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  1. Several of the "old timers" have gone MIA in the last couple of years - Ceramic Chef is one, Wilburpan is another, even ckreef rarely posts anymore (have too many new toys to go play with, I suppose?) Still plenty of good folks on here to chat with and share BBQ pics/stories/recipes.
  2. Given that the deck area is white, it will be discolored by the smoke, so you might want to consider that, even with some sort of ventilation. My choice would be down by the gasser and buy a cover from Dennis for it.
  3. That's our @Poochie!! Missed ya, buddy!
  4. You should have received some tiles from the same batch in your repair kit with your KK, plus some grout to attach it. Where was this moisture dripping from? If it was from the lower vent, that's normal during some cooks. Were you trying to do your "burn in?" Then some weeping from around the tiles is to be expected. You should always leave your top vent slightly open after you've shut down the fire in your KK. Otherwise, it will contract as it cools down and be a major PITA to open on your next cook. You should also leave the top lid in the 1st position on the latch to not compress the gaskets - it will extend their life. I target a 50F drop in dome temperature to signal that the fire is out and it's OK to crack open the vent and lift the lid to the 1st position before putting on the cover.
  5. After watching some YouTube vids and stumbling upon some TX style beef short ribs at CostCo last week, I decided to go for it. OMG!!! I have to say that this is better than brisket! For Real! If I were on Death Row, this would be my Last Meal! Indirect, with smoker pot of post oak, mesquite and apple wood chunks, Guru at 265F, wrapped in pink butcher paper at 170F IT with a smear of Wagyu beef tallow, finished at 210F (yes, a bit higher than a brisket). I'd planned an 8 hour cook, but it finished early on me at 5 hours. No worries, stashed in the cooler until dinner time. Sorry no cooking pics, as the timing was a bit hectic and threw me off; plus, my Guru played tricks on me early (I set it at 275F, but for some reason it wanted to sit at 281F??) So I backed it down to 265F and it worked just fine for the rest of the cook. Never had that happen before?? Plated with the last of the season local corn 😢, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy. I'm telling you people, it doesn't get much better than this!!
  6. @C6Bill - Happy Birthday!! Got a few years on you (65 - an official "geezer" with my Medicare card now - ha, ha!), but it's all good! Glad to see that you celebrated appropriately. btw - huge pooch! But it looks like a sweetie!
  7. Another option is to just highlight the part of the post that you want to quote (if you don't want to quote all of it) with your mouse. You should see a pop-up box that says "quote." If you hit that, you'll open a new dialogue box with just that section of the previous dialogue.
  8. Steak night - Picanha. Good news/bad news - good news was the local corn folks were out yesterday after being MIA for weeks; the bad news - yesterday was their last day of the season! 😢 Grabbed enough to get me through the weekend. Direct on the lower grate, mesquite & coffee wood chunks. Plated with shrooms and 2x baked spud.
  9. Hurray for @MacKenzie for actually cook (and eating???) a piece of fish!!
  10. At least keep the pieces with the Kamado stamp on them.
  11. We always tell new folks about how great the KK does chicken, but they have to experience it 1st hand to actually believe us. It's magic! Definitely get the rotisserie setup. Consider both the spit and the basket - each has its benefits.
  12. We've missed you, @Poochie!!
  13. Took a Jamaican holiday for dinner last night. Jerk chicken (marinade is from a local Jamaican chef), with some pineapple salsa, curry rice and a salad. I had a mojito to kick things off before dinner! 🍹 The foil pouch has pimento wood chips to give it that added flair!
  14. Indeed! I have more sausages and we have 2 more weeks of Oktoberfest to celebrate!
  15. It's Oktoberfest time! So some German snags (Brat, Cheddar & Knack), with potatoes au gratin and a salad. Silly me forgot to go to the store for some Oktoberfest beers. Next time!
  16. I get naan at Trader Joe's. It's pretty good.
  17. Wasn't quite sure what I wanted for dinner, so the "default" was wings. Marinated in Uncle Dougie's sauce. Direct, 375F, peach wood. Plated with roasted spuds, celery/carrot/cuke with ranch. Bubbly is a nice wine to have with spicy foods. Have to admit that I overdid it on the wings sauce. I basted 2x on the grill after the initial 2 hour marinade. It was a bit overpowering. Should have left off that last coating.
  18. @Basher - hope your KK is in a nice protected spot during all this renovation? I'd hate to have something happen to it. @Troble - my "go to" chicken salad recipe - leftover roasted chicken, chopped celery, diced red onion, seedless red grapes (halved), chopped cashews. Dressing is mayo (Duke's of course!), white wine vinegar, tarragon, curry powder, celery seeds, white pepper, purple crack and flaked salt. @Aussie Ora - that tomahawk steak looks amazing!
  19. A nice fat porkchop for dinner last night. A side of pasta (semi-homemade sauce with my tomatoes), some grilling cheese and a nice salad & crusty bread to round it all out. Direct, main grate, 325F. Hickory chunks.
  20. tony b

    Do you like Sausage?

    No, he's actually a homebrewer, too. That's how I first met him was when he joined the homebrewing club.
  21. tony b

    Do you like Sausage?

    I've made some sausage in the past, but when a buddy started a business making all kinds of sausages (The Sausage Foundary), I pretty much stopped making my own.
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