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  1. Keep it simple, just use your double bottom drip pan and set your temp at 235. You’ll be fine. The less you open the KK the better, don’t open it to add wood, just add your smoking wood when you build your fire.
  2. Decided to have a little birthday feast today I forgot to take a pic of the marinated 3 bean salad but between the tomato salad au gratin potatoes and 4 and a half pounds of steak there was hardly room for the ice cream cake !!! I've been using the top grate upside down right on the firebox and have been really happy with the searing 👍
  3. For cuts like the back strap I use Meat Church Holy Cow and grill it hot and fast. I put the Holy Cow on at night and wrap in pink butcher paper and let sit in the fridge overnight. Take out 3 or 4 hours before grilling.
  4. Grind it with short rib or chuck roast and make burgers, same for moose 😁
  5. I think i gained 5 pounds just looking at it 😬
  6. Decided to do something a little different, I smoked up an nice Alabama Round Steak (bologna) I started with 4 pounds of Seltzers Lebanon bologna, scored then rubbed with mustard and then Bad Byron’s Butt Rub. I smoked it for 3 hours at 270. Think of it like a big smoky summer sausage 😁
  7. The two on the left are for the big rotisserie basket and the second from the right is the shaft that goes from the rotisserie motor into the KK. Just use the rotisserie bracket that says New on it, put the other bracket in a spares box in case you ever need it, thats what i did with my extra one
  8. @Wobster I don’t think many things have changes since then other than the side table leveling screw. But I could be wrong
  9. I really need to stop making tomahawks, or do I ? Lol i had been preparing this for two days and then was invited to my sisters for today so I figured why not bring it as an appetizer 😁
  10. They look amazing David !!!!!!
  11. I believe @Cheesehead_Griller had the same question awhile back, it was for tilt adjustment or something. I can't remember exactly.
  12. Funny you mention a wood fired oven, i gave mine away last week. i haven't used it since i got the KK lol
  13. C6Bill

    Perfect Pizza

    Great looking pizza
  14. Someone asked recently about searing and it was mentioned that many use the top grate turned upside down right over the firebox for searing. So i figured i'd do that and take pictures for the person who had asked, then i couldn't find the thread so here i am lol This is how i reverse sear, others may do it a little differently but there are a thousand ways to cook a steak. I started at about 240 degrees. it settled there so i left it. Then after an hour and 10 minutes take the steak off to rest, i had an internal temp of 115. Then while resting i opened the bottom vents all the way and opened the top vent 3 full turns. That was plenty to get flames coming up through the grate. Then i seared 30 seconds and rotated the steak and seared for another 30 seconds. Then flipped the steak and seared it again in both directions for a nice XXX. I forgot to take any real plated shots cause i was really hungry by that point lol PS The burgers in the first shot were for the dogs, one isn't feeling well and i needed to get him to eat something. I couldn't give a burger to one dog and not the other so ........ lol
  15. That would make horrible toast, the butter would run right through all them holes !!!!! LoL
  16. I want more info on the scoring of your birds please 🫣
  17. Good to have options 👍 I have the Fireboard pro and am using a BBQ Guru fan. I had initially ordered a Fireboard fan but they don’t have an adaptor that works with the guru port.
  18. Sunday was a good day for yardbirds, here is mine along with roasted veggies fresh from the garden
  19. Thats a good looking brisket, great job !!!!!
  20. I keep mine in the fridge. The morning before i'm going to bake i take it out and feed it. After feeding i leave it on the kitchen counter no matter what the temp is, 6 hours or so after feeding i will start making my dough and return the starter to the fridge. After i have done a couple stretch and folds the dough goes into the fridge to ferment overnight. In the morning another stretch and fold and into the banenton bowl to proof. I proof in my oven on the Proof setting, 95 degrees, for about 3 hours. Then it is ready to bake.
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