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  1. I think @tekobo is giving you a run for your money!
  2. Just don't let Doc (@mguerra) see this - ha, ha!
  3. That combo sounds better to me. I agree that Crossroads needs "help." I like the Swamp Venom, just used it on some bacon wrapped shrimp.
  4. Sounds yummy. Big Dizzy Pig fan here. Have to admit that the Firewalk isn't my favorite jerk seasoning though. Glad you solved the creep problem.
  5. tony b

    Dual air vent use

    Most of the temperature control is by the top vent. The lower vents don't have much impact, as long as you don't starve the fire. What the lower vent does impact is the amount of charcoal that is burning. The KK is super efficient once heat soaked, so you can dial back the lower vent to conserve fuel.
  6. Another odd ball thing to check. Is your KK on a solid surface (patio) or one with a bit of flex (deck)? Mine is on a deck and I discovered that when walking around the grill the flex/bounce will cause the top vent to move enough to mess with the temperature. Others have seen this, too. Fit is simple. Get a spring and put it on the shaft of the top vent between the spider and the top vent to apply slight pressure/resistance to help stabilize the top vent. It doesn't take a stiff spring for this. Something akin to the spring in the toilet paper holder. They last a couple of seasons and then just replace them.
  7. Looks like you're ready to step up and go for the Peking duck challenge.
  8. Nice. There's a simple solution to the creep - get a Guru.
  9. I have just about every option for the rotisserie- basket, cradle, spit/tines and Octoforks. I use them all, except for the Octoforks, which I dislike for multiple reasons. As far as cleaning any of them, I do an overnight soak in Powdered Brewers Wash (PBW). Most everything just rinses off and what doesn't rinse off, wipes off easily with a damp sponge or paper towel. Don't let cleaning be a major factor in your decision making. Get what you think will best suit your cooking plans.
  10. Bummer, dude. But you still get to enjoy that awesome space in the meantime.
  11. Yeah, most folks don't know that making whiskey starts out the same as beer. They deviate in that you don't add hops to the wort when making whiskey and you distill it instead of carbonating it.
  12. Good luck. I know that you will love whatever you finally decide.
  13. Just be careful not to wash off the bark that you've worked so hard to create by spraying too heavily/frequently.
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