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  1. Yup, those nice $12 racks of ribs cost $20 now and it didn’t take long for it to happen either. I started buying chicken in bulk to save a few bucks
  2. Well my last batch of “chili” had beans in it because my lady friend wanted beans in it 😊 And it was really good, it just wasn’t Texas brisket chili anymore lol
  3. It reminds me of the thick white fog from the mosquito truck when I was a kid. I know some find it perfectly fine I am not one if them. But you know what they say about opinions lol
  4. I wouldn’t cook with Cowboy if it was free.smells like pesticide to me.
  5. I’ll be making a batch of chili soon, I’ve been using Meat Church’s new Chili seasoning. I really like it 😁
  6. They are in Westfield and will sell direct to the public, you could drive right up and get a pallet. https://wickedgoodcharcoal.com/pallet_shipping_within_ne.htm
  7. Glad you liked it, I always enjoy my visits there 👍
  8. I use Wicked Good regularly, my local Ace Hardware here in Hanson gets it for me. Backyard living in Abington used to carry it too 😁
  9. Would it really be worth that much time to save a little milk ? You are going to burn lump and smoking wood and then take time to dehydrate and powder a little milk ?
  10. Great looking lobsters !!!!! Now I want surf and turf lol
  11. Some of those ribs would have made my soup much better lol
  12. Thanks @Poochie, seasoning was Meat Church Holy Cow. I will be making my baked potatoes this way forever, rubbed with olive oil then the holy cow. they were almost too good to toss in the soup lol
  13. I use a little baking powder too, and as already mentioned a little higher temp. In the KK i've been cooking my chickens between 375 and 400. And I will take Dennis's advice and try a tenderizer too These ones were sauced just prior to taking off. the skin was already crispy.
  14. Decided it was a good day for soup, it doesn't really feel like soup weather but i did want something nice and fall like lol This is a butternut squash and shishitzo pepper soup, everything you see on the KK was grown in my friends garden. She is amazing Cooked the squash/onion and potato for 60 minutes at 350 before adding the peppers and tomato, then cooked for another 40 minutes or so. After all of that was cooked I cored an apple and baked that for 20 minutes. Then everything into the Blendtec with a little vegetable stock. And then some chicken stock and a little light cream into the pot to get to the proper constancy. Topped with sharp cheddar and sour cream. And of course some jalapeno frito scoops
  15. That’s a great looking bird, and an interesting looking basket. Best of both worlds, spatchcock and rotisserie at the same time 😁
  16. Well there was another birthday in the family yesterday so the request from my sister was for chicken and a loaf of sourdough. The chicken was done at 400 indirect for an hour. They were good size birds, 5.5 and 7 pounds. I can’t take credit for the cupcakes. There is a local place that makes those just fine without my help lol
  17. They look real good from here 😁
  18. I use the same rule that I use for cars, Blue is faster so get the Blue one 😁
  19. Looks like those are going to be GREAT !!!!!!
  20. Bigger is better. get the biggest one that will fit.
  21. And I’ll go with Terra Blue tiles, not sure what color the goat will be 😞
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