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  1. Hi Dennis The confusion is around the directionality of the split, being front to back or side to side. It can be confusing especially for new folks ordering for the first time.
  2. I just looked through the site and this is what I found, it doesn't say anything about Deluxe ???? https://komodokamado.com/products/charcoal-basket-splitter-32-for-rotisserie
  3. Just guessing here but did you take the Delorean to the store again ????
  4. I hope so, i was going to call Dennis and find out for sure before ordering. @DennisLinkletter
  5. I love just doing the breast, its just all meat
  6. Well now that whatever cold/flu i had over the holidays is done with I can get back to cooking and eating As always my lady friend loves duck so as soon as i was feeling up to it i made some for her 👍 And cooked up some of the last winter squash from the garden. In my Christmas stocking was a maple bacon spice from Cuisinart that goes really good with the squash. As always I used Yardbird for the duck, I score the fat and season then vac seal and put in the fridge for a day or two before cooking. I flipped one breast over jusr for the pic, they don't need to be flipped when cooking, just keep it fat side down throughout the cook.
  7. I have the FB Pro too but haven't used it all that much, no issues so far. But one thing i always do is place my food so that there is no bend in the leads, the weak spot for any probe is where the wire connects to the actual probe so i like them laying flat. I went through way too many probes with a different manufacturer and that was where they always failed.
  8. Count me in on the "za" thing. No idea why but it bugs the hell out of me lol
  9. the one in the video looks like the one we already have
  10. The picture looks the same, but i believe there is a new splitter for the 32 that splits the firebox from front to back instead of the standard side to side. I have the side to side splitter and i really like it but i want that front to back splitter really bad !!!!
  11. I typically cook a couple boneless prime ribs for Christmas, this year it was two 8 pounders. About 3 hours to get an internal temp of 115 at 250 degrees dome temp. Then as already mentioned take off to rest and open vents up to get good flames and sear all around. I did the turkey first, then the roasts. I had to wait about 2 hours for the KK to cool down before i could cook the roasts. The turkey came out amazing, id rather have that rest for a few hours than having to rest the prime rib.
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