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  1. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Awesome, MacKenzie. Molecular Gastronomy at work! I've got a pastrami planned for next week - scored a deal on the corned beef (Happy St. Pat's Day!), so I'll start soaking it in water on Tuesday, with a goal of hot smoking it on Friday, as the temps here are going to be in the upper 50s!!
  2. tony b

    Saint Patrick’s day epic bbq

    OK, you got me with that one - had to look that one up! Nice brews. I just got back from No Cal and spent 2 days up in Napa. One of my "must stops" was Heretic. Crazy good beers! And this one was on tap - a Matcha Green Tea IPA. Crazy color on it. Wish I could have brought some back for St. Pat's tomorrow. Would have blown my beer buddies away! You would have loved this one. Twigs & Berries - a Belgian dark strong, barrel-aged and soured (Brettanomyces), with Elderberries.
  3. tony b

    Set up for Spatchcocked Chicken

    Just so happens that Dizzy Pig makes a Peruvian Rub. https://dizzypigbbq.com/product/peruvian-ish-seasoning/
  4. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Took advantage of our 2nd day of nice weather (at least in the morning) to do a pork butt. Injected with Butcher's BBQ pork marinade and dusted with a housemade rub. Indirect @ 275F, with Guru, and smoker pot with hickory & apple chunks. Notice the lack of snow!! Money shot for Dennis! Plated with homemade coleslaw and a trio of sauces - Carolina Mustard, NC Vinegar (Red), and Smokey/Hot. I cooked it to an IT of 195F, which was a bit under my usual target of 200F, but it was past my usual suppertime and I was very hungry. It tasted fine, but was a bit hard to pull and the bone didn't come out smoothly. I thought that I had started early enough to finish well before dinner, but after about 30 minutes into the cook, the wind blew the Guru off my table and the blower wire unplugged, so the fire went out before I noticed it. Set me back about an hour to get everything going again. It's BBQ - sh!t happens!
  5. tony b

    Road kill

    Nice chook!
  6. tony b

    First Customer of 2019

    I was just happy to step outside on my deck last night and hear a bird singing. Spring might be coming soon - fingers crossed!!!
  7. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    If the forecast for next week holds up, we should see several days in the 50s starting midweek. Hopefully, March will be going out like a lamb, as it surely came in like a lion!
  8. tony b

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Woo, Hoo! It was 52F today!!! After dodging a bit of rain, got in a nice steak cook - a Prime ribeye cap. No worries about Vampires, as the tots were loaded with garlic aioli. Had a bit leftover, so why not top the steak and shrooms with it?
  9. tony b

    There's been a disturbance in the Force...

    Thanks for posting the pics. Can't wait to see some of that 1st cook.
  10. tony b

    Big Bad Enroute to Melbourne

    Seriously, one of the crazier installs that I've seen here.
  11. tony b

    Yum Beef

  12. tony b

    Beef yum

    Major Yummy.
  13. tony b

    32 Big Bad Setup

    I own 2 Meater probes. The original has limited range, has nothing to do with the KK design. It works OK, but the signal will drop out randomly. It auto-reconnects, but it's a PITA, especially if you turn on the alarm function. The new one, Meater+, has extended range and works much better. Only option out there for rotisserie cooks.
  14. tony b

    23" ultimate delivered

    Welcome to the Obsession!
  15. tony b

    Offline for Balinese Nyepi Celebration

    Cool idea. Totally unplug for a day. Maybe we should do it more than once a year!
  16. You should watch the Tool Time Tim routines to see real testosterone in action.
  17. tony b

    Software Defined Espresso

    And I thought that I had an obsession with BBQ. I got nothing on you people.
  18. tony b

    Looks like fun to me

    Charles, that water ain't deep enough to need a floating cooler.
  19. tony b

    Cleaning time

    I'm down to my last couple of nickel bags.
  20. Please buy lots of them, so my GE stock price will go back up!!
  21. tony b

    Looks like fun to me

    That's how you do it up right! But, where's the cooler with the beer???
  22. tony b

    Cleaning time

    Says the "Pusher Man." Gotta keep the customers coming back for more!
  23. tony b

    32 Big Bad Setup

    @5698k - Laissez les bons temps rouler, Robert! Cooking up anything special for Fat Tuesday?
  24. tony b

    32 Big Bad Setup

    Big fan of the Amazing Ribs website and I have Meathead's book as well (along with just about everyone else's that ever written about BBQ or Grilling!)