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  1. the pictures aren't loading for me but sounds good..
  2. @Dennis in rare cases where charcoal has gone out on me, it's with used charcoal (already lit then snuffed) and the charcoal has been sitting around in the open absorbing moisture for a while. but i assume you are using new and fresh charcoal? what brand is it?
  3. i used my rib rack for the first time today. i've had it sitting in my shed since i bought the 19. i don't think it was made for beef ribs, but i couldn't get the single bones to stand up without falling over. i also used wood chunks right on the coals. still works great this way and less hassle.. used only half a basket of charcoal and for almost 8 hours i only burned through half that. what a charcoal miser..
  4. @jeffshoaf one of those situations where you need an asado cross handy. i always wanted to do one of these whole pigs but i live in an apartment. 😅
  5. i don't understand pan pizza, but here is an attempt at it. it did not taste like pizza hut..
  6. smoked dry rub ribs from the hybrid aged pork rack. i ate a few pieces and took a nap..😴
  7. humm, i'm not sure what breed it is but it's called bangelow sweet pork from australia. this is the only chilled pork rack of this size i can find. everything else is frozen or from china. so i decided to crack her open today. broke her down to skin, rib-eye, and bone rack. it basically tastes like dry aged pork with the taste of beef tallow. it's very good .. .
  8. playing around with this pork rack. sort of a hybrid mix of dry and tallow ageing. it's back in the ager for maybe another 2 weeks and then slice and eat. wel'll see what it tastes like. i've never tallow aged pork.
  9. dinner from last night. didn't bother putting on a plate just ate off the baking sheet..
  10. made a pizza for lunch with spicy salsiccia. i'm not a fan of the donut pillow cornicione but i need to remember cold dough doesn't want to stretch as much...
  11. i have never cured whole hams, but we are talking about cooked hams like jambon de paris or prosciutto cotto right?
  12. haven't used my kk in months.. i can still hit my temps without apps 😅
  13. nice job. reminds me i need to do my cart base, but it's stainless topped so its not that straight forward as all wood.
  14. back in bangkok and just had a very good meal at Jeh O Chula. the wait was about an hour, but you can book.. their most popular dish is tom yum soup with MAMA noodles (Thai version of Indomie) with raw egg yolks and several legs of backfin lump crabmeat.. at first glance, it's looks like cheap food i used to make in college, but man is this thing tasty... the crispy pork was some of the best i've had in bangkok. it rivals hk's famed siu yuk.. the stir fried chinese kale was freaking amazing. i believe it was only seasoned with salt fish (a pungent fermented salt cured fish. it's an absolute umami flavour bomb) and the mud crab. simply steamed and loaded with roe and served with magic thai seafood sauce. and the face of the restaurant, the owner i suppose, is this grey haired lady chopping away at crispy pork belly... might ruin someones night if one of these cables got cut accidentally..
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