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David Chang

pancetta and prague powder #1 question

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i've got a pancetta curing in the fridge. in a few days i plan to put it in a umai bag for 21 days to dry. 

i used prague powder #1 as the curing salt. this is for cures 30 days or less. once cured, can i still eat this raw?

from what i understand, #1 is for cures that require cooking for consumption. #2 is for eating raw like hard salami's, prosciutto..

if i can't eat it raw, then i guess i need to smoke cook it like normal bacon?

i'm confused because i've seen recipes that use #1 and another that uses #2. thanks for any advice..

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From what I understand @David Chang, it is the duration of the curing period that determines whether you eat the cured meat raw or not and not which salt you use.   The difference in the salts is that No 2 will help keep you safe in a longer cure but, if you use No 2 in a shorter cure you are still dealing with the fact that you would normally cook meat that was cured for a shorter time.  

All that said, I have made short cured finnochio in the past where the meat was still soft and some may have been afraid to eat it raw but knowing that the Italians eat it and don’t die gave me the confidence to eat it too.  

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Dave I concur with Tekobo.
Also proportion of salt to meat by weight despite recommended salt products. I’m in a semi tropical environment where our winter are dry and cool yet summers are humid so refrigeration in summer is important. Not so much in winter.
Your cooks are impressive and I would trust your instincts.
I’d be Quite happy to be your royal taster to ensure there are no toxins.

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