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Not your average Potatoe

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  About 10 years ago I watched a segment from BBQ pit boys about Potatoe bombs, I tried it and thought it was ok, but too much tata. There was a lot of room for improvement and although I haven't seen anything in the way of that since, here's my approach. Search for the largest potatoe you can find of equal symmetry, I mean the largest, cut the potatoe in half and as the ustensil of choice use a melon scoop to core from inside of the potatoe around from it's center to 1/2 inch around or 3/4 depending on the size from the skin edge on each half. It's easy pudding. Set the discard aside, cut up a nice sausage ( the ones I used were frozen and precooked) and dice it for compactness, place in bowl. You can dice up some of the discard potatoe for added fill or you can add cheese, brocilli, onion, butter or whatever you want. 
  Generally a whole potatoe will take quite some time to soften on it's own and get ready to serve, but not this one, 45- 60 mins 350-75. Now once those two halves are stufffed, bring them together and pin them on each end with a toothpick to hold. This will be a later indication to tell you if and when they are done as well as holding them together. Wrap in Al Foil and cook. I was quite surprised, someone must have made this before I'm sure, but I haven't seen it here. Anyhow it's great for an appetizer, pictures don't do it justice, at least mine, however the balance between filling and potatoe was met. Yah, it has potential, don't forget to finely dice for added volume   




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