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  1. Those sausages look very yummy. Nice cook Troble
  2. Very nice setup looking forward to pics of your first cook have fun and stay safe.
  3. Tony wow great tasty and great looking cooks, makes my mouth water!
  4. Welcome to the KK family and forum Mayor. Congrats on your new KK. Looking forward to plenty of uncrating and setup and first cook pictures we love pictures. You are going to be blown away when it arrives KK’s look great in pictures but they are oh so much better up close an personal.
  5. I agree with that, nothing like a plate of ribs or a nice tri tip or a nice juicy steak. Now I’m making myself hungry for some meat guess I’ll go check the freezer. Everybody stay safe and happy grilling.
  6. WOW Mac!! That’s a different looking cook and your plated pic is making my mouth water, amazing
  7. Ooops sorry I spelled your name wrong Basher my bad
  8. Hello papa bill nice cook! Looks delicious.
  9. What a great idea those ribs look delicious and I’m sure your neighbors are a happy group of people. If I did that in my neighborhood I’d have to grill mostly vegetables most of my neighbors are vegetarians lol
  10. I agree with you on the calorie count glx. I also think we are going to have a whole new generation of babies born because of this stay at home order. Lol and a heck of a lot of people with clean hands. Uh oh I better go wash my hands it’s been over ten minutes since last time. everybody stay safe and keep all those wonderfully yummy and delicious food pictures coming I think I have gained 5 lbs. just from looking at all this delicious food.
  11. Bashed is that’s pork shoulder on the rotisserie? It looks delicious
  12. Tony that plated shot is making my mouth water! Yum yum yum
  13. Alimac those pork buns look yummy I love that photo of the steamer basket and cutting boards with all that yummy looking food on them!
  14. Wow those butts look deeeelicious nice cook. I think your pups have a lucky care taker!
  15. Aussie of course they turned out well you are the rib master! That’s a yummy looking meal.
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