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  1. THE MAN speaks! (2) BBQ with Franklin: Brisket Wrap Test - YouTube A couple of other side-by-side cooks from some folks that know a thing or two about Q: (2) Brisket Wrap Test | Foil, Butcher Paper, Naked | BBQ Champion Harry Soo SlapYoDaddyBBQ.com - YouTube (2) Butcher Paper vs. Foil for Barbecue - YouTube (2) Smoking Brisket wrapped in Foil vs Butcher Paper - Brisket Series part 1 of 3 - YouTube
  2. I'd stick with the butcher paper. I'm not a fan of wrapping in AL foil, as it softens the bark too much - IMHO.
  3. I'd rather drink the Bourbon! 🤣
  4. Broke out the EZKabob yesterday - beef & lamb kabobs with serious garlic and onions. Corn was a must. (No phallic ones this time - ha, ha! I just did a baby kabob with the leftover bits.) Plated with orzo sauced with Boursin and Parm cheeses, basil and cherry tomatoes from the garden and a bit of parsley. Too damned hot/muggy to eat outside last night!
  5. That's interesting @tekobo - I've never heard of using Saltpeter in cooking either, just for making gunpowder! For preserving meat to prevent spoilage or worse - botulism, one normally uses Sodium Nitrate. So, NO, you cannot replace Pink Salt #1, (Sodium Nitrate) or Saltpeter with kosher salt. How to Use Pink Salt for Curing Meat (thespruceeats.com)
  6. Contrary to @MacKenzie - we usually tell newbies to just go out and buy the bigger belt size now - you're going to need it sooner than you think! 🤣
  7. @remi - lovely! You're well on your way.
  8. tony b

    Chimichurri Brisket

    I usually rub briskets and butts with CYM (classic yellow mustard) to make my "paste." Works well. I usually don't wear gloves for it though. @tekobo off to a great start! If not too late, put some of that cut fat into a pan to collect the rendering and let it absorb smoke. Baste it onto the brisket just before you wrap it in the pink butcher paper. I'm liking this new twist on the standard Franklin brisket.
  9. I'm similar. Gloves in the kitchen only when chopping a bunch of chili peppers or mixing up that crazy staining annatto paste. For everything else, I have a big bottle of hand sanitizer (thanks to COVID) after washing my hands after handling raw meat and a spray bottle of StarSan for the knives/tongs/scissors, countertops, and cutting boards. I have insulated gloves for handling the grates and meats on the grill.
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