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  1. I've always made chicken either roasted or fried. Sometimes dry brined, sometimes wet brined, most of the time just simply seasoning the skin. But the method that Westermann prefers is first slow poached in chicken stock, then roasted and served with chicken jus. Now he uses a lot of old heritage breeds that I have no access to (Brune Landais, Plymouth Rock, ...) 3-6+months old. What I can get in Hong Kong is live Chinese chicken that is terrible for this kind of roasting (too bony and lean). I can get chilled french yellow chicken (unknown breed) at the gourmet shop which is like $50 USD, but I settled for a cheaper 1.5kg NZ chilled pasture raised chicken thats ageing in fridge at the moment. Methodology from what I gather is.. Poach the chicken in chicken stock at 175f for up to 1.5-2 hours or until meat equalizes to the stock temp. Roast at 450f in oven or rotisserie. Serve with salad and chicken jus. So I'm looking forward to making this later this week. I recall having this kind of chicken in Paris. I was too young to get into cooking back then, but I remember it tasted amazing, and It looked exactly like the ones being served in the video. I'm hoping to get the same results.
  2. well the results were great, but this meat is so fatty i want to pass out after a few bites… IMG_0982.MOV
  3. i have not yet but i know people do and it's steam injected so moisture can be controlled
  4. worst part is the aroma is in the house for two days and you can't eat it.
  5. first time using the APO to sous vide beef ribs. i've never sv anything for this long before.. first i smoked them in the kk for 3 hours. then sous vide for 40+ hours? 12 hours in right now..
  6. this was australian pork. i got it because it was the only chilled pork rack i can find. i think if i cooked it without ageing, it would taste very pedestrian. i've never had middle white pork. i don't think i can get this in hk..
  7. it tastes brined, but without the added salt or water. the taste was mildly more porky, but im still getting my senses back after getting covid so what i am describing may not be accurat. it was dry to the touch when butchering, but very juicy when cooked. there was definitely a breakdown in proteins, because you can literally bite into it without the aid of a knife and fork..it’s definitely different dimension to pork non-aged..
  8. some pork was pulled from the dry ager today...30 days.
  9. can someone just ask dennis? you know, the guy that makes this stuff? 😆
  10. yup i use caputo blue as well. also doubles as bread dough should u want to bake just a small batard. IMG_0837.MOV
  11. @jeffshoaf there is a through the glass sensor in the middle of the unit which i guess is infrared and there is also probe sensor that bypasses the pan sensor. how it all works is a mystery me, but it's a very neat machine... here's a video of an omelette being made. you can walk away in the middle of the cook, take a number 2, and come back with a perfect omelette..😄 and never break a sauce with the probe...
  12. @Poochie looks really good. glad it worked out. was the bread done in the kk or norma oven?
  13. i'm not an electrical engineer, but if they make a PID controller to modify the wattage of a cheap induction plate to the temperature set, then you've got yourself a cheap control freak...
  14. i'm keen to try out this machine and see how accurate it is, but the asking price is a bit high.. it seems like a fairly simple thing to control induction cookers to the degree, but all the home use pedestrian induction cookers are low, medium, or high... the one i have for hot pot is basically controlled by steps in wattage. i could see this being useful tempering chocolates, cooking sabayon, or searing without burning.. https://www.amazon.com/PolyScience-Temperature-Controlled-Commercial-Induction/dp/B01G5MZZ5Q?ref_=ast_sto_dp
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