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  1. Bruce Pearson

    Discounted 42" used in Photoshoot

    I cant Imagine getting that into my backyard. Me and my friend had to take down to fences and rolled across plywood for my KK 32. Don’t want to do that again and I’m sure my neighbors don’t want me to do it again either LOL
  2. Bruce Pearson

    1st Oval Jr Cook

    Nice cook looks very tasty! Did you post the recipe for the zucchini gratin? If it’s your favorite it must be delicious
  3. Bruce Pearson

    Hi from South Carolina

    Very nice looking Kk. Looking forward to your first cook
  4. Bruce Pearson

    As Bad With Boats As I Am With Grills/Cookers

    Good story. can’t wait to see the finished boat
  5. Bruce Pearson

    Primo Oval Jr w/ GO Cradle

    Have fun with your new toy
  6. Bruce Pearson

    Chicago winter how to help

    I live in a very temperate weather zone. But like everybody here has said a Good cover is a great idea. Dennis makes the best covers for the KK’s easy to put on and take off. I have my KK and cabinet under a lanai cover but still cover them when not in use.
  7. Bruce Pearson

    Homemade BBQ! (Pic heavy)

    Care to share the recipe ?
  8. Bruce Pearson

    Hello from Indianapolis, in search of a KK

    Aussie if you come to Calif. stop by and we can cook something and have some adult beverages lol
  9. Bruce Pearson

    Summer Breakfast

    That’s a tasty looking breakfast Mac!
  10. Bruce Pearson

    Awesome Picanha

    Tekobo great looking tasty cook and meal! Plus you are a butcher how cool is that.
  11. Bruce Pearson

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Alimac your brisket is looking good can’t wat to see it sliced, bet it’s going to be tasty
  12. Bruce Pearson

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Looks delicious Mac great pics. Your cooks always make my mouth water lol
  13. Bruce Pearson

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Whoa that looks really tasty. That WFO holds a lot of food! Everything looks delicious, but I really like the zucchini and squash gratin Yum yum. Nice cook
  14. Bruce Pearson

    Homemade BBQ! (Pic heavy)

    Shuley what a feast! Everything looks deeeelicious. That potato salad really looks yummy. Nice bunch of photos, thanks for posting.
  15. Bruce Pearson

    New member & soon to be owner

    Congratulations you’re gonna love the big bed 32 I have one and love it. Wait to you see it in person pictures do not do them justice. Looking forward to the delivery pictures on your first cook and welcome to the forum