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  1. @Poochie - what grade of beef are you using for your brisket cooks? Makes a difference in how you cook them (IMHO).
  2. Good luck. Pre-owned KKs don't show up often and to have one close enough to you makes it even less likely. Start saving up for a new one - it's your best bet to own a KK.
  3. @C6Bill - Happy Belated Birthday! 🥂 I'm shocked that the pooch didn't just snag that steak and run!! Ha, ha!
  4. @Syzygies Thanks, but not my thing at all. The only thing that I actually ferment outside of my beers/meads/ciders, is my hot sauce. Maybe a quick pickle of something, but that's about the extent of it.
  5. @tekobo - you are correct. I was just trying to simplify the description. I will NEVER try to make it myself. Sorry.
  6. Try using the Shio Koji marinade (leftover rice product from making sake) as a good tenderizer. I go through bottles of the stuff. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0763MPDQR
  7. Check at Trader Joe's, if you have one nearby. That's where I get mine.
  8. Welcome to the Obsession! You're going to love cooking on your work of art!
  9. Gorgeous steak and nice burgers for the 🐶
  10. It's not the points that's the problem, but the sides of the tines - they are razor sharp and very close together, so trying to push a chicken thigh down far enough so it doesn't come off in the cook almost guarantees you'll slice yourself doing so.
  11. YIKES, Oktoforks! A medieval torture device disguised as a BBQ accessory! I gave up on mine, as I sliced open a finger just about every time that I used them, and you still had to bind the meat to them to keep it from falling off into the fire!
  12. Very nice @C6Bill! Last night was pizza night here. Hadn't done any in ages and got a wild hare (hair?) Upfront - storebought pizza dough and sauce (Trader Joe's). Did 3 personal sized ones - Margarita (homegrown basil), N'duja and mushrooms, and a no-sauce one with slices of fresh homegrown tomatoes, bacon and caramelized onions. Sampler plate with a very nice local beer!
  13. Very nicely done! I'm a big fan of Jeremy's (Mad Scientist) videos.
  14. If you get back to IA sometime, holler at me. I'm just up the road from U of IA.
  15. Me, too! @Poochie - make my own cocktail sauce as well. You can find decent stuff in a jar (Jon gave me some nice stuff in a gift box - sadly not available online), but it still doesn't compare to homemade.
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