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  1. Hey Tony all the guru’s live in India!
  2. Looks delicious Tony! Pineapple salsa sounds really good. Beautiful, tasty looking dinner. Nice photos
  3. Wow that video is making my mouth water! Nice cook
  4. Aussie is the rib master for sure!
  5. Yum! That salad looks especially delicious Mac are all those ingredients for your garden?
  6. You set a beautiful looking dinner Tony if it tastes as good as it looks oh boy! I like some please
  7. Jon I don’t need a bear suit I’ve been sheltering at home so long I’m beginning to look like a bear lol.
  8. GoldyMac and the one near LOL!! I hope, rather I know that porridge is juuussst right!
  9. Hey you can’t blame the bear he’s probably looking for one of Macs great breakfasts! Mac,Is it raining out or is your deck shiny like that all the time?
  10. Another great looking meal Charles, I know it’s making my my mouth water yum! I love brownies and a Carmel brownie to boot!
  11. Tony looks like a meal from a 5 star restaurant!
  12. I use the broiler tray from my gas range in the house for a heat deflector, drip pan. I can put foil in it if I have a mind to, but I don’t have much of a mind so I usually forget. iIm with Mac on the fancy drip pan that came with my KK. I am using mine as a serving they. Awhile back I was walking by a dollar store and in the window was a huge tray that looks almost exactly like the one that came with the KK, but this is about 3 ft. across so I bought it. Duh, I don’t know why I bought It I guess because it matched the smaller one, good reason right? I guess I’ll use it as a humongous serving tray For large get togethers, or as shield for the zombie apocalypse! Seems like I’m rambling on here guess I’ve been sheltering at home too long. Everybody stay safe and sane
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