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  1. It's been one of mine for many years. And I do try to live by it.
  2. You're more that 3/4 of the way there - already have the plywood sheets and the burley dudes to help. Not sure about that bobcat looking gizmo for moving it though. IF you do decide to strap it to the bobcat - do NOT run the strap through the handle. It's not load bearing and you can damage the latch.
  3. Well, live and learn. I just went and took a picture of mine and it's vastly different than the ones in your picture. Yours must be specially made for use with the side tables. Mine has a solid plate on the back that you attached directly to the grill using the hex bolts.
  4. The curved end should be up and against the side wall.
  5. Can't wait to see how it finishes out. Hope you get that crackle!
  6. I don't know if they work this way on a grill with side tables (I don't have them), but you can also hang racks off them. I typically don't as a storage option, as the cover won't go on it with them there, but if I need to move a rack out of the way for a brief period, they come in handy for that.
  7. It's really not that hard to do. I bashed mine in with a hammer.
  8. Good show. They're good friends so they can give each other tons of sh!t and get away with it!
  9. Peaches and pork chops - great combo! Direct cook on the main grate, peach wood chunks (what else?), 325F. Peaches get cut up for the spinach & arugula salad with shallot vinaigrette made with peach balsamic vinegar (again, what else??) Topped off with a nice Viognier. Perfect light summer dinner!
  10. I don't and wouldn't recommend doing it either for 3 reasons - 1) most importantly, it's going to mess with your airflow and top vent settings, even if it's not running. Air will be pulled through the side holes into the KK. 2) it's just in the way sticking out and you could damage the KK if you (or the dog) accidentally bump into it. and 3) your cover probably won't fit over the KK with it in place?? (DNK for sure, as I've never tried to put my cover on with the smoker in place?)
  11. Check out the BBQ Guru. It was probably the 1st one of its kind. I've owned mine for over 10 years. Works great. Has the damper built right into it - a must have. It a 10 cfm fan, which is more than plenty of air for a heat-soaked KK.
  12. I was wondering if someone would make that comment?
  13. Will definitely keep that option open. With the lockdown from last year over, I have a lot of trips to make up for now!
  14. Got to play with my new toy tonight - Easy Kabob. Just ran across it on YouTube and thought WTF, let's see if it actually works as well as in the videos. Cut to the chase - It Does! The tricks are a bit obvious - keep the meat cold and don't make it too wet/sloppy. Mixed up a 50/50 batch of ground beef (90/10) and ground lamb, with some basic seasonings. Stuffed it into the gadget and ran the skewer through it. Works as advertised. Ignore the blobs at the ends of the skewers, that was just me slapping on the leftover meat onto the ends. The nice even part was made by the
  15. Thought that I had told you - they cancelled it as a live event. 😢 It's only virtual again this year. Disappointed is putting it mildly - 2 years in a row now! Fingers crossed that next year in Pittsburg will actually happen!
  16. tony b

    Holding 225?

    There's competing effects going on here when you open the lid - one is that you are letting out a bunch of hot air, which will drop the dome thermometer reading a lot - just the reading, not the actual temperature of the KK. Next there's the inrush of a lot of ambient air (oxygen) to make up for the lost hot air (remember hot air rises!) This should only cause a short spike in the combustion process with that brief (assuming it's brief) opening of the lid. If the KK is heat soaked, the effect of this spike in the long run should not be noticeable (or barely so) and the temperature should settl
  17. Nice cooks everyone! @Troble - you're killin' me with that grilled octopus! Brought back a good flashback to Greece. I put that grilled octopus dinner there in my top 5 all time best meals! Epic!
  18. Don't forget those all important adult beverages while learning your vent settings!
  19. tony b

    Holding 225?

    Jumping on the pile here, but that's too open on the top vent for 225F. It should be barely off the seat. Toss a small chunk of wood on the fire right after you get it lit. When it starts to smoke, then adjust the top hat to where the smoke is just barely coming out. That's the 225F sweet spot - at least on my 23". YMMV
  20. Great cooks all around, folks! Rocking the KKs! Simple wing dinner last night. 3 different dry rubs (no sauce). Direct, main grate, started out at 275F and finished at 350F. Peach wood chunks. Plated with air fried duck fat sprayed fries, side salad, carrot & celery stix with blue cheese dressing and some Peruvian green crack sauce for the fries! Sorry no pic of the can, but a Cigar City Jai Alai (one of my favs!)
  21. I'd still do it classical Franklin - equal parts by volume of salt & pepper to let the flavor come through, low & slow with some nice wood chunks (post oak if you have it), wrap in the pink butcher paper after the stall, cook to 203F and make sure to let it rest, still wrapped, a couple of hours at least when done. I'm now partial to doing chuck roasts, as they are about this size or slightly bigger (~4 lbs). Technique works great. I'm looking forward to my next one to try out the Waygu tallow trick in the Mad Scientist BBQ video that I posted.
  22. I've had a Cascade hop plant for over 13 years now - still going strong, even after getting heavily damaged in last summer's derecho. I usually get a couple of pounds of dried cones in a good year. I rarely use them up and end up tossing a bunch every harvest (2 year old ones) to make room for the new crop.
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