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  1. That's super exciting. Congratulations. The only blessing or wish I can offer is that she should grow up to love and enjoy food. Look how much fun we get to have!
  2. You are a bad bad boy @PQ! I have looked this up. Good reviews. Expensive in the UK and out of stock in the US. As I noted to a friend who said he thought it seemed a bit clinical: there are two ends of the spectrum in the sourdough world - nerds and naturals - and both make excellent bread. I am in neither group sadly. All of the above is just stalling activity, I know. If/when I ever get back into making sourdough bread this would be a good tool. In the meantime I am going to focus on my pizza game this summer. There are some awesome doughs to use up those grains of yours in this book: https://amzn.eu/d/03mX8pi You will just have to brush up on your Italian. Or use Google translate.
  3. That is a high pressure cook you are going for @jeffshoaf. Here is hoping your supplier gets you what you want the next time around, if only to reduce some of the variables. Good luck and we look forward to seeing the results!
  4. Different strokes for different folks. I am not sure that it will make much practical difference to the outcome with the meat compared to foil but I suspect that it takes more fuel to get the KK heat soaked if you are also having to get the deflectors up to temp.
  5. Tee hee @Syzygies. Your posts sometimes go over my head but this time I have decided that you must have been smoking those tamales when you wrote the last post. At the very least, thinking that makes me feel smart rather than the dumb kid in the class. Tamales looking like a good masa preserver. Game changer for me has been finding that frozen corn tortillas come up really well when you reheat them on a comal. Awesome news because it means I can make a load of masa in one go, make up the tortillas and have them ready to go with no fuss whenever I want a taco. I can see you all shaking your heads and wagging your fingers but give it a go if you aren't already secretly doing this. You can even get the magical puff during the reheating process.
  6. tekobo

    Jerk Chicken

    That looks good @PVPAUL. Keen to know what recipe and cooking instructions you end up with after your fine tuning. So far, so very delicious looking!
  7. Ooooh. That looks really good @David Chang!
  8. tekobo

    Jerk Chicken

  9. Happy Easter All! Yummy day of eating here. White sprouting broccoli and blue cheese tart. Japanese black cod. First time cooking it on the KK. Lost the skin but the flesh was much moister than it normally is when cooked under the grill indoors. Cooking one steak well done for our guest. Apple pie chaser.
  10. I've never tallow aged pork either. Interested to see how it comes out. I buy my pork from a farmer who hangs his pork for 55 days. It tastes gorgeous so I imagine your dry aging should produce a good result. What breed of pig is it, do you know?
  11. You couldn't resist, could you? If I had done rocket science I would tell everyone about it too!
  12. Thanks a lot for the spreadsheet @Syzygies. There is some cachet in having your bread maths done by an uber mathematician! I think I called it spelt and you called it farro. Tomato, tomato? Maybe not. It is this recipe. Just wanted to know if you had refined it any further.
  13. I see what you are doing there @Pequod and I am not falling for it. Proposed by S and endorsed by P doesn't equal an immediate buy signal. Give me a month or so.... Are you still baking bread, making pizza? Any new (or old) techniques or discoveries to share?
  14. Thanks for posting this link Paul. I have used a cast iron smoke pot for years but rarely make the dough ring to seal the top. I have guiltily watched the smoke leaking out of the top, realising that my unsealed pot wasn't fulfilling @Syzygies design intent of pushing the smoke down into the coals to burn off the "bad stuff". I ordered my own little pot and am just waiting for a good opportunity to smoke something. Kudos also to @Cheesehead_Griller as I think it was he who originally suggested this style of pot. I will report back once I have tried it out myself.
  15. Thank you @Syzygies! When I tagged you in my message above I hoped that it would trigger a response from you. There is no way I am going to attempt to reproduce your spreadsheet. Is there anyway you could post it somewhere it could be downloaded, if you are willing to share? On a much less complex level, do you have an up to date version of your spelt bread recipe that you can share for use and further tweaking as necessary?
  16. P.S. Welcome to the right side of the tracks.
  17. You can! I got to the point where I could see my ship on the map en route to Southampton docks, past my bit of sea, so I cycled out to the sea front near my house in pitch darkness to see if I could see the ship with my KKs go by. I couldn't but it was all part of the fun. Get Dennis' folk to give you the ship's details and you can track it online.
  18. Yeah, I know. I had a friend come round who made beautiful bread in the most casual way possible. I have got comfortable with my loaf tin breads but still have something to prove (tee hee) when it comes to sourdough.
  19. You need a bread proofer. Or you're a hack. 😏 You mill your own flour, right? RIGHT??? The above, rude exchange with @Pequod reminded me of this thread. Just spent a lovely 15 minutes or so re-reading all the old posts. Really must get back on the bread making horse. And yes, I do own a Brod and Taylor bread proofer in my home in the UK (thanks to @P and the KK shopping channel) but cannot bring myself to spring for another for the place in Italy. Will try the warming bowl in my Kenwood Chef when I am next there. I have visions of turning into @Syzygies, duplicating kit for his two homes before finally consolidating into one and having to find homes for it all! I really must try @C6Bill's recipe - you seem to get such reliable results. And I still have not got onto @Syzygies's spelt loaf. All in good time.
  20. How exciting @Davidm! What colour, tile or pebble and when is your ship due in???
  21. Wow, that looks great! It must have been a lot of work to get that all built but well worth it.
  22. Ha! Liar, liar, pants on fire @Pequod. I learned a lot from you and am missing your bread and pizza game. What have you been cooking? Please share! I am in Italy at the moment. Made great wholewheat spaghetti yesterday but my focaccia dough failed overnight. Thinking it must be temperature related (too cold). Not sure I can justify a bread proofer here so will see if the warming bowl in my mixer will help.
  23. The stainless steel tops do get scratched over time but still look good. I did wonder, if I wanted to see the teak at some point in the future, whether it would be possible to take the stainless steel off and sand and polish the teak top beneath. If so, it would be two for the price of one. I would get to experience both styles and it would be like having new teak side tables a few years down the line.
  24. Welcome @Davidm. I suspect that, if you have a 42 itch, you should scratch it. That said, I grill in large quantities and have never found my 32 to be too small but that is because I am of the school that thinks you need at least two outdoor cookers so that you can work at different temps and/or use different techniques. My minimum set up would be a 32 and a 23 or a 32 and a good wood fired oven. Enjoy and take your time making your choice, it is one of the most fun parts of the KK journey.
  25. Wow, what a trip @remi! That seafood on the grill looks particularly tasty.
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