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  1. @jeffshoaf makes some excellent points, as do the others in this post. My +/- 50F comment was about not fretting if you're cooking temperature is not exactly where you aimed. As noted, don't try and chase the temperature. You'll just get frustrated - and it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference in the final result. I 2nd the comment about the amount of charcoal in the basket - it's the amount of charcoal that gets lit, not how much total is in the basket. Snuff the leftovers for another cook. One of the benefits of the KK. I generally only use a single sheet of AL foil on the lower grate for an indirect cook. All you're trying to do is block the Infrared radiation of the fire from reaching the food. You only need to cover as much of the lower grate as the footprint of the food above to allow airflow. If you wrap the foil ends around the grate rods, you shouldn't have any issues with the foil moving about. Another thought about using any temperature controller & fan units - keep the damper on the fan output fairly closed (1/4 open). Make the fan do the work to push the air through the grill. Keep the top vent just barely open, open it just until you see smoke escaping. One of the things that can happen (a chance that this is what caused your spike) is that a good breeze blowing across the top vent can cause what's called "vacuum drag" and actually pull more air through the grill than the controller wants, leading to a "runaway." Once the grill temperature gets a few degrees above the controller's setpoint, the controller quits effectively working, as it can't lower the temperature back into the control band. You're at the mercy of Mother Nature at that point for the breeze to calm down and the fire to die back down so the controller can take over again once the temperature recovers to the setpoint. Keeping the top vent and fan dampers mostly closed will help prevent that runaway from happening.
  2. Couldn't tell the difference between the pictures. You have a good camera on the phone! Stay safe, @MacKenzie!!
  3. And just in time before Lee blew in and possibly caused some of them to break off and damage your property. Smart move.
  4. One of our "cardinal rules" here in KK land is "Don't chase the temperature." Folks think they have to keep making adjustments in their vents to hit a target temperature. One of the basics of BBQ is that a precise temperature is not required - there's no "magic" temperature for perfect BBQ. Rule of thumb is +/- 50F of what you're aiming for is "close enough for government work." I think @Syzygies was on to something about the size of your initial fire. You said, "When opening the lid temps want to take off." That's counterintuitive to my experience and the old BBQ saying of "If you're looking, you're not cooking." as opening the lid lets out heat. The short infusion of fresh air from opening the lid (unless you keep it open for a while) shouldn't cause a spike in your temperature. One check on this is to see how much charcoal you've burned through on a short cook, like ribs. If you've burned through most of the basket, you probably had too big a fire to start with. A chimney full of lit charcoal is way too much fire for a low & slow cook in a KK. Another variable is what charcoal are you using? You didn't say in your post. Most quality lump hardwood charcoal burns fairly slowly and evenly. Some of the cheaper stuff (i.e., Cowboy) which is made from scraps, burns up in a flash and very hot. Give Fogo or Jealous Devil a try. Many of us here on the Forum use those charcoals with good results. Keep us posted on your experiences and we'll see if we can get you on the right track.
  5. Folks in New England and Eastern Canada, stay safe, too! Lee is coming!!
  6. Been thinking about cooking some lamb lately. This might have tipped me over the edge!
  7. WOW! That's all I can say! Stay safe!
  8. A culinary trip to Tuscany. Pork loin stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, provolone and herbed Boursin cheese. Zucchini dusted with Italian seasoning and a nice pasta side dish with mushrooms in a spicy vodka sauce, nice green salad on the side.
  9. MAPP torch with the weed burner extension like @Syzygiesand a FiAir blower. Unfortunately, the FiAir blower is no longer available. This one from Zippo is very close. https://www.amazon.com/Zippo-40488-Fire-Bellows-Regular/dp/B07H3P6RT2
  10. Dizzy Pig had said some time ago that they were closing their retail store in NOVA. Not surprised.
  11. Facebook post says that the local corn folks will have corn today, but I have golf league this afternoon and won't be cooking tonight. But, glad to see that they're back in town today! 🌽 @C6Bill - totally agree - it's not really summer until the local corn comes in!
  12. I agree. I'm in the mayo/aioli camp for fries. There are some commercial ketchups that aren't overly sweet (Trader Joe's Organic or Sir Kensington (is a bit high on the salt though), or just whip up you own.
  13. So, take this to the extreme and just cube up the butt and skewer it to maximize the surface area, if all you want is bark!
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