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  1. Great story, Jon! Sorry to hear that Jasper is no longer with us, but sounds like he had a very good life! So now we know the backstory to your profile "picture." LOVE IT!!!
  2. tony b

    Summer Breakfast

    Thanks for the link MacKenzie. I bookmarked it, so hopefully I'll remember next spring planting time.
  3. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Let me know how it works for you, may alter my technique.
  4. tony b

    Homemade BBQ! (Pic heavy)

    But ya still gotta eat??
  5. tony b

    Summer Breakfast

    Thanks, MacKenzie!
  6. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Nice job on the brisket. @MacKenzie - did you flatten it out to keep the block thin so you could break off pieces? I have a set of small plastic cubes with attached lids that I fill up with pesto and freeze. Similar idea to the ice cube tray, but I leave the pesto in them, so they don't get as much freezer burn having only the top layer exposed. Don't remember where I scored them?
  7. There ya go! Will be a bit of a trek from La to IN, but could be worth it.
  8. Love the new name!!! So, this is where you've been hiding all summer. Well, at least you weren't in the poky or the hospital - LOL!!
  9. tony b

    Summer Breakfast

    Need to find a source for it, as I might try and grow some myself next year! Any tips on where to find seeds or live plants?
  10. tony b

    I'm so dizzy

    I'd describe farofa as having that sandy texture. Kinda makes it unique and interesting from other starches. Plus, anything where the preferred cooking method is to cook it with bacon fat, is top notch in my book! Look for it also as "manioc flour."
  11. tony b

    When to use the top grate?

    The main reason for using it, beside the real estate aspect, is if you want to utilize the radiant heat from being near the dome. As noted, pizza is the prime example, breads are another. I like to cook spatchcocked chickens up there, as both sides seem to cook evenly that way. Or, if you just want to cook direct, but want a little extra distance between the food and the fire, like for a casserole.
  12. tony b

    New member & soon to be owner

    Also, prepare to go buy a new belt, as the old one won't be big enough shortly!
  13. tony b

    Homemade BBQ! (Pic heavy)

    Hey, Jon!! Where have you been hiding?
  14. tony b

    Summer Breakfast

    Have you tried frying the shiso leaves? - amazing how cooking it changes their flavor I don't have access to them here, but toss a couple in the air fryer until crispy and see what you think? I've had them in Japanese restaurants done tempura style.
  15. tony b

    I'm so dizzy

    Hang in there, MacKenzie; I'm sure you get some corn soon!