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  1. If you were curious - the high today is 17F with a windchill of 7F. But the sun's still shining!
  2. Woke up to a new fresh 5". High today was 21F. Low tonight of 5F. It's snowed over 4" three separate times already in the last 2 weeks. Talk about insane weather!! But, Hey, the sun's out right now - LMAO!!
  3. tony b

    Salt Cured Sirloin

    And Dad hasn't been??
  4. Told you that you were living on borrowed time, MacKenzie! Our last hurray for the season today - actually hit 50F and it's very sunny out now, but a tad windy. Deep freeze arrives Monday - bloody wonderful!
  5. Thought you Aussies had a pair! Bunch of wussies!
  6. No, mate, bloody cold is when it gets below zero Fahrenheit. We won't see that (hopefully) until after the new year. But, this artic blast headed our way early next week is going to get down into the single digits at night!
  7. tony b

    Wagyu Striploin

    Always remember this sage advice when dealing with a building/landscaping contractor - How can you tell if they are lying to you? Their lips are moving!
  8. Very nice. Welcome to the Obsession. I have a baby Grill Dome and haven't cooked on it in years!
  9. @MacKenzie - you're living on borrowed time, my dear!
  10. What? I'm no Lucy Van Pelt!
  11. Not exactly what we're used to for Halloween. It will likely deter most of the trick-or-treaters! Only the 5th time in IA recorded history of snow in October. The 4th time was on Monday! Twice in one week. Monday's snow was mostly melted by yesterday morning, so the snow in the pictures is all from yesterday afternoon, evening and into this morning! I wasn't ready for this yet! It's not supposed to snow until AFTER Thanksgiving!
  12. @Tyrus - come on, jump in the pool with the rest of us, the water's great!
  13. Serious looking meat there!
  14. I haven't used mine in many years either - I can't recall the last time I used it? I either use the basket splitter or foil on the lower grate with a full basket when I want to cook indirect.
  15. Excellent looking lambsie! I've got a Porter Rd Denver steak thawing out for dinner tonight.
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