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  1. @Jon B., @tony b, @Paul and @MacKenzie , shame on you for encouraging @Poochie by laughing at his terrible jokes. I showed the post to my baby brother and he laughed out loud. That is a sure sign of a terrible joke.
  2. Having owned KKs with pebbles and KKs with tiles I feel I am qualified to comment here. Upkeep is theoretically the same but, because you will love your tile KK more, you will end up cleaning and shining your tile KK up just that little more than a pebble KK.
  3. Awesome. I love the look of the 22 but do not have the right setting to have one. It is indeed a Beast and moving it to get it into position is going to be a significant task, Colour? I think I saw an insta picture of a gloss black tile on a table top TT. I thought it was very beautiful.
  4. I’m pretty certain Dennis told me that he only does one grout colour. That said, he may have been trying to help me focus!
  5. Tee hee. I looks like a good night was had by all, including the photographer! Looking forward to meeting to eat again, soon!
  6. Here is the double drip pan in the 23 being used to roast potatoes And here is the double drip pan from the 23 in my 32. It is easy to handle and holds more than enough veg for most purposes i.e. you may be better off getting the double drip pan for the 23 for use in the 32. That gets over the challenges with weight and cleaning of the pan for the 32. I have both and am happy to pick the right pan for the job on the day.
  7. Well? I followed the trail down to here and came up empty. Need some hunger inducing pics please!!!!
  8. I am the opposite to @tony b. I hardly ever use my cold smoker but I use my double drip pans often. They work as a heat shield, a place to roast potatoes and other veg and a base for my El Pastor roasts. If I had to choose one I might go for the double drip pan from the 23 and use that in the 32. Easier to manoevre and big enough for most things. That said, I have one for the 23 and one for the 32 and the latter was good for when I wanted to roast a suckling pig.
  9. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the fresh chillies @Troble. Most Mexican recipes seem to use dried chillies. I have also been trying to figure out how that addictive El Yucateco green sauce is made. I have a bunch of chillies coming on stream and would like to make some killer sauces.
  10. Short answer to your second question is that, yes the 22 is a better cooking vessel than the 19. I can say that with confidence even though I have owned neither. I have a 16 and while it is fun to cook on, it has limitations, one of which is how close your food is to the fire. In my larger KKs you have the option to cook indirect higher up or close to the fire on the lower grates. It’s all about flexibility and, in addition to the extra space, the 22 offers better cooking options.
  11. Ha ha ha ha. We'll turn you into a multi KK house yet.... Our friends raved about @RokDok's beer. Most of the stash he had brought for The Husband to enjoy was happily consumed by the unplanned guests who dropped in on Saturday night. And before @DennisLinkletter rocks up to tell us off for showing him pics of uncooked food on KKs, here are the pics I took later on of the cook on the 23. I had to move one of the chooks down a level and that got @RokDok thinking that I might need another KK with even more space. Good thinking BatMan? I can just taste those fat soaked potatoes...
  12. Thanks @Poochie. We looked at getting a cabinet cast in concrete but the surface wasn't going to be very heat resistant, according to the maker. We went for Welsh slate in the end.
  13. Yup, that's the money shot. It was my reference picture when i decided to go for autumn nebula for my new KKs.
  14. The perfect weekend. Scaring friends by introducing them to Mr and Mrs RD as "people we met on the internet" AND seeing our new friends disappear down a rabblt hole head first. It was lovely to see the RDs again and we had another fun weekend. It's great. I have a family issue and the Dok in RokDok helped me better understand what might be happening and prepared me for my conversations with my Dad's doctor. The Brew in BrewDok helped me with my very first attempt at making cider. Both very much worth the price of entry to this friendship which was RD moving up to a 32 KK on our recommendation. Hurrah!
  15. Super sweet of you to plan to cook this even though you don't like it. The best news is that you don't need to like anchovies when they are cooked this way. They "melt" into the meat, leaving great flavour and much less of the strong taste that you may dislike. I don't mash mine to a paste, I just poke holes in the lamb and stuff anchovy and slivers of garlic in alternate holes. Works out great every time.
  16. @tony b - thanks. Got it and that makes sense.
  17. Excellent. I did feel sad for you when I saw that your Chiefs had lost. That said, it was a good game to watch if you were a neutral-ish observer like me. Loving that birthday meal.
  18. Wow! What gorgeous food. Mouthwateringly good. Happy birthday @Troble and @jonj!
  19. I'd like to know who did it and find out where they sourced the tiles! The tile size/source that Dennis currently uses has been tried and tested for fit (I imagine his staff have a way of reliably turning out good looking KKs based on a known pattern for each KK) and for weight (to ensure springs etc work as they have been designed). I spent about a month last year trying to hunt down a company with tiles of the size that Dennis specified. When I finally found one company with the right size here in the UK, it turned out that they imported them from the exact same tile factory that Dennis uses in Indonesia. I smiled and gave up at that point. That said, I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has indeed managed to find the right size tiles/had a custom build from @DennisLinkletter
  20. Ahhh. I see what you are saying @Poochie. You are right, if you quote someone and respond to their post, your response can end up miles away from their original post if other people have posted in the meantime. You say that they will then have to read through all the intervening posts before they get to your response. They won't. If they have notifications set, they will get a notification that someone has commented on one of their posts and, if they click on the notification they'll get taken straight to the comment that has been made.
  21. Fish on the 16TT tonight. Forgot to take pictures of the carrots on the grill but here they are plated with the fish and a spinach and borlotti salad. Made use of the hot KK to cook the sides for tomorrow's dinner. Slow roasted, assorted vegetables from the allotment. Can't wait for dinner tomorrow!
  22. That sounds like an interesting and potentially very simple solution @GT4426. Can you post photos to show how it goes together?
  23. I'll hold you to that!!
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