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  1. I'd give it a go. What do you have to lose?
  2. Firefighters scoured an Australian neighborhood looking for a gas leak. They found a durian instead. (msn.com)
  3. Color is one thing, crispy skin is another - the Holy Grail of grilled chicken. The latter requires higher temps - above 375F. Direct heat helps, too.
  4. Nothing wrong with hot & fast cooks.
  5. I'd ask them what the dimensions of that plate are first, as it would need to be big enough to cover up the half-moon opening in the draft door?
  6. Those parts of the bird have more fat under the skin - hence, crispy. Never tried this, but I bet if you injected some butter under the skin of the legs, you might get better results?
  7. Cool, but would it be possible to come up with a "bolt on" retrofit so those of us (who've upgraded to the dual dial door) with old single-dial draft doors gathering dust could repurpose them? I was thinking we could remove the wooden knob and bolt on, in the existing hole, a cover plate that has the tube bracket welded to it for the fan? If we needed to seal it up tighter, we could just put some Permatex around the edges of the new cover plate.
  8. My best guess is that the legs aren't as thick as the rest of the bird and they don't have much fat, especially at the ends, so they will have a tendency to darken (burn) more so than the rest of the bird. One of the reason that you see folks putting AL foil on the ends of the legs of their Thanksgiving turkeys in the oven. If it's something that bothers you, you can always truss the legs together with butcher's twine, which will keep them closer to the body and not sticking out in the heat like antennae!
  9. Ain't that the living truth! If you don't believe me - open the thread on knives and sharpeners!
  10. Worth a try, just don't pull it out all the way - it can be a PITA to put back sometimes and you can cause a small air leak if the tube(s) get tweaked.
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