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  1. Saucier

    Sharp Knives 2.0

    I use the Tormek water cooled system here... Had it for years, works great, as the angle is always consistent which is nearly impossible to do free hand.. I use the guide for grinding, but do free hand it for the strop wheel... A little pricy to start, but once you have done your knife collection once, easy to touch up with just the fine grind and strop... http://www.amazon.com/Cooled-Sharpening-Tormek-T4-Quality/dp/B00N0VJ90S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449408398&sr=8-1&keywords=tormek
  2. Saucier

    Replacement fan for BBQ Guru

    Thank you sir!!
  3. Saucier

    Replacement fan for BBQ Guru

    I pulled it apart, it is a BFB0712H Delta Electronics Cheapest I see it is like 40 and up to 70 bucks!
  4. Saucier

    Replacement fan for BBQ Guru

    Thanks! Do you happen to know which fan replaces the guru Pit Viper ? If not I will figure it out and share it once I do...
  5. Saucier

    Replacement fan for BBQ Guru

    Yes I meant other than from guru... There was a discussion long ago about where to get cheap computer fans to replace them.. I just never saw the supplier that them listed....
  6. Does anyone have a line on CHEAP replacement fans for the Guru ? Your help is appreciated!
  7. Saucier

    The joy of cooking in plastic bags? - Sous-Vide

    Sous vide I got interested after having been served some great food prepared that way in a restaurant in Oregon and talking to the chef.... I popped for a thermo circulator and just put in in a stainless steam table pan deep enough for the water to circulate in... I usually cook chicken breasts in it, after pasteurizing in the bath. It is the best chicken breast ever... It tastes like chicken through and through and if you want to add any flavors to it I have seen it recommended to add olive oil, spices, herbs or whatever to the bag before sealing.. I have had poor results with adding anything to the bags, as it concentrates the flavor only in the part of the meat that it contacts.. Better to add what sauce you want afterwards and if you are looking for browning, hit it with a butane torch at the end.... Here is a great explanation of the whole thing by a smarter guy then me, if you are interested in the science behind it.. This is a great resource for cooking times/thicknesses etc... http://amath.colorado.edu/~baldwind/sous-vide.html I talked to the chap that wrote it once, and he is a really cool guy and answered some questions for me. We also cook potatoes in it.. Seal your spuds in a bag(s), I cooked at 180 untill they were at least squishy by hand (2 hours maybe)? The beauty of this is that the spuds will hold for ever in the bath, and unlike boiling them in water, you lose NONE of the vitamins or nutrients by cooking/holding the this way. I was charges with making mashed potatoes for a dinner party of 25, and deduced I would need more capacity then my pan would hold, and also probably over powering my circulator. I bought a cheap electric roasting pan from wallyworld and put the circulator in it and turned on the roaster during the initial startup until the water & product were up to temp, then turned off the roaster and let the circulator do its thing. Cool part is it can be cooking off to the side, not using up stove or oven space during the busy kitchen time, and unless you start too late, time is not a problem.. It will hold for ever in the bath. Just take them out, put them in a pan and mash them up with butter/milk or whatever floats you. You can also put the bags after cooking in an ice chest or whatever you do your holding in, and transport them elsewhere. Its a great technique..
  8. Saucier

    Christmas 2009

    Off to AZ We are off to Havasu City, and will be re-smoking/warming a ham we bought from Larry's Meats in Union City OK (on advice from a Tx buddy). Should be good!
  9. Saucier

    Wagyu Ribeyes... YIPPEE!!!

    Lobels I ordered some steaks from Lobels not long ago. Very expensive, and well worth it.. I sure can't afford it very often, but a couple of times a year, I can swing! But man, it costs a bunch! I just put it in my head, that a high end meal out for the same number of people would cost about the same. Makes it easier to see the CC statement!
  10. Saucier

    Thanksgiving 2009

    Re: rant Thats my kind of rant doc ! Add to the list socialized medical care.. the list goes on.. Put me on the scotch list too with Larry! I like scotch with a heavy peat flavor, normally LaPhroiag or Bowmore. Just picked up a new one, hard to come across though,, I think I got two bottles of the 4 existing in the California warehouse. Octomore! Boy is it goooooooooood.. A real slow sipper
  11. Sure I would be happy to post to "Mitt" forum, but not sure what that is.. Enlighten me!
  12. Gun control I am not in favor of gun control at all, trust me on this one... But the part about having to claim guns on tax returns isn't true. This has been floating around the net for awhile, and I checked with the NRA who also concurred that its false. Even snopes got this one right. http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/taxreturns.asp I hope this doesn't give them ideas though!
  13. Saucier

    How long ya think?

    Alrighty! Thanks!
  14. Saucier

    How long ya think?

    I am fixin to smoke up a turkey, 23lbs, and plan on cooking @ 325-350... Whats the best guess as to how long this will take?? Thanks!!
  15. Mini Pack MVS 31 I use the MVS 31 from this site... http://www.chambersealers.com/chamber-s ... ealers.php Pricey, but commercial quality, and with a chamber sealer, you don't need channel bags. Our most used size is 6x9 more or less, would have to go check exactly, but the bags are like 175 bucks for 3000. We go through lots of them. The great part of this machine, is you can really pull a heavy vacuum on them, and the lack of air prevents freezer burn for a long time.. We also use it for sous vide cooking.