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  1. Very nice truck Charles! Guess the 5th wheel mobile home will be next lol! My daughter wanted a pet so she bought herself a Great Dane puppy. Alas they grow very fast so she bought a pickup truck to haul him around! The things we do for our pet friends lol
  2. I’ve got crispy skin it’s 84 degrees out today LOL!
  3. Pequod those pizzas look deeeeeelicious!
  4. Be careful with that gunpowder Tony you don’t want to blow up you KK! Lol
  5. Looks delicious Troble even if you did cook indoors lol
  6. Bards that looks soooo good! Nice cook
  7. Beautiful KK welcome! You are so correct Dennis is the man!
  8. Mac that’s my story and I’m sticking to it LOL
  9. Oh yeah this is a PS to my story I never got to eat any of that marlin. I had brought a cooler with me and we loaded it up and had the whole thing frozen. But after flying home somehow my cooler had defrosted. My friends cooler was still frozen solid. I don’t know what happened but no fish for me😒
  10. We were fishing out of a ponga and traded off reeling it in, but all of a sudden it stopped fighting after about an hour and a half? So Jaime started to haul it in by hand eventually it floating up to the surface and we discovered it had gotten tail wrapped by the fishing line and had drowned. That’s the weird part of the story! Jaime couldn’t get it into the ponga because it kept sliding under the boat, finally he gaff it and pushed away from the boat handed me the gaff and signaled me to pull it in and he would grab the bill and we could all haul it into the boat. I started hauling it in and
  11. My first time sport fishing and we caught this while we were fishing for tuna! Weighed in at 760lbs. We were in Mexico. Gave most of it away to the poor people who needed food so nothing went to waste. Catching this fish is a really weird and funny story but a little to long to put in this post. I hope everybody has a wonderful New Year and stay safe. Looking forward to posting more next year.
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