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  1. special dinner tonight. got my hands on chilled rubia gallega striploin. rubia is an old galecian cow breed. it has this milky spoiled fermented bovine smell and taste to it. hard to explain. i prefer this over any other beef, including japanese waygu… sous vide in apo to 118f and held temp for about an hour while i worked on the sauce and sides.. finished in the alfa burning wood roasted veg accompaniment green peppercorn sauce IMG_9779.MOV
  2. @Wobster yes, i would like to see a definitive sticky thread for pizzas made strictly on the kk with comprehensive methods and process and operating temperatures for different style pizzas. accurate dough recipes for each style and predictable and repeatable results. love your forno bravo oven btw.. 👌 @Bunji i think biscotto stones in normal temps may not make any difference, but can't say for sure as i have no experience using them. i also run an anova precision oven to make pizza, but the lack of bottom browning has been a challenge.
  3. @Bunji hi welcome. i'm referring to 650f on the stone.but i have made pizzas on this temp as suggested by Mugniani, the custom pizza oven maker out in Healdsburg, CA. it is to my surprise they suggest this low temp for neopolitan, but it's workable. however, i find 800+ on the floor to be much better. sure you can use steel. i personally haven't tried. please note that pizzas in any kamado, the rolling radiant heat from direct flames is missing. and it is very fuel intensive. and if considering any baking stone for the kk, i would also look into saputo biscotto, the double baked mined clay from naples. i always wondered if that would be the ultimate baking stone for pizzas in the kk..
  4. @Troble i would have an anxiety attack if left the oven on for a haircut. 😅 happy anniversary and enjoy your trip.
  5. a big mess of an attempt at chocolates using polycarbonate molds and ganache filling. ganache was 2:1 chocolate to cream. dark couverture @ 70%. tried my best to temper it right but the results were still streaky. very difficult to remove them from the molds. maybe silicon would be easier next time. ganache needs to be in semi liquid state or else the bottoms will not be covered properly.
  6. @Troble may i offer you some advice when making neopolitan pizza? the dough does not look properly fermented. if the dough ball is the size of a baseball, it should almost be double the size when its time to stretch. it may be the dough recipe you are using, or perhaps not enough time fermenting. but there needs to be a puff (cornicione) on the crust for neopolitan. this crust is airy and open crumb. it will totally expand once the dough hits the stone. this is a single i pie i made today. i also used caputo blue and some bread flour. i noticed you have trouble with the shape. fret not. you don't need to do any slap stretching or toss dough up in the air like they do on TV. what you can do is heavily dust the dough ball and press down on the ball with your fingers and slowly work the circle while maintaining an even base and even crust thickness. take your time with this. if the shape is poor, it will come out like an amoeba. if things start to be sticky, throw some flour on and keep shaping. if the bottom sticks, through some flour on a pastry card and lift the sticky spot out. the only time i lift the dough off the marble is to put it on the pizza peel for toppings and launching into the oven. i use both my fists to lift it and gently place it on the peel. and lastly, the temperature. i'm cooking on gas in the alfa with floor temp at around 850F. i have done it on the kk at around 650F. I would say 650F is the absolute minimum for neopolitan. but regardless which oven is used, when the dough is properly made it will give you better results. the bottom should have some browning, but not so much there are burnt spots that give you bitter taste. but all of this is made possible if your dough is properly made. i use this recipe a lot (usually scaled to 3 balls). notice the fermentation times. it is usually days long and worth it. hope this was helpful.
  7. ah yes, sg chili crab is usually mud crab, which is also available in the market, but i have never made this dish. we usually can get two or three kinds of mud crabs here. the one packed with orange roe is heaven. i don’t know which crab we ate exactly, its definitely a blue variety. the fishmonger gave us a female, rest were males, but the male crabs taste better. we steamed them.
  8. it's crab season so we bought some live crab from the pier today.
  9. Finally got my hands on some reasonably priced tonka beans. As a first timer, this tastes very much like cherries, vanilla, and trident cinnamon gum. I infused a tiny bit into simple syrup for a few minutes and made an iced coffee with it. To my surprise, it changed the coffee taste. It elevated the sweetness, without making it sweeter. It's almost like msg for sugary foods. The aroma is mild, but it sticks to everything it touches (knives, cutting board, hands). I made some extract and syrup in the vacuum chamber and tossed some chopped beans in sugar. I don't think the extract is anywhere near ready to use, but I think it gave it a few weeks head start.
  10. @Syzygies ah i guess we missed each other. was there in june 2018 🫣
  11. @Basher hong kong. it looks like a very nice unit, but its too hardcore for my needs. i'm looking for a fireplace with cooking capabilities for light grilling, kids roasting marshmallows and stuff. the fire bowl i have is rusting, but i think i can replace it when the time comes.
  12. the more i look at this stuff, the more i'm put off by the prices. it just gets really expensive for a relatively simple setup. and i have to ship it to asia on top of the that. i think i will keep using my old pit and santa maria grill until it really falls apart..
  13. i passed at the opportunity to buy copperware for cheap at place seffarine in fes. my wife berated me for it because i told her we would go over our luggage limit. never tell your partner about luggage limits when traveling. 😂 i didn't know "goose" was a gastronome.
  14. hey guys, i'm looking to replace my firepit and santa maria grill that sits on top. after several typhoons, this thing is becoming a rust bucket. i'm looking for another setup to burn wood or charcoal, have adjustable cooking grates, and can withstand the elements. can't be too heavy, i will need to ship it overseas. must be coffee table high. i have my eye at the breeo. https://breeo.co/pages/backyard anything else i should be considering? thanks.
  15. yeah they made this for the cyclists in the race, its pastry cream fortified with butter and praline. the original power bar..
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