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  1. Tyrus that’s a really nice cabinet! You do nice work. When I looked at that first picture of your solo stove and saw that piece of upright board I thought it was your spin was in the middle LOL that top log looks like the meat! Silly me.
  2. I’ve been wanting to cook a brisket but now with all the smoke from the forest fires don’t think it’s a good idea.
  3. Welcome to the forum RD! Here’s hoping you wind up with a beautiful KK to go with that really nice OD oven.
  4. Yeah! what Troble said those look perfect AND delicious!
  5. Have Fun wine tasting in wine country Tony! Stay hydrated for sure. I live about 25 minutes from SanJose. It was 103 F yesterday and going to be 100 today so they say! My air conditioner is working overtime!
  6. Looks great nice cook! Hey what’s not to like about filet mignon? But that steak looks pretty tasty.
  7. Mac nice looking meal, along with all the other tasty looking meals Basher, and Aussie made. Yumyumyum yum!
  8. Welcome to the forum Wilson! If you do get the KK23 you will be a happy man they are not only the best KKs made but are works of art! And believe they are so much more impressive when they arrive. The pictures are great but up close and personal they are awesome!
  9. LOL well Tekobo that’s a surprise! But you know what they say “if two is good then three is much better! Can hardly wait to see your new collection of KKs. I’m happy for you.
  10. Tekobo after selling your two KKs are you going to get another one?
  11. It’s 5:20 am and after looking at all this wonderful food I’m hungry for meat and potatoes AND some pickled beats.
  12. All of those above meals look first class and deeeeeeelicious!!! That is one big potato Mac! Don’t let Tony intimidate you Mac pickled beets are yummy lol.
  13. Tekobo nice cook looks yummy. Great ingenuity thanks for posting stay safe and happy solo stove cooking
  14. Basher nice smoke ring on those ribs! Can I have one?
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