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  1. yeah I'm ok with that. she will need to fly to hong kong to taste test the pizza. πŸ˜‚ i have the HA model. https://www.fornogourmet.com/product-page/effeuno-p134ha-500-c-saputo-stone i have not needed the extra headroom but i would say the H would suffice. this machine is an engineering marvel. you can touch the surface (still hot but it won't kill you) at 500C
  2. @Basher please post pictures because that is an insane amount of cow to put in a home ager. i'm tallow ageing an australian westholme M6/7 brisket. i've never tallow aged so i painted on the tallow on the hanger haha... i have no idea what i'm doing..
  3. half a butter chicken, ribeye steak, and some sides
  4. yeah this is why our business just does live streams and 20-30 second videos. although i don't sell anything remotely close to bbq related. yt standards for content are too high and costly. good luck with the sale!
  5. multi-tasking in the alfa tonight
  6. @jruddy i'm sort of conflicted by the fact that you don't get enough views on kk. i have watched your videos, but mainly the kk ones. and if i didn't have a kk, i would still watch the kk videos. because it's like watching someone with a pagani sports car. nobody has them and that's why it perks my interest. as for kj and bge content, not to say they are lesser instruments, but there's already too many of videos on yt on those..
  7. i can only speak of the 19TT but 450+ on the dial is just half a basket of charcoal fully lit 450+ heat soaked is the same as above but held for longer. 600+ on the baking stone is a full basket affair with a top up midway. i would also be inclined to heat a baking steel instead and see if that gets to temp faster.
  8. @Tyrus i think even more so dangerous would be fugu. but after tasting it recently, it was very underwhelming. like a plain whitefish served raw, raw milt, fried, or in a plain broth. some people say they get a numbing sensation after tasting it (neurotoxins i assume) but i didn't get any of that fun stuff..
  9. David Chang


    bought a stonefish today. probably the most venomous fish in the market. my wife makes soup out of it (medicinal properties she says...🀷) anyway, it tastes like a firm monkfish. best when steamed with ginger and scallion. but if you don't take out the deadly poison barbs and skin, it will probably kill you. but i'm sure the old lady with the rusty cleaver knows what she's doing..πŸ˜‡ πŸ‘€
  10. grilled some 60-day dry aged ribeyes for lunch. been traveling to china for a while and haven't touched my grill in weeks..
  11. mayo is usually paired with fried foods. i don't eat chicken paws or any feet. people ask me why. i tell them chicken's don't wear Nike's..πŸ˜‚ in thailand, they like chicken paws so much there's a dish that serves them deboned. imagine the work that goes into deboning chicken feet..
  12. πŸ˜‚ what did they serve?
  13. chicken wings, split open (butterflied?) salt and pepper. this is probably my favourite thing to grill. it just has perfect meat/fat ratio. and its cheap! in japan, they eat almost all parts of the chicken. ovaries, crown,.. my wife eats the wing tips. im not that adventurous…
  14. the thing is if i dont make stock or sauce from the bones and trimmings, then they just go to waste.. i keep fish bones in the freezer for this reason πŸ˜„
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