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  1. I think I have watched your video 12 times lol To me that temp is absolutely perfect !!!!!
  2. Thank you, it tasted just as good as it looked 😁
  3. First time using the rotisserie the other day , thrilled with the results 😁
  4. Correct, the side tables hang from their mounting brackets with the hooks already on the underside of the side tables. These hooks are just for hanging tools. I only installed the one on the left hand side as the one on the right side interfered with the rotisserie motor. I can’t be bothered taking it off and putting it back on to use the rotisserie.
  5. I could be completely wrong but this is how I put mine together. I wanted the fire to the right hand side away from the half grate for searing purposes.Hope that helps
  6. I must have my basket splitter setup wrong on my 32. I have the lump on the right hand side
  7. I used the crowbar and took the top and one side off , it really isn’t heavy.
  8. You feel free to have those for me Tony, I gave those up a long time ago 🤣
  9. Thanks, I am really enjoying the KK. I hope the rest of you get your’s delivered soon !!!! The uncrating was really easy, one thing to keep in mind is to have a razor knife handy and use it to cut the included crowbar loose from inside the crate. Not that it is really needed but you’ll want to save the slats with the company logo on them. Then start up top by removing the screws to take the ramp off the top and then I used an impact driver with a socket to remove the bolts that secure the crate to the skid. Two people can easily lift the crate off at that point, or remove one side and one per
  10. The local rental place stopped at my house before sending it out on another rental. They showed up exactly when they said they would and moved it for me, I love dealing with small local businesses and while trying to vent it again today I made me a little lunch !!!!!😋
  11. I believe it would smell regardless of there being any cracks or holes but I’m guessing Dennis is the only one who could answer that for sure. But I’ll do it again anyways , and if a dozen sausages or a couple chickens fall inside while I’m doing it tomorrow it will be a good day 😁
  12. No bulging but there was plenty of smell lol I ended up having enough fuel for 4 hours at 500. It is winding down now but I saw no signs of any bulging at all. I’ll check it in the morning and will probably do a second 500+ venting just to be sure.
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