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  1. Reach out to Dennis - he's super nice and easy to work with. He'll answer all your questions without any pressure or upselling.
  2. I like a chuck roast, as it's a lot less meat to deal with than a full brisket. Well, corn season is winding down here, but I did manage to score some local stuff this week. Porkchops and snags with local corn. No plated pics as I had a dinner guest who was hungry! Another friend was over for dinner last night. Ribs and corn this time. Indirect, smoker pot of hickory & apple, 250F. Country style ribs got a slather of mustard based sauce at the end. This friend wasn't as ravenous, so I got to snap a plated pic. Side of homemade potato salad and air fryer hu
  3. I thought that he was getting ready to smelt some iron ore. 😆
  4. Post over in the other Forum thread for admin help.
  5. I don't use it, no help here. It's probably a plug-in app and the admin just needs to add it.
  6. Says the man with just about every toy for cooking with fire! LOL
  7. It actually is the nickname that I gave to the Tazmanian mountain pepper berries.
  8. It was surreal in Napa. Monday it was 110F. Tuesday it dropped like a rock and the sky stayed completely overcast all day. This was Tuesday morning at Trefethen @ 10 am.
  9. @Troble - same scene up here in the Bay area. Left Napa yesterday after folks started closing because of the poor air quality. This was taken as we were leaving at 10:30 am. Quality didn't improve substantially as we traveled south back to San Jose.
  10. I use a small battery-powered blower, called a FiAir. Works well in tandem with my MAPP torch.
  11. Welcome to the Obsession! You are about to be amazed. I have NEVER owned a gas grill. No comparison. But, use good hardwood lump charcoal - Fogo and KJ Big Block are my current choices. Red Devil is good. But, stay away from Cowboy - it's cheap scrap lumber, so you never know what kind of wood it is and it burns up super fast, so it's not really a bargain. Can't wait to see pics of your uncrating and first cooks!
  12. Yeah, we're definitely going to be taming our consumption in the heat. Lots of water. Stags Leap, Trefethen, Cuvaisson, Saintsbury and Walt are on the 2 day agenda. Stops at Stone and Russian River breweries, too.
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