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  1. Bruce Pearson

    Lamb shoulder

    Very nice cook Aussie looks delicious!
  2. Bruce Pearson

    Beef yum

    Mac I think it’s that ol rib master called Aussie, he’s cornered the market on ribs
  3. Bruce Pearson

    When life gives you lemons...

    Looking very tasty nice cook
  4. Bruce Pearson

    Pulled pork & slaw buns with beans on the side

    Nice looking cook, you guys can have the beer I’ll take one of those pulled pork sandwiches and beans yum yum
  5. Bruce Pearson

    This week's chicken

    Plus all that chicken looks yummy
  6. Bruce Pearson

    Great weekend of ribs ,bacon and icecream

    That’s pretty cool Aussie or I guess I should say that’s pretty frozen. I’d like to have one of those my refrigerator freezer is stuffed with stuff lol
  7. Bruce Pearson

    Mac this one will be a pain to reverse lol

    That thing should be on railroad tracks.
  8. Bruce Pearson

    Tile Trivia - How many on KK Grills?

    Good information to know, just in case all the tiles fall off my BB 32 LOL. Something I know will never happen.
  9. Bruce Pearson

    So stern love it

    Thanks for posting that Aussie.
  10. Bruce Pearson

    You can't let a little snow storm slow you down!

    Tony, Mac.sorry you folks are having such miserable weather. I guess it makes the nice weather seem so much better. Living in the Bay Area as I do we grumble and bundle up when the temp gets into the 40’s. I admire that you go ahead and still cook on your KK’s anyway. By the way Tony that dinner looks delicious!
  11. Bruce Pearson

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Mac I don’t know what donair is, but that looks delicious
  12. Bruce Pearson

    New Owner

    That’s a really nice looking ODK can’t wait to see it with its brand new BB 32
  13. Bruce Pearson

    Pork Loin & Pak Choi

    Yum Yum Yum that looks delicious nice cook Wahoo
  14. Bruce Pearson

    Pork ribs

    Those ribs look delicious and that peach crumble makes my mouth water. Aussie nice cook oh great rib master!
  15. Bruce Pearson

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Those videos are making my mouth water LOL great looking meal