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  1. Not tried these before, but I have used Jealous Devil's actual lump charcoal before - it's good stuff! Sparks less than Fogo.
  2. tony b

    BBQ Guru?

    I wonder if this would adversely affect their durability?
  3. Nice suya cook!! It's SUPPOSED to be killer hot! Same with the peri-peri chicken. That's why man invented yogurt and ice cream! Unfortunately, they don't help with the burn upon exit! 🤣
  4. Got my reply from Wellesley. As suspected, there's a new quarantine on the pimento wood. Fingers crossed it will be lifted soon. "Sorry my friend, I had to deactivate it, even though I have quite a few pounds on my hand now. According to a recent release from Jamaica's Ministry Of Agriculture, Plant Quarantine Division, all plant and plant products to the USA now require a special US Import Licence and a PhytoSanitary certificate, otherwise it can't be sent. And even worst, they have singled out and put a suspension on Pimento Wood, with no timeline given! The Covid restrictions
  5. Let's have a wing-ding tonight! Wings on the main grate, peach wood, 325F. Dry Rubbed with Kosmo Q's Hot Buffalo wing dust. Batch 1: Tossed in a butter, Frank's hot sauce & Shit the Bed hot sauce. Batch 2: Tossed in butter and K-Pop Korean hot sauces (reg and XXX). Side of tater tots, with green crack and carrot, celery and cucumber sticks with ranch.
  6. I'm having one right now, but it's a Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA, not one of mine. All I have on tap right now is a wheat wine.
  7. I'd be all over that lobster with the beurre blanc sauce!!
  8. Nice brew stand! Looks like you're on top of it. And don't forget - "Relax, have a homebrew!"
  9. On top of the other suggestions - pizza stone, basket splitter, rotisserie rod/forks/basket, and definitely a cover (I live in Iowa, so I know what winters are like in the midwest!) - load up that pallet with as much coconut charcoal, coffee wood chunks and coffee wood charcoal, as you can fit. Right now, it's the only way to get any here in the States.
  10. I KNEW that I should have paid you a visit when I was in Napa last month - ha, ha!
  11. I just emailed Wellesley about the wood, SHE normally responds quickly. One thing to note if you do order pimento wood from Jamaica, it has to go through agricultural quarantine upon entry into the US, so it sits for about 3 weeks before it continues shipment to you. So, don't expect it right away. And, it seems that pimentowood.com is sold out of the leaves and can't restock them right now. So, it looks like a split order if you want them anytime soon. Regular allspice berries from the supermarket work just fine in the smoker pot with the wood and the leaves.
  12. Was seriously foggy yesterday afternoon, but still warm enough for short sleeves. So it was International chicken thighs in the fog! 4 different rubs - Jerk, Berbere, Peri-Peri, and Shawarma. Main grate, peach wood chunks, 375F. Near the end, I tossed on the leftover hunk of the haloumi cheese - it picked up some more nice smoke and was better than the night before. Trying not to be a total piggy about it, I only plated 2 of the thighs - Jerk and Berbere. Side of pasta and nice salad with crusty bread. To help the tomato sauce hold up to the spicy chicken, started out sa
  13. Sorry, I don't have the side tables, so I would have blown past any such posts.
  14. Saying goodbye to nice weather, decided to do it up right with a nice steak dinner. Ribeye cap, SPG and coffee rub, direct on lower grate, with mesquite and post oak chunks. That's haloumi cheese next to it. Plated with 2x baked spud (cheddar on top), sautéed shrooms, salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette, side sauces - Peruvian green crack and chimichurri. The haloumi cheese with a schmear of green crack on the crusty bread was a smash hit!
  15. Talk with Dennis, if you haven't already. He'll listen and make suggestions without any pressure to upsell you if the 32 isn't a good fit for you. It's all about cooking space - how many folks are you normally trying to feed? What do you like to cook mostly? Do you entertain large crowds frequently? What's your budget - not that we need to know that here, but just for you're own consideration - it's better (IMHO) to go with the 23" with all the accessories that I think that I'd need, than to overstretch with the 32" and not be able to get the accessories and be limited in your cooking.
  16. How big are the briskets in the UK, tekobo? I have no problem fitting a full packer cut brisket (about 12 lbs) onto the main grate of my 23". @BOC - definitely have this discussion with Dennis - he won't steer you wrong. But, IMHO, sounds like you need a 32" BB if you're entertaining that many people, that often. As noted, no worries about cooking for just you and the Mrs, as the 32's basket splitter will take care of that problem.
  17. Hi Wilbur! We've missed you! Please post more - especially those lovely ducks that you're so famous for!
  18. You definitely "go big" when it comes to your starters - 2 liters each! I normally stick to 1L starters, but for a high gravity beer, I'll go 2L.
  19. Clever idea. The question with adapting it to the KK is how to secure the double pot arrangement to keep it from tipping, in particular as you're trying to slap a naan against the sides? Could we be so lucky that we could find a clay pot that just fits inside the sear grate handles that would hold it steady?? There are some other grills out there that have a grate with a removable, round, center section for Dutch ovens and Woks. I'm wondering if a lower grate for the KK could be modified similarly. Then, you could just drop the clay pot into that circular opening and be good to go!
  20. So, it works just like another Forum that I belong to, as that's all I've ever done over there - copy/paste.
  21. Didn't even notice the misspelling. I'd never heard of Hogget before.
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