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  1. Then I’ll have to wash mine tomorrow lol
  2. No, there has been no change to Weekend Warrior. Every bag I have ever gotten is just like you see in my picture. I think I bought that bag two months ago, I typically buy 4 at a time.
  3. It is called Wicked Good Weekend Warrior. we can get it at our local Ace Hardware. Place the order online and they have it in store within a few days.
  4. He’s not the only member with a tie dye t shirt, I still have one 😁
  5. Make sure you send a message, don't just reply to the thread. Just in case he doesn't get thread notifications. 👍
  6. He is as sweet as he is handsome. There are a lot more photos from his party on my website, link below More Bixby photos
  7. Funny you say that, I finished it with Rib Candy lol it is their Apple Habanaro glaze. The company is Texas Pepper Jelly, I love the stuff !!!!
  8. He might have said “you get a lifetime membership” to the owners section of the forum. It’s where all the cool kids hangout, and Tony lol
  9. Went to a party at a friends house today so i cooked a 20 pound pork shoulder, smoked for 19 hours at 235. Also baked a couple loafs of bread so we could make sandwiches And they have a puppy !!!
  10. That moment when you are sure it will fall lol
  11. I'd look harder at how you built your fire and where did you light it. for a low and slow you want big chunks of lump on the bottom then medium sized chunks over that and then some smalls on top. Then I will typically light in the center and let the fire work it's way to the outsides on it's own for a really long cook. I am 14 hours into a pork shoulder right now and i took a couple pics as i was filling my basket.
  12. That looks great David !!!!! I made pumpernickel
  13. Congrats and you should have received emails from @DennisLinkletter with your owners manual. But you can download a copy from my OneDrive if you like KK Owners Manual
  14. Decided to make something nice today, it was in the 80's so it actually feels like summer time. 40 oz Porterhouse from SRF, did a reverse sear. Finished caveman style of course
  15. As far as white residue just wipe it off, or don’t wipe it off if you don’t want to. Then get that thing back up to 550 and look for cracks or holes again. If you don’t see any great, you’re done. If you see any poke a hole in it and press the tiles down and shut your fire down to let it start cooling. Then grout over the holes and you’re done. But don’t overthink it, it’s no open heart surgery. It will be fine 👍
  16. Here is one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtWBXM6ZHZU&t=2s
  17. You should be poking a hole in the grout then sealing it. There are also some extremely helpful videos on this process here on the forum, I believe BigO posted several. I'll see if i can find them for you From the KK Owners Manual Curing Process – the first burn before using the grill at high temps. You may do as many under 400of cooks as you like before venting this solvent. Komodo Kamados refractory material has been pre-heated and is fully cured in the factory but the acrylic adhesive/grout/ insulation will still have some remaining solvent that still needs to be vented. This material will migrate from around the grill to vent so this takes some time. Best to start the process in the morning and have a full bowl of charcoal to ensure you can run it as long as it takes. Because the insulation performs so well the grill needs to be heated a couple of hours at 500-525of before the outside gets hot enough turn the solvent to vapor. As the outside of the grill gets hot, the vented vapor will smell just like water based acrylic house paint — this is perfectly normal and harmless. Just let it burn until this is no longer noticeable. It’s also not unusual for the vapor to lift up one corner of a tile or side to create an opening. The goal is to vent the grill slowly, if heated too quickly and the vapor pressure is unable to escape quickly enough it may create a bulge in the flexible acrylic jacket. If this happens you will want to reduce the temp and create a path/hole for the vapor to vent without building this pressure. A carpet knife or tapping a small nail into the grout can be used to create this hole. If a tile is raised and when pushed back into place it raises again this means there is still vapor pressure and the venting is not over. If for any reason the grill gets away from you and wanders into high temperatures and you get violent venting/steaming or an area that raises up before venting, don’t panic just immediately take the grill back down to 500of so the grill can finish venting and create the hole mentioned above. BEFORE the grill cools, it is imperative that you firmly press the raised are back into place so that it cools in the proper position. There is usually uncured material dead center behind the tiles which will re- attach it’s self to the grill but this must be done before it cools. There can be bubbling which leaves white residue (this can be removed with 409 or simple green and a white glass scratch proof scrubbing sponge) In the places where it vents it’s best to seal these holes later to prevent moisture from re- entering. Seal the hole/vent with the supplied grout by cutting a small corner off the bag and then folding it over and taping it closed. Rub a very small amount into the vent area — it can be cleaned up with water later but let it dry about 8-12 hours There is also a chance that you will not see any venting; I just want you not to worry and how to deal with it if it does. After this precautionary first curing high temp burn you may use you can grill at high temperatures without worry. This is a one time process. Please feel free to call me should you have any questions or concerns.
  18. That’s a lot of hooks !!!!! 👍
  19. I get it wet and it hasn’t complained yet 👍
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