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Pallet share in San Jose California

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I live in San Jose, California (95119 zip code) and would like to get together a group of folks willing to purchase a full pallet of Coconut charcoal. A full pallet is 110 boxes, each box is marked as 20lbs but apparently the new formulation comes just a bit under 24lbs per box. A full pallet would probably come in at 2700lbs or so. I just confirmed with Dennis today (7 August 2022) that he has 10 tons ready to ship from Las Vegas.

I don't have a commercial address to ship to so if anybody in the area does, we could lower shipping costs that way.

I'll commit to 10 boxes, leaving 100 remaining. If you are interested, reply here with your count of boxes you can commit to and I'll DM you a link to a spreadsheet tracking everything.

Each box will go for $46 + total shipping / 110 + tax (I think). I'm not sure what total shipping cost will be (and it will depend on whether we can find a commerical destination or not) but initial rough estimate of a full pallet from Las Vegas to San Jose with UPS Freight came in at $1500 -- though I wasn't totally sure on freight class so that might not be accurate. I can't imagine it would be less than $500 in shipping, so that should put the shipping in the range of $4.55/box to as high as $13.63/box. For comparison, Dennis ships an 11lb box via flat rate USPS for $23.30 for the charcoal and $15.50 for the shipping for a total of $38.80 for 11lbs. I'm hopeful we can keep the cost less than $60 per 24lb box but it could be as high as $65/box.

I'm not in a huge rush on this since I still have 3 full boxes left, but I'm fine ordering as soon as we get commitment for 110 boxes. 



PS: Here is the link to the product page:


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