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  1. Very nice upgrade, even if it's pebble! 🤣
  2. I hope the inaugural cook isn't the pooch! 🤣
  3. Rockwood used to be my go-to charcoal, but they had a major fire in their production facility and when they returned to operation, they stopped shipping here. I used to get it at the local BBQ store. I tried to order it from Ace, but they canceled the order, say it was unavailable at my location. My go-to now is Jealous Devil, which the BBQ store carries.
  4. Excellent cook. And now you know why this is the best smoker/grill on the market - Hands Down!
  5. Welcome to the Obsession. Looks like you're off to a good start. Need pics of that all-important 1st cook! What's on the menu?
  6. Out here there are more pigs than people - seriously! While most of it is pedestrian for the mass market, we do have farmers that raise the old heritage breeds - most have heard of Duroc and Berkshire, but there's lesser-known breeds like, Red Wattle, Mulefoot and Swabian. It's like the Waygu of pork. It ain't "the other white meat!" I had a local butcher shop that carried some of them, but alas COVID did them in. I can still find it occasionally but have to work a bit harder at it now.
  7. STUFFIES! I had heard about them from a good friend who used to live in RI. I finally got to try them when visiting Providence a few years back. I liked them! Unfortunately, I can't get anything close here in the Midwest - the No Coast!
  8. @Paul - Staying in the south SF Bay Area this time. No plans to come up to Napa. Heading over to the coast (Monterey & Santa Cruz) for several days. If I were headed up north, you'd be one of the first to know! Maybe next trip?
  9. I had a sneaking suspicion that you were using it on potatoes! YUM!
  10. @tekobo - just curious as to why the pan? Saving the drippings for something?
  11. Howdy! Heat wave has abated for a bit. Friends on the west coast are baking right now though. I'm headed out that way next week. I'm hoping that it's better when I get there! Usual summertime activities here, especially grilling and beer drinking! Hope you have a great summer, too!
  12. @BARDSLJR - where you been? Hope all has been well there. Good to see you posting again.
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