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  1. Hello everybody!!! Happy Saturday to all of you. I haven’t posted anything for awhile, I just wanted to say I do check in almost everyday. Today I just turned another year older and am celebrating my 80th year on this beautiful planet that we live on. You all have a great grilling day and keep those yummy pictures coming!
  2. Sygzygies that looks like dried up oatmeal! Have fun cooking with it. I should talk I haven’t cooked anything on my kamado for so long I think I might have forgot how! In fact I still have a boat load of Dennis’s charcoal I bought 7 years ago. Guess I should dig it out and cook something. Have a great day everybody!
  3. Yum yum! That looks delicious Tony. I can’t believe the price you paid for that!
  4. Just a short add on about the vermicular cooker. “Instant“makes one similar to the vermicular but I don’t think the lid fits as tightly as the vermicular. It’s also not as expensive. I wanted a bigger pot for the vermicular but when I called them about a larger pot they never got back to me. I think I found one that would work but they are pretty expensive and didn’t want to buy it unless I knew for sure that it would work with the electric kamado. Anyway I hope everybody here is happy and healthy and having a great day!
  5. Hello everybody it’s been a long time! I bought the vermecular komado and made some minestrone soup in it using no water and it came out really good, also makes the best rice I’ve ever had! In the book it says cut the veggies into 1/4 in. Pieces for the minestrone soup but I cut mine into 1/2 in. And low and behold it does make its own liquid veggie soup. You can also steam fry veggies in it.
  6. Hello Mac I haven’t been up to much, my daughter is visiting from Hawaii. I try to get to the forum at least 3 or 4 times a week just to look around and see the great cooks everybody has been doing. I haven’t cooked anything on my kamado in a long time. Maybe I’ll change that in the very near future. Happy grilling everybody! .
  7. Tony that looks deeeelicious!! You sure do eat good. Those pictures are making my mouth water!
  8. We’ll I think I found out the problem, I have to wait a few minutes before I show up. Before I was always there. Oh well………..
  9. Hello everybody maybe someone can help me. Every time I bring up the forum I don’t show up on the members signed in box I checked my account and logged out and then logged back in again but I still don’t show up on the members signed box. The fact is I never log out I just leave the forum on my internet connection, so when I bring up the internet im in already Any help would be appreciated.
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