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  1. Another vote for out by the pool, I wouldn’t want to stain that beautiful ceiling. And congratulations, you’re going to love it 😊
  2. Well I finally went and did it, I turned 60 today lol while not an “everyday” cook I am too tired to start a new thread lol So it started with a really nice tomahawk from Snake River Farms. We used cocochar with coffee wood in the smoke pot. Indirect at 250 until an internal temp of 120. Then while getting the coals hot enough to sear we cooked a duck breast for later use. We started the meal with a blue cheese wedge salad then we had some cheesy potatoes and a Swiss chard with mushrooms. And a creamy horseradish sauce. We finished with a key lime pie from Fireman Derek’s in Miami, shipped up through Goldbelly. It was a great day to say the least Abdul I still don’t feel a way over 59 lol And yes, the AC/DC shirt is a must private birthday parties lol
  3. C6Bill

    Do you like Sausage?

    Looks great from here !!!
  4. That is some mighty fine looking chicken !!!!!!!
  5. It’s been a busy week as I am replacing the sliding door that leads to my deck. But Sunday I did spin a chicken and baked a loaf of pumpernickel for chicken sandwiches 😁 And managed to get some apple picking in 👍
  6. @Troble Sorry for the delayed response, for the chicken breasts i won’t be making “chicken salad” I’ll just be chopping the chicken up and putting it on a salad. sorry for the confusion 😁
  7. Congratulations and you picked the best tiles !!!! You got the shape and color that cooks the best 😁
  8. Chicken breasts were on sale today so I cooked up a few to save for grilled chicken salads this week. Cooked at 400 indirect until internal temp got to 135, they carry over to 140 while resting. the were rubbed with yardbird and a little Meat Church Lemon Pepper.
  9. Unless you are one of those War Eagle kind of people, then forget the Roll Tide part of my post lol
  10. Beautiful pork loin @RandyS, Roll Tide !!!!!!!
  11. So sad that you never got to cook it 😟 😂
  12. Get a pair and use them to hold your corn on the cob 😁
  13. This is interesting, I never though to cook on like a brisket. I typically make pepper stout beef with them. I think it would be a good cook for the first weekend of NFL Along with Mac&Cheese of course 😁
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