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  1. i guess i've voted too often, it wont let me vote anymore 🫣
  2. It's my lady friends favorite thing i cook so when she asks for it i don't care what time of the night or day she wants it, it will get cooked for her
  3. I just checked again and was able to vote, but who knows how long it will be usable again lol
  4. And today I cooked duck, and not my arm lol I needed the duck ready to cook at 6 AM so i used the Fireboard to keep a nice steady 200 degrees until 5 AM when my alarm went off. Then I set it to 300 to fan the flames and went down to set my vents. 6:02 AM the duck was on at 370 degrees and 28 minutes later it was done. I could have moved it down to a lower rack at the end to render out a bit more of the fat cap but we were more than happy with the results, a few thin slices went in wraps with bacon eggs and cheese. It made for a nice breakfast, the rest will be for dinner.
  5. Vote sent and i will keep voting. I am a firm believer in voting early and voting often lol
  6. Any disconnect issues ? I have the single and it disconnect/reconnects every 20 minutes or so.
  7. Todays bake, @Pequod inspired the design lol
  8. That looks amazing !!!! I might have to start trying some different types of flour.
  9. @tekobo i cooked the same thing Sunday lol And cooked some of my arm with the looftlighter, i got careless putting it away lol
  10. Who says i don't already have one, or even two of them !!! You should get three just to stay ahead of me LOL Just kidding I really like to keep things simple. I don't have time for complicated. I actually have two loafs in the oven proofing right now. Our baseball team has a long road trip today and i am staying behind to shoot the softball game. They are convinced they will win if they have a loaf of my bread in the dugout, hey it worked for them last year so i have to make them one. Last years semi final went 16 innings and they were starving by the 14th inning, I had given a loaf to the trainer before the game and when they started complaining they were starving she gave the loaf to them. They like it lol
  11. I tried steam and it is just so much easier to use a dutch oven.
  12. Absolutely get the cover, the half grate is included with a 32. So no need to add it. At least it always has been so you might want to ask. The half grate is one thing i couldn't live without
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