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  1. Welcome to the Obsession! Can't wait to see the pics of the grand uncrating once it arrives at its new home.
  2. I'd love to send you a bottle of mine, Aussie, but I only made a gallon of it and there's only four 375ml bottles left; it will all likely get poured at this Sunday's event. BUT, if the brewery decides to make it and can it, I will try and send you some.
  3. A good one. Despite his temper tantrums, Mac was one of the greats on the court. His matches against Nastase and Borg were epic!
  4. Honey, that's as Down Home as it gets for me! Toss in some peach cobbler and homemade vanilla ice cream and we're in hog heaven!
  5. tony b

    23" KK for sale

    So your POSK is still intact?? Man, you are a lucky guy, but the original Indo version wasn't as prone to tile shedding as the Mexi version was. My K7 was an early Indo and never really had the tile shedding issue to any degree, but it eventually crumbled around the top hat & spider. Happy to see you with a "well made" kamado now!
  6. I'm liking calling it "Home Style" - so you can showcase recipes from wherever you call "Home."
  7. Thanks everyone! The 1st place beer is called "Mango Gose-a-Rita." The base beer was a German Gose style (tart w/sea salt and coriander), with mango and agave nectar added. The 3rd place beer was the same Gose, but unadulterated, and is called "Down Gose Frazier." This might turn into an opportunity to brew the beer at the local brewery that sponsored the competition and enter it in the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Pro-Am competition in Denver in October! Won't know about that until next weekend when we pour the competition beers at the "People's Choice" tasting/vote. Nice job on those chips, MacKenzie!
  8. Don't get me wrong, I still like cooking in fat, too. Last night it was "melting potatoes" in duck fat!
  9. chips - crisps - fries - what a confusing vernacular! Thanks for all the great compliments. I was a bit of a skeptic about the air fryer at first, but I've become a member of the "cult." It really does an amazing job. I have recent purchased a couple more books on them to expand my horizons beyond the obvious. Similar to the InstaPot, it's quite versatile once you get the gist of it.
  10. My add-on for tonight - Celebration steak dinner. I won 1st Place in Best of Show in a sanctioned homebrew competition today. Also took a 3rd Place in Best of Show for another beer. So, it was a very good day!! Costco Prime Ribeye Cap with blue cheese mushroom sauce, melting potatoes cooked in duck fat and a nice Greek salad. A simple nice red wine, as I had sampled a few of the beers after the judging. We call it "Drinking the losers!"
  11. tony b

    Drip pan conundrum

    What's really ironic is that I was one of the folks on this Forum to suggest to Dennis that this pan needed to be double-bottomed for making sauces out of the drippings, so that they didn't burn as easily. Yet, despite having owned one of the first production batches, I think that I've used it all of 1 time!
  12. The KK pizza stone, which is a specially formulated material for baking (not the same as the deflector) and very thick, on the upper grate is already available and from what I can gather from the video of the "DoJoe" it seems to be trying to catch up to the KK, just like the JoeTisserie option was in response to the built in rotisserie bearings of the KK. Same with the pizza porta for the BGE. Just sayin' Search this Forum and you'll see quite a few posts of pizza cooks and bread baking on the stone. Some folks like a steel for baking thin crust pizza, which is another option (not sold by Dennis).
  13. Thanks, All! The chips were very good. Will do this again, even though it takes some effort. Russet potato sliced about 1/16" thick - cut with the mandolin. (You get a lot of chips from a single medium sized spud!) You need to soak the potato slices in water for 30 minutes and change out the water at least twice and "fluff" because they have a tendency to stick together. Blot them dry on paper towels. Then tossed in a bit of seasoned oil. Into the air fryer @ 330F for 30 minutes, shaking/stirring every 10 minutes to promote even browning. Then tossed again in the bowl with oil and seasoned.
  14. Well, when it rains all day, you go to Plan B. Lobster roll (butter poached lobster w/tarragon, thyme and Old Bay) and shrimp salad (butter poached shrimp with a mayo dressing of dill, chives, red onion, celery and Old Bay). Both seafoods were cooked sous vide. Paired with homemade potato chips cooked in the air fryer, with rosemary olive oil, Old Bay and flaked sea salt. So what pairs with that – Bubbly! Trader Joe’s bubbly is decent and it’s like $13!
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