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How does it take ABUSE

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Re: How does it take ABUSE

Hi Dennis

Your flooring is beautiful. I am wondering how much abuse it can take. I have 4 dogs who barrel in and out grinding the sand that they carry in.

The wear patterns will probably look fine with the hand hewn look


As the floor is irregular from the git go, nicks dings and scratches blend right in and actually add to the floors antique patina.

The beauty of a tung oil/ in the wood finish is that you can also spot repair high traffic areas. One only needs to scotch brite the area, rub in the tung oil for 15 minutes, wipe clean and let react with oxygen overnight and it's looking like new..

I have it installed in everything from beach hotels to mountain chalets, sports clubs and a bars..

Plastic/ polyeurathane finishes require that you sand out the entire room.

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