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  1. Then I’ll have to wash mine tomorrow lol
  2. No, there has been no change to Weekend Warrior. Every bag I have ever gotten is just like you see in my picture. I think I bought that bag two months ago, I typically buy 4 at a time.
  3. It is called Wicked Good Weekend Warrior. we can get it at our local Ace Hardware. Place the order online and they have it in store within a few days.
  4. He’s not the only member with a tie dye t shirt, I still have one 😁
  5. Make sure you send a message, don't just reply to the thread. Just in case he doesn't get thread notifications. 👍
  6. He is as sweet as he is handsome. There are a lot more photos from his party on my website, link below More Bixby photos
  7. Funny you say that, I finished it with Rib Candy lol it is their Apple Habanaro glaze. The company is Texas Pepper Jelly, I love the stuff !!!!
  8. He might have said “you get a lifetime membership” to the owners section of the forum. It’s where all the cool kids hangout, and Tony lol
  9. Went to a party at a friends house today so i cooked a 20 pound pork shoulder, smoked for 19 hours at 235. Also baked a couple loafs of bread so we could make sandwiches And they have a puppy !!!
  10. That moment when you are sure it will fall lol
  11. I'd look harder at how you built your fire and where did you light it. for a low and slow you want big chunks of lump on the bottom then medium sized chunks over that and then some smalls on top. Then I will typically light in the center and let the fire work it's way to the outsides on it's own for a really long cook. I am 14 hours into a pork shoulder right now and i took a couple pics as i was filling my basket.
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