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  1. WOW, that's a lot of plants. Your yard is going to be a veritable botanical garden when everything gets done!
  2. My best guess is that you might be running low on charcoal trying to get that thick pizza stone up to that high a temperature, as the 19" charcoal basket is a bit smaller than a 23". You might be better off with the steel, per Dennis' recommendation.
  3. A nice sunny day here yesterday (unlike the cloudy day today), so back to the grill. Another one of those bigass country style pork ribs - Cuban mojo marinade this time, rubbed with Sucklebusters BAMM Indirect, 275F with hickory and cherry wood chunks (leftovers from the smoker pot that didn't burn up). Plated with drunken black bean (awesome!) and yellow rice. Not authentic, but a big dollop of guacamole on the side. While I was having my mojito on the deck during this cook, an owl began to hoot very loudly from my neighbor's evergreen in his backyard. I couldn't see it for the foliage. After a couple of choruses, it got a reply from another owl down at the bottom of the hill. Next thing I know, the owl from down below had flown up into a tree in my backyard and the ensuing conversation got a bit more intense. Territorial squabbling I suppose. I ran and grabbed my camera and managed to get a picture of the owl in my yard before the squabble ended and they flew off in there separate ways. Friends that I showed this picture to have said that it's a Barred Owl. I guess they are fairly common around here. I hear them a lot, but rarely get to actually see one.
  4. The only time that I've overshot the target with my Guru is on a very windy day. Too much vacuum drag through the fan damper. Learned my lesson and always keep the fan damper at least halfway closed. Also keep the top damper almost closed, barely off the seat. Let the fan and controller do the heavy lifting.
  5. You're forgiven for mistaking me for Jon!
  6. Pics of the waxed grill, pics of the virgin cook, pics, pics, and more pics!!!
  7. Well, the rains finally came and the cooking out streak ended. 😪 But, all was not lost, Indian spiced fried shrimp, with homemade pesto & cream sauce on angel hair! While not grilled, it didn't suck!
  8. Indeed. Sliced up and fried like bacon, with sous vide eggs on thick toast. btw - was watching Cooks Country last night and used their SV technique on the eggs = 167F for 12 mins, then 1 min in an ice water bath.
  9. Dennis will let us know here on the Forum when it's at the warehouse and ready to order.
  10. You had me up to the sauce. I don't think that I've ever sauced a butt on the grill. Tossed it in NC vinegar sauce once I've pulled it - yeah, only way for this Southern boy to roll!
  11. HURRAY! The rain held off and I was able to get my country style pork rib cook in tonight - keeping that string alive! Indirect, 250F, smoker pot of hickory and apple wood chunks. Plated with overly roasted potatoes (not very good, as the herbs were burnt), but the hushpuppies were tasty! The rib was great, very juicy and a bit of a smoke ring. Honestly, this thing was almost a pound and I couldn't finish it. A nice chunk leftover for another meal!
  12. Not used that one before, as I have a lot of boxes of cocochar that I've hoarded away. Plus, a big stash of coffee wood charcoal, too!
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