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  1. As I drove past the local Ace Hardware today, I thought to myself, I need to stop in there and see if I can order the Weekend Warrior charcoal and have it delivered here. I've always been a fan and I haven't been able to get it here for years now.
  2. Nice, Welcome to the Obsession! You're going to love cooking on your KK. As you noted, rock solid temperature control.
  3. If you can't find Wicked Good (good stuff!), go with Jealous Devil Chunz - nice distribution of medium and large pieces.
  4. All those, plus I'd add the pizza stone, if you plan to do any bread or pizza cooks. If you get the basket splitter, I'd get a 2nd charcoal basket. It makes the swapping back and forth easy-peasy! A "nice-to-have" is the cold smoker.
  5. OK, piling on this bandwagon. I just brought home a 1 yo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Buddy. He's been with me 2 weeks now this Monday. My 4th Cavalier. Been without a dog for over 16 months. So I was ready for a new companion! He hasn't discovered the KK yet, but he does like hanging out on the deck with me.
  6. Oh no, that club is not exclusive to the females. The guys like to spend your money on things, too, like knives, knife sharpeners, coffee gear, etc.
  7. Indeed, they are big, fluffy kitties. I have a friend that raises them. Super friendly, as cats go! LOL
  8. Just to be clear - are you saying that the rack of ribs in the center of the grate didn't cook as fast as the outside 2? Did you have space between them for air flow? Maybe a vertical rib rack would be a better solution than the deflector design that you proposed (which would work, btw).
  9. This is the hardest part of the waiting, but hang in there!
  10. Do you remember "Secret Squirrel?"
  11. @Donator - Welcome to the Obsession! You're going to be amazed at the food that you will turn out on your new KK! Post pics! To the last point, search the Forum, as there's lots of posts/instructions/videos on the burn-in process. But, it's not necessary to do that burn-in to use the KK. You only need to do the burn-in if you plan to do any high temperature (above 400F) cooks. You can do low & slow cooks until the cows come home. If you want to go ahead and do the burn-in to get it out of the way, that's cool, too. Also, take advantage of that burn-in and do some cooking during the process - perfectly safe. Make use of all that charcoal that you're going to burn up doing it.
  12. We ALL loved that show as kids!
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