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  1. in seoul, korea eating pork bbq the heat source is charcoal supplemented by a gas flame that gets turned on when you need a boost in heat. but this is the first time i’ve seen common variety garden hoses for gas lines. whatever works i guess…
  2. very informative video. this korean fishmonger shows three levels of removing blood from fish. shows exactly where to do things correctly. english subs. warning: dispatching of live fish with lots of blood and twitching.. ikejime (spike and bleed) shinkei shime (spike, bleed, and wire) tsumoto (spike, bleed, and high pressure removal or spinal cord and 99% of blood)
  3. had a guest last night for yakitori with a small appetite. its hard to cook for people who don't really eat...
  4. i've never seen black cod sold fresh. only frozen. they say patagonia toothfish and black cod are the same, but they are clearly not the same fish.. i got a delivery of spanish beef today. a rib eye and tenderloin chain. what we have in abundance in fresh seafood, we don't have in meat and poultry- like the incredible selection you get in europe. so i have to pay up the wazoo for this stuff...
  5. David Chang


    update on this. i achieved target weight but i'm not ready to consume it. i've read its best to vac seal i for a few more months? to develop the flavour more. anyway, it feels like i have half of what i started. smells good but the casing was a pain to remove..
  6. seasport, i have two of these tabletop grills. one is the ss bincho grill. the other one is a japanese round ceramic that i used last night. i do not have a diatomaceous grill. i believe @tekobo has one. i find the bincho to be a top performer in terms of yakitori grilling. the rectangular size of it makes it easy to rest skewers on bars or on the edge of the grill. and stainless steel cleanup is easy. the round grill is like a ceramic bowl. there is the body which holds some water in the bottom and the ceramic charcoal bowl fits inside of this body. when the ash falls through, it hits the water so there is no scorching of the bowl. it's a cheap grill i picked up in my supermarket. probably around $120 USD with 2 grates. its a good tabletop grill for communal use (maybe up to 3-4 people). the bincho grill is more of an operators grill. if you travel or want a bulletproof grill, maybe the stainless steel bincho. if you want a traditional korean/japanese feel of table top grilling, maybe the round grill. i've heard the diatomaceous retains heat well but does not like to be wet..
  7. i used to eat this every other day when i was working in lower Manhattan. sold out quick so i always made sure i got to the soup kitchen on time.. adapted from this yt recipe, but i used pork meat and added a ton of chili flakes in the meatballs. italian style foods are always better spicy for some reason. the broth is homemade. i don't like broth from a box. oh and when making the meatballs, they are supposed to be mini, so piping them through a disposable pastry bag is the way to go. you don't want to roll these by hand. it would take forever...
  8. today was my first time using real japanese binchotan. so this is some magic charcoal. absolutely ZERO flareups. none. super hot and i reckon i can reuse this two more times. so i guess the high cost is worth it.. tonight i grilled those little spanish peppers (carry-on from barcelona), A5 rib eye dap, pork secreto, cuttlefish, corn.. we bought a live cuttlefish from the pier today. $5 usd. im so spoiled by live seafood, i can’t eat frozen anymore..
  9. shabu shabu does it drive anyone here crazy that shabu is basically eating boiled meat in water? in my case, i'm boiling A5, pork belly, and pork shoulder in broth..🤓
  10. 19 gas burner assembly brand new. 19 rib rack brand new but should fit other kk models. 19 heat deflector brand new aka paving stone. All brand new and free if you cover the cost of fedex shipping from Hong Kong. I prefer someone to take all this stuff, but understand if you want single piece. I only use fedex to guarantee timely and safe shipping. Message me privately if you are interested. Need to clean up my shed. I may be slow to quote shipping, I’m rarely in my office to do this stuff. Thanks!
  11. he's one of the co-authors of the modernist cuisine series of books. those amazing pictures on print translate to his videos..
  12. i'm watching chris young call BS on high heat searing. great production and special effects (cross section of frying pan and food shots). subbed.
  13. @Dono i used to be on the anova fb group and found that there are owners who are on their 5th or 6th + replacement oven. all warranty replacements but that being said, i am on my second. but i managed to salvage my first oven so now i have two of these. low reliability, but fast replacement warranty service (it's a poor business model but internals are cheap, they are not worth fixing). there is nothing reliable on the market with this many features and price point. a better oven would be a commercial combi oven that is overkill for the home.
  14. i dunno how people run bbq restaurants and still be profitable. it's too time consuming (labour), and the ingredients too expensive (meat). the pricing does not reflect the effort put into making it. but you can't charge people any more..
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