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Smoked boneless leg of lamb

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Well, had been to Costco awhile back, and had a 6lb boneless lamb leg, decided it needed to succumb to the smoke! 

I rubbed it with a mixture I make out of Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning, and Walker & Sons "Slep Ya Mama" hot stye seasoning.. I like to take a 17oz can of Tony's and mix it with an 8oz can of Slap Ya Mama. To me a great mixture as the Tony's isn't quite hot enough, and I dont want to mix two things with salt, so it comes out perfect for me.. I named it "Slap Tony" LOL

At any rate, I coated the leg with mustard, then very generous amounts of Slap Tony, and Lawry's Garlic Salt. Then sprayed it down with avocado oil.

Fired up the smoker with Royal Oak lump and some hickory chunks, put the lamb on straight away, indirect @ 240. I know some folks like to get it up to temp first, but to me it soaks up more smoke & flavor, and one less time I have to open the lid ;)]

Smoked for 2 hours, then boosted the temp to around 300 and it took just about another 2 hours to get to my target Internal temp of 135. Pulled it, double wrapped in foil, and let it set for 30 minutes, cut the net off and sliced it up.. OH MAN! I was good! Sorry the picture isn't better, I was tired & hungry and wanted to dive it. As you can see, when you cut off the net, is disrupts the crust quite a bit, and flings the crumblies around as you can see on the cutting board.. Next time I will discard the net and tie it myself to get rid of that issue, and can then also score it both inside and out to hold on to more seasoning :)

It was most excellent with some mashed potatoes and green bean casserole :)

While looking around on the net for lamb related stuff, saw a youtube video of a chef making boneless lamb leg, with a mixture of pomegranate molasses and spices.. That, is next on my lamb list :)  OH DUH! it is here on the KK forum LOL... Nice job by the way, looks great and I am going to do one too!


smoked lamb.JPG

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