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  1. Nailed it. I'm putting some TX beef short ribs on shortly (pun intended). Waiting on the KK to come up to temp (235F) before putting them on to smoke for about 4 - 5 hours.
  2. Waiting with bated breath! πŸ˜‹
  3. I've used straight mayo as a binder before, but never even thought about tartar sauce - funky!
  4. Good choice. How did it come out? Pics, please!
  5. @Aussie Ora - Holler at me if you want me to ship you more Gunpowder?
  6. Excellent! Lovely brisket. Looks like you jumped into the deep end of the pool right from the get-go!
  7. Just like beef brisket. It was about a 1.5 lbs, not nearly as big as beef brisket, but it took just as long to cook. About 9 hours with an hour rest at the end. Pork Brisket – Porter Road
  8. Speaking of briskets - tried something completely new yesterday - PORK brisket! Yep, from Porter Rd. It looked very interesting, so I went for it. Cooked just like a beef one - 225F with the Guru, smoker pot with hickory and apple chunks, indirect. Rubbed with CYM, Dizzy Dust and Slap Yo Daddy. Going on the KK. Out of the stall, 165F, ready to wrap in pink butcher paper, slathered with smoked pork leaf lard. Done and unwrapped. Very juicy! Sliced up like butter! Plated with smashed roasted red potatoes and a Southern/Asian mashup of succotash - I don't like Lima Beans, so this one has Edamame. Seasoning of Sake, Mirin, Sesame Oil, Shallot Crack Sauce, Mala and Togarashi. Pretty good! But the star of the show was this pork brisket!! Better than pulled pork or ribs - juicy, soft texture without being mushy, almost buttery. Might be my new "go to." Just wish I could get it locally without having to order online.
  9. You know the Forum rules - No Pics, It Didn't Happen!
  10. Peruvian green sauce - the #2 Crack on my list!
  11. @Tyrus - I've actually intentionally cooked a frozen steak on the KK. I wanted to get a good crust without overcooking the interior. Sear grate at very high heat.
  12. Love me some CostCo! As noted, great buys on meats (especially Prime) and booze. Country style ribs are just thick pork chop slices, so think of them that way. I wouldn't wrap them and would cook them to 185F to keep them juicy but done enough to break down the fat and cartilage.
  13. tony b

    Beef Ribs

    Gotta luv me some beef ribs! Nice job both of you! Update: I was inspired by this post, so I ordered some TX style beef ribs from Porter Rd. They arrived yesterday. Woo, Hoo!
  14. How about some pics of the actual cook, please?
  15. Nothing wrong with that steak! I'd eat that in a heartbeat! @BOC - please post pics of your cooks. No judgements here - except to say how tasty things look!
  16. tony b


    I'd eat that! πŸ˜‹
  17. You mean 1,199 wine corks! πŸ˜„
  18. 😒 I placed an order with Ace online for 2 bags of Weekend Warrior, with a delivery date of tomorrow (28th). Got an email yesterday afternoon saying that my order had been cancelled. I enquired to find out why. Customer service said that it was due to a stock shortage, but the online store said it was "in stock." WTF? I'm going to wait a couple of weeks and try again. 🀞
  19. I just make a holder for the grate clip out of an old wine cork. Cut notches out of the end so it fits snuggly in between the grate rods. I put either a nail or screw in the top end to clip the alligator clip to. This insulates the probe from the hot grate and you get a true measure of the air temperature around the meat.
  20. That was a "tribute" band concert, but not just any tribute band - it was made up of Jack Bruce's and Ginger Baker's sons and Eric Clapton's nephew. They were DAMN good!
  21. As I drove past the local Ace Hardware today, I thought to myself, I need to stop in there and see if I can order the Weekend Warrior charcoal and have it delivered here. I've always been a fan and I haven't been able to get it here for years now.
  22. Nice, Welcome to the Obsession! You're going to love cooking on your KK. As you noted, rock solid temperature control.
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