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  1. yes, we have this in our gourmet market. the rabbit label was what sold me. i was making brown sugar when i only had white..
  2. gave most away to the office. next time i will try to park bake and see how they taste after frozen and finished baking..
  3. baguettes with 3x pre-ferments (poolish + pasta di riporto + levain) caputo nuvola super
  4. aka clams casino? or is that a different thing..
  5. i wonder what the specs are temp wise..
  6. made pan de cristal today 100% hydration caputo nuvola super W320. overnight levain and poolish preferments. not the crumb i was looking for but still tastes ok..
  7. bak kwa this is like a marinated minced meat snack from south asia. it's like caramelized grilled pork jerky. this stuff costs around $40 USD/lb in a shop.. first time using coco char. i bought it from amazon! 😅
  8. yeah, when i removed the air pin. i could not see light through it and no air came out after blowing into it so it was totally clogged. i don't think i will go back to pellets. when i dumped mine out from the last cook, it started to clump together due to the humid weather..
  9. i couldn't keep it running because i never cleaned the tar off!
  10. happy 4th of july (5th where i am now) but i made candied smoked salmon for the first time. not the color and texture i was hoping for but its edible. i struggled with the cold smoke tube. using pellets but constantly having to relight. i'm going to try bigger wood chips next time like the one @DennisLinkletter used in his yt video, and if that doesn't work, i'm putting this thing away for good. i think i wasted half a can of butane trying to relight it every 15 min..
  11. i always find it amusing that you can't even buy this japanese truck in japan. they have these things...
  12. ok, but i will help as long as i am on the top of the stairs and it will take more than beer and pizza for me to show up...😅 400kg stair climber 👇👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcPJ43p0G4g
  13. @tekobo i just ordered the wilfa probaker on the way from the uk. people tell me it does not produce too much heat and can handle high hydration and pannetone so it's good enough. i was considering sunmix 6 but the model i wanted was 3x the price of wilfa and i have to import it or wait a looong time.
  14. i would look for a mover in SG with a mechanical stair climber that can take the full load of the 23.
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