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  1. I tried that Blues Hog lump once, and only once lol I had a similar experience, horrible run time.
  2. Welcome Dennis 😀
  3. Tell that to this tile cooked brisket !!!! It melts in the mouth like butter. I put 10 pounds of it in a batch of Super Bowl chili today 😁
  4. Just remember, pebbles are nothing but broken tiles, you made a wise choice
  5. I found a few similar spreadsheets online so i will use one of those and start over. I really needed it for the pizza dough but i havent made pizza in awhile so it was no great loss. I'm retired so i guess i have the time to work on a new one
  6. Similar to the bread slicer i bought for myself for Christmas
  7. Seeing that spreadsheet makes me sad. I had a drive failure and lost the one i made for bread and pizza dough. I could just change the hydration i was after and it would change all the ingredients. Or change the number of dough balls and all the numbers would be right there for me. Oh well, at least now i have a more robust backup plan in place 🥴
  8. Oh you can bet i'll be stealing that idea !!!!!
  9. Looking forward to seeing the results 👍
  10. I had to stop eating my bread as i need to lose a few pounds, my BP started going crazy. It's under control now but i need to eat in moderation for awhile lol But I'm still baking it for friends and family. I've started making a whole grain sourdough that people really like
  11. I love my side tables. When I first got them I wished I had the ss tops but I love looking at the teak after refinishing 😁
  12. Beautiful view 😁
  13. What a great looking meal !!!
  14. Beef for Christmas so a Turkey for New Years. Nice and moist and tender, I really like the smaller butterball turkey’s 😁
  15. Ordering the wrong size can happen to anyone, it takes a special kind of anyone to then throw away the packaging and still expect to be able to return it. If I had a 42 I'd be thrilled to take it off their hands.
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