I9M1PA8YH&dc&qid=1579198131&rnid=331544011&ref=sr_nr_p_6_1 @Syzygies- those recipes are pretty spot on. I had used up all my cilantro in the fridge or I would have added that at the end. The green harissa was my substitute. I like to use both the green and black olives (especially the oil cured ones). I have made preserved lemons in the past (not hard, just takes about a month in the heavy salt/lemon juice brine.) https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/how_to_make_preserved_lemons/ Or be lazy like me and just buy them. https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=preserved+lemons+moroccan&crid=2QXXKDKHBY2OJ&sprefix=preserved+lem%2Caps%2C191&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_13
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