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  1. The old pressure treated didn't kill me either. But I can remember slivers swelling up if not removed promptly. Jeff
  2. I too am dreaming of one of these babies. The honey do list keeps my "free cash" low. Extend the deck fix the model rail road I have running around the ceiling and many more Jeff
  3. pressure treated lumber is poison I believe the old type of pressure treatment for lumber had arsenic. I wear a face mask and filter when I cut it. Jeff
  4. Perfect Martini A glass of gin or vodka is not a martini. A good vermouth adds character and can help remove some of the rough edges from gin. personally I like 5-6 parts Tanqueray to 1 part Noily Prattt. And stirring with ice adds just a tiny bit of water which can smooth some the the alcohol edge. Try experimenting with brands of gin and the amount of vermouth until you reach your own perfect martini. Jeff
  5. thank you mmm thank you That looks like a diner that will keep me awake. Jeff
  6. bummer link lost It sound interesting (coffee good). But the link is lost Jeff
  7. mapp or propane Hi All I use a combo mapp/propane torch I bought at HD. I found propane works as good 4 lighting my charcoal. takes 2-3 min to get a couple of places lit. I found that mapp was over kill and more expensive Jeff
  8. mapp or propane I have found that a propane torch works well as a starter. and it costs less then MAPP Jeff
  9. Hi Dennis Your flooring is beautiful. I am wondering how much abuse it can take. I have 4 dogs who barrel in and out grinding the sand that they carry in. The wear patterns will probably look fine with the hand hewn look Jeff
  10. saving my guru fan I have a guru and a BGE. I get condensation when doing a low and slow. my guru is on the down wind side of my egg and with a loot of wind and it being below freezing the smoke was blowing out of the fan and watter was dripping. I plug in my fan with the fan on the top now. I am trying to decide if i want to turn my egg around. so the the bottom faces the wind or put a little flapper on my guru port to stop back flow. Jeff Still trying to convince my wife to let me have one of these babies
  11. I usually just take out the loin (seasoned the night before) and throw it on as it goes up to temp. It takes maybe 10 - 15 minutes to get up to about 300. Been working fine by me the guru brings me up to temp holds it then ramps down so I don't over cook. Some people tell me I should let the meat get to room temp. I haven't noticed any difference. The Guru lets me be careless with my method and still turn out great food. Jeff still trying to convince my wife to let me have one of these baby
  12. good whiskey I agree a good whiskey is good but an OK whiskey is better then none I am thinking about a pork loin this weekend. 1: Dump in the lump. 2: 60 Secs with the propane torch. 3 :Throw on the loin. 4: Set up the Guru. 5: Drink until done. (either the loin or me)
  13. Drinking Thanks for the welcome I prefer a good bourbon and branch water. (or occasionally a not so good bourbon)
  14. lazy lump setup Hi All I just open my bag of Lump and dump it in. 45 seconds with my blow torch and I am off. I have done15 hours with no problems. I use a BGE right now but I have been drooling over these beauties for a while. Jeff
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