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  1. Pizza night yum yum looks good save me a slice.
  2. Yum yum is right Aussie looks delicious. Potato bake looks especially good!
  3. That’s a pretty nice looking back yard, can’t wait to see the the new one.
  4. I love you die hard KK’ers,rain,sleet nor snow will keep you away from your grill, to cool! No pun intended lol
  5. I fail to see how pebbles cook better than the squares. I’m thinking that the squares hold in more heat because they cover more surface area. This is the formula I came up with and I think our master Mathematician Sygies would agree; squares squared ¥ by the hypottenoose € the total area minus the area of a pebble = better cooking with square tiles. What do you think am I right or am I right lol. anyway very nice looking KK GLX and yummy looking cooks. Welcome to the KK forum. Looking forward to more pictures of future bbquing
  6. I think your daughter is pretty smart and evidently like home cooked food better especially by Dad. Looks pretty yummy by the way nice cook.
  7. Well what ever you did it looks like you did it right! That brisket look delicious nice cook Bard. Thanks for sharing.
  8. How about three lol I know someone on the forum has three.
  9. Tekobo, steam or no steam they both deeeelicious! I want a taste lol. I like your video
  10. Yeah it does look very tasty, nice cook Tony
  11. Those ribs look delicious Aussie! Salad looks delish also.
  12. Yeah! What Mac said lol.
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