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  1. Nice, but the Seekers tune has more soul to it.
  2. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Glad that I got in my cook last night. Karma's a bitch sometimes! Woke up this morning to a new 6" of the white stuff, on top of what we already had gotten on Saturday. At least it's sunny today and barely any wind, so snowblowing the drive and walk wasn't too terrible. Wind is supposed to pick up later, dropping the windchills below zero. So, probably not going to grill out tonight!
  3. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Snow, bah! Can't let a bit of snow keep you from grilling. The forecast was wrong (surprise!) and the snow storm didn't pan out this afternoon (we'll see if the overnight snow will be a make-up for the afternoon!) Fired up the KK to do a Mojo marinated pork tenderloin. While I was grilling, spotted these guys next door having a snack under the neighbor's bird feeders. Plated with some drunken black beans, Caribbean rice and one of my favorite beers - Bell's Hopslam. It only comes out once a year around this time in limited quantities, so you have to be on your toes (or lucky in my case) to score some! Keep on grillin'!!
  4. tony b

    New Owner

    Toss up - pork ribs, whole chicken or pork butt/shoulder??
  5. tony b

    New Owner

    Very cool. Welcome to the Obsession! If you have any questions, especially about accessories, etc., don't be afraid to ask. Pics, pics, and more pics of that crane delivery!
  6. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Nice cooks all ya'll. I'd take 40 degrees here (Fahrenheit even!), as it's 12F outside and a -5F wind chill. AND, more snow on the way tomorrow - possibly another 3" - 5".
  7. tony b

    Burning Up Downunder???

    I snowblowed today somewhere between 4 - 8" of snow (depending on drifts) from my driveway. And I still managed to grill out a nice flat iron steak for dinner. Sorry, with the windchills in the single digits, I'm not dickin' around taking pictures!
  8. tony b

    Opinions: Grill height for 22 TT

    As you said, the Mrs will almost never cook on the grill, so that immediately eliminates that variable. So, make it the height that works best for you.
  9. tony b

    Time to Move my 22" TT: HELP brainstorm

    Using the long t-handled allen wrench, loosen the 2 screws inside of the spring cover near the top (Don't completely remove them.) Then, slide out the cover from the screws to remove the cover off the spring in the back. Then, using the supplied socket wrench, remove the bolt from the bottom of the spring. Make sure the lid is closed and fully latched first! Remove the spring. On the hinge assembly, pull out the cotter pin out of the bolt. Then remove the bolt (you might have to use a hammer to gently tap the bolt out.) You can then unlatch the lid in the front and lift it off the grill. Re-installation is just the reverse of this process. Other Forum Members - Did I leave anything out??
  10. You burning up down there, Aussie? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/australia-heat-wave-reaches-it-peak-with-record-temperatures/ar-BBSpipq?ocid=spartandhp I really feel for the players in the Open. It's staying in the 90s even after dark.
  11. tony b

    Time to Move my 22" TT: HELP brainstorm

    If the stone masons aren't done yet with the ODK, I'd be worried that your brand new KK could get damaged during their work. I'd seriously consider a two-step move. Find a nice safe spot and uncrated it there and start using it until the majority of the work is done on the cabana; then move it to it's final home. Just sayin'
  12. tony b

    22 Table Top: Charcoal Clean Out

    Ask away, but post some pics of the travel route and final destination, so we can judge what's going on and make better recommendations.