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Chef's Store

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The store opened in January; it's name is actually US Chef'Store. I'm disappointed in the prices for supplies and tools but they have some pretty good prices on some fresh and frozen meats and some very good prices on others. They also have some meat cuts I've not seen locally before. Prices on deli meats and cheeses are pretty good too, but you do have to buy the chunk and not slices.

Some example prices on fresh meat:

Whole chicken wings: $42 for 40 lbs

Chicken wing drummettes and flaps: $47 for 40 lbs 

Chicken drumsticks: $23.55 for 40 lbs

Whole chickens: $1.69 lb

Beef brisket: $2.65 lb

Prime beef brisket: $4.39 lb

Beef eye of round:: $3.75 lb

Beef shoulder clod: $3.55 lb

Ground chuck 81% lean: $2.55 lb

Pork butt: $1.29 lb

They also have prime grade brisket and other beef loins at competitive prices. Local grocery stores have pork butts on sale pretty regularly for 99¢ lb but I don't know if there's any quality differences. 

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