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  1. the standard accessories and spare parts should be similar to the 22TT. i don't know why it's not listed on the 23 website. the option accessories i would start with are the charcoal splitter, the rotisserie spit, the double bottom drip tray, and a cover if you plan on placing it outdoors. if budget allows, i would also get the side tables with stainless steel tops. happy shopping!
  2. @C6Bill this meat looks almost candied. it's fantastic..
  3. tl;dr decent smart oven. no microwave. fast and accurate to reach temps. steam is biggest feature but falls short. so after a couple cooks with this thing, i can say that this machine is...not bad. it's a combi oven, except that it's missing the microwave feature, which is not a big deal since i already have a microwave. but for others, it might be a deal breaker. it has all the things you get in a full featured combi oven. i'll go through each, some more in detail than others. 1. steam This thing has a boiler that can generate steam. For baking, it aids in rise before the dough is baked shut. for 100C cooks or below, it works as an RH precentage. over 100C it's just steam power by precentage. i would say that it's not a sauna at 100%. it won't work like a dedicated steamer. but it will add moisture and humidity. we tried to steam soften some fish maw (asian delicacy, these are the dried swim bladders of fish) but it didn't do a good job. for baking bread, it's works, but i would say that using a cloche or cast iron pot gives you an even more violent rise and ear. but having owned previous combi ovens before, i think the steam function on the APO is probably the most powerful. but its still not enough to steam fish or vegetables.. 2. convection bake yes, but locked in high if using the rear element, which is the main heating element for this oven. 3. air fry. excellent. we made a bag of frozen fries and onion rings so it's much higher capacity than the drawer kind. but you still need to rotate the pans for even cooking. 4. proof. works well with the built in thermometer probe. good thing about proof is it also adds 60% humidity. bad thing is the fan is on and you will need to cover the dough to prevent drying. 5. bake yes, from 25 to 250c 6. dehydrate i just tried to dehydrate some sliced apples and it works relatively well. but the capacity is limited to the trays you have and you need to figure out how to cut mesh screens to fit. 7. broil kinda like toast. 8. sous vide there are sous vide modes that use steam and no steam. i have only used the non steam mode, which basically is cooking low heat. they advertise bagless sous vide but this can be accomplished with any oven that can operate low temps, like my kitchen oven that can do 50c. i think sous vide was a trend and marketing it in this oven is an anova thing. 9. roast yes. 10. toast if set to high, you just place the bread on the highest level and run the top element only. i use this feature because i don't want a dedicated toaster. but a dedicated toaster will do a better job. 11. defrost i haven't used this feature. 12. reheat not used. there are several heating elements in this thing. the main fan driven one is the rear. there is a top element for toasting, a low temp bottom element for proofing, etc. you can operate each element independently or all at once. the fan will be locked on high when in sous vide mode or rear element mode which can be annoying. in other modes the fan speed is adjustable. there are also several thermocouple thermometers inside. the amount of rubber gaskets make me believe that these will be the first to fail. there is a gasket around the oven door that does a good job sealing air in. i can hear air swooshes when opening the door. there is a gasket around the bottom element, and a gasket where the glass halogen light is installed above. the steam water reservoir is huge around a gallon?. its recommended to use distilled water. i use dr pavlis water. the oven will tell you when to decale but i read it can be turned off. it comes with 2 racks. 1 flat pan. a short probe thermometer that's too thick for delicate meats. all the controls can be operated on the handle touch screen. it can't use touch screen with oven gloves on. you can also control the oven on your app via wifi. the app has all the preset recipes so you just type in roast chicken and run the program or edit the program to your needs. i had to buy the perforated pan for cooking drippy stuff. i wanted a baking steel but they didn't have it for sale at the time. the build quality is typical for a consumer appliance. lots of plastics. thin sheet metal. i can hear the interior walls pop when it gets warm.
  4. do you think you will own two kk's? because if that is the plan, then get the 19 as your now grill, and the 32 down the road. because i have a 19, and after using it a few times, i immediately wanted a 32. i use to want a 16, but after price hikes, i feel it offers the least value compared to the rest of the lineup. and there's no rotisserie option on the 16. if getting the 22, you may need to build a table for it or get denis' teak creations, which adds to the overall cost. but it's SO much better to be able to roll the kk on wheels.
  5. any obsession is good as long as it doesn't kill you..😅 anyway, back to the 2019 old thread topic of the Decent tablet espresso machine. i believe there are newer iterations of this model now and when i was in the market for an espresso machine, it was on my radar to consider. but at the end, i just wanted a solid machine paired with an even more solid grinder. the endless customization to tweak pressure and brew times is interesting to me, but i would imagine if something went wrong, you'd have to troubleshoot not only the mechanical part of the machine, but also software. to me that's too much to deal with.
  6. my wife has an obnoxious shopping habit. she likes to taste things, a bite of this, a sip of that. and when she buys something she likes, its not “how many grams of this..”, but “how many kilos of that…” and this is just tea. she’s really into chinese medicinal herbs. cordecyps, fish maw, birds nest. all this weird funky stuff in the cupboards is all hers. my coffee station pales in comparison to what she has…
  7. some shrinkage on the pate sucre, but tastes good nontheless..
  8. @Syzygies thats a nice looking loaf. i always hear about Tartine bread but I never looked in to their methods. i'm realizing now that after getting into baking bread, i actually look forward to the process, but not so much eating it. because my climate does not store bread well outside, it's just too filling to eat massive amounts of this stuff and i just end up giving it away. i feel like baking more pastry now, but it's even worse than eating bread..
  9. i knew there was a coffee thread somewhere in this forum.. my current setup. i can't spend anymore on this or my wife will buy french handbags in financial retaliation..
  10. thanks, bill. still haven't got to trying your recipes. will bake them when i get a chance..
  11. baked some pain aux raisins right after... in the past, i've casually walked into bakeries on a lazy sunday mornings and bought countless of these things, or when there was nothing to eat in airports, this was my go-to favourite. and it has never occurred to me how difficult and costly it is to make them until i started making them from scratch..
  12. @MacKenzie baguettes on the anova oven. crispy and soft. 100% steam, 250c. no water trays or ice cubes nonsense. controlled by app or touch handle. buy it! 😆
  13. would it be wrong for me to say that this burn in thing is not even necessary? as @Syzygies has mentioned before, the burn-in was already performed in factory.. after i did mine, some of the new car smell disappeared and that was it..
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